Cut and Run

by Redsliver

Copyright© 2015 by Redsliver

Mind Control Sex Story: Doctor Nightmare: mad scientist, works under The Chosen Few. He finally succeeds in implementing his mind control weapon after three years of progressively more spectacular failures. His sponsored adjunct, Wicked Sharp, is set to abandon him, leaving him and his bargain bin henchmen to the mercy of local heroes.

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   Mind Control   Slavery   Lesbian   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Superhero   Group Sex   Orgy   Black Male   White Female   Oriental Female   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   .

A second kick knocked out the window. The supervillain's fist reached out. Her segmented bracers running the rim of the pane to clear away the burrs and shards that had been left behind. She swung out of the warehouse before the glass had shattered on the concrete walkway below. She was a blur of white, black and wine red. The glass shards crunched under her armored boots as she dropped the story and a half to the ground.

"Wrong exit, criminal," Came a loud, authoritative voice.

"Oh, fiddlesticks." The supervillain pouted. She flipped backwards, landing on her left hand and twisting away from the shimmering bullet. A second pulse shot undulated for her center of mass but she had drawn her Jian sword, Xie Zhi Ren, during her acrobatics. She slashed through the projectile backhanded. The pulse dissipated with her heavy grunt.

Crimefighter wasn't much of hero but he did look like one. He was dark skinned with immaculate black hair slicked back from his unmasked face. His eye color remained obscured behind his gold tinted eyeshield. He had the strong jaw and the hard body. The supervillain saw a joke.

Gulf City, like every small city in America, had it's own Crimefighter and Action Boy. The off brand superheroes that operated primarily as a local PR arm of Great Justice and secondarily as heroes. The supervillain saw the gold trimmed red armor, his breastplate designed to show off broad shoulders and abdominal muscles. The body armor was worn over scaled under-armor that covered his arms and legs. He had on boots that put her armored greaves to shame. His forearms were covered in gauntlets to match. His cape fluttered pathetically. He stood as if he wore a golden battle flag. He didn't look the part with his cape drooping in the stinking Gulf of Mexico breeze. His symbol was a bright gold C, like a captain's emblem on a hockey jersey, burnished over his left breast. He held a fat mouthed pulse cannon in his right hand. The supervillain was ready.

"Wicked Sharp, identity unknown," Crimefighter read from his gold tinted eyeshield, "Known associate of Jefferson Grant, alias Doctor Nightmare. Wanted for questioning in relation to countless grand thefts, massive vandalism, four disappearances--

"Oh, the boy can read!" Wicked Sharp grinned smartly.

"-- and two acts of domestic terrorism," Finished Crimefighter.

"Oh, shove it in next the stick! Les Belles blew up that ship and the Young Defenders burned down that campus!" She snarled, "Those were your acts of domestic terrorism."

She whined and air quoted but she was smiling. Her identity was still a secret even after Doctor Nightmare's wasn't. She had expected interference on behalf of her superiors. They really had given up on Jeff. She should have ditched much earlier. She hoped her three years of service was worth the spark they had promised her for this mission. A little superspeed would go a long way. Until then, she had her wits and her skills.

Wicked Sharp was an excellent swordswoman, Xie Zhi Ren thrust with surgical precision. She aligned for Crimefighter's center of mass. Her cheongsam, a Mandarin gown, was crafted from a highly protective fabric that didn't cover her arms and legs. The cheongsam was white with a phoenix design in red. It's skirt barely hardly covered the tops of her thighs. A winding red sash rolled off her hips and had scabbarded her sword moments ago. Her raven hair was pulled up into a tail and was tied in a ribbon to match her sash. Both silken lengths rippled in the wind mocking Crimefighter's cape. Segmented bracers protected the front half of her forearms. White enameled boots armored up past her knees.

"Surrender and we can proceed without violence."

Wicked Sharp's eyes looked out from her eye mask with humor. She cocked her dark lips. "Some first date you are. You don't even want to have a bit of fun before you try and take me home."

"Criminal--" Crimefighter seemed shocked that the supervillain would rush him. He fired at her but she eased to one side. His thumb ratcheted up the dial on the side of the gun.

