An Afternoon's Loving

by dirty oedipus

Copyright© 2015 by dirty oedipus

Sex Story: Just a sexy little stroke story

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   .

She did a twirl in front of me causing her skirt to flare up over her long brown legs, displaying her tan coloured stockings and her tight little buttocks encased in white lace panties,

"You look gorgeous darling" I smiled,"But you mustn't call me daddy, people will think I'm a pervert"

She laughed and came over to where I sat wearing just my bath robe,

"I don't care what people think daddy, perverts make girls do nasty things, we only do nice things"

She bent to kiss me and I thought for a moment her breasts were about to spill out of her low cut top,

"And when I've had a drink, we do really nice things"

I reached out and ran a hand up over her thighs beneath her dress while we kissed,

"I like it when you touch me daddy"

"I like touching you, do you want a drink?"

"Oh yes please daddy, but I'm really enjoying your hand on my bottom"

"So am I" I reached out as far as I could with my other hand and managed to reach the drinks trolley, she giggled as I pulled it over and asked her to pour us both out a brandy,

"You really do like playing with my bottom don't you daddy?"

"I do my darling, I could play with it all night"

"Well why don't you?"

"Because my lovely little princess, if I did, I'd have to ask you to take your panties off and that would be very naughty"

"But I love being naughty daddy, you do such nice things to me"

She leaned forward and touched her lips to my ear,

"I'll take my panties off daddy, but only if you want me to"

She flicked her tongue out and licked my ear sensuously,

"I took Sandra's panties off earlier"

"Tell me about it, tell me what you did" my fingers slipped under the narrow string between her legs and she moaned in my ear,

"I'm very wet daddy"

"I know you are" I smiled, "Were you naughty with her?"

"Very naughty, she asked me to shave her bits"

"Her bits?"

"Her pussy daddy" her voice was barely a whisper, "She asked me to shave her pussy"

"And did you?"

"Ooh yes, it was really nice"

"Tell me"

"Take my panties off and let me sit on your knee while I tell you"

I used both hands to draw her tiny garment down so she could step out of it, my cock was unbelievably hard as she smiled at me, those gorgeous blue eyes of hers fixed on mine,

She sat down and kissed me again, her tongue teasing mine,

"She only had a few hairs round it"

"Round what?"

"You're being silly daddy" she giggled, "Her pussy of course"

"Is it a nice pussy?"

"Ooh yes" she giggled, "It's really pretty" then she put her lips to my ear again and whispered, "And it tastes nice too"

"You naughty girl" I admonished her but slid my hand up between her open legs again,

"I was daddy, I was a very naughty girl" her hand slipped into my robe and her eyes lit up when her fingers grasped my fully erect cock,

"You're thinking naughty thoughts aren't you daddy?"

"I'm thinking about my little princess licking another pretty girl"

"She got ever so wet while I was licking her"

"What did she do, did she just lie there and let you do it?"

"Oh no daddy, she used some rude words to me"

"Tell me what she said darling" her hand began moving slowly, her fingers gently caressing my swollen dome,

"She said I was the best little thingy licker in the world"

"Thingy?, did she actually say, thingy?"

"She called it her cunt daddy, she said I was the best little cunt licker in the world"

"And did you like her calling you that?"

"I loved it, especially when she turned round and licked mine too"

I ran my thumb over her lovely little clitoris and she moaned in my ear,

"She pushed her tongue right inside me daddy, she said I tasted like syrup all sweet and gooey"

"I bet you're sweet and gooey all over darling" a finger slipped up inside her wetness and she groaned in my ear,

"Ooh daddy, that's really nice" her hand moved a little bit faster as she began masturbating me, "Put another finger in"

I did and she moaned again,

"Sandra did that as well"

"Tell me darling, tell me everything you did together"

"We got into the head to toe position daddy, so we could lick each other, it was lovely"

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