Demon Bitch

by Gldngolfer

Copyright© 2015 by Gldngolfer

Suspense Story: Her dead mother hates men so much it turns her into a demon

Caution: This Suspense Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   Fiction   Paranormal   .

I just finished my shift at the feed mill and was glad that it was over. This place can get to you after awhile but it pays the bills. I walked over to my Ford F150 POS (piece of shit) and headed for the Flying Pink Pig for a beer. There is a waitress over there I've been trying to tag for about 2 months now. She sure is friendly enough, but just won't go out on a date with any of the guys that try. Phyllis is about 25 years old, brown hair brown eyes, slender with about C cup breasts and a tight little ass, you know, just the girl next door.

Entering the darkened room I saw a couple of my friends sitting at the bar and Phyllis waiting tables. Walking up I made my usual greetings and sat down on the stool close to the end. Phyllis came over and handed me my usual draft and smiled at me. My God she has a wonderful smile.

After a few minutes of pleasant conversation I noticed a happiness in her that wasn't there weeks ago when I started my attempts to get her go out on a date with me. I have been noticing glances from Phyllis every now and then with an innocent low key smile that a girl usually has when she starts liking a guy's attention.

One more try wouldn't hurt so I asked her out again for dinner and a movie. The smile she was sporting slowly faded, her eyes showed a twinge of sadness and she said she could not go on a date with me. I really thought I had finally broken through that wall she put up to keep from getting hit on by every guy in town, but something just didn't feel right about her turning me down, not this time.

I could not hide my disappointment from Phyllis and she noticed it. Her apologies were quick and heart felt, but I could still feel she was hiding something from me. I explained to her that I wasn't after anything more than she was willing to give and I promised to be on my best behavior if she went out for dinner and a movie. I expected nothing else from her except for her to enjoy the evening out.

"Just go out on a date with me and if you don't enjoy yourself, I won't ask you again with no hard feelings, I promise," I said. I could see the hesitation on her face, but she said OK. There was no way the smile was leaving my face for rest of the night. We set up a date for next Friday night, but she wouldn't let me pick her up at her house. She insisted that I meet her here at the bar and leave from there.

We agreed that I get to pick the restaurant and she got to pick the movie. I wasn't going to blow this opportunity with Phyllis. I decided to pick the best Italian restaurant in town. It may cost me a little more than I wanted to spend for a first date, but with maybe one chance to make a great impression on her, it would be worth it.

The work week at the feed mill was killing me slowly as I couldn't wait for my date with Phyllis Friday night. After work, I rushed home and got showered. As I looked in mirror right before I left for the Pink Pig, all I could say was, "it ain't gonna get any better." I'm not catholic, but I crossed myself and headed out the door.

Phyllis and I made plans to meet around 7 o'clock and I got there a little early. 7:00 pm came and Phyllis was a no show. I was beginning to wonder if I was being stood up, but about 15 minutes later she walked into the bar looking nervous. She was dressed for the hot summer evening with a bright colored dress that was just snug enough to show her figure, but not enough to make you think she was slutty. When she caught my eye I noticed an apprehensive smile beginning to show. As I walked over to her her smile lost all apprehension and showed a true gladness I was there.

"You look wonderful Phyllis. Your a little late and I was worried you were going to be a no show," I said.

"I'm sorry John, but it is a girls prerogative to be fashionably late," she replied smiling.

"I really am glad you came. We have plenty of time to eat and make it to the movies."

I kept my restaurant pick a secret so I was coy as to our destination. She was genuinely surprised when we drove into the parking lot of the best Italian place in town. I was a little worried appearances about driving my old pick up to such a nice place, but I was saving my money and why should I spend it on a car when you have a perfectly good POS to drive around in.

"I always wanted to eat here John. I hope the food is as good as I hear it is!"

"I was hoping you liked Italian and I too heard the food was good." Store in memory banks ... she likes Italian!