Wicked Sharp wheeled through the undulating projectiles. Xie Zhi Ren squealed as it took in the oscillating kinetic energy. Pimples of dull red light blossomed down the white blade. The skirts of her cheongsam rose up over the muscles of her thighs. She stepped down hard, her foot sideways between Crimefighter's greaves. Her right hand twisting aside his chromed blaster. Her left hand adjusting the grip on her sword. One quick strike, through the dragonsilk and ceramic armor and in below the diaphragm would immobilize the hero. She didn't want him dead. Murdering supervillains didn't fight KMart Crimefighters. Murderers fought Challengers. She had witnessed Meteor Man in Arizona. She'd seen footage of Soldier off the coast of Massachusetts. She had heard stories of the new girl, Pretty Awesome, destroying a tank by smashing it with another tank. A Challenger dropping from the sky would end her.

"This is over," Wicked Sharp declared and lunged. Her body wrenched forward. She slammed her shoulder into Crimefighter's breastplate but her sword wouldn't penetrate a millimeter.

Generally, if someone is carrying a pulse gun, they're not quite capable in the closest of quarters. This Crimefighter failed to meet Wicked Sharp's assumptions. His left hand slammed into her chest in an open palm strike. She was lifted off the ground. She slammed her shoulders back into the warehouse's corrugated steel fence. Her vision blurred a moment under her bandit mask. She had less than a second to react. She only managed to avoid Crimefighter's next attack by a hair. Not even her hair. The pulse damaged the tip of her ponytail. She felt the tingles all the way into her scalp.

"Nice punch," Wicked Sharp growled. Crimefighter was slowly walking towards her. Pulses rippled the air. The lighter the shots the better the accuracy.

"Leave your weapon and strip off your armor and you will be brought in without further injury," He announced. He projected confidence. Wicked Sharp had face Crimefighters from Jacksonville to Juneau. She hadn't even need her sword in most of those fights. She had drawn steel today because she demanded speed. She had gone for the brutal move because she had needed to get away.

"Dammit!" She hissed. A pulse grazed her shoulder as she tried to tumble into position for another lunge. Crimefighter was closing the distance at his pace. She was on his schedule. This was going to have to be a fight. Wicked Sharp wasn't going to take out this Crimefighter alone. Losing to superhero knock-offs wasn't acceptable. She had to change the plan.

The first stagings of his mad science laboratory were built inside the warehouse. Doctor Nightmare hadn't even taken the time to booby trap the complex or devise his patent pending, ridiculous, thrilling, but always effective, escape plan. The warehouse appeared abandoned from the street. It appeared abandoned from the fight. Blacked out windows hid everything but the hiss, gurgle and stench of boiling chemicals.

Wicked Sharp made for bay doors. An unloaded truck waited at the dock. She twisted out and around the onslaught of energy bubbles. Her sword was starting to sing with the energy it had absorbed. The dull red pimples grew livid and were linked by a spiderweb of hot metal. Crimefighter approached.

"My agent is taking out your compatriots inside," Crimefighter ratcheted down the blaster as the distance closed. He did not relent, his shots growing heavier and flying in imperfect trajectories. Wicked Sharp weaved away from a blast that vibrated the massive truck. A center of mass hit and she'd be an erratic sponge on the asphalt.

"You sent an Action Boy into face off against Doctor Nightmare!" She laughed, maybe she cackled, "How badly did you need the insurance money?"

"I'm more than confident--"

But Crimefighter hadn't been confident. He stammered a moment. Wicked Sharp grabbed the back segment of her left arm bracer. It split away from her wrist into two half moons. The squeal of steel blades was shrill as they snapped open from all four ends. They were shurikens, boomerang shaped throwing stars, and they were arcing and airborne in a casual backhand throw. The first shrieked along the barrel of Crimefighter's pulse gun. Plastic and fiberglass peeled back from the gash. The second shuriken sliced the arm off of Crimefighter's eyeshield. The breeze whisked his scored hair from his head. The optics fell down and the next pulse from his blaster expended more than a third of its energy out the side. Crimefighter cussed as the kick threw the gun across his body.

The blaster had been Wicked Sharp's aim. She wanted that weapon out of commission. Its destruction wasn't as complete as she had desired. Her second blade was sent straight for Crimefighter's jugular. Risky! Stupid! A successful hit and there'd be very dangerous reinforcements. Her hasty throw had gone a third of a foot high and he had pulled his head aside in time to save his eye.

"Well, seems like there's no more fun to be had out here," Wicked Sharp laughed as she landed a backflip onto the lip under the door, "Let's see how our boys are doing."

Xie Zhi Ren whistled as Wicked Sharp pirouetted. The hot sword sheared away a wide triangle of the rolling steel door. The ruined door crumpled behind her before she tried to back flip into the warehouse.

