Barbie Escapes Christmas

by harry lime

Copyright© 2015 by harry lime

Erotica Sex Story: Enough is enough! Barbie has had enough of Ken's cheating ways and she is off to a new adventure in the land of the humans.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   Magic   BiSexual   Fiction   Group Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Squirting   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   .

Author Note: This story is intended for an adult audience. Please do not mistake it for one of my children's or young adult stories which are intended for all age groups. It is entirely fictional and no similarity to the real Barbie is intended.

Barbie's level of frustration had reached new heights and she was ready to call an end to her long reign as the Queen of party dolls forever.

Then, there was that business with her long-time companion and special friend Ken.

She didn't want to be an informer but it was hard for her to contain her anger at Ken for sleeping with the twin blond bimbos who made a big splash the previous Christmas. She could understand his undeniable curiosity to see if he could tell the difference between the two anatomically correct dolls after he had taken off every last stitch of their costumes.

She could still hear the peal of laughter from the two identical blond bombshells as they bent over for Ken's depraved "inspection". It was horribly demeaning to her proud position as Ken's permanent girlfriend. Barbie wanted to kick Ken right in his anatomically correct balls but she feared losing her status as calm, cool and collected under any circumstance.

Even though it was early in the season, she knew Mister and Mrs. Klaus were planning to make both she and Ken a valuable part of the selling season in the toy stores and that irritated her no end. She most certainly did not want to be packaged in a set with the double bum humping loser for another year of commercial advertising. She shouted out to the mirror that reflected her tearful face,

"Let them stick the filthy prick in with those blond bimbos and call him Mister Orgy".

She knew that wouldn't go over very well in the family-oriented toy store industry but it would be nearer the truth than the lie that was Ken and Barbie.

Her wardrobe was certainly extensive but she was really short on cash and had to face up to the fact that she had actually never learned to drive a car or ride a bicycle despite having both of them at her disposal.

Barbie had threatened to jump ship with the whole "doll selling" business because she was becoming bored with the eternal insipid smile she had to keep on her pretty face all the time and the silly things they programmed her to say to keep the little darlings as her followers.

She really liked some of her special outfits like the "Cowgirl" and "Nurse" and "Bikini" but parents were hesitating on buying the ones she liked the best because they were not considered a proper role for young females. It was so annoying to hear the complaints from the hypocritical old farts that had compromised their slits and shafts in private on numerous occasions.

It was only two Christmas's ago that she had a memorable fling with "Peter" and his annoying clinging fetish with always staying young. She had been around for almost thirty Christmas's and really hadn't changed that much as well. Still, she couldn't stay up all night anymore and her consumption of adult beverages was reduced drastically to keep the twinkle in her pretty eyes.

The twin sluts with a penchant for "slap and tickle" were definitely the last straw.

She packed two of her perfectly matched "Barbie" luggage valises with her favorite outfits and made certain she had a supply of condoms and lubrication because she had taken the special "human" modification pills that insured her physical perfection in flesh and bone.

There was no chance of getting onto one of the big bus vehicles with her luggage and she certainly didn't have enough cash for a taxi so she sat on top of them on the street corner trying her best to look totally unconcerned as if she were waiting for her husband or lover to pick her up and whisk her to her luxury hotel.

The six-inch heels were uncomfortable but they made her calves look super nice when she turned in any direction and they had a surprising way of lifting her bum cheeks like magic into a nicely curved heart-shaped double package waiting to be unwrapped for adult entertainment. Her special undies were flown in from Paris with red garters to match and she loved the feel of the garters on her skin because she knew they would sting if some naughty man snapped them against her defenseless flesh. Ken was one of those silly boys that never even thought to do something so undignified just like he refused to spank her when she was bad.

Barbie didn't think she was a terribly bad girl but was certain she wanted to have fun. She loved to sing, "Girls just wanna have fun" in the bubble bath set that sold so well to adults as well as children. She couldn't wait to get to a nice hotel and jump into the bath "au natural" letting the bubbles conceal her tempting bare skin and juicy female parts. She had only used the "human" pills once before and it had ended badly with her long and tiring session with the bikers that told her they were setting a "new record" for the Guinness Book of Records. She had learned an awful lot about the variety of tricks used to excite the senses in that escapade and it was hushed up back at North Pole Central because it might have ruined her reputation and ultimately hurt sales more than the skimpy costumes that the church groups had objected to.

A light drizzle was just starting to fall when a long black limo pulled to a stop alongside her at the gutter. An older man in a chauffeur's uniform leaned over to the window and asked her in a low and gentle voice,

"Are you in need of a ride, Miss?"

She was so grateful at the intervention of the gods that she didn't hesitate to throw her two bags into the boot and hopped into the back seat like she was some important personage on way to her estate in the country. Barbie saw the kindly driver look in the rear view mirror at her and opened her knees slightly so he would have something a little more interesting in his field of vision. She saw him smile and had to smile back because she knew that this was a man that had seen it all and knew all the tricks that a young girl got up to when she was trying to make her way in the world.

Her French undies were sort of bunched up and Harry did get a good shot at Barbie's pretty private parts but he was certain she was just teasing and not serious about putting any of it on offer or extending a promise of sorts to such a battered old man. Still, it was nice to imagine her bent over a table in the big mansion with her glorious buttocks ready for plowing all wet and shiny in the light of the candles. He had picked up several young bits of fluff for his mistress of the night and knew the type that excited her most. This one looked just like one of those dolls that all the little girls were so joyful in playing with and he had often lifted their play skirts to see what kind of undies they wore underneath. Of course, they were too small to actually think of gratifying his equipment but he could imagine them bent over in various positions just like real live teenaged girls learning the ropes.

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