Our conversation during dinner was far more relaxed and fun than I thought it would be. Getting to know Phyllis was a treat and she really did seem to be a down to earth individual grounded to what was important in life. But I could sense a sadness in her. A sadness that was hidden deep down. I didn't want to say anything about it because why ruin the night over something I knew nothing about, especially on a first date.

With our meals finished we made our way to the theater. "What movie did you decide on tonight Phyllis?"

"I thought we would go see that new romantic comedy." "If that's OK with you?" she said shyly.

"We'll go to any movie you choose. Remember our deal for the night, I pick the food and you pick the movie." That brought a big smile to her face even though my mind was screaming, "Not a chick flick!"

I paid for the tickets and took out a loan for drinks and popcorn. Why does that crap cost so much?! The movie was your typical chick flick fair with the girl getting guy, loosing guy and getting guy back. I wasn't crazy about the movie, but this night wasn't just about me ... was it?

I wanted to keep this night an innocent affair with no dating pressures that most guys push a girl for. But since I have been trying to talk Phyllis into going out with me for months now I thought I would take one small chance and hold her hand.

Remembering what my grandfather always said to me, "God hates a coward!" I reached over and placed my hand gently on top of hers. She did not flinch nor did she move her hand away. That made me feel good. After a few minutes we were actively squeezing each others hands and it stayed this way for the rest of the movie.

After the movie ended we made our way back to the bar so she could pick up her car and head home. As I drove we didn't talk much, but at the same time it felt natural. When we made it back to the bar it was late enough that both of us called it the night.

"I had a really nice time tonight John," said Phyllis. "This was the first date I've been on in a long time and I was nervous in the beginning, but you were so kind and put me at ease. The food was great and the movie was OK. I'm sorry I made you sit through that mushy chick flick stuff, but thank you. It was very nice of you."

"I was nervous too. I so much didn't want to mess up our first date. It took so long to get you to agree to go out with me, I was worried you wouldn't like me" I replied. "So do you think we could go out again?" Remembering my grandfather's words again.

"John, I really did enjoy our night out and YES I would like to go on another date with you!" Phyllis stepped in and gave me a light kiss on the lips.

"Well then why don't I come by later this week and see you in the bar and we can talk then?" She agreed and got in her car and left to go home. As I got in my truck I was surprised the night turned out as well as it did.

I made it by the Flying Pink Pig on Wednesday. Phyllis was tending bar and when she saw me she smiled that beautiful smile of hers with an extra twinkle in her eye. When she came over and gave me my draft beer she gave me another of her incredible smiles and told me again how much she enjoyed our date.

"I did too. How about we keep our next date simple. Let's go up to Murphy's Hill and have a picnic. I'll pick you up at your house on Saturday at 10:00 am and we can have a day of hiking on the trails and when we're all tired out, we can relax on top of Murphy's Hill and have our picnic."

Phyllis' face lost that beautiful smile and she looked like she was going to be sick with worry. "Phyllis, what's wrong? Did I say something wrong? I'm sorry! Please don't think when I say picnic I mean PICNIC as in sex! I really mean picnic and food!"

"No John, No! It's not that at all. It's just ... I ... I just don't want you to come to my house, that's all. I'm sorry." she said nervously rubbing the back of her neck.

"But why? I'll just drop by and pick you up and we can be on our way." "Look John, I'm sorry, but you can't come by my house. We can meet here at the bar just like last time and we can go on our picnic, I promise, just like you planned," reaching for my arm giving a loving touch.

"OK Phyllis, I don't understand why I can't come by your place, but I'll do as you ask. I just want us to be together and have a good time."

"So do I John, so do I."

The whole conversation we had felt off to me, like she was hiding something. But what? I didn't let on that it was bothering me so we just talked like old friends. I was lost in that wonderful smile. Phyllis soaked up everything I said. Tomorrow was still a work day so I told Phyllis goodnight. She leaned over and gave me another light kiss on the lips telling me she can't wait until Sunday while throwing another one of those smiles. That smile of hers would definitely be worth the pain of death.