Her acrobatics were to dodge Crimefighter's furious assault. He had ratcheted the pulse gun way down but even the lightest shimmering sparks destroyed his aim and tried to paralyse his trigger finger. His first shot was accurate. His first shot was true. He hit Wicked Sharp mid backflip right in her achilles tendon. Her whole leg spasmed like she was trying to knee herself in the chin. Her momentum increased. Her planned three sixty became a four fifty. She hit the concrete floor with her shoulders and skidded wildly for a dozen feet.

Evidence was clear that Action Boy had rocketed through the warehouse. Shark and Grizzly, two of Doctor Nightmare's three henchmen, were gagged and hanging from overhead cranes. A forklift was overturned. There were black marks of soot crisscrossing the floor showing how the fight had moved into the laboratory at the back of the warehouse. There was a second structure inside the massive void of the warehouse: a concrete bunker with a sheet steel door. No sounds of the fight carried out into the warehouse. Just the gurgle from the brass reactor that poked out of its roof.

"I am through with you!" Hollered Crimefighter tossing aside his blaster. He ripped a page from Wicked Sharp's book. He barrelled at her full speed. He was a pace away before she could spin up onto her unsteady legs. She was better at this kind of combat.

His dragonsilk and ceramic breastplate had combined to stop her sword. That wasn't nothing. Xie Zhi Ren was a 34 inch weapon from pommel to tip. The blade was flexible, strong and wickedly sharp. The material wasn't some simple alloy; it was made of metal PR-75, a white metal, a supermaterial. The designation supermaterial also applied to Crimefighter's dragonsilk. Wicked Sharp knew she couldn't cut the dragonsilk, but just because the weave caught her sword didn't mean it stopped her momentum as she cleft through meat or bone beneath. That was what the plates and ceramic scales were for. They had the mass to stop the blows, but they cracked and crumbled with stress. Enough hits to the same spot and she'd slide her sword through Crimefighter like butter. Her knee wobbled out from under her. She had no idea how long that could take. She needed a better solution.

Crimefighter started with a haymaker. He wanted to turn her into a wet pink mist and move on. Even semi-crippled she easily dodged the overhand punch that threw Crimefighter with all the momentum of his run. Xie Zhi Ren shrieked as she crisscrossed her way around the breastplate. Her movements were as lightning. She overcommitted on her last slice down his back and tucked away in a quick roll. She couldn't sprint away towards the laboratory, built like a secondary structure inside the warehouse. She hobbled with all of her might.

Outside, her actions with her bracelet blades had been hurried. That pulse cannon could have won the fight in a single lucky shot. She had taken a pathetic blow and it might have already turned the tide against her. Her leg was recovering but even if she was at her best in five minutes, Crimefighter wanted this fight done in five seconds. He was coming after her again. Wicked Sharp settled on the door.

"Huwaah!" Bellowed Crimefighter.

"You were the second best Crimefighter I'd ever seen," Wicked Sharp dove ahead of his charge, he had wanted his shoulder in the small of her back while he drove her into the floor. She didn't perform a somersault, but a twist, rolling away to the left as her right hand snaked the sash from her hips. Crimefighter saw the red ripple and the silver flash as in two motions, Wicked Sharp snapped the sash and looped it around Crimefighter's neck. The snap ejected six three inch tasseled spikes. Four were deflected by his armor but two matched her planned precision and dug deep into weak points in his armpits Xie Zhi Ren had discovered. The lasso around his neck wasn't a noose, it had just enough grip for Wicked Sharp to impart Crimefighter enough velocity to crash into the door.

The rush job hinges had been installed by Grizzly. They squealed and snapped as the superhero rammed through threshold and slammed down onto the rubber matted floor. He howled, cloaked in anger and pain as he threw off the crumpled steel sheet. It clanked against of a metal cabinet. Wicked Sharp climbed up onto one knee. Her back leg still responding poorly. She balanced on Xie Zhi Ren.

Crimefighter didn't work with an Action Boy. Crimefighter worked with an Action Girl. She was young, with her blond ponytail whipping opposite her domino mask. Her green eyes seemed incandescent behind the red. Her uniform wasn't armored like Crimefighter's. She was dressed more like a cheerleader. Her gold sleeveless top bared some of her midriff before her red skirt continued from her hips. She had a short cape, red as her skirt, that fell just beyond her butt. Gold leather bracers and knee-high boots completed her outfit.

"Seriously, Doc?" Wicked Sharp stood next to the hero, "I didn't even think you liked girls."

