A Really Special Birthday Present

by WelshWriter

Copyright© 2015 by WelshWriter

Romantic Sex Story: My neighbour surprises me with a birthday gift to end all gifts

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   .

It was my birthday and I was sitting in the lounge of my neighbour, Hazel's flat. She'd called and asked if I'd pop up as she had something for me. When I'd arrived, I'd found the door open and when I knocked, she'd called out for me to go on into the lounge. As I passed the bedroom, she called out again. "Happy birthday Mike, I won't be long. Make yourself comfortable." Hazel and I had been friends ever since I'd moved into the flat above hers six months earlier and although we were pretty close, nothing sexual had ever happened between us, not that I hadn't thought about it. In fact Hazel was the subject of many of my fantasies and in the privacy of my bedroom, I'd imagined many sexual scenarios with her.

When Hazel eventually came into the lounge I thought I was going to pass out, she was wearing a short, almost transparent pink lace nightdress, and through the sheer material, I could clearly her hard nipples and the outline of deep pink areola surrounding them. With my eyes moving lower, my cock got even harder when I saw that she wasn't wearing any panties under the nightdress either and I could see the neatly trimmed vee of her pubic hair. She stood in the doorway for a moment, then came over and sat next to me on the couch. After sitting there for a few minutes, gauging my reaction, she suddenly turned to me and smiled. "Happy birthday Mike," she said again, taking my hand and placing it on her chest. I thought you might like something really special as it's your first birthday here. As she spoke, she pressed my hand harder against her breast under it and moved her upper body, moving it under my palm and I felt the nipple harden even more.

I was amazed at how good they felt as I began massaging the soft orbs and

gently pinching and nipples. She groaned softly and snuggled against me even closer. Her hand moved onto my thigh, slowly rubbing it, as her hand slowly moved higher, getting closer and closer to my now fully erect cock. Images of the fantasies I'd been having about her flashed into my mind as I slipped the nightdress off her shoulders and teased first one then the other naked nipple.

Neither of us said a word, just looked into each others' eyes before she moved her lips onto mine and kissed me, her tongue flicking between my lips to caress mine. At the same time I felt her hand cover my erection through my pants and squeeze it. I returned her kiss and fondled her breasts as she continued to squeeze my stiff cock.

She broke the kiss and got onto my lap and again our lips locked in a passionate kiss. My hand went to her bare thigh and I began to caress it softly, slowly working higher between her legs. She groaned softly again and spread her legs leaving me in no doubt what she wanted. Suddenly she pulled away and looked at me. "Mike, I want you," she whispered, "please take me to bed, I want you so much. I want you to make love to me, I want you to fuck me." I was shocked at her language but it just made me more determined to give her just what she wanted.

I kissed her again then eased off of my lap. As she stood up the nightdress slipped down over her hips, leaving her standing there naked infront of me and I saw her for the first time in all her full mature beauty. She looked even better then she had in my wildest fantasies. I stood up myself, took her by the hand and let her lead me to the bedroom. Once there, she lay on my bed and watched me as I undressed. She sighed as I removed my boxers, exposing my seven inch cock and held her hand out to me.

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