Sunday morning I packed my reliable Ford POS with everything we would need for the day. The picnic basket was filled with fruits, vegetables, fix'ins for sandwiches, potato chips, soda and of course, the blanket. As I drove to the bar I couldn't get Phyllis' and our last conversation out of my mind. I knew I would have to tread softly to get the true story out of her. But first ... the picnic.

Phyllis was on time and I could sense the excitement in her. She opened the door and jumped right my truck and said, "Get going! I want a picnic! You better have packed some good shit in that basket!" smiling the whole time.

We found our parking spot at the bottom of Murphy's Hill, grabbed the basket and started our hike up the trails. I'm not out of shape and I can hold my own in most situations, but Phyllis was kicking my ass on those trails. I was putting out a pretty good sweat and I could tell Phyllis was enjoying the fact I was having trouble keeping up. Not much later I begged her for a rest.

"OK you wimp! I'll cut you a little slack, but I want to picnic at the top!"

Those few minutes rest we had was spent talking about everything. Of course I sucked down some liquids and was forced to start for the top again.

We finally made it up the trail and found a nice spot under a tree. We were lucky that there were so few people on the trails, so we had the top of the hill to ourselves. After the blanket was spread out we got to making a couple of sandwiches. She was happy to see I packed fruit and vegetables for her. The consideration was not lost to her and I got a small kiss for it.

We continued talking about everything and getting to know each together. I told her about my younger years and school in the mid-west graduating high school and joining the Marine Corps and seen a little action. After my four years in the Marines I came this direction looking for work. I just happened to stop here in town and found that the feed mill was hiring and have been here since.

She was hesitant to talk about herself the week before. She was holding back on our first date, but I just figured it was first date jitters. This time I learned a little about her. She was a local girl living in the same house since birth being raised by her mother. Her mother's name was Elizabeth who didn't treat her badly, but was demanding and was not affectionate to her or her husband.

Her father's name was James who died when she was a child. She couldn't remember too much about her dad, but what she did was that he was very loving toward her. She was his little angel. Even though she was young when he died, she also remembered a sadness in him where his marriage was concerned.

Another thing she remembered about her father was he told her repeatedly, that when she would need him, truly need him, he would be there for her. He would not allow any harm come to her by anyone or anything! That statement was one of the last things he said to her before his death.

Her Aunt Hazel, her mother's sister, came to help raise her after her father's funeral. Her Aunt Hazel was the opposite of her mother. She was very outgoing, happy, loving to Phyllis and to just about everyone. Aunt Hazel eventually took over daily care of Phyllis while her mother became disconnected. The sadness in Phyllis was showing when she talked about her mother, but I could sense there was more she wasn't telling me.

I listened to her telling the story of her childhood and started to put a thought together that maybe it's not over. There was something I just couldn't put my finger on. Something that was continuing to torment her.

It was time to lighten things up, "OK, Phyllis, enough of this heavy talk, tell me ... are you having fun? Have you had fun spending time with me outside the bar?"

"Oh yes, John. Last week's dinner, the movie after and now today has been wonderful! The picnic was a wonderful idea. I feel especially good since I've kicked your cute little butt coming up this hill!"

"OK, I'm a little out of shape, but you didn't kick my butt! Wait, did you say cute?" I didn't know you could see a man's butt when your always in front of him."

"Yes I said cute. But I've looked at your butt many times before today, so I know it's cute." That smile to die for was shining again.

"Then would it be out of place for me to say since you've been in front of me all morning kicking my butt walking up this hill, that I have been looking at your backside and I've really liked the scenery!"

"John, why do you think I was always in front of you? I wanted you to look at me. Now let's get started back down the hill. It's going to be late by the time we get back."

We slowly made our way down the hill holding hands. Not really talking just chatting a little. It seemed neither of us was in a hurry for the day to end. Reaching the truck I held the door open for her. She started to take her seat then hesitated, turned around and gave me a kiss, a hard passionate kiss. I think she knocked my fillings out. After our lips separated I looked in to her eyes and seen the brown in them shine like never before. There was a sparkle there that was only out matched by her smile. She turned around and took her seat. I got in and drove us back to the bar and her car. We had another few minutes of lip tasting before saying good night, agreeing to meet up at the bar later in the week. It was definitely a good day.