Their final henchmen, Nighthawk, was propped up against a wall. The drool and ragdoll posture he was the first of Doctor Nightmare's lab rats. In the center of the laboratory, before a steel table, Doctor Nightmare had met Action Girl. He stood with a bright smug smile. He had pulled his goggles down around his neck, completely revealing his big-eared black face. His brown eyes with their gray polluted irises were opened bright and wide. He was an imposing figure in spite of his gleeful expression. He was inches over six feet tall and carried two hundred and ten pounds. He was plumper than Crimefighter's chiseled shape. He had no supervillain dress sense. His body armor, just a kevlar vest, was on an office chair across the room. The Cowls t-shirt he wore just told the journey their 2005 tour. It was faded and bleach pitted. He wore his lab coat all the way open. His laser gun was nowhere to be found. He seemed to be unarmed. Except, his green-brown cargo pants were bunched over the tops of his yellow galoshes. His weapon, turgid and long, glistened with saliva and delved into Action Girl's smudged lips.

"Oh, Sharpie," Doctor Nightmare slipped his fingers through Action Girl's blonde hair. He was grinning like an idiot, "It works!"

The young heroine seemed to frown around the supervillain. She was using all the muscles in stomach, chest, shoulders, throat and mouth to climb up Doctor Nightmare. Her throat bulged with its invasion. She grunted and shuddered. Determination filled her eyes. Mascara ran over her mask.

"Action Girl!" Shrieked Crimefighter. He reached for his empty blaster holster, "Get your filthy hands off of her!"

Wicked Sharp responded quickly to Crimefighter's outburst. Her sword scoured across the ground as she quickly but awkwardly moved herself between hero and fellatio.

"It's OK," Action Girl's mouth left Doctor Nightmare with a pop. Her voice had an adorable local Texas twang, "I'll just finish up here and we can get back to work."

Crimefighter shuddered to a confused and uneasy stop. Wicked Sharp turned. Doctor Nightmare was well equipped and he only looked larger still for the petite heroine struggling to reach his base.

"This is what you used it for?" Wicked Sharp laughed, "I might have suspected this from someone else but from you, Jeff, I'm kind of shocked."

He brushed aside Action Girl's bangs. She was starting to push up with her knees from the rubber floor each time she filled her mouth. Each stroke had her croaking and sputtering. Doctor Nightmare was coated in a miasma of saliva strings. Drips pattered onto Action Girl's uniform. The tops of her breast were catching most of it.

"Oh no. She offered on her own volition," Shrugged Doctor Nightmare, "Said she was really good at it. Maybe oversold herself a little but I can forgive a bit of youthful enthusiasm."

The kneeling heroine flashed angry eyes up at Doctor Nightmare but her ire soon faded into hurt. He murmured a wordless smiling apology. He kept his left hand in her hair, massaging her scalp and playing with her ponytail as she aspired to improve her performance. Eager and quick, she moved up and down him. He met her enthusiasm with short swings of hips. She pulled back breathless.

"Take your time," Doctor scratched his day old stubble. You could age his laboratories based on the length of Doctor Nightmare's beard, "I could do this all day."

"My throat's getting sore," Action Girl said. She had had her palms flat against the front of Doctor Nightmare's thighs. Now they circled him and dragged towards his face, "It never hurts with anyone else."

Crimefighter responded emotionally to Action Girl's comments. She hadn't sounded uncomfortable; her voice was awash in wonder. Wicked Sharp almost didn't react to Crimefighter's rush. Her sword didn't penetrate but her other hand continued his forward momentum into a throw. Crimefighter slammed down on his back. Wicked Sharp's leg collapsed under her and she fell on top of Crimefighter.

"Maybe her imprinting is a side effect of a Shusterol overdose? I'll need a larger sample size to be certain," Doctor Nightmare nudged Action Girl back into motion. She was keen to try again. This time there was a lot more obvious tongue. She swirled and coddled the tip and pumped in superstrong pulls towards her face. Doctor Nightmare groaned at high spiking pitch.

"Oh, of course. What's next? A brunette? Maybe a redhead?" Wicked Sharp tried not to scream as Doctor Nightmare threw her aside. She was still awkward, slow, far closer to the exit than to helping her partner. Doctor Nightmare looked down as Crimefighter tried to shake off his disbelief and stun.

"I was thinking someone more Latina," Doctor Nightmare replied. His goofy smile grew more genuine. He met Wicked Sharp's eyes and she felt his seriousness, "You don't have to stay. I know where we stand and you have your career to think about."

"You knew?" Wicked Sharp was gutshot with delayed guilt from when she had tried to abandon the operation and ran into Crimefighter. She looked down at the hero who was already up on his knees. She started quickly at him.

