The Admirals' Daughters

by Smiley Smith

Copyright© 2015 by Smiley Smith

Science Fiction Sex Story: The Admirals' Daughters by Smiley Smith A story in the Swarm Cycle Universe created by Thinking Horndog. Time line: Year Five Swarm Era Another pickup story in the Swarm Cycle.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Consensual   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Incest   Spanking   Group Sex   Harem   Interracial   White Male   Oriental Female   Hispanic Female   Indian Female   Nudism   .

This is the story of my extraction and the loves of my life, my extended family and harem. I am Mark Mathews.

I was raised in Ohio, USA, in a Catholic household and my mother ruled the roost. My father, a hard working man, had absolutely no backbone when it came to my mother. If they fought, my mother would always, and I mean always, win. As far as his children went, we stayed out of his way mostly. When he got home, he was exhausted and spent most of his time in his chair sleeping. The only time he really participated in things with his children was Boy Scouts. I often felt he was participating more to be with the fathers than to help bring up his sons.

My mother was an under-achieving college graduate. She was smart as far as academics went but her personal relationships were mostly about personal gain and prestige. She had very few friends, and it really showed. My mother lived on the achievements of her children which meant I was in big trouble when I underachieved.

My parents believed in corporal punishment, and I often found myself going to school badly bruised in the face and on the butt, whenever I managed to get into trouble with the teachers. I grew up where and when teachers looked the other way.

Soon after eighth grade, I figured out that getting good grades was smarter than getting bad ones, so I made sure I overachieved. I don't really think I was looking for the attention of my parents when I found myself in trouble. One thing was for sure, I did not get into any more trouble.

I was fifteen and I was doing service work for my Eagle Scout badge. I was walking home when I saw a person struggling in a river near my home. Being a strong swimmer and a Boy Scout trained to do such things, I jumped into the river and went after the person. It was probably not the smartest thing I ever did because the water was fast moving and cold. I could have been in serious trouble. All I knew was that I was a strong swimmer and someone needed help.

I pulled the girl out of the river, just after she went under the fourth time. By then we had drawn a small crowd. She was not breathing or at least I could not tell she was. I gave her mouth to mouth and, after a prolonged coughing fit, she was breathing again.

It turned out that the girl I rescued was nineteen years old and the daughter of a US Senator. He said that if I needed anything I should call him. When the time came, I asked him to sponsor me to the Naval Academy and he was more than happy to do so for me.

I graduated from the Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD. At the age of twenty-eight, I was a Navy lieutenant at a desk in the Pentagon. I had not set foot on a ship since I graduated. I found myself land bound doing things I really did not want to do for the Navy and not enjoying Navy life at all. I did my job and tried not to let my dissatisfaction with the Navy show.

I did a lot of dating while in the Academy, mostly of daughters of higher ranking officers. I found that the women who were the pretty ones often were the most self centered people I met. Even the average looking ladies seemed to be completely stuck up.

The senator's daughter, Heidi James, moved to Washington DC, and made a point of setting me up with dates. She and I remained close friends over the years but she said she considered herself too old for me. It was not something I agreed with but it was her decision and I decided to live with it.

I really was lucky though since I regularly bought a lottery ticket, and hit a $308 million jackpot. Uncle Sam was pleased also, and took a lot of it in taxes. I took what was left and invested it in short term CDs.

When the Navy downsized and made a service wide offer of early retirement due to massive budget cuts, I took the opportunity to resign my commission. I had been a civilian for five days when the President's announcement about the Swarm was made. I was a little suspicious of the retirement offer and why there was a need to retire but I honestly was not really that disappointed. I liked the idea of going to the stars and active military personnel could not volunteer.

The day after the President's announcement, I called and scheduled an appointment to get CAP tested. I received an appointment ten days later. I took the test and received a score of 9.1. I was happy with the result but I kept it mostly to myself.

