Frank and Veronica

by sspringer3

Copyright© 2018 by sspringer3

Romantic Story: A story of good friends who find themselves falling in love.

Caution: This Romantic Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Heterosexual   .

Frank and Veronica had been friends for years. They met through their spouses, now ex-spouses. But their friendship had lasted through the break up of their marriages. In fact, it was that same friendship that had helped them weather the storms of divorce. Through it all, they talked, cried on each other’s shoulder, and lent support whenever it was needed.

They were both 35 and had come up in the business world the hard way, they worked at it. In fact, their long hours at work had contributed to the break up of their marriages. But they still found time to meet for lunch every week.

Today was one of those days. This time they had something to celebrate. Veronica had just gotten another promotion. So they split a bottle of wine and now were feeling a little loose as they walked back to her office.

“So now you make more than me. Well, we’ll see how long that lasts. I’m expecting Teleglobe to sign a big contract next month. That will put me over the top promotion wise. So just look out, I’m going to run you over.”

“Ha! You might come up even but you won’t get by me.” Veronica said with a silly smile on her face. Just to emphasize the point, she reached over and pinched Frank’s ass.

“Hey, no fair! Now I get to pinch your ass.”

Veronica said “You’ve got to catch it first.” Then she started to dash off, but hampered by her high heels, she started to stumble instead.

“Whoa there, little filly.” Frank said as he caught her before she fell to the ground. “Someone seems to have had a little too much wine. Then a mischievous smile flashed across his face. Sensing he was up to no-good, Veronica tried to release herself from his grip. But she wasn’t fast enough and received a good hard pinch on her delectable derriere.

“Ow! You beast. That hurt.” She started to slap at him, not really trying to hurt him. She just wanted to get her point across. Besides she was half laughing as she slapped him.

“Do you know how long I’ve wanted to pinch your sexy little bottom? Now I know for sure, it is just right. Not too hard and not too soft. Just like I like them.”

“I’ve known for years you liked it.”

“What? How did you know that?”

“Silly, a woman always knows when a man is checking her out. I’ve caught you doing it lots of times. Why do you think I wear these outfits on our lunch days? A woman likes to be appreciated, even if it is by her best friend.”

“Well, I guess I won’t try to hide my looks anymore. Hey! You’ve been dressing like that for me?! I thought you always dressed so sexily. In that case, how about wearing...” He stopped talking as he caught the look on her face. Sometimes a man gets the hint and sometimes not. This time he did and shut up.

After they walked a few more feet, she put her arm through his and hugged it tight to her rather generous bosom. Together they continued their walk back to her office, both intensely aware of what had been said and of where his arm was right then. To say they were both a little confused at the moment would be an understatement. They had long ago resolved that theirs was a non-sexual relationship. In fact, they had frequently given each other dating advice and even tried to fix each other up with dates.

But now they were both aware that the other was a very desirable person. Frank was 6’1”, weighed in at a solid 210 and had broad shoulders. He was in top physical condition from his daily workout in the gym. His suit was tailored to show off his physique, something it did very well. Veronica was more substantial in build but she had an innate sexiness that turned heads wherever she went and curves that seemed to never end. Her honey brown skin contrasted nicely with the color of her dress, combined with the blue-green pendent that nestled in her rather substantial cleavage, she was a sight to behold.

They reached her office building and got on an empty elevator to go to her office. She still had his arm locked to her side but released it when he turned toward her. Not being sure what he was going to do, she just waited nervously. She thought he would remind her that they were just friends and gently peck her on the cheek. So she was completely unprepared for what happened next.

Frank wrapped his arms around her and then proceeded to kiss her soundly. It was not an erotic kiss, it was a romantic kiss. After a second of surprise, she kissed him back with years of suppressed feelings for him. So involved were they that neither heard the elevator door open on her floor. The first they became aware of where they were was when Stan, Veronica’s secretary cleared his throat loudly.

With awareness came embarrassment. They sprang apart like grade school kids caught in their first kiss. Neither could think of anything to say, so they just stood there for a second with their mouths flapping like fish out of water.

“I think you had better come on out of there. That is unless you are planning on riding the elevator until someone else catches you.” Stan said with a strange grin.

His words seemed to wake them from their stupor. They sprang from the elevator just as the doors closed behind them. Not wanting to deal with what had just happened, they murmured polite words at each other before Frank took his leave.

“I thought you two were just friends? That did not look like a kiss between friends.”

“We are just friends. That just happened by accident. Believe me, it won’t happen again.”

“That’s good. I would be a little jealous if it did.” Stan and Veronica had been enjoying each others’ bodies for over a year now. It wasn’t a romantic relationship, just a sexual one. It had all started because they both put in long hours and rarely, if ever, got any sexual relief. One night after a particularly long, grueling day she had driven him home in her Jaguar.

“God, I can’t wait to get home. I am going to make myself a large martini.”

“That sounds heavenly. But I just ran out of gin and was planning on stopping at the liquor store on the way home. Now they are all closed.”

“Why don’t you join me? You only live a few blocks from here, so you should be able to make it home all right if you don’t have too much.”

She parked the car and they went into his apartment. Stan went immediately to the wet bar and quickly made up the drinks. He handed it to her and they silently toasted each other before they both turned their glasses bottom up. They looked sheepishly at each other before Stan said “I don’t know about you, but I deserved that and I’m going to have another. But I think I will sit and take my time with this one.”