"I care, you're my friend," The sentiment was offset by a loud slurp from Action Girl. He patted her head fondly, "Go! Take care of yourself. I want you to reach your goals. I expect to see you conquering the world in no time."

"Action Girl!" Pleaded Crimefighter. Wicked Sharp was offended he was interrupting their conversation. Action Girl also flashed an offended look. She turned back to Doctor Nightmare. Her shiny eyes begged for his attention. Her flushed skin displayed excitement. Her rushed pace exposed her pride. The shape forced on her mouth could not show her glee.

"Nicole!" Crimefighter stepped forward, "Let that girl go! What kind of monster are you? She's only 18!"

"Oh thank the irrational idea of an anthropomorphized dictator of the universe!" Grumbled Doctor Nightmare. He relaxed with a big breath and his face twisted from idiotic smile to surprised chaos. His right hand returned to Action Girl's skull and he wobbled. She flinched, revealing a crazed strength but she recovered, coughing and red-eyed as Doctor Nightmare unleashed into her mouth.

"Don't you find that takes too long to say each time?" Wicked Sharp chuckled for a moment but stopped. Crimefighter was livid and was charging like a mad bull.

"I'm going to kill you a--"

"No, precious, No you won't," Wicked Sharp twisted in front of the roaring superhero. Xie Zhi Ren was flat across barring him from going forward, "I'll do what it takes to stop Crimefighter."

"I'm sure we'll be done here soon," Doctor Nightmare sighed, "She is improving as we speak."

Action Girl choked back the bulk of Doctor Nightmare but much fell over her slick jaw and sloughed onto her breasts and knees. She lovingly licked and nurtured him and Doctor Nightmare huffed and puffed. He leaned back gripping the work table. He was uneasy, shaking the apparatus he had built. A green filled round bottom flask's neck broke in it's clamp and crashed onto the table. "Oh, no!"

"He's not stopping, Doc!" Wicked Sharp met the brunt of Crimefighter's strikes by deflecting them but several times she had had to block straight on the flat of Xie Zhi Ren. This wasn't a fight she could control. She poked three holes in known weak points but Crimefighter only screamed and redoubled his berserk.

"Neither is she!" Doctor Nightmare giggled. Action Girl was all the way up on her knees. Doctor Nightmare was all the way up in her hands. She leaned against him, looking down from his torso where she stroked him double handed between the valley of her breasts. They looked bigger than ever to Doctor Nightmare.

"Don't be gross," Wicked Sharp wobbled on her heel. Damn! Feelings like electric bolts jumped from her ankle to her butt. She had thought she was getting better. He landed a second strike. Wicked Sharp winced as his fist landed in the same place as he had hit outside.

"Step aside! How can you let him do this to a woman!" Wicked Sharp had corkscrewed down in front of Crimefighter's legs. She did not look up to him in any of the ways that Action Girl looked up to Doctor Nightmare. Crimefighter was saturated with confusion and rage at Action Girl. He tried to sweep aside Wicked Sharp with a kick so he could kill Doctor Nightmare. One look at Crimefighter's face and the rules of engagement were obviously gone. Doctor Nightmare couldn't bother to care.

"Stop! This isn't how we do things," Wicked Sharp managed to guide Crimefighter's foot off balance and kick out his other heel. He slammed into the rubber matted floor. His scream was bloodthirsty. Wicked Sharp struggled to her feet. Crimefighter was gathering up quicker than she could. Wicked Sharp turned to the careless grin of Doctor Nightmare, "Exit stage left."

"Oh, no, I need a few minutes yet," He finally caught the wobble of Wicked Sharp's leg, "Do you need a hand? I've got a death ray around here somewhere."

"Death Rays are illegal," Action Girl whimpered, "They could take you away from me."

"No one will take you from me," Doctor Nightmare said sweetly, "We just have to stop Crimefighter first."

"Brandon's OK," Action Girl looked over without rest as she pumped Doctor Nightmare, "He'll do what's right. I've got this under control, CF, can you take your fight with Wicked Sharp outside?"

"Nicole! He's done something to you!"

"Nothing I didn't have to ask for," Action Girl said between licks of the tip, "I had to beg actually, but I think he liked that."

"Yeah, you were so cute," Doctor Nightmare agreed, "There was no saying no to you."

"Oh, gag me with a spoon," Wicked Sharp rolled her eyes but smiled. She brought down a heavy two handed cleave between the scales between Crimefighter's shoulder and breastplate. He slammed back to his knees.

