Halloween Story - Mallory

by Katie McN

Copyright© 2002 by Katie McN. All rights reserved.

Drama Sex Story: This is another one of my lesbian romance stories. It tells about something that happened to Mary Kay and Mallory one Halloween. You find out a little bit more about these two interesting characters.

Caution: This Drama Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa   Consensual   Lesbian   Fiction   Cheating   Exhibitionism   Halloween   .

“I can’t believe you’re going to wear that costume, Mallory.”

It was time for our annual Halloween party and I couldn’t wait. We took turns buying the costumes and that year it was up to Mallory to decide what we were going to wear. She wouldn’t tell me a thing and part of the game is for me to beg and plead for just one little clue. All week long I’d promised her interesting sexual favors and anything else I could think of, but of course she never said a word. Well almost nothing. There was one clue, and when she had me so frustrated I’d fall for anything, she got very solemn and said she’d give me a hint.

“Okay, Mary Kay, I’ll give you one and only one clue.”

“Thank you, thank you, Mallory. What is it?” I was so excited. She was going to relent and now I’d find out what I’d wear on Halloween.

“It doesn’t have an ‘X’ in it.”

Of course not. Hardly any word in the English language has an ‘X’ in it and I pretended outrage as she laughed her ass off. Wait till next year.

Picture this.

A beautiful nun dressed head to foot in black stood before me like a sainted vision. I could just barely see her angelic face peeking out from the very modest uniform. But, when she turned around, everything changed.

The costume was completely transparent from her neck all the way down to the hem. The costume framed her creamy white skin and slender body like a picture of decadence against an inky sea of black material. She wasn’t wearing a bra and the loose uniform pretended it might just move in some special way to show me both exquisite breasts. Her garter belt and matching thong were sexy highlights on her perfectly shaped ass. The black seamed stockings and very high heels shaped and formed her legs with a message that suggested she might be available for a little excitement.

Mallory turned back and laughed when she saw the look on my face. “I’ve had a fantasy about what the nuns wore under their uniforms ever since I was in high school, baby, and I’ve decided it must be something like this. Don’t you agree?”

“If the nuns looked as good under their uniforms as you do, Mallory, I think I’d still be back in school. Uh, do you happen to have a few minutes to spare, little girl?” She laughed at me again and finally brought out The Package. Now I’d find out what my costume was going to be.

When I saw what she picked out, I knew she made a fabulous choice.

She handed me a pleated skirt in the same pattern worn at the Catholic Girls’ School I attended back in Del Rio, Texas, years ago. It looked quite authentic, but so short it barely covered my butt. The white silk blouse was loose enough to guarantee my tits would bounce and jiggle with every step I took and sheer enough to show the shape of my breasts and their rosy highlights to anyone who wanted to look. I was already imagining how the smooth texture of the silk would caress my nipples and keep them at attention for a whole evening of fun.

I don’t know who she had embroider the school emblem on my blouse, but it looked just like the one I wore in school except for the part where my tit would be bouncing around underneath it for all the world to see. Tennies and white stay up stockings rounded out the costume. How wonderfully delicious. I’d be dressed up like a child molester’s sex fantasy and if I was lucky, maybe the cute little nun would take advantage of me later.

“Do I have to wear this G string? I’m going to show my butt to everyone whenever I take a step. I can’t do it, Mallory.”

“Of course you can. It’s the rules, baby, and next year it’s your turn to pick out the costumes, but for now, you have to live with it.”

Part of the fun is pretending the costume is too risque. I really wasn’t a bit upset about letting the other women see my boobs bouncing around inside the school uniform blouse, or how cute my butt looked peeking out from under the tiny little pleated skirt. It was kind of sexy, but I had to tell Mallory it was too hot to wear cause it was part of our game. We both knew I’d wear the outfit, and love every minute of it.

I watched as Mallory opened the front door and there was a repeat of what happened several times before.

The women saw Mallory’s costume and thought something like “a little more conservative this year” until she turned around. Next came a shriek followed by “I can’t believe it!” and then the guests walked behind her for awhile until they were convinced it was true.

Cathy always brought her camera to our parties. She took a lot of pictures of the nun costume and I was sure Mallory would be featured in the party scrapbook. Cathy doesn’t miss much and seems to record every silly little thing on film so we can see what fools we made of ourselves. Everyone loves it, of course.