Grinning, Veronica said “Sounds like a plan.” With that she dropped onto the couch and stretched her legs out. While he was busy making their next round, she took her shoes off and started to rub her feet.

Handing Veronica her drink, Stan said “I bet they hurt. Those shoes are cute but they look uncomfortable. Want me to help?”

“Oh, rub my feet and I am yours.” She replied with a smile.

As Stan really got into the massage, Veronica murmured “God, now if I could just get laid. I would be in heaven.”

Stan replied “I know what you mean. It’s been over a year for me.”

At first confused, Veronica then realized she had said it aloud. At first, she blushed, then she realized what he had said. “What, you? A guy like you? I thought you got laid all the time.”

“Are you kidding? Between work and graduate school, I barely have time for sleep, much less dating and all that stuff. That will wait until after I get my degree. What I need right now is a friend with benefits. No strings, no emotional involvement.”

“I know what you mean. It’s been almost a year and half since I got laid. With the hours I put in at work, there is just not time to have a relationship. The last guy I dated just couldn’t understand the hours I put in at work. A friend with benefits would work just great for me too.”

What they had both said lay out in the open between them. Neither quite knew what to say until Veronica took the initiative. “Look, I know you work for me. But do you want to fuck? Like you said, no strings, no involvement. I just need to get laid and so do you. Want to scratch a mutual itch?

Stan’s answer was to run his right hand up her leg to her pussy. There he continued his massage but this time his massage did not relax her. Instead it got her extremely wet. She just laid there panting as his fingers pulled her panties aside and plunged three fingers into her pussy. She was so horny it only took a few hard thrusts of his hand to make her cum. “Oh, oh, oh, my! I needed that soo bad. That’s great to start but I need a hard cock in my pussy and Now!”

That night led to regular sessions, sometimes only once a month and other times every week. The frequency all depended on time, location, and desire. Neither ever offered to kiss the other or whispered endearments. This was just sex; no pretense of romance had ever entered into it. It was convenient for both of them. Sometimes they would fuck in her office and sometimes at one of their homes. This was the first time anything had ever interrupted their arrangement.

Veronica didn’t say anything and just turned to enter her office. Before long she was immersed in her work and all thoughts of her luncheon confusion temporarily forgotten. At least to her.

As Frank walked back to his office he couldn’t get the feeling of her body in his arms and her lips on his. He was very confused. He had always admired her body but had never thought of her in a sexual way. Now all he wanted to do was make slow, passionate love to her before plunging his rock hard cock into her pussy. He was so hard that bought a newspaper to hold in front of his crotch. His pants were snug enough that everyone at the office would know he was aroused unless he had some camouflage. So he carried the newspaper in front of his cock as he walked briskly to his office.

Luckily no one stopped him and when he checked his calendar, he found that he didn’t have a meeting for another 30 minutes. Deciding that he couldn’t go to the meeting in the state he was in, he slipped into his private restroom. There, he dropped his pants and grabbed his cock in his large hand before beginning to pump its 7-inch length. As he pumped away, he closed his eyes and the first vision that came to him was Veronica as she looked in his arms. Focusing on that image, it was only a minute before he exploded all over the toilet. He came so explosively that it went all over the back and sides of the toilet. So, he quickly grabbed some toilet paper and cleaned everything up, including his cock.

Frank went back to his desk and just sat there for a few minutes to compose himself. He was confused by his feelings but quickly put that confusion out of his mind as he prepared himself for his next meeting.

Work kept them both busy the rest of the week and most of the weekend. It was Sunday afternoon when they got a chance to talk again. They decided to meet for a drink at a bar near their homes. It just seemed safer, something neither of them voiced.

Sunday afternoon arrived, perhaps too soon for either of them, and now they were sitting at a small table in the bar sharing small talk. It was clear that neither of them was sure how to start the conversation until finally Frank took a deep breath and said “Did you feel it as much as I did when I kissed you? I haven’t been able to get it out my mind ever since. The feel of your body in my arms, the taste of your lips.”

“I was hoping you would say that. I’ve been having a terrible time concentrating ever since. It’s so bad that I caught myself rubbing my pussy during a meeting on Friday. God, Frank. What are we going to do? I mean, we’re best friends. How can we be lovers? You know everything about me.” Then she looked down and shook her head. “I don’t want anything to screw up our friendship. You mean too much to me.”

“As I see it, starting with friendship gives us a solid foundation for a real relationship. Not like you had with that guy. What was his name? Stuck, Suck, something like that. You guys hated each other but that relationship lasted 2 months.”

Laughing Veronica replied “It was Stuckey and we did not hate each. At least, not at first. It was only later that we started to hate each other. You’ve had similar experiences. Remember, old what’s her name, Whore or Horny? As I recall you guys fought all the time and always ended up in bed afterward.”

“Her name was Wannie. But yeah, we’ve both had relationships based on sex, not friendship. So that means you must appreciate that we have something solid to build a real relationship on. The sex will just be icing on the cake.”

“Icing on the cake! Why you bastard. Well, it’s obvious you’ve never had the pleasure of getting me in bed. So I will let you get away with that comment. This time. If anything, sex with me is like the whole cake with firecrackers for candles.”

“Yeah, you’ve told me all about your exploits. Despite the fact that I know you were exaggerating, I still bet you are a firecracker in bed.”

“You bastard. I have always told you the truth about my sexual exploits. I am just that good.”

“Well, I guess then that you had better let me find out for myself”

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