"I won't let you do this to her!" Crimefighter vowed.

"It's even better than that," Doctor Nightmare's voice oscillated joyfully, "She's doing it to herself."

Wicked Sharp had to hop back from the attack once again. They were so close now. She bumped into Doctor Nightmare's shoulder. He caught her around the waist as her leg gave out once again.

"Disruptor pulse?"

"Low calibur from a vented blaster. Right in the heel," Wicked Sharp winced, "Where's our Noxo?"

"Oh, I had to use it on Nighthawk. He was getting all twisted up about being afraid of needles. What a pussy."

"I'm going to kill you, Jefferson Grant!" Crimefighter was just longer than Xie Zhi Ren's reach away, "You run and I'll hunt you. You stay and I'll be quick."

"That's darker than the shit Bad Blood says," Doctor Nightmare had an arm around both women and just looked pleased as punch, "Is he always like this Nicole?"

"Nicky," Action Girl corrected as she looked over at Crimefighter. Her sophomoric smile dissolved into concern, "He's never been like this before."

"Maybe he's jealous?" Wicked Sharp challenged Crimefighter eye to eye. His brown eyes were swimming with bloodshot red, "This might have to get messy."

"Action Girl, can you give Wicked Sharp a hand in stopping Crimefighter?"

"I shouldn't work with supervillains," She said as she climbed to her feet. She didn't stop stroking Doctor Nightmare until the last possible second, "But for you, I'll do anything."

"I know," Doctor Nightmare beamed.

"Action Girl! Stop this now!" Crimefighter growled.


"We can get you the help you need," He pleaded, "Let me take this monster in."

"No." The clear steel syllable left her messy mouth with bullet force. She flew at Crimefighter as her green eyes hardened with anger. She really flew, not a metaphoric lunge, her boots lifted off the ground and she rocketed forward. The air rippled back from her back mussing up Wicked Sharp's bangs. She scored four rapid strikes. Crimefighter's armor took the brunt and he edged back a half foot. He slammed a downward blow to the side of her head and she was completely unbraced while airborne. Action Girl hit shoulder first into the floor and bounced away in a roll.

"Brandon!" She said aghast, "You really hit me?"

"I'll deal with you shortly, Nicole," Crimefighter was charging at Wicked Sharp now. Doctor Nightmare had turned to find the mess of his glassware and was complaining loudly. Crimefighter shouted: "I'm going to enjoy all the paperwork that confirms your deaths."

"I think not," Wicked Sharp grinned, "Nicky here broke up your ceramics. She's quite the powerhouse."

"What?" Crimefighter barked. He had no interest in the answer only in crushing her. Action Girl was floating back to her feet but she wouldn't be there quickly enough. Wicked Sharp had even more opportunity than last time. A lunge, in just the right place would be agony but it would stop him and he would survive. If he had the right insurance he'd be back in costume in half a year.

"The intermediary's all over the floor!" Whined Doctor Nightmare, catching Action Girl's attention. Wicked Sharp weaved backwards before changing sword hands. She slid down and forward, pushing off her good leg and balanced on her bad one. The spasm kicked her blade up inches. Xie Zhi Ren slipped in between the plates of his breastplate and the crease of the scales underneath. The dragonsilk coated sword impaled Crimefighter's heart and came back out cleanly.

"Oh no!" Wicked Sharp shrieked as the body of Crimefighter fidgeted dead-eyed on the ground, "Jeff! We have to go now!"

"Oh, don't be hasty, Mei," Doctor Nightmare had his trousers knocked out of his hands by Nicole. He had pulled Action Girl against his chest, she was mesmerized and taking him in both her hands again. He held her head, shielding her from seeing the body on the ground, "I just want to finish up here."

Wicked Sharp looked over at the starstruck heroine. The dragonsilk was catching the mess that Crimefighter now was, "I'll get him out of here. What's our escape route."

"It'll have to be the truck," He shrugged, "I wasn't planning on getting the railgun pod ready until tomorrow."

Wicked Sharp dragged Crimefighter out the broken doorway and pitched him to the right, stowing him out of sight of the lab. She could run now but the test was finally a success. Doctor Nightmare's success was worth billions to her superiors. Yet, The King had claimed they were done with Doctor Nightmare. They didn't need to be done with her. She looked back at the lab. Inside, the former heroine was in love and oblivious. Run now? Leave the two of them to Meteor Man turning the city block into molten slag. They should have time. This was Gulf City they'd have to come here from at least the nearest Front Line base. Was Dallas or Austin closer? She had time ... unless it was Blue Streak. She wasn't already in prison so it probably wasn't him.

