Federation Shadow

by Ka Hmnd

Copyright© 2015 by Ka Hmnd

Science Fiction Sex Story: I had been in the military and gotten out. My world was still not a full member of the federation. Those in power were corrupt and killing our chances. I had a plan that would change that. First I had to remove enough of the system councilors and blame one of the drug lords. Edited by Bird Dog

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Consensual   First   Oral Sex   .

It had taken me two days to find the position. It was on a ridge ten kilometers from the huge estate. The next night, I slipped in and planted micro vid cameras. I watched for another few days, but I could not see any chance to reach my target in person. I went to my backup plan and pulled out a small drone.

The whole thing was covered with camo film and I had used stealth material to build it. Every afternoon Mr Gorten worked in his study with a guard at the door. At four, he would stand and stretch before walking out onto the balcony to smoke a thick stim stick. He would look out over his estate while smoking and when he was done, he would go back in.

That was my only chance to reach him. Killing would be the easy part, I had to make it seem as if someone else was responsible. The drone was the answer, it had a comp remote and two vid cameras as well as a sonic lance. The afternoon of the next day I finally let it fly in, it arrived as my target stood and stretched.

I flew it around and over the roof and then down as he walked out and lit the stim stick. I brought the drone to a hover and aimed before I fired. The drone was less than two meters away when the lance punched through the spine and up into the brain. I turned the drone and lifted it so it flew into the study. I lowered it over the desk and watched the second vid camera.

When it was close to the desk comp I synced the drone's comp remote with the desk comp. He had actually left it running so I began to access it and transfer credits. The account it went into was in the name of a Bridger Newman, who was the largest drug lord on the planet. After all the accounts were empty I lifted the drone and carefully flew it out the balcony door.

I sent it up and brought it back. It would be awhile before the body was found. I packed up and slipped down the ridge and into the forest. It was another twenty kilometers before I was off the property, six hours later I was checking my flyer. I put the pack in before I climbed in and left.

I stayed low until I was another sixty kilometers away, then lifted up and into the traffic zone. The huge city appeared and I turned and headed around to land at one side of the starport. I grabbed my pack, walked away and headed into the intercontinental shuttle port buildings.

I stopped besides a wall comm and put in a number. It was a few moments before it was answered, "Hello?"

I glanced around, "Hey mom. I was passing through and decided to call."

She sighed, "Andrew you are out of the service now and can call or visit anytime."

I smiled, "My job keeps me traveling."

She cleared her throat, "Baby, have you found a girl yet?"

I shook my head, "No mother. You know I am always..."

She interrupted, "Have you seen the new laws those ... idiots passed?"

I grinned, "Not really."

I could hear her take a breath, "They are saying a woman sixteen or older must have a male responsible for them. Those arrogant bastards think women should be property. Heaven only knows what they will pass next. If the federation does not do something this will be nothing more than another rogue world."

She grumped and I looked around, "It is good you have dad."

She snorted and then answered, "Yes but a lot of women are being put in homes run by men and then sold as ... whores."

She cleared her throat, "Which is why I asked about a girl."

I just knew what was coming and was right, "Baby I have an old classmate named Melody Tamarian. She had a daughter when she was very young and Ashley is sixteen now. She is single and her daughter does not have a boyfriend. You could go see them and register them as your mates and they would be safe."

I looked around once more but no one seemed to be watching, "Where do they live?"

"Jonathan City, in the Jerod complex, building three, floor sixty one, room thirty five."

I smiled since that was one of the cities I had to go to, "I could swing by and see if I can help them."

She laughed, "Thanks baby and you are going to love Melody. She was a horny slut in school."

She disconnected and I walked away and went to buy a seat on the intercontinental shuttle. When it landed I went to get my pack and then rent a flyer. I had napped but needed a shower and clean clothes. I headed towards the address mom had given me and landed on the roof. I took a lift down, found the apartment and used the door buzzer.

The woman that opened the door looked at me and smiled, "Andrew?"

I nodded as I looked past her at a teenager. They almost looked like sisters and the woman stepped back to let me in. I looked around the room, "So, mom said you needed help?"

She grinned, "I am Melody and my daughter is Ashley."

I smiled and waited and she bit her lip, "I have just received notice that said I had to list a man or report to what they call a protection home."

She looked at her daughter, "We need a man to ... be our..."

I sighed and moved to the apartment comm. I looked up a number and called and gestured to both of them. I gave my name and then theirs as my mates and companions. I got the registration number and gave it to Melody before I disconnected. I looked at them, "I need to go find a room and shower and wash my clothes and..."

Melody grinned as she caught my hand and started pulling me towards a hall, "You will use our shower and fuck us and then we can clean your clothes."

I hesitated but finally let her pull me through a bedroom and into a fresher. They both stripped me and I stepped into the shower and turned on the water. I stood under it and sighed as the water ran off. I turned when Melody and Ashley stepped in and they split up until I was between them.

I stared at their trimmed pussies as I was pulled down to my knees so they could wash my hair. I grinned as I turned Melody, pulled her closer, bent my head and sucked on her clit. She shifted her feet apart and moaned as she shivered. I continued to suck and tease her clit while her daughter washed my hair.

