Taking What Is on Offer

by Carlos LaRosa

Copyright© 2015 by Carlos LaRosa

Coming of Age Sex Story: A young man chronicles the times he failed to graciously accept the many pleasures on offer.

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Fiction   Group Sex   .

My name is Robert Justin Bannerman. Most people just call me RJ. At the time all this happened, back in the Fall of 1995, I had just turned fifteen. I was just beginning my freshman year of high school.

While I hadn't started dating yet, I had been to an awful lot of parties with friends of mine. Birthday parties, Halloween parties, swimming pool parties, fourth of July parties. I'm sure you get the idea. I'd been to plenty of parties, and these parties, since about the sixth grade anyway, had been mixed. Usually, for whatever reason, there were almost always more girls than boys attending.

I'd had my first dance, kiss, and make out sessions at these parties. I'd felt my first naked tit, and rubbed several pussies too. While I was still a virgin, I'd gotten a few hand jobs, and gotten two different girls to put my cock inside their mouths.

Most of this sex stuff had been at the girls instigation, not mine. I won't claim that I was particularly shy, but I certainly wasn't very aggressive. I'd ask a girl to dance, even initiate the first kiss, but, after that, I'd let the girl take the lead. More than half the time, the kiss was as far as it ever got. Let me give you a few examples.

At this one birthday party, Janet Pierce and I were in her basement closet. She had just turned fourteen that day. We were playing a game called seven minutes in heaven. I'd been in the closet with Tanya Beckman earlier, and she had placed my hand on her breast, then later, told me to feel her pussy too. Both of these were outside her clothes, so the thrill was more symbolic than actual, since she had a bikini underneath her shorts and top. That hadn't prevented me from getting excited though, especially when Tanya began rubbing my cock outside my Levi's while we kissed and I was feeling her up.

"RJ, you can touch me too, wherever Tanya let you touch her." Janet whispered this into my ear after we finished that first kiss. This put me in sort of a dilemma. I'd been told, by several of my more experienced, and older friends to never discuss with one girl what I might have done with another. I had to assume that my touching Janet where I'd touched Tanya would be the same as if I'd told Janet what we'd done.

"I don't remember what Tanya and I did. I remember we did some kissing and hugging though, is that what you meant?" I really wanted to make out with Janet too, but I wanted to do what my friends had advised me to do also.

"You can play with my breasts, and if that feels as good as Tanya said it did, you can rub me between my legs, while I feel you between yours."

Feeling that I had obeyed the basic intent of my friends advice, I spent the next six and a half minutes kissing and sampling as much of Janet's charms as she allowed. Janet had removed her bikini, and was wearing really soft cotton shorts and a top with no bra.

When she unzipped my Levi's, I put my hand in the front of her shorts. At first, I felt her pussy hair, then I felt her actual very damp pussy. I just rubbed it though, not wanting to upset her by trying for more than she might be willing to give me.

She got inside my briefs and used her hand to feel all around my cock and balls. I nearly came, but the alarm ringing made her pull her hand out of my pants a few seconds too soon.

"You should come back over here after school sometime, RJ, we could listen to music and study together. My mom and dad both work at our store, and they never close it before six, usually later."

Her family owned a jewelry store in a strip center down in Newport Beach. We all lived in Brea, twenty to thirty minutes north of Newport Beach. We had just gotten out of the closet when Janet asked me about coming over to study with her. Tanya was standing right next to her when she invited me. I saw Tanya start to frown after hearing Janet say that.

I didn't respond right away, not sure if I should say anything in front of Tanya. The two of them were best friends, and I didn't want to get either one upset with me. I just smiled at both of them and walked off to get another Coke.

Since I'd first turned fourteen, more and more things like what happened with Janet and Tanya had been happening to me. I appreciated all the good things that were happening, but wasn't really doing anything to try to make more happen. I would go to parties when invited, but, to that point, hadn't tried to follow up with any extras that some of the girls had hinted at.

Yes, I thought about following up, but always either decided against it, or else chickened out, before I said anything to any of the girls involved.

I wasn't the only boy getting this kind of attention from these girls either. A lot of my friends were telling stories about their experiences. I just listened, not having any stories of my own that I wanted to add to theirs. Many of these stories seemed implausible to me. I frankly doubted a lot of them, believing them to be gross exaggerations of what might actually have occurred.

Two weeks after Janet's party, she came over and sat with me in the cafeteria.

"Hey RJ, how come you never got back to me, about coming over to my house and studying?"

"Well, for one thing, I wasn't sure if you were serious. For another, your best friend didn't seem too happy about you asking me to come over."

"She wasn't too happy, not then, but we worked things out later. Tanya is fine with you coming over now. In fact, she said she might come over to study with us too, if everything goes well the first few times we study together. We both like you, but she has a brother and sister at home, and her mother doesn't work like mine does."

"Well, if you were serious about me coming over, what day did you want to do it?"

"Friday would be best for me. I've got piano lessons on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Wednesdays, Tanya and I always go to the mall together. Mondays are always my busiest days. Saturdays are good too. We'd have all day to study then."

I told her that Friday was good for me too. On Saturdays, I usually played video games with my friends, or else went to the movies. Occasionally, we did both.

For the next month, every Friday I went to Janet's house after school. We did some studying, but we listened to music more, and we also talked a lot. That was for the first hour and a half though, from about three thirty until about five. At five, no more talking, no more studying either. At five, it was make out time. For the last hour, from five til six, we were all over each other.

That first Friday, it was more of what we did in the closet that time, at her party. She gave me a hand job until I came, and I played with her pussy until she had an orgasm of her own. She showed me how to play with her clit, but warned me not to stick my fingers inside her hole. I also got to lick and suck on her nipples.

The next Friday, she let me finger her pussy and got me to lick around her clit until she came. She sucked me off until right before I came, then finished me off with her hand. We did a lot of kissing too, but those other things were the highlights.

On the third Friday, she let me rub my cock against her pussy. I got on top of her and moved up and back until I came on her stomach. We were both careful not to let my cock slip into her. After, she cleaned up and it was my turn to make her cum with my fingers and tongue.

On that fourth Friday, Janet let me cum in her mouth. Right after, she went into the bathroom and I heard her coughing and spitting. I heard her gargling and then brushing her teeth too. She made me leave right after she came out of the bathroom, saying she wasn't in the mood to continue. I guess she didn't like the taste of my cum.

For the next two Fridays, Janet came up with excuses so I wouldn't come over after school. I accepted her excuses and didn't try to push her for any further explanations. I guess I just figured that she had made up her mind that we were finished with studying together.

We spoke to each other just about every school day. It wasn't like she wanted nothing to do with me, it was more like she had other things she wanted to do instead. I was confused, but I didn't want to confront her about it.

In the third week she sat down with me at lunch. This was the first time she decided to eat with me since that time I came in her mouth.

"I can't make it on Friday again. Can we do some studying together on Saturday instead?"

"Saturday would be okay. I'm supposed to play video games with some guys, but studying with you sounds a lot better to me."

"It won't just be me, RJ, Tanya wants to study with us too."

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