Nicki's Miracle Lubricant

by harry lime

Copyright© 2015 by harry lime

Erotica Sex Story: A long and unsatisfying marriage, an unhappy divorce, but now she has found the miracle cream that will change everything forever.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   BiSexual   Fiction   Group Sex   Interracial   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Sex Toys   Voyeurism   Size   .

The workout on the exercise machines at the neighborhood Spa had Nicki sporting a sticky residue of unbecoming sweat all over her still attractive forty year old body and caused her to head immediately to the showers to refresh her obsessive need for cleanliness.

Although she did her best to move unobtrusively down the row of machines occupied by mostly males in need of strenuous movement to keep their waistlines in good working order and attractive to members of the opposite sex, at least in most cases, she drew lust-filled stares from both sides fixated on the luscious curves of her practically naked rump and shapely legs. It was not her fault that her delectable figure caused most men to be afflicted with a hardness that needed instant attention in the form of female favors to bring back to normal.

Ever since her divorce from her neglectful and self-centered spouse of almost twenty years, Nicki had sworn off men with a vengeful attitude that constantly reminded her they were all a bunch of lying bastards looking to get laid with no concept of commitment in their peanut-sized brains. Her ex-husband Hank was now shacked up with her chatter-mouth hairdresser Lucille with her irritating over-sized boobs and lush nineteen year old body. What her almost fifty year old ex-mate could possibly see in the girl was beyond her because the loose thing's vocabulary was restricted to what one would find only in a soap opera digest. It had to be either her puffed-up bosom or her undeniably plump backside that had caught her Hank up in the web of a typical mid-life sordid affair with unintended consequences.

Nicki had kept the subscription to the Spa for her own use and had told Hank in no uncertain terms that his presence was not to be tolerated for a single instant. Her exact words to him were,

"If I see your ugly face, I will crush your balls with the weights when you least expect it."

The showers were almost empty with only the dark-skinned girl from Brazil letting the hot water run over her almost perfect form with the force of a jungle waterfall. She remembered that the girl's name was Candy and Nicki had to admit the foreign beauty was truly "Candy" in the eyes of most of the Spa-addicted males fortunate enough to see her minus her clothing in an up close and personal situation.

"Hello, Mrs. Nicki, I saw you working out. You are so strong to stay on that machine for so long. I can't do more than fifteen minutes and I am all out of the breath and have to stop."

Nicki watched the girl run the bar of soap up between her buttocks and saw that she didn't hesitate to get it up deep to clean every last hidden corner. She liked that sort of dedication and saw her own need for cleanliness reflected in the actions of the much younger female.

"Candy, let me do your back for you and you can do mine. I know how hard it is to get your hands back there. We can help each other and get out a lot faster if we work together."

Candy giggled and offered the soap to the older woman with an air of surrender.

"Sure, Mrs. Nicki, I don't mind at all. I hope you are not offended by my silly bush. It is the custom of most women in Rio and I want to shave it all off but then I would lose my boyfriend."

Nicki had to chuckle because it had never crossed her mind. She had gone hairless years ago and never even considered going back because it seemed so natural to her now. She had even taken the heated sessions with the girl who took care of her crack to remove all hair from around her brown eye because her husband Hank liked to lick back there and couldn't stand getting a single strand of hair in his precious mouth. That reminded her that she hadn't gotten a tongue on her backside or into her pretty slit ever since Hank went off with the hairdresser and she was suddenly aware of her pressing need to have a guilt-free cock between her legs. Right now she would have to settle for Candy's inquisitive hand working diligently down there and close her eyes imagining that the skin held so tightly against her was some handsome, horny young man and not the girl from Brazil. Still, the thought of the dark-skinned girl bending over for her filled her with a strange feeling that she had never experienced in married life.

"Mrs. Nicki, you have such a pretty backside with no hair. My boyfriend would like your backside like that but he would not like your bush-less pussy because we Brazilian girls all have big juicy hairy snatches to rub on our man's privates to make them hump harder."

Nicki was getting used to the way Candy referred to the simple act of spreading legs out loud like that instead of whispering about it in a corner and she decided that she would ask the girl to find a "boyfriend" for her on a double-date. When she suggested it to the young girl, Candy giggled and told her,

"I have a cousin here that likes the American women very much. He and I have done it many times and he is a good lover. We can all go to my Ricardo's club and do some nice dancing before we head to Ricardo's penthouse for some late night drinks. Just keep your hands off my Ricardo, he is loaded and I don't want to lose him to some pretty American girl with no hair on her pussy."

She looked at Candy's busy hands working between her legs with impressive attention to duty and placed both her hands on the small girl's shoulders to keep her balance on the tiled floor.

"May I inquire out of curiosity what your cousin's name is and does he have a girlfriend?"

She had to groan in pleasure as Candy's fingers started to work her sensitive pucker.

"Yes, Mistress Nicki, he is called Jorge which is like George to you. Keep facing the wall like that whilst I get my special cream for nocturnal activities."

Candy scampered over to the locker that held her personal items and removed a metal jar with two hooks that kept the contents tightly secured. Nicki watched her get a pair of latex gloves from her purse and she dipped her glove covered fingers into the jar and scooped out a large glob of the stuff like it was medicine for a horse or a donkey.

"All right, now, Mrs. Nicki, bend over and grab your ankles. I'm going to get you ready for Jorge because he is one ass-loving dude and has the biggest cock I have ever seen. You got to understand the guys in Rio pretty much all have big dicks just because they get a lot of practice keeping all the fresh young girls satisfied so they can sleep good at night."

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