Work on Monday was its usually grueling dirtiness, not bad paying, but still a pain in the ass necessity. My mind was also preoccupied with Phyllis and our time together on Sunday. I'm beginning to feel for her like no other women I have ever dated. I know we have only been out on official dates twice, but I have been chasing her for months now. Those two dates cemented my thoughts that I want to know more about this girl.

My mind also drifted to the feelings that Phyllis was hiding something from me. I know its only been two dates and you don't tell your life's story to another person so soon, but I could tell there is something going on, something that was tormenting her. And then there was that absolute fear of me coming by her house. I'll have to go slowly, but eventually I'll get her to tell me.

I made my usual stop by the Flying Pink Pig on Tuesday. I was about to take my normal seat at the bar until Phyllis motioned me over to a booth she reserved and said she will join me in a few minutes. I was surprised by the change, but I wasn't about to argue. I took my seat in the booth waiting for Phyllis when she strolled over with my draft beer in her hand. She set the mug down in front of me and leaned in and gave me a kiss telling me the beer was on the house tonight. "Phyllis if I keep getting beers like this I'm going to fall in love with you!" The smile I got her warmed my heart.

"John I decided if we are going to meet like this between dates I'm going to take my breaks with you and I'm not going to do it up at the bar. We get a booth and we get to talk and make googly eyes at each other, OK?" I was hooked.

"OK, deal. Tomorrow night I buy you dinner. I don't want burgers and fries every night so I will even treat you with some of those fruits and vegetable things you like so much for later in the week, OK"

"Deal!" sealed with a kiss.

So we settled into a routine for a couple weeks meeting in the bar in a far corner dimly lit booth enjoying a few precious minutes during the week having dinner and going out on the weekends. Phyllis turned out to be an outsy kind of girl. The fresh air, hiking, bicycling and sitting by the local lake had become our favorite times together. Our closeness grew. More than just hand holding, more than kissing. I could tell we were falling in love. After so many months of trying to get Phyllis to go out on any kind of a date, I found myself falling in love with her. How did it turn out this way I was wondering. I wasn't looking for love, I just saw a good looking girl I wanted to get to know better. Now I'm thinking long term.

But, I still have been forbidden to come to her house. I still can't shake the feeling Phyllis is hiding something from me. I knew I had to be careful on my approach on the subject, but I think it was time. I could sense a sadness in her and a deep fear, but of what ... or whom.

Phyllis has been by my place a few times waiting for me to get our gear together for one of our excursions. Believe it or not, I actually keep my place neat and clean which surprised her quite a bit. Not bad for a single guy. The Marines Corps and my mom would be proud. No we haven't had sex yet. I wanted to go slow. I felt for her like no other girl in my past and would not hurt her in any way. But damn, when I look into her eyes and she would give me that smile of hers, I couldn't help but get excited. Thank goodness for strong zippers! If I was having half as much affect on her as she was having on me, well let's just say she would be walking funny too! She has noticed my condition a few times and her smile would get even bigger. The little tease! She would innocently brush up against me a few times and would press herself into me harder when we made out. We so far have kept our hands in respectable areas, but it was getting difficult for me not to reach up and hold her breasts or to hold her cute little ass.

We have been dating steady for a about 8 weeks now and our relationship was about to take a turn. I thought I would surprise her by inviting her over to my place for a home cooked Italian dinner and maybe a little more. Maybe even spending the night.

I met up with her at the bar for our evening dinner break on Wednesday and I asked her if she wanted to come by for the absolute worse Italian home cooked dinner in town. She giggled at the thought of my cooking for her but accepted my invitation for Sunday dinner. "You do know I'm just a dumb Marine and I work in a feed mill and I'll do my best for you, so don't expect too much, OK?"

"That's all I ask John."