I found a job with a computer engineering firm in the Washington area and found myself designing weapons systems for the Navy and surprisingly for the Army and Air Force too. I was designing a missile that we hoped would be effective when the Sa'arm appeared on Earth. It turned out that I was a natural at doing it.

Heidi was still setting me up with dates three years after the announcement of the Sa'arm came out. I admit, I am a little old fashioned in my understanding of male-female relationships. Okay, I am a lot old fashioned. My mother had made my childhood a nightmare and I was not going to end up like my father. I was going to be the boss of my family. My wife was going to know it before I married her and I was going to insist on a domestic discipline environment in the marriage. My girlfriend was going to end up over my knee several times before we married and she was not going to enjoy it. I figured that with that attitude, I would probably never end up married and I was okay with that.

One day Heidi called. I was sure it was another date set up. It turned out that there was a fashion show and party afterward. I was invited to be Heidi's date since her date canceled at the last minute. Many women did not go to the show with a male date, but Heidi did, and she said it would be a disaster for her to go without one. Every tabloid would be writing her up as an old maid. I agreed to come. As far as I was concerned, she was a friend, nothing more, and I had the time.

As the show wore on, and believe me it wore on me, Heidi seemed to be cuddling closer and closer to me. I thought not having a date for the show really hit her hard.

For my part, between her cuddling and the sexy girls on the runway, modeling Swarm Era fashions, I had a boner that could not get any harder, or so I thought. I was sure it did not go unnoticed by Heidi.

After the show, we went to the party. There was no dancing so as soon as could we left. We found a bar with a dance floor to do a little dancing. We had fun but she eventually wanted to go home. I drove her home and she invited me up for coffee. I could use a little coffee I thought, so I agreed. Silly me, that was all I thought it was. As soon as I closed the door and turned around, she jumped on my hips and had me in a wet kiss that was making my toes curl. When we broke for air, she explained, "I wanted to do that with you for years. Instead I have treated you like a child. You have always been there for me. I made up the story on the show. My boyfriend and I split for good a couple of months ago. I lied to you and have been a very bad girl. I deserve a good hard spanking! Please give me one."

"You sure about this?" I replied, as she led me to the couch.

"Yes, I deserve it." I sat down on her couch and she was over my knee, fully clothed, in perfect spanking position. I gave her about five swats and she said, "This isn't working right. Flip up my dress and start again. I am thirty-five. Give me thirty-five swats!"

I did as she wanted. I was pretty sure the sheer, almost see-through, skirt of her dress was not blocking much but I flipped it up and started again. As I went, I started spanking a little harder. It seemed to be what she wanted. We got to thirty-two and she said, "Stop! This still is not working. Pull down my pantyhose." I did and started spanking again, even harder. This time there were 'ouch' and 'ow' complaints. When I arrived at thirty, she stopped me, told me to remove her panties and start again.

As I pulled down her panties, I saw the wet spot on them between the legs. She was definitely turned on by this.

I will not pretend I was not enjoying this, but I was beginning to get a little concerned I was missing something. I asked her, "Why are you doing this?"

She slid off my lap and squatted next to me. She looked up at me, smiled and replied, "I have dreamed of this since we met. I hoped that day when you rescued me that you would seek me out and spank me. My dad certainly did the first time he had a chance once I was out of the hospital. Do you realize the chance you took rescuing me? You could easily have been killed. You are an extremely strong swimmer according to one of the fire fighters or you would never have been able to get me."

She continued, "I found myself attracted to you, but you were too young for me. I tried for years to avoid you. As a senator's daughter, my father could not afford any scandal, like his daughter falling in love with a minor. My father did not know but when he sponsored you to the Naval Academy I wanted to kill him.

"I did not want to follow you around as a naval officer's wife. Then I lost track of you. When heard you left the Navy, I was involved with George, but that was going from bad to worse. George and I broke up few months ago.

"I lied to you. I did not lose my date for tonight. I wanted to make sure you had a reason to come to the show with me. It would have been too out of the blue to just call you. I did not want to seem needy. Men are supposed to ask women out at least the first time. I thought you'd never ask me out because I was older than you.