The most fabulous costume of all was the bridal gown Julie wore. Markie was dressed up as the groom and the two women made a spectacular entrance. They painted a picture of something many couples truly want, but know they probably will never have.

Black and orange crepe paper decorated every part of our home. Witches, bats, ghosts, goblins, cauldrons and all the scary things that say Halloween changed our Hillcrest Estate into Frankenstein’s castle for one wonderful night. One wonderful night where 20 women also decorated the house with a sense of fun and excitement. A sense of being free and getting to do whatever they wanted for at least a few hours.

And the costumes were wonderful.

Billie was a perfect stereotype. She looked so butch wearing slicked back hair, black denims, motorcycle boots and a black tee shirt with a pack of cigs rolled up in one sleeve. Rhonda was a dominatrix all leather and metal, standing there in heels so high she would break her ankles if she fell over. Her tiny cat o’ nine tails hardly looked ominous and only threatened to please every one standing around her. Belly dancers, hookers, tarts, and everything you would hope your friends would think to do and surprises you’d never guess in a million years.

Sometimes people take advantage of a situation and do things they’ll be sorry for later.

I happened across the groom and a French maid in our spare bedroom trying to discover all the secrets hidden under their Halloween costumes. I found out the groom was wearing silk boxers, or at least she was for awhile. I learned it took no effort at all to push down the top of a French maid costume and when you did, her two tits seemed to say it might be time for some kissing and loving. I found out more than I wanted to know and eased the door closed and hoped no one else would happen upon the two lovers taking their chances and not caring who found out.

We always play games.

Spin the bottle is a favorite that usually gets everyone warmed up. When it’s just girls, you know there will be showing off and taking chances.

The game that year soon evolved into who could do the most dramatic and sexy kiss. Everyone got into it, and sometimes a partner seemed a tiny bit upset until it was her turn and then she went and outdid her special other to the cheers and catcalls coming from the rest of us.

Bobbing for apples is fun, too. Particularly when the girl has a butt as cute as what Suzi was sticking up in the air that night. She tried to bite into one of the apples floating in the wash tub without using her hands. She couldn’t get the hang of it and somehow managed to turn a children’s game into a Rated R wet tee shirt contest.

We always play Tell Me a Story at the Halloween party. Different girls tell stories designed to get the other people going. Jeannie told one about boarding school where she was very bad and had to go to the Head Mistress’s office. The Head Mistress gave her a choice. She could take her punishment or be expelled and have to explain to her parents what happened. Of course she took the punishment.

Jeannie climbed up on top of a desk and stood at the rigid position of attention. When a teacher mentioned an item of clothing, she removed it slowly and provocatively while the women sitting in the office looked on with great interest and lust. It took forever for her to strip off, but finally she was nude and wondered what would happen next.

We all knew.

All of us were getting horny just listening to the story and could imagine how wet it was between the legs of all those teachers. Sure enough she had to go down on each one while the other teachers fondled and probed her young girl body making it difficult for Jeannie to maintain concentration.

But, the best story of all was the one Marcy told. She said Jeannie reminded her of something that happened when she first started boarding school.

One night she was told to go to the dorm dayroom where the rest of the girls were already gathered. They said it was time for her dorm initiation and she better follow orders or else she’d suffer the consequences.

An older girl told Marcy to take off all her clothes and let everyone see what she was really like. Marcy pretended to be shy at first, but really liked the idea of exhibiting herself in front of the other girls. When she removed her blouse, the older girl seemed surprised to find she wasn’t wearing a bra and made a big fuss about how cute her boobs were. She also took advantage of the situation and touched and squeezed those firm round globes while Marcy stood there not knowing what to do. She started to take her pants off next, and knew she would be in for more of the same when the girls found out she wasn’t wearing any panties. Sure enough, she was fondled and admired by a couple of girls while the rest of them looked on and laughed.

They made her spread her legs and masturbate. She couldn’t fake it either or else they’d make her do it again, but this time she’d have to do it in the chapel. The whole thing was such a turn on that Marcy came with one of the most powerful orgasms she ever had. She tried not to holler out and moan, but she couldn’t help herself. The other girls all got turned on watching her cum with a vengeance.

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