Womb Massage

by Pierre et al

Copyright© 2015 by Pierre et al

Erotic Sex Story: Our protagonist lives with polyamorous friends, including Madeleine (who is equipped with a startling female appendage) and has an affair with Lavender who acquires a new taste from one of their friends.

Caution: This Erotic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Ma/Ma   Mult   Consensual   Romantic   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Fisting   Analingus   Hairy   .

So, I walked home from Carly's house already sort of revved up. Carly had been doing a photo shoot in the spare bedroom she used for a studio. She proffered me the joint she had had dangling out of her mouth when she let me in. Her model stood in front of a big white backdrop. The model, a big handsome blond woman, considerably taller than me, was wearing a short tunic, like a Greek wood nymph. Carly suggested that I pose as the mythological character who saw Diana naked and she turned him into a tree. I pointed out that I didn't have a costume. "You don't need one. You should be naked for this."

"Isn't it Diana who's supposed to be naked in the myth?" the model asked her.

"Not in my version." So anyway the wood nymph and I made tableaux of her chasing me through the Greek woods with me in the altogether while Carly took photos. After the shoot was over and the model left, Carly and I smoked another joint before I left to walk home. Then when I was approaching my house from the alley behind it, the next door neighbor Elizabeth Carver loomed suddenly out of the darkness. She is a teenager with curly brown hair and a cute little face, with high cheekbones and low-set eyebrows. She was just turning from the alley into her own backyard. I watched her walk into her back door and then I went through my backyard into the house and then upstairs to my bedroom, which by the way is opposite Elizabeth Carver's. My curtains were open and I could see into Elizabeth's room and could see her sitting in a chair with a book. Then when I turned on the light in my room, her light went out. So I guess either she was looking into my room or had just left her room. I took a bottle of whiskey out of my desk drawer and a glass and poured myself a drink. And then I started undressing while I sipped my whiskey. I was still revved up from being naked in the photo shoot. So I was posing for Elizabeth, assuming she was still there. Then my bedroom door opened.

It was Florenz and Madeleine, two of my housemates. Florenz, handsome in black silk boxers and a snug tee shirt, and Madeleine in a bra and panties, pubic hair flowing around the edges. "Good, you're naked," she said. "Let's go to my room and blow some weed." So the three of us went up to Madeleine's bedroom, taking the whiskey with us, and when we got there, we smoked pot out of Madeleine's bong. Florenz and I were sitting on the floor on a Turkish rug. Madeleine was sitting on her bed, bolstered up by a bank of pillows. "Look at Sage sitting there in the altogether. You are such a hedonist, Sage. Well, I'm going to take everything off too." When she said this Florenz took it as his cue to slip out of his shirt and boxers.

She smirked and then put the bong to her lips again and sucked smoke out of it and held her breath. Madeleine handed me the bong and then slid out of her panties. This is the house I live in: what a trip! I handed the bong back to her and she took a hit and then put it on the nightstand beside her. Coils of dark hair ran from her pubic delta to her navel and also down along her thighs and calves, though the really extraordinary thing about her appearance was the length of her clitoris. It thrust itself out from her pubic hair and wiggled around. She grasped it between her fingers and stroked it and it became even longer and thicker. It is a truly remarkable female member.

"Here," she said to me, patting her vagina, and I got onto the bed and put my mouth around her clitoris and began to suckle it. It got huge in my mouth, stiffening though at the same time its flesh felt wonderfully soft. And it gave off a drug that intoxicated me as I sucked it. It grew thicker and longer. Then there were steps in the doorway and I stopped and turned to see who was there.

That was when Belinda waltzed into the room, big as you please, so to speak. She's tall and blond and beautiful, like a newscaster. She's a senior majoring in communications, in fact. She looked absolutely voluptuous in the silk skirt suit she was wearing (she even dresses like a newscaster). She is ... what is it that women are called when they are tall and striking? Statuesque! She looked around the room at each of us and smiled.

"Got any more pot, you guys?" she asked. Madeleine held up the bong and Belinda took it, sat down in the stuffed chair in a corner of the room, picked up a book of matches, and lit the bong. After she had taken a couple of hits, she looked over at Madeleine, who was still splayed rather exotically on the bed, her aroused clitoris still jutting upward. She gave Madeleine a quizzical look. "Have I not seen you naked before?"

"I don't know. Why?" Madeleine was smiling, sensing what was coming next.

"Well, I mean, you have a rather extraordinary ... uh ... maybe I'm not supposed to mention it.

"My big clitoris?" Madeleine suggested.

"I couldn't help but notice."

Madeleine said demurely--though at the same time in a low, slightly guttural tone, "I bet I could fuck you with it, Belinda."