"I need to tell you this. I am a little kinky. I want you so bad. I want you to take control and dominate me. I want you to punish me when I displease you. I want you to spank me when I deserve it or you think I need it. I want you to spank me when you feel like it. I want you to spank me when I ask you to.

"There is something else though. I did this not only because I want to but also I want to be your concubine. I want you to take me to the stars with you. I know you have to have a CAP score high enough to do it. I don't. Please?"

I stammered for a minute. She had just bared her soul to me. It might have been a little confusing and jumbled all together but she had told me everything I needed to know. I just had to think it out for a second. One thing for sure was that I was not going humiliate her by refusing her.

She stood up and looked at me. "Oh no. Please don't tell me I waited too long and you have already filled your harem." She collapsed on the floor and started to cry.

I had known Heidi a long time and I always liked her. I have to admit several of my sexual fantasies were with her. Then I suddenly realized why no other woman had ever meant anything to me. It was because I always thinking of her. It turned out she cared for me too. I wanted this woman and now I knew how to get her. My mind filled with resolve.

"Young lady, stand up and face me!"

She didn't do anything. She kept crying and sobbing.

"I said, stand up and face me! You are adding to your punishment!"

She was startled. She stopped crying and looked up at me, confused. Slowly she stood, wiping tears from her eyes and looked at me.

"You've had years to think about this, you could give me a few seconds to understand what you said and make up my mind."

"Then you are interested in me and have not finished forming your harem?"

"Finished, I have not even started. What is your CAP score?"

She said, "5.6."

"Mine is 9.1. You are officially part of my harem. Now let's see if you can follow orders. Strip naked now!"

She jumped on my lap, hugged and kissed me. I returned the kiss. The kiss was long and wet. When she broke the kiss, she slid off my lap, stood, stepped back to give me a full view and began stripping. She said, "It's okay. I know you need to punish me for not immediately following orders. I deserve it, but it was well worth it."

Still recovering from the kiss, I said, "Wow, yes I agree! Well, it will only get you another stroke of my belt this time." She quickly finished stripping. Naked, she was stunning, even at thirty-five. I said, "Go get your hair brush and a wooden spoon."

She ran to the bathroom, came back and dumped two hair brushes and a bath brush on the bed. She ran to the kitchen, coming back with two wooden spoons, a spatula and a breadboard.

"What's all this?"

"Oh! I just want you to know what I had for you to use to discipline me and any other concubines you find."

I looked at her, somewhat surprised.

She sat down next to me, obviously getting ready to go over my knee, and said, "Yes, I know, you are going to need seven more concubines. I am a realist and I am facing facts. When the Swarm gets here, everyone still on Earth is dead. While I have a crush on you, I want off the planet, too. To have that happen, I have to find a sponsor. That sponsor might have up to ten concubines, possibly more. I need to make you happy with me and I need to share you with seven other women. I might want you for myself but that really does not matter.

"So I brought the implements I have so you can tell me what else I need to purchase. Of course that is all up to you."

I helped her over my lap. Heidi was thirty-five years old but she was absolutely beautiful. Creamy white skin, long straight black hair down to the bottom of her butt. She had an hour glass figure, 32-24-34 I estimated. Beautiful hazel green eyes, and a cute nose. Her breasts were firm with large brown nipples. I could not wait to enjoy those. Her ass was lean, heart shaped, well toned and very, very spankable.

I noticed some stripes on her back. "Where did you get those stripes?"

She blushed red and said, "George and I frequented a BDSM club. He whipped me there almost a year ago. We broke up after that. It was too much."

"Honey, I hope you don't expect me to do stuff like that, because I never will, I love you too much."

She said, "You need to remember: when we are extracted, you might be ordered to punish me severely. Please don't make promises that will hurt you not to be able to keep. If you have to or if you think I will learn something from it, do what you have to do. I will understand it, eventually." Then she rose off my lap and gave me a wet kiss. After the vapor lock was released she said, "Thank you, how many more did I just earn?"

