Saturday Afternoon

by Shoeslayer

Copyright© 2015 by Shoeslayer

Sex Story: Mom's 25 yr. old son Gussy is friendly with her 35 year old friend Helen and twenty five years later they meet up again and that warm spark they had is still there.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Fiction   Oral Sex   Masturbation   .

The weather was cold and windy, nothing new for November up in New England. I just finished wiring up a hot water heater in an old triple deck apartment in Taunton, Mass. and decided to hit Hickey's diner for a good cup of coffee and some danish.

Hickey's is a small family run diner that is BIG on taste and I had started going there back in the early seventies.

Having had a good coffee break I got back on my old Harley Sporty and rode back to my home down in Myricks and as is my usual custom I checked my phone machine for any new messages, there was one so I hit the play button.

"Hello Gus, this is Helen, your Mom's friend, I had asked about you and she told me where you live. I wanted to know if you'd like to join me for supper at Bickford's over on route fourty four in Raynham at four o'clock in the Taunton room. please call me when you get in ... bye."

Fate can be funny, Helen is an old friend of Mom's who used to to work for the city of Taunton as a librarian. I used to love talking to her for hours, I'd ride by her house at times and see her bringing in bags of groceries.

I would always help her bring the rest of the bags in and help put things in the cupboards and she'd make me a cup of coffee and if she had her glasses sitting on the kitchen table, I would clean them with my t-shirt. Helen liked the idea that I made a priority of keeping her glasses spotless.

Helen had a number of pairs, silver, black or brown in oval or half-square or half-moon in silver or gold and every pair had a well made neck chain of glass beads but for some reason, her black ovals with the half-moons sent my fantasies to places I never dreamed of.

Well, twenty five years later I hear from her and I am quite pleased she called me. I often wondered how she was doing over the years and wished I asked Mom where she lived. I don't know why I never asked but fate stepped in and Helen called me. I don't know why she never married I fancied her and figured any guy with sense would know he had a good woman

I called Helen and told her I'd like to accept her offer for a nice supper with a friend.

I washed up and even shaved, put on some clean clothes and hopped into my old fifty one Ford flatbed and headed off to see Helen. I was really looking forward to seeing Helen, was it due to my memories of keeping her glasses spotless, those black ovals with the half-moons that sent my erotic thoughts to places I never dreamed of? Would she remember me cleaning her glasses at the kitchen table as I drank coffee? Would she still have those nice plump boobs? and if so would I get to do anything with them?

She was waiting in the parking lot next to a Lincoln town car, she knew me at once.

"Gussy." She hollered out.

I went to her and we hugged. There was a very warm feeling between us even though the temp was around twenty degrees.

We went into Bickford's and found a nice quiet corner in the Taunton room. I held out a chair for her then took her coat and hung it over a chair. Helen is wearing a gray skirt and cream colored ruffled v neck blouse and patent black heels with ankle straps a.k.a. fuck-me pumps pumps. I am so turned on, does Helen know the story behind those heels? does she plan on doing something wild with them?

"Gussy, it's so nice to see you, what's it been, twenty five years?"

"Something like that Helen, how did you happen to get my number?"

"I still talk to your Mom and I asked her how you were doing. When she told me you got a Pug, and practiced piano I felt sure that the bio I read at Literotica had to be yours."

Chills went up my back and the hair on my neck stood on end. Did she tell Mom about my stories over at Lit, How a guy likes to mess around with a lady's half-glasses and beaded neck chains and hi-heels?

"So you read my stories over at Lit, hope you did not tell Mom, It would so change the way she thinks about me."

"No I did not tell your Mom how much I liked your stories, specially the one where you fixed the librarians neck chain. It might be nice for her to know you have serious thoughts about women. I started to get hot and wet when i read that story."


"Yes it was kind of funny, I was reading it at the library and I started to get hot and rather wet down there, if I gave in I may have gone off to the lady's room and took matters seriously."

I was feeling pretty good, an older educated lady telling me she liked my stories, that they got her hot and wet. Well, I could make her hot and wet too.

"So Helen, are you still working?"

"Part time, I did retire but had too much time on my hands, besides I loved my work, helping the public get that book they really wanted."

"I like that you keep up with tradition, Helen."

"What do you mean, Gus?"

She looked at me as though she knew what I might say.

"You're wearing the librarian's traditional style of glasses, the ovals in black, also made in brown and silver."

"I should have known Gussy!" Helen said rather happily. " I remember way back when you helped me with the groceries, I left my ovals on the table and you always seemed to like cleaning them for me, that was very sweet and yet it seemed like they were a sort of amulet or fetish item, do you collect them?"

The waitress came over and we ordered coffee.

"Yes, I find them at thrift shops"

"How did you happen to like women's glasses?"

