Beat the Forfeit

by Saint of Sinners

Copyright© 2015 by Saint of Sinners

BDSM Sex Story: Stripping naked and being spanked by strangers in public is all part of the game if Alisha or Kara are going to win tonight's jackpot prize

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Spanking   Light Bond   Humiliation   .

The studio lights go up, the audience cheers and applauds.

Max Weinman, the slick studio host, launches into his well-rehearsed patter. "Welcome, welcome, welcome to another game of Beat the Forfeit. As always, we have two couples competing for tonight's jackpot of one hundred thousand pounds. First, in the studio, we have Jim and Russell. Let's meet them."

Two men stand behind smart game-show lecterns each displaying a score of zero. Max touches the collar of his open necked shirt, tugs on the sleeves of his shiny suit and steps to the first.

"Hi Jim, why don't you tell us about yourself."

"Hi Max." Jim is a little over six feet tall, well built with dark hair. He looks to be in his early thirties. "My name's Jim McKean, I'm from Bristol and I'm a sales executive."

"That's great, Jim. And who's the lucky lady you'll be playing with tonight?" A titter from the audience at the double-entendre.

"Tonight my partner will be my lovely wife Alisha, Max."

"Fantastic. We'll meet Alisha in just a minute, but first let's say hello to Russell."

Russell is short, skinny and dark-skinned. "Hi Max. My name's Russell Holmes-Roper. I live in London where I'm an architect."

"And who's your partner for tonight?"

"Tonight I'll be playing with my girlfriend Kara."

"OK, we've met Jim and Russell, now it's time to meet the ladies."

A huge screen behind him flickers to life, revealing the plush leather interior of a limousine. Three attractive women are seated. All hold glasses of champagne – or perhaps sparking wine. One of them is also holding a microphone. Max turns to face the screen.

"Hello, Sam, how are you this evening?"

The woman with the microphone is in her late thirties, tall, slim and elegant. She wears a long blue dress. "Hi Max. I'm having a great time with these two delightful ladies, living the high life."

"Wonderful. Can you introduce the ladies to us please."

"With pleasure, Max. This gorgeous woman on my right is Alisha." Jim's wife looks in her late twenties, slim, around five foot six. She's wearing a tight top and a short skirt than clings to her thighs. She waves to Max and says hello with a broad smile. "And on my left," Sam continues, "is the delightful Kara." Kara is shorter than Alisha, just five foot one. Like Alisha, she is wearing a tight top and it stretches over her large breasts. Her skirt is a little longer, coming down to just above her knees. She smiles, waves and says hello to Max.

"Lovely – we'll be seeing more of the girls in just a minute." Max says to the audience. "Before we get started, I need to remind you of the rules. I ask Jim and Russell four questions. They can gamble points on each question. If they get the answer right, they get the points. If they get it wrong, Alisha or Kara have to do a forfeit. What's the forfeit rule?"

"THE HIGHER THE POINTS, THE HARDER THE FORFEIT!" the audience shout as one.

"You got it. Now for this first question Jim and Russell can't go higher than 3 points." He turns to the two contestants. "Are you both ready?" They say they are. "OK, first question, and it's a music one. Queen's biggest hit was of course Bohemian Rhapsody, but how many weeks in total has Bohemian Rhapsody spent at number one in the charts: 9, 14 or 18? Don't answer now, gents. First I need to know how many points you want to gamble on getting the answer right."

He leans on the front of Russell's lectern. "Do you think you know the answer, Russell?"

"I'm pretty confident on this one, Max. I'm going to gamble three points."

"Fantastic, let's get those three points locked in for Russell." A red 3 appears on the left of the display as Max steps across and puts his hand on Jim's lectern. "How about you, Jim? Are you as confident as Russell?"

"To tell you the truth, I'm not so sure, Max. I think I'll just gamble one point."

"That's not a problem, Jim. It wouldn't be fair on Alisha otherwise, would it. Let's get that one point gamble locked in." The red 1 flashes up on the left of Jim's display.

"And now it's time to give me your answer – press your buttons now." Both men press a button on their lecterns and an answer appears on the front of each. Russell has gone for 14 with Jim selecting 9.

"And the answer," says Max, "is... 14. Well done Russell. Jim – I know what you were thinking, but Bohemian Rhapsody was at number one again in 1992 for another five weeks. And that means, ladies and gentleman, we have our first forfeit of the night and it's a number one forfeit for ... Alisha."

The audience cheer loudly as Max turns again to the big screen. "Over to you Sam."