"Yes, well, it is too bad I have to be a disciplinarian, I could get really used to this. Two more with the belt."

She smiled, and went back over my lap. I gave her thirty-five with the hair brush, and one for good luck. She asked me to even the luck out and I gave her one on the other cheek. I picked up the wooden spoon and repeated the process. At this point her butt was pretty red and a little swollen.

I pulled my belt from my pants. I told her to stand up and grab her ankles. I gave her thirty-five with my belt, though I went easy with it. When I was done, she reminded me of the extras she earned. I gave her the three more with it and told her to stand up. I was a little surprised by how well she held position.

I said, "Okay I think that is enough. You may stand."

She looked at me and asked, "My I rub my butt?"

"Sure honey, go ahead." I did not think it was possible that this would turn me on further but it did.

She turned to me and said, "Master, may I show my appreciation for making me your concubine and giving me what I wanted and needed?"

"You certainly may." She knelt in front of me and unzipped my pants. She then released the hook at my waist and slid my pants down. With her teeth, she grabbed the waist band of my briefs and pulled them down. She struggled a bit until she freed my penis. My penis snapped free and almost poked her in the eye. Undeterred, she started licking my penis and proceeded to give me a five star blow job. When I went off in her mouth, she managed to swallow it all. I made her lie on her back and spread her legs. Then I climbed on the bed between her legs. I think she expected I would immediately go into pile driver mode, so when I licked her clit her hips bucked and she screamed. Soon she was bucking, kicking and shuddering with orgasms. I was pretty sure she had a G-spot just inside her slit, so I stuck my right forefinger in and started playing. Soon, she was again having orgasms. Eventually, she was starting to have trouble breathing. I realized she was holding her breath trying to get me in deeper.

I had never heard of this before, so I slowed down and started encouraging her to breathe more. When I saw her starting to turn blue I slapped her butt hard, which caused her to take a deep breath. In the swollen condition of her butt, the swat must have hurt. She began to breathe, I said, "No holding your breath, you'll pass out." I started playing again. I told her to breathe and this time she listened. Soon I had her screaming during her orgasms, then breathing heavy right after. I have to admit when I finally drove my penis in, it was sort of anticlimactic for her. She was still coming and making a fuss but by that time she was out of energy.

I rolled off of her. She was still gasping for air. I was a little worried at first but soon she began to catch up. When she finally began to catch up she said, "Good Lord that was wonderful, I'd love to do it again but I don't think I could take it. I've never had an experience like that before. Was it good for you too?"

I assured her I had a wonderful time and that she gave fantastic blow jobs. I tickled her then kissed her. I went to the bathroom and brought back some sunburn lotion with Lidocaine. I had her roll on her stomach and rubbed the lotion on her butt. She relaxed and moments later was asleep. I must have fallen asleep a few minutes later.

I woke up a few hours later. She had left the bed and was in the bathroom. When she came back I went to the bathroom. When I came back I noticed she was crying. I asked her why.

"Oh sorry, I was thinking of some of my friends. They deserve better treatment than they get. I don't deserve a man like you, but I found you and you are mine. I don't have a problem sharing you with your other concubines. I wish I could find men like you for them."

I gave her a hug and I said, "Sleep for now. We will discuss this more in the morning." I noticed her butt was very red. Rudolph's nose glowed only slightly brighter. I put more of the lotion on her butt and had her take a Naproxen. She fell asleep again as I rubbed the lotion in.

The next morning was Sunday. When I woke, I could smell the coffee brewing and found my way to her kitchen. I noticed there was a big pillow on her chair. She asked me what I wanted for breakfast.