"I'm going to stay with you," Wicked Sharp announced as she stepped back through the door.

"I'm glad," Doctor Nightmare flared a brilliant genuine smile. Wicked Sharp wasn't even offput by the teenager giving him a superstrength handjob all the while, "This is so much more exciting with my friend with me."

"Am I?" Nicole whimpered, "Am I going to have to share you with her?"

"No, Action Girl," Wicked Sharp grinned, "He's going to share you with me."

"Ha!" Doctor Nightmare kissed Action Girl's forehead, "Absolutely! Just don't break her, she's our patient 0."

"She's not infectious?" I couldn't imagine being all goofy in love for Doctor Nightmare.

"No, of course not," He shook his head, "Did you want her first?"

"I'm not gay," Action Girl pouted.

"You're 18! You have no idea whether you're gay or not," Doctor Nightmare dismissed the comment out of hand.

"We don't have time to take turns," Wicked Sharp said stepping forward with a little extra swing in her hips, "Heads or tails?"

"I guess tails?" Doctor Nightmare scratched his stubble again and with his other hand grabbed Action Girl's butt, "I mean what would you do with this end?"

"It'd be the best thing you've ever seen," Wicked Sharp was with them again. She lifted Action Girl's jaw, clumps of Doctor Nightmare still clung under the heroine's lips. The blonde cringed as the Chinese girl collected the spending on her tongue. Action Girl refused to accept Wicked Sharp kissing her.

"Mei Ling ... Are we? I mean we're colleagues, friends. Is this OK?" Doctor Nightmare gulped as Wicked Sharp swallowed.

"Jeff," Wicked Sharp shared a happy friendly sticky smile, "I want to humiliate this bitch. I want to spend all of the energy I ramped up fighting Crimefighter. I want my friend to get his rocks off. I want us both to get the hell out of here but if we need to burn a few minutes I really want to have to filthiest, dirtiest, sluttiest time while I wait. She's a Southern cutie, you've got a big black cock, and I'm you're really hot Asian girl. This will work. Please? Pretty please?"

"Of course," He nodded and couldn't help but smile, "Nicky this is Mei Ling, she's going to be your mistress."

"Oh, I really like that," Wicked Sharp purred.

"Oh, I really don't," Nicky blanched. Wicked Sharp laid her hand on the front of the heroine's costume and marched her backwards into a desk. Action Girl grimaced and grabbed the edged with both hands. The blonde looked over at Doctor Nightmare.

"You don't love him! Don't take him from me!" She pleaded of Wicked Sharp.

"You've got it all wrong, sweetness," Mei Ling whispered directly into Nicky's ear.

"I don't--I don't get it," The teenager whimpered.

"You're about to get it good," Mei Ling grinned, "But it's not about me taking Jeff from you. We can fight like childish bitches over him and he'll get a little bit excited, or..."

"I'm OK with the fight," Nicky growled threateningly.

"But then you'll miss out. Do you know what Doctor Nightmare really likes?" Wicked Sharp licked along Action Girl's jaw and nibbled on her shuddering ear, "He doesn't want his hot bitches to fight over him. That's fun for a few minutes. He wants his sluts to team up on him. That's fun until he passes out."

"Are you sure?" Action Girl whimpered against her intentions. Wicked Sharp's hands were rising up her waist. She arched her back as Wicked Sharp approached her breasts.

"Look at him! Does he like what he sees?"

"No. But he's looking at a blue thing swirling in one of those triangle beakers."

"Jefferson!" Wicked Sharp snarled and dropped the Action Girl onto her boneless legs, "We don't have time to split her. If you want another go with the teenybopper, get over here and rail her guts out."

"Just making sure I extracted the catalyst from the--"

"I don't care! You're erect. I'm soaked. This one's on her knees and panting."

"I need you Doctor Nightmare," Action Girl blubbered.

"You girls are so bossy," Doctor Nightmare poured a top colorless layer into a funnel and then tossed the beaker with the blue particles into a trash can labeled Broken Glass.

Doctor Nightmare was still partly naked. His cargo pants were bunched around the tops of his galoshes. He still managed a cocksure strut. Wicked Sharp scrolled her eyes up his dark legs, over his excitement, across his chest and up to his hungry grin. She understood why so many were terrified of him. She only felt her blood boil and her skin tingle. She hoisted Action Girl up onto her knees.