When she jerked and her legs gave out I caught her and pulled her down my body. She pressed her pussy against me so my cock was under it before it sank into her. She groaned as her pussy was stretched and she was impaled. I held her against me and enjoyed the way her hot pussy kept grasping.

She started to roll her hips and her pussy kept clenching. She was jerking and grinding while her pussy kept squeezing. She twisted and yelled as her body spasmed, "YES!"

It was several minutes before I yanked her down and held her as my cock started to pump a fountain of sperm. She hugged me as her pussy clenched to grip my cock tightly, "Aaahhhh!"

She jerked and shuddered as I spurted and spewed. When I was done, she slowly relaxed and hugged me. She smiled and kissed my cheek, "I really needed that."

Her daughter laughed and helped her stand as I came to my feet after her. They giggled and began to wash the cum leaking out of her. I washed off and stepped out before I turned to pull the two out, "I am only putting more back in."

They grinned as I dried them and then myself. Ashley pulled me out and after her to a large bed, she climbed on and turned to lay back. I moved after her and pushed her legs open. I bent and began to lick her pussy as she sighed and tilted her hips. Her mother lay beside her and gave her a kiss, "Relax and enjoy, honey."

Ashley humped, "Yes mom."

I caught her clit and sucked while wiggling my tongue on it. She gasped and lifted her hips, "Ooohhhh!"

I continued to lick her and tease her clit as she humped and shook. When I began to suck and squeeze her clit she jerked and spasmed, "YES!"

She twisted and tried to close her legs while pushing me back. I moved up and used my knees to spread her legs before I slowly pushed and sank my cock into her. She grunted and groaned and shifted as I buried my cock. I settled and gave her a kiss before I began to press and hump.

She put her arms around me and hugged me as her tight pussy clenched, "Mmmm!"

It was a minute before I pulled back and started to fuck her slowly. She sighed and lifted her hips when I pushed into her. After a while I was using long strokes and her pussy was wet. She shuddered and lifted her legs as her pussy squeezed, "Mmmm!"

I continued to fuck her and used deep grinding thrusts. After several minutes she struggled and thrashed and started to yell, "YES!"

I fucked her firmly and kept kissing her until she began to buck and jerk while clinging to me. When I fucked her hard and deep and kept it up she clutched me and howled, "Fffuuucccckkkkk ... yyyeeeesssss!"

She twisted and spasmed and I finally shoved into her and held her while I spewed and spurted cum. She jerked, her pussy clenched and she hugged me tightly, "Aaaahhhh!"

When I was done she sagged to the bed panting and I grinned, "That was only round one."

She grinned and her mother laughed as I pulled out and turned. We never did clean my clothes. By the time I stopped fucking them I was exhausted and fell asleep with them on me. I woke to their naked bodies on and against me and with Melody looking into my face. I smiled and shifted and pushed her onto her back.

After I fucked her and pumped more cum into her we woke Ashley and I let them pull me into the shower. I ended up wearing one of their robes and going up to the flyer for my pack. When I returned I started washing my clothes and using my comp to look up my next target location.

When my clothes were clean I sighed and pulled the two against me and gave them a kiss, "It could be several days before I can return. You are listed as my mates so you should not have any problems. When I come back we are going shopping for rings and anything else we need."

Melody looked into my eyes before she smiled and nodded and I looked at Ashley, "You are first next time."

She grinned and gave me a kiss, "Do not take too long, I really like sex."

I laughed as I let them go and bent to grab my pack and leave. I took the flyer but did not go far before I landed in a parking storage area. I paid for a week, shouldered my pack and walked back towards the city. As soon as I was out of sight I slipped into a park and used the bushes to vanish.

It took six hours to work my way to the large estate complex beyond the edge of the city. Then the fun began as I slowly circled the estate and reconned it. I was more than skeptical at the lack of security. My target was another of the system councilors who was also one of the major crime bosses on the planet.

I finally slipped into the estate and made my way to the manor. It was beginning to get dark and a building in one corner came to life. Vehicles were coming and going and there were a lot of lights. I climbed the side of the manor and crawled across a balcony to peer into what looked like a study. I saw my target at a desk with four men on the other side.

They were nodding to what he was telling them and finally they left and he stood. When he walked around the desk and crossed to a bar in the corner, I checked the door then silently opened it. I crossed the room as he took the glass and started to drink. When he set it down and began to turn, I struck.

The slim sonic lance punched through his spine and into his brain and he dropped. I looked at him and then moved to the desk. I was wearing special gloves in case someone ran a bio scan. As I thought, he had left his desk comp on but first I searched his desk. I found the codes and passwords in a small side drawer.

I pulled my comp and accessed his accounts and began to transfer credits. Like before it went into the account for Bridger Newman. I finished and slipped out the way I had come in. I silently climbed down and then left the estate. Next was to make my way back to the parking area without being seen.

It was morning before I shouldered my pack and walked out of the park. I walked back to the parking area as if I was in no hurry. I carefully checked the flyer and then opened it and got in. I lifted and turned and headed into the city back to Melody and Ashley. That was two down and one to go.

I landed on the roof and carried my pack down and rang the bell. Melody was in her robe when she opened the door and grinned, "I thought it was going to be a few days?"

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