Heidi asked me if I was a church going man and I responded no. She said she was not either. We talked at the table for a while then she said, "Mark, I am going to a dinner tonight with a bunch of female friends. We are meeting at the Golden Pony. We are trying to get picked up there." The Golden Pony was a buffet restaurant chain famous for among other things the number of Confederacy pickups that occurred there. Her girlfriends were the daughters of various politicians, army senior officers and navy senior officers. "I want you to meet my girlfriends. Would you please come with me?"

I responded, "Okay, what time do we need to leave by?"

"We meet about 4 P.M.!"

"Good because after breakfast I have plans for you!"

She had a sly grin on her face and said, "What kind of plans?"

"I am going to teach a naughty girl not to sneak out of the bedroom in the morning without giving me a kiss!"

Still grinning she said, "That's about as lousy an excuse to give a girl a spanking I have ever heard!"

Well, I had to admit she was right. I said, "Can you think of a better reason?"

"As a matter of fact yes! I burnt the toast this morning and had to throw it out. I did not have enough bread so I could not make more. I deserve two good spankings with a kitchen implement for that!"

"Okay, we will go with your good reason!"

We both broke out in laughter.

I said, "Your butt is going to be sorry when we go to dinner."

"Not a problem as long as you make me feel like I did last night."

We played until about 2 pm. Then we took a joint shower which took significantly longer that any shower I had had in the last year.

We were a little late for dinner. I'd figured out later Heidi had a plan. Heidi introduced me to the ladies. Heidi had made sure there were seven ladies that day. She was hoping they would all be selected by me, if things went according to her plan. If not, she could adjust the group next week. Heidi guessed how they were going to act if she brought a man to the table. Apparently she had brought a man to the table before.

It turned out that they were all daughters of various admirals and generals I had known while I was in the Navy. I was slightly annoyed by their conduct, if they had been my daughters they would have ended up over my knee for some of the stories they had told. They all had smirks on their faces. I began to realize they were pulling my leg. They wanted to get a rise out of me and make me criticize them so they could embarrass me more. I let them keep going.

It was a good thing it was a buffet. When I went for seconds, Heidi came with me. She pulled me off to the side and into a small but empty coat room. She angrily said, "I knew they were going to act outrageous, but they have outdone themselves today. Why are you letting them embarrass me? How long are you going to wait before you call them on these outlandish tales?"

I said, "I am just listening and smiling. I am not going to embarrass you."

"You're not going to embarrass me. I knew they'd be annoying but they are purposely trying to embarrass me! Call them on it! I want you to! Even they want you to, I think. In any case they need a good spanking, by a man and they know it. They are kinky that way."

"Oh, I see. Okay! Relax! I'll call them on it when we get back to our seats."

She calmed down. "I am sorry Mark, I am not angry at you. I know now you are biting your tongue, for me. I think they are doing it to see how far they can push you. They know I like you. I think they actually like you, too. I think they are trying to get you to threaten them and embarrass me."

"Okay, but let's eat now. Let's see if I can turn the tables on them."

Heidi smiled deviously and said, "Yes! That could be a lot of fun! They can spend the night at my place if you want. I have a lot of extra rooms."

She turned to me with a sexy, wanton smile and said, "I deserve a spanking when we get home."

"Let's see if we can work that to our advantage, too. We'll show them spanking can be fun!"

With a devious smile she said, "I can't wait. This is going to be fun! Can I spank and play with them too?"

"Sure but you have to let them spank and play with you too!"

"Oh stop! I'll end up coming right here!"

We went to the buffet line and acquired more food. Then we returned to the table and I started eating my second helping. Gloria started telling a rather shocking tale of sex with her boyfriend. Somewhere during the conversation I found out that they all still lived at home with their parents.

I finished my mouthful of food, and said, "Ladies, you are obviously trying to get me to react to your outlandish tales. You are embarrassing my friend Heidi. I am sure your fathers would not be pleased by your conduct. Knowing your fathers, I am betting they would spank you after they washed your mouths out with soap. I am guessing you would be lucky if you could sit after a week. In fact, I think I will call them when I get home and tell them!"