"Do you like that, little slut?" She whispered to the heroine, "See those angry veins? See how hard he is? He's going to break your slut throat."

"I'm not a slut," breathed Action Girl. Mei Ling lifted the gold top up and over Nicky's breasts. Mei Ling's fair Asian fingers looked dark against the titflesh in her hands. Her nails were sharp as her name, but Action Girl was resilient, barely turning red as her breasts were raked and pulled. Her young skin was rising in gooseflesh and few breaths seemed to make it out of her throat alive. Her bright green eyes looked up, "Please don't let her talk about me like that."

"Nicky, darling," Jefferson smiled, "She's your Mistress, she has to treat you harsh enough so you'll learn. But look at me," He gripped both sides of Action Girl's jaw and adjusted her face to where he wanted it, "She's just making sure you do your best for me."

"I don't like the name calling," Nicky shook her head, "I don't mind the rough touching."

"Look at this cutie," Mei Ling looked up as Jefferson towered over them. She let go of one breast and pulled her partner over Action Girl's shoulder, "She's not even smart enough to see what kind of slut she is. Nicky, lick his balls."

Action Girl flinched and pushed back against Wicked Sharp's chest. The supervillainess grabbed a fistful of blond and thrust Nicky's face forward. Mei Ling engulfed Jefferson right next to Nicky's ear. The teen's lips sucked him from below. He grabbed her hair and he grabbed Mei Ling's.

"Good God, Mei," Doctor Nightmare pleaded. His friend had the front third inside her mouth. She swirled her tongue as she snaked her neck side to side. She licked against the bottom of him as she retreated off of him. Her eyes laughing as her lips opened with a pop. Action Girl fliched, her whole body shivered. She needed to pop.

"See, much quicker than the irrational idea of the dictator of the universe!" Wicked Sharp laughed upwards. Her wrist was pumping hard over Action Girl's puffed out cheeks. The heroine was greedy. Her whole body tingled as she eagerly assaulted with her tongue and lips.

"Holy crap, Mei! She is a terrific slut!" The modifier forced Action Girl to smile and that was Jefferson's point of no return.

"Yeah, lucky us," Wicked Sharp beamed and grabbed a handful of Action Girl's ass. She should have been looking up. Doctor Nightmare's face contorted. He was looking down at the two women. Both beautiful, both giving for him. He cared for Mei Ling. He liked her. He hoped she continued to understand that his work required more Action Girls. More test subjects. More experiments. He needed to perfect his weapon. He wanted to see the look on her face when it was perfected. He wanted to see the look on her face when she used it on her first victim. He shuddered as she turned down. He wanted to see the look on her face as she came.

The heat hit her hair and startled Wicked Sharp. She looked up, face to climax. The lenses in her white bandit mask kept the next surge from the corner of her eye.

"Jeff!" Mei Ling dragged Nicky backward and used the teenager to shield herself from the final spurt. Nicky eagerly collected Jefferson in her mouth and hummed around his spasms until the supervillain gripped the nearby table and pushed her back.

"I don't know if I'm frustrated or relieved," Wicked Sharp pulled soiled fingers from the side of her face and fed them to Nicky's suckling lips. Jefferson collapsed but remained on his feet. He smiled down at the mess of the girls and his heart began to slow down. He smiled widely. Action Girl looked starstruck. He couldn't waste that.

"Frustrated it is," Mei Ling commented upon Jefferson's vigorous resurrection, "I always knew you were durable but that was quick, Jeff."

"Oh yeah," He looked down at himself with a proud smile, "I gave myself that in Salt Lake City. I try not to masturbate too often; I have to make a day of it."

"But—Salt Lake City was a failure! We lost! Big time! Crimefighter called that domestic terrorism."

"What? I've never had a failure," He shook his head and smiled. He reached to pull Nicky up from her knees but she just floated a couple of feet and extended her legs down, "Well, OK, East Water City with those two freelancers. But that's it. Everything has gone as needed. Or at least wanted."

"But ... But ... They were certain you were failing! They were prepared to leave you for the wolves."

"The Wolves operate out of Portland," He reminded Wicked Sharp, "And they weren't much of a threat to us."

The supervillainess clambered to her feet so she could roll her eyes from a position of strength.

"Where did Brandon go?" Action Girl looked around, "We were supposed to be done by now."

"Is she serious?" Wicked Sharp looked down at the kneeling heroine.

"Might be a side effect?" Doctor Nightmare shrugged, "Do you mind me tagging out for a few minutes? I just want to get some Shusterol growing so I'll have a dose or two ready."

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