The Fall of the Dark

by Ka Hmnd

Copyright© 2015 by Ka Hmnd

Science Fiction Sex Story: After retaking our systems it is time to strike into the heart of the Dark. As a recon leader my people must go in first only that was when it went wrong. By the time I landed on the planet I was the only one left to complete the mission. With the help of a Dark female that luck changes and it is only a matter of time before the enemy falls. Edited by Bird Dog

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   First   Oral Sex   .

The Dark had taken six systems; then, slowly, one after another, we took them back. Some had been very bloody and some had given the rest of the empire inspiration. After the last system was retaken, we moved on the Dark home system. They knew we were coming, and had more than two full fleets waiting.

What they did not plan on was an entire captured fleet of their own ships. The captured fleet had jumped in and accelerated as if to get past the first fleet that was already there. That fleet shifted and seemed to move against us as the Dark came out. When the captured ships merged with the Dark fleet, we suddenly opened up and fired massive salvos that ripped the guts out of the Dark fleet.

Our fleet went straight into the teeth of their fleets, joined battle, and, in less than six hours, both enemy fleets were destroyed. Three days before that happened, a dozen stealth shuttles had slipped past and on to the planet. Twelve hundred recon soldiers were ejected in grav pods and entered the atmosphere. Unfortunately the Dark were expecting us and fighters were everywhere.

I jerked and almost cursed as the pod spun from an explosion. I had watched as all of my unit trackers vanished and I knew that they were dead. I finally growled and hit the override. The pod shattered and I was suddenly falling. Enemy fighters were streaking around like they were in a feeding frenzy.

I checked my altitude as I continued to fall holding my breath. When I saw one of the fighters turn and head straight for me as if to run into me, I lifted my rifle. I held it straight out and my body began to turn before I squeezed the trigger. The rifle was on auto and the rounds ripped into the nose and cockpit of the fighter before it turned.

It barely missed me but I watched as it rolled and started towards the ground. I returned my rifle to the harness as I finally broke out of the fighters. The ground was rushing towards me and I waited until I was about three-hundred meters away before I opened the grav shroud. I was yanked up as it slowed me and I turned and looked for a place to land.

I only had a few heartbeats before I turned and shifted as the shroud slid between trees. I landed in a crouch and quickly removed the harness. I grabbed the pack that had been hanging under me and put it on before I started moving. It was not long before the whole area was full of half breed soldiers.

More than once, I was forced off my course. I stopped a day later as dozens of soldiers scoured the area. I was kneeling behind a bush and watching five soldiers harassing three females that had been picking berries. I spun as a hand caught my shoulder, my knife was out and I was bringing it up.

I froze when I saw the Dark sidhe female. She jerked her hand back and then looked through the bush and reached out and caught my arm and pulled. I went with it and slipped back with her until she glanced around and then began leading me. I put the knife away as I followed her through a maze of bushes.

At a short cliff, she moved around behind the bushes and then into the space between the cliff and the bushes. She slipped into a crack in the cliff – a crack that I had not even seen. I removed my pack and followed her. The crack twisted and turned and came out in a small cavern. The female was waiting when I stepped in, "You must be quiet."

I glanced back, "I have someplace I have to go."

She shook her head, "The warriors and the ... breeds are setting up defenses around the King and the clan leaders."

I smiled, "Those are what I need to see."

Her eyes widened, "Your people are coming?"

I nodded and she smiled wickedly, "Then I will help."

I looked around the cavern and it looked like she lived here, "This is your home?"

She nodded, "Since the night before I was to be gifted to another clan leader."

I turned as I heard voices outside and shifted my rifle. She caught my arm and pulled me towards the back of the cavern. She pulled me to an area with a bed on rock ledges and whispered, "They will not find you here."

I glanced at her and then at the bed before looking at the entrance, "Is this the only way out?"

She was looking at me strangely and smiled before shaking her head, "There is another way."

She moved closer and caressed my face, "Will you take me?"

I blinked, "I will come back for you after..."

She shook her head and caught my hand and pulled it to her breast, "No. Will you take me now?"

I realized that she meant for me to have sex with her. The voices were still outside the cavern, but faint, and I finally relaxed and looked at her. I glanced at the bed before I lowered my rifle and reached out to undress her. It was crazy but one look at her and I knew I would do what she wanted. She lay on the bed as I set the rifle to one side and stripped.

I moved onto the bed over her and gave her a kiss before I started kissing down her body. I kept glancing at the entrance to the cavern and when I reached her pussy I licked through it. I wiggled my tongue on her clit as she shuddered and humped. When I sucked and squeezed it between my lips, she jerked and thrust up as she covered a moan.

It was several minutes before I moved up and over her. I lifted and slowly forced my cock into her very tight pussy. She hugged me tight as she was stretched and I settled on her. I kissed her and began to hump and press. She shivered and wiggled and finally lifted her legs and put them around me.

The faint voices outside were gone when I pulled back and started to fuck her. I used long, deep thrusts as her slippery pussy kept grasping and clenching. She shuddered and moaned and I began to kiss her constantly to quiet her. It was not long before she began to struggle and then buck and jerk.