Sitting in the limo, Sam puts down her glass and lifts up the microphone. "Thanks Max. Are you ready Alisha?" Alisha nods a little nervously and tries to hold her smile. Sam picks up a shiny gold envelope with a big number 1 printed on the front and opens it. Pulling out the card inside, she reads it.

"An easy one to start with Alisha, you don't even need to step outside the limo for this. Your first forfeit, for one point, is to lift up your top and show everyone in the audience and the millions of people watching, what you've got underneath."

Alisha reddens. She knows the game, of course, but this is the moment that it becomes reality and she suddenly feels a lot more nervous than she expected. Back in the studio, the audience is clapping and chanting. "UP! UP! UP! UP!" Taking a deep breath, Alisha takes hold of the bottom of her tight red top and, in one move, pulls it up to her neck. She can hear the audience applaud and cheer and she knows the camera has zoomed in on her lacy black bra and the soft flesh of her breasts, knows that at this very moment millions of people are enjoying the sight of her chest, sitting on their sofas and discussing her with their friends and family.

It seems like an age, but in reality it's only a few seconds until Sam cheerfully says "Well done Alisha, forfeit completed. You can lower your top now."

The focus moves back to the studio and Max picks up the action.

"Russell is ahead on 3 points, Jim is still to score. Let's move onto our second question. Remember that the contestants can gamble up to 5 points on this one. Are you both ready?" They nod. "This is a history question. Britain defeated the French in the Peninsula War but in what year did the war finish. Was it 1814, 1815 or 1816?" Both men are confident: Russell gambles 4 points, with Jim going for the maximum 5. The points are locked in and then they select their answers. Russell hits the button for 1815 and Jim selects 1814, their choices appearing on the front of their lectern.

"We've got at least one forfeit coming up," Max tells the audience, "but who will it be. Alisha again? Or will we get to see more of Kara? Or maybe it will be both! We'll find out right after the break."

The show breaks for adverts and comes back a couple of minutes later to a cheering audience. "When we left, we were waiting find out the year the Peninsula War ended." Max says. "If it was 1814, Kara will be doing a forfeit for us. If 1815, we'll see another forfeit from Alisha. And if it's 1816, it'll be both of the ladies. And the answer is... 1814 so well done Jim. Sorry Russell, the Battle of Waterloo was 1815 but the Peninsula War ended the year before. And that means it's over to you, Sam, to give Kara her four point forfeit.

The focus goes back to the limousine where Sam picks up a gold envelope with a 4 printed on the front. Opening the envelope, she takes out the card. "OK Kara, a tougher one for your first forfeit, but it's a four-pointer. You've got to take off all your clothes, get out of the limo, walk all the way around it, and get back in."

Kara gulps visibly – she can hear the audience cheer loudly as Sam gives out the forfeit. She knows she has only a few seconds to get started or both she and Russell are eliminated. Taking hold of her top, she pulls it up over her large breasts, making them bounce, and over her head. Then she reaches behind her back, unfastens her bra and slips it off. Back in the studio the audience is going wild as Kara's red nipples are revealed. She wriggles out of her skirt and, taking a deep breath, removes her knickers. She is now sitting naked, except for a pair of sheer, black hold-up stockings and black high-heeled shoes.

"Ready?" Sam asks. Kara does her best to smile and nods. She knows the rules, of course – she's watched Beat the Forfeit many times before and had the full briefing from the production team. She knows that she must walk right the way around the car, that she can't cover herself up. She also knows that, when she gets out, nearly everyone around will be an unsuspecting member of the public, with just a few security people from the show mixed in to make sure nothing gets out of hand.

The tension is building. In the studio and at homes across the country, millions of people are waiting to see what happens when Kara steps out of the limo and into the street. Sam, ever the professional, knows exactly the right moment, and knows that naked, embarrassed Kara has to hold on for just a few more seconds.

"Before sexy Kara steps out," Sam says, "we need to tell you where our girls are tonight. As you know, we visit a different place every week and tonight we're in the heart of Birmingham. We're parked outside some very fashionable bars and clubs here. The weather's chilly but dry and I can tell you the street is busy, busy, busy, packed with people out to have a good time. OK, Kara, you're good to go.

You can do this, Kara tells herself. She pulls the handle and the Limo door swings open effortlessly. As she steps out onto the road, she's hit first by the cold air – it makes her skin bump and her nipples harden in a moment – and then by the sheer noise. Hundreds of people, maybe thousands, thronging the streets, some at the start of their night out, others well underway. For a couple of seconds she stands, uncertain, and people start to see her. Heads turn, voices are raised, exclamations heard.