At first they all had smirks on their faces. They were between the age of fifteen and twenty. With the new rules they were all of age, at least for sex. They were certainly dressed to attract sponsor attention should a pick up happen. Their laughter and smirks suddenly faded when I told them I'd call their fathers.

Tammy was the first to speak, "No! Please don't do that. My ass would end up red as a beet and I'd be grounded for months. You are probably right about my mouth being soaped too. I'll do anything to make it up to you. Please!"

I said, "No, it's better that your fathers deal with it."

Gloria, the girl next to her, said, "No! No! My father would kill me! Please you can do anything you want to me, sex, wash my mouth out, spank me, whip me, I don't care! Whatever you do, it will not be as bad as my dad. He is just plain mean. I don't want to be grounded for three months either. I want to be extracted!"

It went around the table. The girls were all crying. I was feeling a little disgusted with myself. I did not want to scare them that way. I turned to Heidi and asked her, "Did you know about this?"

"No Sir. I expected things were bad at home but I had no idea." Heidi was beginning to tear up too.

One of the female staff members of the restaurant came over and asked if there was a problem. I told her, "No. I just gave them a piece of bad news about one of our mutual friends. She was killed in a car accident. It will be okay."

The ladies nodded their heads up and down. The staff member left.

"Ladies, calm down. Let's go to Heidi's place and discuss this privately. This is too public."

We walked out to the parking lot. We arranged things so that the girls went back to their homes and reorganized transportation. Their parents were told not to wait up for them. They were going to go sponsor hunting. In the Swarm Era, this was expected behavior for any child over fourteen without a 6.5 qualifying score. Generally, two to four women went together so that there would be knowledge of who went with whom. It avoided the nastier things that might happen to the women. There were still sickos out there.

By a stroke of luck, Heidi's house was a big but mostly empty mansion. It was one of the senator's homes before he was elected. There were enough bedrooms for all the girls to sleep the night. As they arrived, Heidi brought the girls refreshments. Heidi had a well stocked bar. I told her I'd reimburse her for whatever was used tonight. This was my idea after all. She just smiled and said, "Don't worry honey. You have all week to solve this. Think about sex with them, one a night, starting tonight. Give them a short spanking tonight. Play with them some down under, and make them aware it is not all pain. Make them want to come back for more, no matter what the consequences. I'll make sure they know it is well worth it.

"By the way, how about threesomes each night this week with me, it will make it easier for the younger ones. You can spank me each afternoon for being greedy!"

We were sitting in Heidi's living room, which was easily large enough for twelve people. The seven women had arrived and dropped their overnight bags in their rooms. Soon everyone was sitting in the living room waiting nervously for what would come next, namely their spankings.

"Okay ladies, let's start. First on the list, Heidi come here. I owe you a spanking from this afternoon!" I figured spanking Heidi first, to show the girls that spankings could be as much or more fun as it was punishment, would relax the rest of the ladies a bit.

Heidi grinned and as she came to me said, "I was rude to him this afternoon when you girls were embarrassing me. I did not realize he was trying not to embarrass me.

"I don't want this dress damaged Sir, may I remove it?"

"Yes you may."

She removed her dress and showed her bra, garter belt, bikini briefs and stockings.

I added, "Take your garter belt and stockings off. I have learned the hard way those can hurt me if they snap during a spanking." The ladies giggled while Heidi grinned and removed them. She then put herself over my lap. I pulled down her panties and rubbed her butt for a few seconds. As the panties came down, there was no doubt she was already turned on, judging from the wet spot on her panties. I gave her six swats with my hand and then stuck my finger in her slit. She was writhing on my knees and moaning as I maneuvered my fingers. Knowing where her G-spot was, I had her screaming, "Yes! More! Yes!" in a few seconds. When I pulled my fingers out she said, "Oh! Thank you, Sir!" I gave her six more with my hands and repeated the procedure. Heidi ended up getting twenty-four swats. I pinched her at the end and told her to get up.

