Pancakes With an Alien Girlfriend

by Weerdo

Copyright© 2015 by Weerdo

Science Fiction Sex Story: She loves him, he loves her. He knows she's an alien. She's gonna eat all of the pancakes.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Romantic   Science Fiction   Aliens   .


The Vakurian female goes through what is essentially a heat every ten months on the Earth calendar. This is the only time she is fertile, and for that reason evolution has adapted them to be fairly insatiable during this short window of opportunity.

Most men would be thrilled with the idea of a girlfriend who is for a few days of the year consumed with nothing but the thought of having sex.

I'm not complaining, but it's certainly not what most would imagine. During the time she is in heat Rouge is the one in control. We didn't really have any dynamic towards who was in control of sex during the months where her libido is normal each of us initiating when the mood strikes us. During the period she is in heat though Rogue is the one in charge, and I'm just dragged along for the very enjoyable and thoroughly exhausting ride.

Rogue's intellect isn't reduced at all during this period, but her focus becomes very singular. During what would be the Neanderthal equivalent time to Earth the females of her species had hunted and ambushed a male, who once he had a whiff of the pheromones the female put out was a rather willing participant in the whole mating process.

Her own culture utilized the very same method we were employing at the moment, seal the couples together when the woman was in heat to ensure they couples remained together. It also ensured the female had only one target to hunt, thus satisfying the more basic instincts.

So I was at the moment sitting in a t-shirt and boxers, in the middle of my own home with all of the windows shuttered and the heat turned up almost as high as possible and a girlfriend who was for lack of better terms hunting me.

She had disappeared several hours ago waiting for the heat to take full effect, and I was by this point rather afraid of what was going to happen when she did pounce. Last time we had ended up having to replace a few pieces of furniture and the television.

A soft thump next to me announced her arrival, I whipped around to look at her or rather as much of her as I could see.

In the dark Vakurians are much more scent reliant for navigation mostly because of the fantastic camouflage she was now displaying.

The natural predators on her world had gone for better sight then smell. Even right next to me I could only see a hazy outline of her form. Which also meant she was completely naked, no clothes in the way of the camouflage effect.

"You got me."

Rogue slowly bled back into sight, her camouflage disappearing in waves underneath her skin revealing her pale skin and wonderful visage to me. Her skin was flushed slightly green and I could tell she was aroused, her pert nipples distracting my gaze slightly away from her face.

She was breathing hard and her eyes were locked on me, looking almost hungry.

"Are we going to do it here or are we going to make it to the bed?" I asked.

Rogue leaned forwards, bending so that her form already perfect in my opinion took on additional tantalizing curves. I got the first blast of pheromones from her, for the half moment I was stunned by the onslaught she pounced.

Knocking me backwards on the couch Rogue spread herself over me. It was strange, the expectation for someone being in heat like she was for her body to be hot, which it was for her. With my body at a normal 37 degrees though Rogue was still cool to the touch.

She grabbed my shirt and ripped it away, her sharp nails cutting at it.

She let out a feral growl, and leaning down put her lips to my throat and nibbled at my skin.

Pressing her body and most particularly her breasts to me I let out a growl of my own, and I pulled her closer to me.

A normal Human is stronger than the lithe frame of a Vakurian, when in heat however our strength is about equal unless I got a similar shot of adrenaline like what was going through her system almost constantly at the moment.

Rogue's hands went down to my boxers and once again not wanting to wait she cut the elastic and pushed the cloth to the side.

Hissing in satisfaction Rogue continued rubbing herself on me, already aroused with the blast of pheromones and the fact that she was naked and on top of me I hardly needed more encouragement.

Angling herself Rogue sank down on top of me.

For a moment both of us were overwhelmed, the closeness of the contact between the two of us, the utter carnality, it was a little much for both of us. We loved one another, but this was not the moment for tender romance. Right now both of us were simply following the calls of our baser animalistic instincts.

Slowly Rogue began to move up and down, her biological imperative telling her to try and get this done as quickly as possible. On her planet a few thousand years ago the male although not fighting the mating might not have been the most willing of participants, thus the need for the pheromones. The inhibitor in my bloodstream wasn't quite blocking all of it out so I was getting a large dose, not that I would ever be able to refuse her anything.

Rogue moaned, and my hands moved up to her breasts kneading at the flesh savoring it. Vakurians were smaller for the most part compared to humans, something she had occasionally expressed distress over despite my protests. The erogenous zones are similar save for the ears, for a Vakurian the fluffy and expressive ears were almost as stimulating as the nipples.

Moving my hands up to her ears and rubbing at them I was rewarded with a quick set of very feminine squeals very much in contrast to the feral growls from moments before.

She tightened around me and I groaned.

For several minutes the two of us continued, but I was quickly losing control. She was not working towards her own pleasure during the heat her biology was driving her to mate so any semblance of teasing was out the window.

I couldn't hold out for any longer and I tensed, she clamped down even harder on me drawing out the sensation. After several moments my bliss was interrupted as she promptly jumped off of me and scampered away again into the darkness.

It took me several minutes to reorganize my thoughts, and sitting back up on the couch leaned into the pillows.

"I love you too!" I called out into the darkness.

Her only response would be to attack me again in a few hours.

I missed the cuddling.


Silently I sensed Jon as moved through the house, he had just woken up after several hours of sleep. For a moment I considered pouncing on him and initiating another tryst but he was getting food at the moment so camouflaged I watched him.

Jon hadn't bothered to put on clothes, and in the blinding light of the fridge as he opened it to retrieve food I winced. The skin on his back was covered in a myriad of small scratches, and his neck had multiple impressions of my teeth as well as quite a few hickeys.

Absently I put a hand up to my neck, feeling the ones he had bestowed on me. I couldn't help but feel an animalistic pleasure in the marks.

Jon pulled some sort of fruit out of the fridge, and with a sickening squelch bit into it spraying sticky sugary juices in every direction. I shuddered slightly it was amazing to consider I kissed him. He ate things that grew up out of the ground composed of nothing but dirt and feces.

My odd mates eating habits aside though Jon was fairing rather well from what I could tell. I didn't really have an impulse to eat at the moment, as even at this moment it was hard to resist the urge to pounce on Jon and resume our activities.

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