Fuck Elizabeth, Just Fuck

by Marduk

Copyright© 2015 by Marduk

Erotica Story: Elizabeth, an old girl friend who wanted a permanent relations suggests a split, but on good terms.Rick agrees and leaves for overseas. Where he does enjoy sexual activities. On his return Elizabeth rings and wants a new start.

Caution: This Erotica Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Oral Sex   Exhibitionism   .

Rick wasn't surprised when Elizabeth suggested that their association end. It had lasted far longer than he had really expected. It was twelve months since he first met her when asked to give her a lift to the adult education classes, sure there had been the ups and downs, the hot and cold periods and the actual breaks which generally ended with a text or phone call, asking for a meeting. Originally their association had been the casual pick up and drop off but then it got a little more intimate, invitation to lunch and then the little peck on the cheek to finally the full on sexual encounter. She had a first baulked at a total suck job, but eventually did what his other female associates did suck till he blew and kept sucking till his nuts were totally empty, then they made a dash for the bathroom and a good mouth wash. She certainly didn't show any hesitation to a fuck, she responded to his thrusts in absolute rhyme so when he blew his balls her cry and his gasps worked in union. However it was in the last months that she began to seek a more permanent relationship and this he didn't want. After all Elizabeth wasn't the only woman in his 'appointment book' and these other women were as eager as Elizabeth, didn't hesitate in any form of sexual depravity and were women he wasn't going to forego.

It may have been considered that he was just using Elizabeth for sex, sure he was but on the other side of the coin she had benefit in the relationship. Two interstate holidays, frequent dinners as very nice restaurants and the occasional 'live show' and in return all he asked was for her to 'drop out her tits', 'suck on his cock and take a mouth full' and 'spread her thighs' in other words fuck. However, the permanent relationship he didn't want so they parted on good terms for in a way satisfaction had been achieved by both parties.

He left for overseas shortly after. On the flight he took a photo of her out of his pocket. She was totally nude which he did like for she wasn't an undesirable woman, in fact quite desirable and he was sure that if she made herself available she would get as much cock as she wanted. 'I'm fucked why she doesn't' he muttered as he put the photo back into his pocket. He was heading for a 'dig' area in the ancient world, this was in Egypt for he had been associated with one of the universities that regularly visited Egypt for excavation work and unless he was with the university he wouldn't be able to 'dig' in the one country that really fascinated him; the dig was for a month and he had put his name down on the registration form for the entire period. The dig groups were a mixture of individuals, many were in their late twenties, other middle aged and even a couple well into their seventies, but as fit as a bull. The teams were divided on abilities and he found himself working with both a few of the twenties, the middle aged and two in the seventy bracket but he was soon to find that 'digging' wasn't the only item on the agenda and there was a bit of 'bed swapping' when the light went out. This arrangement didn't seem to concern the organizers and as long as the teams did what they had come for the 'dig' organizations were happy. He smiled for the rooms in which they were accommodated had only single wall separations and many a night the thump, thump of beds and the grunts and gasps of the occupants reminded him of the many times he and Elizabeth had engaged in full on sex and it was at those times he really missed her and her willingness to undergo whatever he wanted and he certainly missed the muscles of her mouth for she was a very good cock sucker, naturally he missed the 'fucks', but he wasn't willing to take on what she willing offered for a permanent relations, after all Elizabeth wasn't the only woman that could suck a cock or buck with a cock rammed up her cunt or for that matter their bums as well. So as the thumping and gasping echoed around his own cot he wished them all the best, not for a moment thinking that maybe there was a woman in his age group that could be available, in fact he hadn't even considered it for what they were doing, unearthing the ancients was not really allowing him to consider any other agenda. However, as the days passed he began to miss the pleasures of a woman and then began to wonder out of all the women present if there was one that could be another Elizabeth.

Now with the thought came the desire and he began to notice the women in his group and deliberately checked them out, not only their physical built but also in oral conversations like the occasional use of the 'four letter' word whenever the occasion rose. He remembered with Elizabeth in the first couple of weeks she didn't like the language, but eventually grinned when he told her 'she was a fantastic fuck' or when he told her 'that her cunt was the nicest he had fucked in a long time'. One afternoon just before another sexual encounter he had told her she was very desirable and then said. "Come here you randy cunt and let's fuck the afternoon away". She giggled and the very first thing she did was grab his balls, pull on his cock and then burying her head over his length and for a few minutes suck him till his cock was erect and rock hard and then she whispered. "Now Rick fuck my cunt" and fuck he did.

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