Sunday dinner time came along and I have been preparing food for hours. I wanted it to be perfect. I used an old family recipe for the pasta sauce that my mom gave me. It takes hours of simmering to get it just right and a few Italian seasonings. Pasta was bought off the shelf, but I made the bread from scratch and I got a bottle of wine that was recommended to me from my aunt.

Phyllis showed up right on time. She was taken aback with the effort I put in to dinner. Everything was ready so I sat her down, poured her a glass of wine and presented her with a salad of fresh greens drizzled with a virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar dressing, a penne pasta primavera with my family's secret sauce, fresh baked Italian bread, fresh churned butter and a tiramisu. Phyllis just couldn't believe I went through so much trouble. When I replied she was worth it her eyes got misty. I earned a kiss for that.

Dinner went great. Phyllis enjoyed the entire meal. I took great care in serving her and made sure she felt special. The family secret sauce has another convert. After the tiramisu, I suggested we take our glasses of wine and sit in the living room. We turned the television to a romantic movie and sat together on the couch. Some cuddling was commencing during the movie and we went to full blown necking. Soon our hands made their way to the important parts of our bodies that separates boys and girls. It eventually turned into a frenzy of kissing, clothes peeling and increased body temperatures.

Seeing her naked for the first time was an experience I'll always remember. She turned out to be more than the girl next door, she was smokin hot! Her slender body, C cup breasts and an ass you could bounce a quarter off of was amazing. She even shaved her pussy leaving just a little runway above her button. I was reacting in a manly way that brought a sigh of expectation from her lips. I may have been winded walking up Murphy's Hill, but I had muscles in the right places. I'm not porn star large, but I can more than stuff the pouch in my underwear. I hear girth is good, right?

Anyway, back to the frenzy at hand ... Phyllis seems impressed and happy with the size of me in her hands. She was stroking my manhood as I cupped her sex. Using a finger I slowly circled the area at the end of the runway making her grabbed my shoulders holding on for dear life. I set her down on the couch with her leaning back. I broke away from kissing her lips working my way down to her neck licking and nibbling my way to her breasts. As I cupped her breasts with my hands I gently kissed each nipple making her gasp with pleasure. Making my way down her her stomach I could tell her anticipation was getting the best of her. My tongue found the her button and she immediately burst out in her first orgasm. Without letting her rest I continued my assault on her with my tongue making up and down motions licking her opening alternating between sucking her button to licking her into another orgasm.

I couldn't wait any longer, I had to be inside her. With her still on the couch I brought myself onto my knees and I positioned my throbbing head at her sex. I wanted to tease her even more so I gently slid my member up and down her labia gathering some of her juices on me.

Watching her I knew I was doing right and I had to prolong our love making just a little longer. I pushed into her slowly causing her to sigh. I only put a couple inches in when I pulled out and re-entered allowing a little more. It went this way for a few minutes letting her get used to my size.

I was having trouble maintaining my control as this was becoming a dream come true to be with her in this way. It has taken me months to be here I wanted it to last forever but, I didn't know how much more I could take. I increased the pace of my thrusts each making her cry for more. Soon our bodies were moving together. Her body moving to my body every time I moved into her with us both exploding together.

She pulled me up onto the couch with her and we laid there for seemed like hours, but was just a few minutes when she quietly said "WOW! that ... that was terrific! Where did you learn to do that?"

"I'm so sorry Phyllis, I really wanted our first time to be so much better for you. I'm really not that experienced. I've only been with a couple girls." was all I could say.

"What? Are you kidding me! I had three orgasms! How much better could it be?!"

"Well it has been a long time for me. The two girls I was with before said I was good, but I thought they were only saying that so not to hurt my feelings. I'm just not the love 'em and leave 'em type. I'll do better I promise, just be patient with me. I really like you, ... I like you a lot."

"Oh John, if this is your idea of a bad coupling, I WANT to experience one of your good ones!" Once again that incredible smile shown through. "And John ... I like you a lot too!"

We spent more time holding each other on the couch enjoying each other. Holding her like this feeling total contentment was the catalyst. I'm definitely falling in love.