I had only had sex a couple of times and that had been a few years ago. I began to fuck her hard and grind and she clutched me and hissed, "Yyyeeeesssss!"

She thrashed and spasmed and I finally shoved into her and buried my cock. I gushed huge strong spurts of sperm. She twisted and struggled while her pussy seemed to grip my cock and milk it, "Mmmm!"

When I finished, I relaxed on her and looked at the cave opening. She sighed and laid back, panting and rubbing my back. I gave her a kiss and pulled out, "I need to go."

She groaned when my cock came out and I moved off her bed. As I began to dress, she smiled and put her dress back on, "I will show you where the breed warriors are."

After we were dressed, I grabbed my pack as she caught my hand and pulled me to the back corner. She slipped into a slight indentation in the wall, and turned to squeeze through another crack. I removed the pack and held it and my rifle as I followed her. Several moments later, I was standing in a long narrow cave with strange glowing moss on the walls.

She was waiting. She caught my hand again and pulled. We talked as I followed her; her name was Angelic and she had been one of a clan leader's daughters. Two hours later, the glowing moss thinned and finally vanished. The cave tunnel continued for another hundred meters, but I could see a faint glow from an opening.

She slowed and, like in the cavern, she turned to squeeze to the side and through a crack. This time, we came out behind tall thick thorn bushes. I slipped my pack on and followed to the left as she moved along the face of a stone wall. She caught my hand and squeezed before she stepped out of the bushes.

She knelt, and I looked around through thinner bushes. I saw the strike missile battery and the soldiers. I barely glanced at Angelic before I pulled her after me and began to scout. The batteries completely surrounded the huge city but they were spaced apart. The heaviest concentration was around the huge port landing field.

For a day, I slipped around the batteries and then through and into the city. I recorded troop locations and weapon placements; then finally snuck into a garden shed. I looked at a very tired Angelic as I removed my pack and went to set out several tiny vid cameras. In the shed, I stripped her and pulled out a liner and two rations.

I undressed and used water from the garden to wash us before we ate. I relaxed and held her against me with the liner over us. A minute later, I glanced at Angelic and she was asleep. I let her sleep as I closed my eyes and dozed. I woke several times through the day before my eyes snapped open.

I glanced at Angelic as she licked my cock and kept sucking on the head. I grinned as I looked around and checked the cameras outside. I pulled her up and tossed the liner off before I laid her back and moved over her. I gave her a kiss, lifted and slowly pushed into her. She wiggled and lifted her legs as I buried my cock.

Her pussy was almost hot; she sighed and shivered as she hugged me. I started to grind while kissing her, "Wrap your legs around me."

She grinned, did as I told her and her pussy clenched tightly. She shuddered and lifted her hips so I began to pull back and fuck her. At first, I used long, slow thrusts, but after a couple of minutes I was fucking her firmly. She kissed me each time she moaned or made a sound.

Her warm pussy kept grasping and clenching as if to milk my cock. I wanted to cum in her and I realized as I continued to bury my cock that, more than likely, she was not protected. She bucked and thrashed and hugged me tight as I fucked her hard. I shoved into her with a groan and then tried to pull out as my balls churned.

With her legs around me she pulled me back and I grunted and buried my cock as it erupted. She jerked and spasmed when she felt the warm sperm, "Mmmm!"

I shuddered and kissed her while pressing, and then I pulled back and started to fuck her again. Her eyes widened with joy and she grinned as she lifted her hips and her messy pussy tightened. Now I was breeding her, and did it six times before I stopped. I pulled out and lay beside her caressing one of her perfect breasts, "Do you have an implant?"

She was smiling and looked at me, "What is an implant?"

I shifted and gave her a kiss, "I will tell you another time."

With evening, came darkness; we were able to wash before dressing and leaving. I pulled her after me and through the city to the port. I encrypted my report, and then sat with Angelic against me while we waited. The battle for the system had started; now, it was just a matter of time.

I adjusted my comm and watched as the port and defenses came alive. The comm clicked and I straightened, "This is Wolf four six. Prepare for a data packet download."

I switched the setting on my comm, sent the packet and then relaxed as I switched back, "Be advised all wolf cubs are down, except me."

"Copy. Clear the zone."

I stood and grinned at Angelic, "Give them hell!"

We moved away slowly and carefully; In an hour, hell came for a visit. Small pinpoint kinetic strikes streamed out of the heavens. Every missile and defense position I had seen vanished. Thousands of fighters followed to destroy anything that rose from the ground around the entire world.

Next were hundreds of assault shuttles that streaked down with fighters dancing around them. I had pulled Angelic all the way to the back of the ancient fortress the Dark called their castle. I think they knew what was coming as an entire regiment of fleet marines landed. We were kneeling in a thick grove of trees when a dozen armored vehicles sped around the fortress.

I touched Angelic, "Stay here."

I stood and started towards the vehicles as soldiers jumped out. I opened my comm, "This is Wolf four six. I am behind the Dark Shield and have armored vehicles. I believe they are planning to evac and try to evade."

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