With heels clacking against tarmac and arms by her sides, Kara makes her way around the car. She knows that she has two audiences. Millions of viewers are seeing her through the cameras that would have been carefully positioned earlier in the day, the production crew right now switching between long-shots of her walking around the car and zoomed-in close-ups of her breasts, bottom and pussy. They have tuned in to see this, and to see if either couple can walk away with the £100,000 jackpot, just as she and Russell tune in every week to see other couples give it a try. Some weeks one of the women ends up not performing any forfeits at all and she wonders how much more she'll have to do, and remembers that even after all of this she could be leaving empty-handed.

The audience see the TV picture flick to the inside of the limo, just for a second, as Sam winks to the camera and flicks down the button to lock the door.

Kara is half-way round the car now, walking with her hands by her sides, everything on display. Passers-by and shouting and cheering, some are clapping. She has to fight the urge to cover herself up: to put an arm across her breasts and a hand over her pussy. If she does that, she could fail the forfeit and lose their chance of winning the money.

She makes it back round to the door and pulls on the handle. It won't open. A moment of panic! She tugs on it, breasts heaving with the effort. The studio audience loves it – they're going wild. After just a few seconds, the camera view switches back to inside the limousine to see Sam unlocking the door and Kara tumbling in. Kara exchanges kisses of relief with Sam and Alisha – she's done it and they are still in the game.

Back in the studio, Max is lining up the next question. "Well, Russell, we can all see why you're going out with Kara," he quips. "Maybe we'll get to see more of her talents later." He winks at the audience.

"Time for question three. Jim's on five points with Russell still on three. Remember you can gamble up to seven points on this question, and with just two points between you and two questions still to come, there's all to play for. Is everyone ready?" Jim and Russell nod in agreement.

"For this question the person who gets nearest to the right answer wins. It's a science question and what we want to know is ... how many elements are known to science? That's the chemical elements we all learnt on the periodic table at school. You've got card and a pen to write your answer, but first I need to know how many points you're going to gamble. Russell, since you're behind we'll go to you first."

"I'm really not sure about this one." Russell tells him. "I did chemistry at school but I didn't pay that much attention – and haven't they discovered some new elements since then?"

"So what's it going to be?"

"Since we're behind, I don't think we can afford to play it safe, Max. I'm going for the maximum seven points." The audience applaud and the red 7 appears on the front of Russell's lectern.

"How about you, Jim?"

"I think it's going to be a guess – I'll go for five points again."

"Alright, gentlemen. Time to write your answers on your cards. Don't show them yet, though – we don't want any cheating!" Within a few seconds, both have written down their answers. Max has them hold up their cards and the audience sees Russell has put 102 while Jim's answer is 120.

"The answer," Max intones, "is 115 elements so Jim is the nearest and I'm afraid that it's Kara who, again, must take the forfeit. Sam – a seven point forfeit for Kara please."

The big screen comes to life once more and the audience sees Sam, Kara and Alisha, all fully dressed and sipping their champagne.

"Hi Max," says Sam. "I'm sure everyone will agree that Kara did absolutely brilliantly with her last forfeit – Russell must be very proud of her. Let's see what we've got in store for her this time." She reaches beside her and brings out the third gold envelope of the evening, this one with a 7 printed on the front. She opens it.

"OK, Kara, there's good news and bad news. The good news is that you won't need to leave the car for this one. The bad news," she wrinkles up her nose, "is that this is going to hurt a little. Your forfeit is to strip naked and lie on the seat while clothes pegs are attached to your breasts and pussy, then pulled off." Kara looks a little worried, as does Russell back in the studio. Max steps across and puts an avuncular arm around his shoulders. "She'll be fine," he says. "Kara's got what it takes – and you can still win this tonight."

Back in the limo, Kara has slipped off her clothes and is once again naked apart from stockings and shoes. She's lying nervously on her back across the wide back seat of the car. The camera pans down her body, lingering on her breasts, which are being pushed up by her arms as her hands are clasped over her crotch.

"I need you to help with this Alisha." Sam says. "Your job is to put the pegs on, and I'm sure you'll want to be kind as it's possible Kara will be doing something similar to you before too long." Sam hands Alisha a length of string, about four feet long, with four plastic clothes pegs tied along it.

"Now, Kara, I need you to put your hands behind your head and spread your knees for us." Kara hesitates, knowing just what she'll be revealing on national television, then awkwardly shifts her hands up and clasps them together behind her head, before uncomfortably pushing her knees apart. Sam and Alisha are sitting to her side on the opposite seat and Alisha has the pegs.