Gloria, panting, asked, "Will you do that with us? It looks like a lot of fun!" Yes, definitely a little kinky.

I said, "Yes eventually. Tonight though is a punishment spanking for all seven of you. You stepped way over the threshold of respect and hurt the feelings of your friend and insulted me with your rude behavior. You are each getting twenty-four on the bare butt with the ping pong paddle.

"Heidi is part of my pre-pack. She is going to the stars with me. She will likely be my senior concubine. If you accept the punishment then I will not call your fathers. You will remain eligible for my pre-pack.

"Tonight and over the next six nights you have the opportunity to return here and have a sexual encounter with me and Heidi. It will be a threesome. You will follow orders tonight and the night you come for your, for lack of a better phrase, 'test drive'. If it works out, you may decide to be in my pre-pack. I will have other terms for the pre-pack, like you will move into this house and travel with me where ever I go after 5:00 PM. You will have sex with me whenever I want. You will use birth control. You will obey my orders.

"Before you react too badly, this is what will be required when we are extracted. If you cannot follow orders now, then how are you going to survive in the Confederacy?"

There were murmurs of understanding. They exchanged whispers. They were in agreement to try it.

"Does anyone have any questions?"

Debbie asked, "Sir, I would like to occasionally visit my family; how am I to do that?"

"I promise I will find a way. We don't want to miss an extraction, but as long as we are not in a public place that should not be a problem."

Tammy asked, "Sir, I am still in high school, I have to attend by law."

"Ladies, as long as we are not in a public place it is really unlikely that any of us are going to be extracted. You will go about your normal weekly daytime routines. At 5 pm you are required to be at this house. Arriving late, without a good excuse, is a punishable offense. We will be together on weekends.

"Tammy, if you are at a school event and a pick-up occurs, you will have to choose to either go then or wait for us to get picked up."

I paused for a second and thought about the plan. I made a decision to change my mind. After about a minute I said, "Okay, I've changed my mind on one thing. No matter what happens tonight, I will not call your fathers about dinner. I am not going to blackmail you into this. Anyone who wants to leave should do so now. Once your spanking starts, it is too late. I am going to hold you and finish it. I am also going to tie your hands together loosely in front of you to prevent you from blocking the swats and hurting your hands.

"Okay since no one has asked anything, does anyone have pressing engagements in the evenings this week?"

Kate said, "Oh I have a college class on Thursdays at seven PM!"

No one else had any problems and they all wanted to stay. We drew names from a hat and soon I had a schedule:








I said, "I need to talk to Heidi a moment alone. We are going into her bedroom for a few minutes."

Heidi followed me to her bedroom. I said, "Sorry, I sort of hijacked your house there. We are not extracted yet and I should not be making these decisions without consulting you."

She replied, "Don't worry about it, Mark. As far as I am concerned, I am yours. Everything I own is yours. Besides, you are giving my best friends a chance to be in your pre-pack. Nothing could make me happier.

"Let's go do the paddling before they get cold feet. Once we start, they will not back out because of peer pressure."

I went over and hugged her. The kiss was short but sweet. We started back to the living room. As I walked past my room, I picked up my new toy bag, which was provided by Heidi after the afternoon session. Once we arrived at the living room, I took two padded leather cuffs, a short lightweight eighteen inch rope out and two a ping pong paddles out of my bag.

The ladies were all smiles but it was obvious they were all getting a little nervous. I walked over to Kate. Kate was a white twenty year old redhead whose curly hair was shoulder length. Her green eyes and freckled, wide lipped face just begged to be kissed. Her body looked pretty nice, but I needed to see more of it to be sure. "Time to strip, Kate. Take everything off, now." She hesitated a couple of seconds, almost as if she was making sure her ears were not deceiving her, then started removing her clothes. During the Swarm Era, a woman being ordered to strip by a prospective sponsor was not that unusual. Besides, she expected no less than that to happen here.