"Well, way back when I worked over at Defiance Bleachery, there were a few ladies that wore half-glasses and one day I asked Ruth why seeing her in half-glasses turned me on south of the beltline."

"And what did Ruth say?" Asked Helen in such a way that showed she could like this fetish of mine.

"She said 'I ought to show you what they can do for a guy', and during lunch hour she touched me down there and got me to cum all over them, then she licked my man sauce off them."

"I liked the story of your wife being a dominatrix, then splitting only for her Mom to come in and do things. If you really like seeing me or we like being together, I could love getting into that sort of thing, being a sex slave or having you as my sex slave, to have you for hours, touching you or you touching me."

I was screwing my face up trying to read the menu, I knew it was time to get a pair of glasses for seeing up close, Hell after fifty seven years I've done pretty good for seeing well.

"Are you having trouble reading the menu? here, borrow my glasses."

She seemed to have read my mind. I took her sparkling black ovals and through her half moons I was easily able to read the print. These will be nice for reading sheet music.

"Yes Helen I would love being your sex slave, I don't know much about this but I'm willing to learn."

"That's a good attitude, never be afraid to learn new things. So what kind of music are you working on?"

Mostly classical, Chopin and Beethoven."

Fate showed itself again when she started to hum Chopin's etude opus ten number three.

"That's my favorite piece of Chopin's works, how long have you liked it?"

"Back in my teens, when I heard it played at a piano lesson, there is so much feeling to that piece, someone came up with words to it called, 'So deep is the night."

The waitress came back and took our orders, Helen ordered the apple pancakes and I got the fried chicken with mashed and carrots.

"So Gussy, I wonder why you never asked about me over the last twenty five years."

"Actually I did, a number of times, Mom always said you were doing fine, I tried to find out where you lived but never knew your last name and Mom never semed to know where you were living."

Your Mom was never at my home, she'd see me at the library or I'd drop by her house at times."

"So that's why I never got to find you."

"So Gus, you did miss me, and cleaning my glasses at the kitchen table, did you miss that?"

Asked Helen with a grin on her face."I bet you'd love to do that again, cleaning my black ovals and all my half-glasses, throwing my beads over the back of your neck and reading the paper. I would come over to you as you drank your coffee and as you look at me through a pair of my glasses, I'd sit on your lap and see what pops up."

I know Helen is saying in her own way she wants me in her life and frankly I love the idea of her in mine.

Helen reached down and felt the lump in my pants. I could not believe she could open the fly with one hand and pull my cock out without any trouble. She then took out her other two pair of ovals, wrapped their beaded chains around it and with her long fingers with red nail polish holding her glasses to my cock, she began to get me off.

"I knew you had a thing for my glasses a long time ago, Gus. I thought they might be a fetish item."

She said as she kept jerking me off. I loved looking into her eyes through her black ovals and those sexy half-moons and that is when I came all over Helen's hand, beads and her oval style glasses that were covered in thick warm guy sauce.

"Oh Gus, what did you do to Helen? Damn this is nice. I bet you will love my various pairs of half-glasses. I have small gold ovals; half-square and half-moons all with glass beaded neck chains., want to keep them all spotless for me?"

She brought the glasses that were smothered in cum up to her lips and licked them clean. Helens eyes were sparkling with the happiness of knowing beyond a doubt that her needs would surely be met.

"Are you seeing anyone Gus?"

"Not now, fact is I just dumped Carol, She liked my money more than me and although she hates the idea of me wearing womens clothes, she still wants to marry me."

"So you do wear women's clothes?" Helen asked with a smile.

"Yup, a skirt, blouse, heels, a bra filled with fake tits, even with nipples."

"I could like seeing you dressed up Gussy. I'd let you borrow my glasses and beaded neck chain. I might like to see the light in my glasses as they rest on the shelf of your boobs."

"Sounds like you read a lot of my stories, I really appreciate that Helen and I bet they did something for you."

"Yes they did do something, they got me hot and wet."

"That's nice Helen, that you have no problem with it. Carol had a big problem with it, yet wants to marry me. I have all her stuff together in a box and I changed the locks."

"Gussy, I think we will get along just fine, we have always liked each other and now that we are older, it will be even better."

"Well Helen, what do you want to do after we leave?"

"I was hoping I could go to your place and play that piano, what kind is it?"

"A Baldwin model L, wanna tickle my ivories, Helen?"

She has a nice belly laugh, reminds me of a woman with a messy bedroom.

We finished supper and I left a good tip for the waitress. Helen got in her car and attempted to start it. That was not going to happen. Was it fate? Was it an old battery and cold weather?

Whatever it was led to her coming to my place for the night. I told her we'd get her car running in the morning but she did not seem all that worried about it at the moment.

"Do you like movies, Gussy?"

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