After a bit of time, Phyllis woke up from a post coital nap and asked what time it was. When I mentioned it was about 2 A.M. Phyllis went into a panic. She jumped up from the couch started to get dressed saying she had to go, that she was late and she was so sorry she had to leave immediately! All I could do was ask what was wrong, what did I do ... do you really have to go? Her apologies were numerous, but she gave no reason. She was dressed and gone before I really knew what was going on. I just sat there totally dumbfounded.

"What did I do?"

No call from Phyllis the next day. I was expecting a call from her so she could explain what happened. Nothing the next day either. I called her cell phone a number of times. She wouldn't answer. I left messages asking her to please call me. Nothing. I guess it's over ... but why? I thought we were doing so well and then the sex! I thought I was good to her? Something wasn't right. I was getting those feelings again.

Work demanded my attention, but I wasn't giving it my all. Phyllis was constantly on my mind. I wasn't sure what I should do. Part of me wanted to go demand she explain what happened, but the other part said to hell with it! She did this, she has to be the one to fix it. But I had to know. If I waited on her, she might not come back.

Well, God hates a coward! I decided to keep our usual dinner date at the bar Wednesday night. Just like Lucy, "She had some splaining to do!"

I walked into the Flying Pink Pig Wednesday night not too sure what to expect. I looked around for Phyllis and she was no where to be seen. After a moment she came out from the kitchen.

She was talking to a customer when she spotted me. Her signature smile quickly faded to a look of apprehension and maybe a little fear. I strolled back to our usual booth figuring it would still be reserved for our dinner together. I knew if I sat down she would have no choice but to come over. She was the waitress on duty after all. My heart fell when I approached the table. Not only was it not reserved it had customers in it enjoying a nice evening meal.

Now I was getting ticked off! She bailed on me after making love the other night with no explanation, no phone calls after I pleaded with her to call, and now this! I turned around to leave half expecting Phyllis to stop me and explain herself, but she didn't. She was still behind the bar looking at me, not with apprehension or fear, but sadness, a sadness I was now feeling, terribly. I mouthed out one word to her, "Why?" I think I noticed her eyes getting misty, but she said nothing. She lowered her eyes and looked away. I walked out of the Pink Pig before I felt my cheeks wet from tears. I knew I was falling in love or it wouldn't hurt this much. I thought she felt the same way.

Work became my only outlet for several weeks. I avoided the bar. After a time I got away from feeling sorry for myself and went back to the gym regularly. I knew from the hike up Murphy's Hill I lost some level of fitness from my Marine Corps days. I started to exercise after work at a gym not far from my apartment. I opted for the treadmill on rainy days, but I preferred running outdoors the other times. It was an outlet for forgetting things and eventually the loss I was feeling slowly disappeared.

Getting in shape wasn't all that bad. I met a few people at the gym and made a couple of new friends. One of those new friends was a girl named Julie. She was cute enough and we had many nice after workout conversations at a local coffee shop. Julie was interested in taking things to the next step, but I wasn't able to get Phyllis completely out of my mind. Julie and I did go out a few times, but we just didn't click. I told her about Phyllis and we both figured I wasn't over her yet. I knew I wasn't, but I also knew I made an effort to find out what happened, once. Now it was up to her.

One day a few weeks later I took my run over to Murphy's Hill. I wanted to see how fast I could run up to the top. Hiking up to the top with Phyllis showed me how out of shape I was, now I wanted to see how IN shape I am. Considering the trail leading to the top is steep only made for a greater challenge. "God hates a coward!" I told myself as I hit the timer on my watch and went for it.

Taking no prisoners mentality and none of this "On your left!" crap to the others on the trail, kept me focused as I made my way up. More than halfway, I was still going strong.

Thoughts of that second date with Phyllis hiking up the hill and how she teased me about being winded came to mind. "If she could only see me now!" The thoughts of how things ended angered me causing me to increase my pace. My pulse was racing, my body was sweating and my heart was breaking all over again. I reached the summit of the hill with less effort and less time than I expected. Anger and hurt can be great motivators.

