The Little Old Lady Next Door

by jay

Copyright© 2015 by jay

True Sex Story: A story about an little old lady ,who needed it bad.

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   .

My neighbor Beth is always asking me to do things for her.I don't mind helping out a neighbor, she always tries to pay me but I never take anything from her.Her husband Ralph passed away about ten years ago, shes in her mid 60s I guess.In her day Ill bet she was a looker, shes a slender lady long grey hair and well built from what I can tell through her "granny cloths".

Last weekend I was over doing some yard work for her, like I do most Saturday mornings.She came out just as I was finishing up with a glass of ice tea.I noticed right away she wasn't dressed as usual, she had on a tee shirt and sweat pants.I could tell she didn't have a bra on by the way her tiities were jumping around when she came walking across the yard.Her tits hung down very low, but I still checked them out.We chatted a bit then I headed home to do some stuff at my house.Didn't give her another thought the rest of the day.

Later that afternoon she called over and ask me to look at her computer, she messes it up a lot so I thought nothing of it.I went over and saw that she had changed cloths, this time into a button up blouse and slacks, still with no bra.I sat down and started looking at her computer.She leaned over and pointed at the screen that was coming up.When she did her blouse opened up and I could see all the way down.She leaned back up and I told her it was nothing to worry about and fixed her computer.She ask me something else about the computer and leaned back down, giving me another shot at her cleavage.

This time she caught me looking down her blouse, she got embarrassed put her hand on herself and leaned back up.She said she was sorry about that and I said it was ok.She ok said kinda questioning me, she said nobody wants to see her old body.I again said it was ok, then after a pause I said I wouldn't mind seeing her body.She put her hand on my shoulder laughed a little and said You are just trying to make a old lady feel young again.

I said to her "can you keep a secret, she said yes and I told her I adored mature ladies.She said I'm not mature I'm old, I said "no you not that old, you are only as old as you feel".She yea yea I guess you are right.

That was the end of that discussing, I finished up with her computer and went home.Nothing out of the ordinary happen all week long, but the next Saturday things did.

After I got done doing her yard work, she again brought out a glass of tea, we sat at her table talked and drank our tea.She asked me to come into the that she had something to show me.

I followed her into the house, and what I didn't know she had unbuttoned her blouse.She turned around opened her blouse and showed me her tits, they were hanging very low so low I couldn't even see her nipples.She said do you still want to see these old things.I didn't know what to say, I stuttered out yea not knowing what else to say.She pulled her blouse off and when she did I caught a glimpse of her nipples.they were huge! She just stood there with her top off looking at me, I didn't know what to do.I finally ask her If she minded, she said no so I reached up and picked up her tits and gave them a squeeze.They were soft and I felt her flesh between my fingers.I let my hands go up to her nipples, rolled them between my fingers.

She said its been a long time since I had a man touch me like this, I ask her again if it was ok.She said "yea after all I took off my blouse not you".I stood up and went behind her and reached up.lifted her tits up and began playing with them.She was kinda surprised when I pushed my hard on up against her ass.She reached back and put her hand on my cock and said I guess I can still get a man hard.

I spoke up and said yes you sure got this man hard.I continued playing with her tits, then went back around the front of her sat down in a chair pulled her toward me and took a tittie into my mouth.Her nipples were huge, some of the biggest ones Ive ever seen.Her tits were so big and saggy they hung half way down stomach.I'll bet when she was young they were some damn nice tits!!

When I reached down and picked up her tits.She said they sure do hang down, I said yes as I picked one up and sucked that big nipple into my mouth.

I stood up took her hand and we headed into her bed room, I looked at her and said "are you sure you want to do this"?She said if you do.I didn't say anything and reached down and unzipped her slacks and pulled them down.She stepped out of them, and I reached up and pulled the front of her panties open and looked down to her bush.I said nice bush you have there, she said "yea and it all grey too.

I slipped my finger under the side of her panties and pulled them off her.I stepped back and took a look at her, maybe 5 foot big saggy tits wrinkled belly and legs and a totally grey full bush.I asked her to turn around and she turned and I saw her wrinkled up ass.I grabbed two handles of her ass squeezing her ass cheeks in my hand.

I turned her back around and with out saying a word I stripped down.I stoop back up from steeping out of my shorts and my cock sprang up and hit her in her stomach.She looked down at my cock and reached down and wrapped her hand around it.She said it been a long time since I seen one of these.She started stroking me, just staring at it.She finally looked up and said What do you want me to do?

I told her what ever she felt comfortable.


I ask her to lay on the bed and I climb up next to her.Her tits were hang down on her sides, I picked one up and sucked her nipples, and ran my hand down across her stomach.I ran my hand down across her bush and down between her legs, where I felt her pussy lips.I pushed my finger and she felt very dry.I continued sucking her tit and rubbing her pussy for a few minutes and then slide my finger back in, she was starting to get moist.

I knew just what I wanted to do, I slide down and got between her legs and put my hands on the inside of her legs and slide them up.She opened up her legs slowly as I pushed up father, Then I saw her open pussy and her small pussy lips, covered in grey hair.I slide my finger up into her moist pussy and then spread her pussy lips open.I open her pussy up an saw her clit sticking up, and rolled my thumb across her clit.

I looked up at her and ask her if she had ever had her pussy licked on.She laughed and said "I'm 66 years old Ive done it all", with that being said I leaned down and licked her pussy from top to bottom.I stuck my tongue deep into her wetter pussy.I stopped and grabbed a pillow and told her lift up her ass, I put the pillow under her ass and when she sat back down and spread those wrinkled legs her pussy naturally open up.I said that better and went back down on her.I sucked her pussy and clit, the whole time she is just laying there moaning. She slowly started moving her ass round and pushing her pussy up against my face.I wasn't sucking her pussy long before she arched her back up and let out a load moan and started cumming.She bucked herself up and pushing my head down her clit.After she calmed down I licked her pussy some more, sticking my tongue deep into her pussy and sucking her cum out.

She leaned up on her elbows and said wow haven't felt that in a very long time.I shot right back with a glad I could help.

She now said its you turn now and slide off the bed.She held out her hands and said "you will have to help me get down there". I held out my hands and to my amazement she got down on her knees, took my cock in her hand and put it in her mouth!.

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