"If you can do that, then come on!" Incredibly, Belinda pulled her dress off and her bra and thong panties, as well. She has blond pubic hair through which is visible her little crimped body opening beneath the slender curve of her belly. Her breasts hang from her chest like sacks of grain. She got onto the bed with Madeleine and lay back with her legs spread and her knees raised. Her overflowing breasts hung over the sides of her torso and lay beside her on the bed. Madeleine raised herself up and crouched down over Belinda who was holding her legs up by the knees with her hands, her feminine charms gaping for our view, like tourists gazing into a canyon. Madeleine lowered herself down and slid her stiffened clitoris into Belinda's vagina. Florenz and I watched while Madeleine thrust her dimpled hips back and forth, up and down, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

So a little while later, I walked naked back to my own room and when I opened the door, I was confronted by the sight of Myra Stipplington dancing naked in the middle of the room. Myra is a bag lady. Not old, maybe early thirties? She knows where I keep the whiskey in my room and had the whiskey bottle in one hand and a cigarette in the other. I could see she had been smoking my cigarettes--there was a big pile of butts in the ashtray. She has this tuft of hair sprouting on her lower back. She is extremely thin but her breasts are large enough and loose enough that they bounced around in circles while she danced. Her clothes lay in a puddle of fabric on the floor. She stopped twirling after a moment and stood swaying dizzily in front of me. Her nipples are bordered by strands of light brown hair.

"Hey, buddy," she said, holding her arms dramatically over her head, "dance with me!" Then she dropped her arms to her side and reeling sideways, flopped down on her back on my bed, catching her breath. I knelt on the bed and bent my head down and put my mouth on her pussy and licked it, her coarse pubic hair tickling my face. The rush of taste and smell excited me. I was absolutely transported. She wriggled and snorted while I licked her. Then I sat up on my knees, licked my hand, wet my penis and stroked it, and then, pushing her legs up in the air, slid inside her. The slick tunnel of her vagina gripped me firmly as I thrust in and out of her, my belly slapping hers with each downward thrust. Okay, so she is grungy and disheveled and has a couple teeth missing but really she is pretty. After I came once, she grabbed me and pulled me close and yelled out, "Don't stop, god damn it!" So I held her shoulders down hard while she wriggled around and we screwed until I came once more inside her. Then I sat up and smoked a joint. She doesn't smoke pot, but I plied her with more whiskey, which wasn't hard to do. Then I rolled her over on her stomach and licked her asshole. She told me not to lick it, saying it was dirty. I said, "It's clean now," and went on licking. Then I masturbated until my penis was hard enough and then pushed it into her anus. It was tight and slick: what a terrific grip! I came inside her while she fell asleep. Jeez, I can't believe I did all that in one night. Really, it's not usually like that.

The next morning, I had class at 10:00. Since I was feeling hung over, I smoked a joint in my bedroom before I left for class. Myra Stipplington was still asleep in my bed when I left. After class, one of my classmates, Lavender Jacobs, walked beside me down the corridor, and we decided to go to the union and have a cup of espresso. Lavender is as cute as a button. She's five foot one and has a cute little monkey face with a cute little nose, and her hair is long and wavy and brown, cascading dramatically over her slim little shoulders. She has big brown eyes and substantial eyebrows and sideburns of long sworls of fine hair. She's married but her husband lives in the Congo where he's doing research for the M.B.A. he's working on. After the espresso in the union, I walked her home, and she invited me into her apartment for a drink. I had a joint with me and we smoked that while we drank vodka frozen and straight up. We drank quite a bit of vodka and in a short while, we were rather tipsy, to say the least. I couldn't look at her, I have to admit, without picturing in my mind's eye her, as I imagined it, bushy beaver. I imagined great, long sworls of brown hair in her crotch. Drunk and slurring my speech somewhat, I told her about my theory that the body openings, particularly the anus, emit a drug that intoxicates through oral contact. Her face lit up when I told her that.

"I'd like to see the proof of that," she said.

"Well, uh," I stammered, "I didn't mean to be offensive or too forward in bringing it up."

"No, it's perfectly all right," she protested quickly. "We're both adults: we can discuss such things."

"So this isn't something you've encountered in your personal experience?" I asked.

"Well, no. I guess it just never occurred to me. Are you offering yourself up as a guinea pig?"

"I, uh, I..."

She laughed. "Does that mean yes?"

"Yes," I said, "it means yes."


"Well what?" I worked at keeping my countenance (as they say in 19th century novels) when I said this, even though I was wild with desire.

"Well, maybe you should take down your pants and I'll give it a try."


She nodded. I started to disrobe and suggested that we both should. So in a moment we were both standing naked in front of each other. We stood there gloating and staring at each other's genitalia. I got down on my knees and leaned forward over the edge of the sofa, and cute little Lavender got down on her knees behind me and placed her lips on my anus and kissed it. She kissed it repeatedly for several minutes. Then she put out her tongue and began to lick me. She licked and licked. We were both incredibly excited. Finally, we traded places and it was my turn to lick her. "It really works," she told me, "It really is a drug." I was intoxicated by her hirsute asshole. When I was as high as a kite, she craned her neck around to look my way and said quietly, "Fuck me." I pulled back from her butt and she turned around and sat on the edge of the sofa, spreading her short legs wide and then draping them over behind her neck so that her vagina was gaping up at me rather dramatically. I bent over her and slid my penis into her vagina, easing it all the way in and then wriggling my pelvis around to get it in as far as humanly possible. I began thrusting back and forth. She rolled her eyes back in an attitude of lascivious dreaminess. With soft strokes of my fingers, I masturbated her clitoris simultaneously.

Eventually we went out for dinner at a restaurant and afterwards returned to lavender's apartment for dessert, which of course consisted of each other's anuses (or ani?). I stayed overnight and we had breakfast together in her apartment--actual food breakfast, that is to say. However, after breakfast we screwed again. Then we left for classes.

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