I cooled myself down by walking around the top of Murphy's Hill enjoying the view of town below. Making my way over to the spot where we had our picnic that day, I stopped in my tracks ... Phyllis! She was sitting there, crying!

Walking over to her I quietly asked, "Phyllis, are ... are you alright?" Surprised discovering she was no longer alone, she jerked her head up turning my direction. Shocked to see me standing there was an understatement. Only a second or two passed before she leaped from her seated position as she launched herself at me grabbing hold with a bear hug so strong I couldn't breath. I just ran up that damn hill!

She just held on and sobbed, chest heaving sobs with incoherent words. All I could do was to hold her and wait for her to calm down. Eventually her crying slowed and words of, "I'm sorry, I'm so so sorry!" over and over again was all she would say.

After about 5 minutes of this she finally stopped and looked at me. "John, I'm so sorry. Please forgive me, please! I've missed you so much! You quit coming into the bar! I thought you hated me! I'm sorry!"

"Phyllis, I don't hate you, I Love You, Phyllis ... I love you!"

"What did you just say?"

"I said, I LOVE YOU!"

"I love you too John, Oh God, I love you!" she said through another bout of crying. We ended up sitting down in the grass where we had our picnic. It was time for a serious talk.

"Phyllis, if you love me then, why?" "Why did you leave me, why did you do it? Did I do something wrong? I just don't know ... why you run out on me after we made love? Why did you dump me?"

"John, that night we were together was the best moment of my life. It wasn't sex for me, it was making love! I was falling in love with you long before that night. All these months you have treated me better than any man I ever dated before. You are different than other men. I can feel it. You have a sense about you, a kindness, a deepness of strength I've never felt with anyone else. You tried for so many months to get me out on a date and never gave up. Even after turning you down you kept asking. I knew then you were special then and I know it now. You know it too, but it's hidden from you."

"What are you taking about Phyllis? What has anything you just said have to do why you ran away that night, why did you dump me?"

I wasn't running away from you, I was late, I needed to get home ... before..."

"Before what?! Phyllis you're not making any sense. How could you be late going home. You live alone, don't you? Or are you seeing someone else?"

"NO! You are the only man in my life! Please John, this is difficult, you'll think I'm crazy! But you have to believe me. Since that night I've been miserable, not having you with me, not talking to you, not holding you has broken my heart! I didn't know you'd be here today. I'm so glad you came here, I thought I lost you forever," as she started to cry again.

"OK, OK, OK, just calm down and tell my what the hell is going on."

"John, it's my mother. She doesn't like men and refuses to let me date. She hated my dad because he showed me so much love. Love she felt only belonged to her. She resented me because of it. Eventually her hate morphed toward all men believing that they are nothing but love 'em and leave 'em types. She treated my dad badly. He died from a broken heart. After dad died the only positive influence I had growing up was my Aunt Hazel. My mother was a hateful woman."

"What do you mean WAS?"

"My mom is dead" said very quietly.

"Phyllis, what did you just say?"

"John, my mom died years ago ... she haunts me and my house. When we had our picnic here on our second date some months ago I told you she was cold to me. That's because I loved my dad so much and he loved me. I was his angel. I was always at his side. Mom disliked it terribly. My relationship with my dad was always a sore spot between us. Even after my dad died I never regained a loving relationship with my mom. Thank God for Aunt Hazel. Life would've been miserable with out her. After Aunt Hazel went home I was alone. Then mom came back."

"OK Phyllis, that doesn't explain you running away from me and that is IF, and I mean IF, I believe you on your mom haunting you."

"I didn't run away, I ran home. I had to get home before mom, her demon ghost, found out I was with you. I had to get to the house. Her spirit is trapped in the house, but when she gets mad and her demon ghost appears, she can leave it and find me. John, I know this sounds crazy, but you feel it, you know something is wrong, I know you feel it, you have to believe me! Please! I can't lose you again. I love you!"

"Alright, alright ... I admit ... yes I have had some feelings about you, feelings I can't explain, but being haunted by your mother, her demon spirit?!"