Kara gasps as Alisha attaches the first peg to the flesh of her right breast, near to the nipple. Her breathing shortens and her chest rises and falls. The second peg Alisha puts on the underside of Kara's left breast, making her jerk again.

"Now a peg on each of her labia." Sam instructs. She rests a reassuring hand on Kara's upper arm. "Breath deeply, Kara – you're doing brilliantly. It will all be over in a moment." Kara lets out a cry of pain as the third and fourth pegs are attached to her pussy lips. "Now take hold of the string and pull them off, Alisha. Do it quickly, all in one go – it's less painful that way, like pulling off a plaster."

Alisha takes a firm hold of the string where it passes over Kara's belly and pulls hard. Kara cries out as the pegs fly off. "There, all done." Sam tells her. Alisha and Sam both lean over to give Kara a hug, but Max, Russell, Jim, the studio audience and the watching public across the country are being treated to a slow-motion replay of the pegs flying off Kara's pussy lips, first stretching them out harshly before finally giving way. The pegs have left red marks on her breasts and pussy. As the action switches back to the studio, Kara is left to dress herself and can only hope that she won't need to expose herself in that way again.

"Wasn't that fantastic, folks," Max enthuses, "and didn't Kara do well again. Now we're onto the final question and it's still wide open. Jim and Alisha have built up a seven point lead: they're 10-3 ahead. But Russell and Kara can still win this, and win a chance to go for the £100,000 jackpot." He motions to the crowd, who let out a whoop – they're getting a good show tonight.

"OK guys, it's another question where the nearest to the right answer wins. You've got your pen and card?" They nod. "This one is a sport question. How many gold medals did TeamGB win at the London 2012 Olympics?"

"Now before you write the answer, let me remind you of the rules for the final question. You don't gamble points on this one. Instead, the winner automatically gets ten points and the loser's points depend on how close they get to the right answer. If the loser's just one away, it's a one point forfeit, if they're ten or more away then I'm afraid it's a ten point forfeit. It's time to write your answers."

Jim and Russell scribble their answers and, at Max's word, hold them up for everyone to see. Jim has gone for 37, Russell has 29.

"The moment of truth." Max says. Silence in the studio, and Max knows exactly how long to hold it for. Then he speaks. "The correct answer is... 29." Russell pumps his fist in the air, Jim smiles ruefully and shakes his head. "That means Russell now leads by 13 points to 10. But ... BUT ... there's one person who can still change the result and that, my friends, is Alisha. Over to Sam."

The big screen comes on. "Hi Max," says Sam from the back of the limo. "As Jim was eight out, we need an eight point forfeit for Alisha. But because it's the fourth question, it's going to be a challenge forfeit ... right?" Back in the studio, the crowd cheers – everyone loves a challenge forfeit. "That means," Sam continues, "there's an extra challenge in the forfeit. If Alisha completes the challenge, she wins the chance for Jim to go head to head with Russell for one final decider question. If not, it's Russell and Kara who go through to the jackport round.

Sam reaches down for another gold envelope. This one has 8C written on the front. She opens it and pulls out the card.

"OK, Alisha, here it comes," She announces. "The limousine has driven up the road and we are now parked outside a fish and chip shop. The guy serving tonight has no idea what's going on and your job is to persuade him to give you a free portion of fish and chips by stripping for him in the shop. Of course, we've installed our hidden cameras inside to give everyone a full view of the action. You've got two minutes to complete the challenge. If you can get your fish and chips within two minutes, you win." Sam leans over and fits a tiny, barely visible earpiece to Alisha. "That means I can tell you how much time you've got left. And your time starts ... now."

Alisha knows she doesn't have much time. She can feel the seconds counting down as she swings open the limo door and sees the chippy right in front of her. She dashes in, pushing open the door and narrowly avoiding tripping over the step. It's a traditional chip shop: stainless steel counter, hot plates, floor-to-ceiling shop front window looking out onto the street. Back in the studio and on televisions across the country the view switches to inside the chip shop, where the production team are able to control four cameras to get the best view.

"One minute and 50 seconds left." Sam says in her ear. She looks around. One man serving behind the counter, middle-eastern, late thirties. Five people in the queue: two teenage lads, a couple in their twenties and an elderly man with a walking stick.

"One minutes 40." She dashes to the counter, ignoring the complaints from the others. "Please," she says to the server. "I need a portion of fish and chips right now."

"I'm sorry, you must join the back of the queue." he tells her.

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