"John she hates men, she feels my dad ruined her life when she was alive because my dad wanted children. She did not. She gave in to his wishes and almost died during child birth. She never forgave my dad and made his life hell. Now she feels all men are evil and she will destroy any man I get interested in. That's why I refused you for so long. I couldn't let you be hurt by her. But you convinced me by your kindness, I see it in your eyes, you have a strength that will help me get away from her. John you can save me ... we can be together, but I need your help!"

"Phyllis, you said she haunts your house, why not just leave, leave that house, you can stay with me."

"I told you, if she finds out I'm with a man, her demon spirit will leave the house, find me and hurt or kill you."

I had a lot to consider. Was Phyllis some nut job with some serious issues and I should turn tail and run or do I believe her. I know I do love her and I want to be with her ... and those feelings I have. I've always known something wasn't right and the sadness within her doesn't quite feel right. Oh great, I just said feelings. I guess I do believe her, but THIS!

"OK, Phyllis, I believe you even as difficult as it is and I do love you and I want you with me, always. But, how do we keep your mom from haunting you, how do we get you free so we can be together?"

"I don't know. You now know why I couldn't let you come by my house, but maybe it's time. Maybe if mom sees you and she sees how much you love me, maybe she'll see how good a man you are, maybe you can convince her to let us love each other. Your kindness and strength can help her, help her move on."

"OK, I'll do whatever I can, but first things first!" I picked her up from the grass we were sitting in and held her face with my hands looking into her eyes I leaned in and gave her a kiss. Our bodies pressed together as we held each other tighter. Her breasts pushed up against my chest. I didn't not notice before she wasn't wearing a bra. My hands slid down from her face over her shoulders cupping each breast causing her to moan with pleasure. I lifted her shirt off and lowered my head kissing and sucking each nipple making them hard. Her response was immediate and passionate as her hands made their way to my shorts and now very hard penis.

Phyllis whispered, "Make love to me John, please, I love you so much!"

I didn't need any convincing. This wasn't going to be like the frenzy of our first coupling. This time we were going to love each other, using our bodies to express the passion and love we have for each other. It totally left my mind that we were about to make love on top of Murphy's Hill, in a public place. All there was in the world at that moment was us. No one or nothing else mattered.

Phyllis stood before me without her shirt as her hands continued stroking my hardness through my shorts. I lifted my head from sucking on her breasts and gazed into her eyes with only pure love shining in them. I knew I would fight the devil himself to spend my life and eternity with her.

She knelt down to her knees grabbing the waist band of my shorts pulling then down slowly to my ankles. Her mouth engulfed the head of my cock using her tongue swirling it around the tip creating a sensation of her warm touch along with the coolness of the twilight air. Then she licked the length of me several times causing me to almost beg to have her take me fully in her mouth. A few moments later her lips wrapped around me and it was almost more than I could stand. I wasn't ready to cum yet. I begged her to stop. Our love was only beginning. I wiggled completely out of my shorts and lowered myself to Phyllis who already laid back onto the tall grass. I again renewed my touches to those beautiful mounds with her nipples hard from excitement and the night air. She lifted her hips so I could remove her shorts. The sight of her laying in the grass naked is a sight I will carry to my grave.

Nibbling my way up her legs only pausing to give extra attention to her sensitive inner thighs made Phyllis open her legs to me. Making my way up to her sex brought her to the point to where the slightest touch would make her orgasm. I did not hesitate. My tongue flicked the hood of her clit as she exploded screaming into the night air.

Not able to wait I raised up to my knees and rubbed the head of my penis against her opening. She immediately grabbed my hips and pulled me into her causing her to gasp with delight. Our bodies were moving together as one. Each of my thrusts were met with one of hers. Our lips never separated tasting each other as our tongues dueled. The tools of our pleasure coupled together allowing us to reach heights of ecstasy never experienced before by two people in love. Time and space stopped for us, as far as we were concerned, there was only our hearts, souls and bodies united to bring absolute joy to the other.

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