When she was down to her panties and bra, she looked up at me, uncertain. "Keep going honey, you look beautiful!" Almost as if the statement reassured her, she smiled at me, unhooked her bra, removed it and then slipped down her panties and kicked them away. She turned toward me, stood straight and proceeded to blush from head to toe under my gaze. I walked up to her and ran my hands up and down her sides. I said, "Nice!" She was freckled from top of her head to her ankles.

By now I had the cuffs over my shoulder, tied together with the short thin rope. I said, "Honey, I am going to tie your hands together with these cuffs. I am doing this to stop you from blocking the blows, nothing else. You can see that you could easily remove them if you needed to in an emergency. Hold out your hands." She held her hands out to me, waiting for me to secure her. I did.

I walked her to a straight back chair that Heidi had brought to the center of the room. I sat and Kate quickly went over my lap. It appeared this was not the first time she had done that, since she positioned herself so easily. I said, "You have done this before, right?"

"Yes Sir, both my mother and father spank me whenever I misbehave. They spank very hard with a hairbrush I might add." I grabbed the ping pong paddle. I gave her the first six swats rather hard and quick. I was surprised she took them so well; there were grunts, but no crying. I put the paddle on her back and ran my index finger down her crack, over her anus and down between her legs, which she opened to allow me access. I put my fingers on her clit and diddled her a bit. There were moans of enjoyment. She was a little wet down there but nothing like Heidi.

I gave her six more swats and diddled her a little more. I proceeded two more times, then played a lot more at the end. Kate was clearly enjoying it but her G-spot was not as accessible and/or sensitive as Heidi's. There was not much more I could do right then. I told her, "We will do more tonight."

Kate grimaced as she stood, turned to me, grinned, started rubbing her backside and said, "You hit harder than my father but the rewards between more than made up for it. Thank you sir! That felt wonderful."

She nowhere near enjoyed the sexual play as much as Heidi did. I was hoping that when we were extracted I could make changes for her so that my fingers could reach her G-spot. There is nothing I enjoy more than my ladies writhing on my fingers, tongue or dick. Giving them orgasms as I spank them is fun.

Tammy at this point was eager to start. When she was sure it was her turn, she started to strip without being prompted. Tammy is black, really black. Age fifteen, her long black hair, brown eyes and narrow head were attached to a six foot tall, lean, long legged sprinter body. There was no doubt she was ready because her panties were soaked. I transferred the cuffs from Kate's to Tammy's hands. Tammy went over my lap with ease and I started the six swat, play ritual. She was clearly feeling the swats because the flesh of her butt was much leaner but because of her skin color though I could hardly tell. I let up on the strength of the swats as I continued.

She did not react as loudly to spanking as Kate. On the other hand, she screamed orgasms as I played with her. She really enjoyed the play. When I let her up she said, "Thank you Sir, I enjoyed the play. That spanking hurt but it was just a little worse than my mother's hair brush, and she never stopped before she gave me one hundred swats." Thinking back to her earlier comment about a red butt, perhaps a hundred swats or so would turn her black butt red.

Debbie was next. She was an overweight nineteen year old white woman who claimed a glandular problem. It appeared that most of the glands with problems were in her ass. She stood five foot ten and had a pretty face with green eyes. She had brown shoulder length hair. She was very timid. I ordered her to strip. She did so but she did it with a visible lack of confidence. I put the cuffs on her hands and put her over my lap. She was quite heavy on my legs. It was uncomfortable for me but I decided to grin and bear it.

I gave her swats and tickles. She was very tight underneath and I thought I felt her hymen as I played. I realized I needed to talk to her after, alone. Debbie thanked me for the fun and spanking.

Gloria was ready for me before I was done with Debbie. I had a feeling something was up and I found out later that she was going to jump in if Debbie managed to get into trouble. Gloria was blond, blue eyed, five foot two, white, and weighed maybe ninety-five pounds. She was eighteen years old. Her wide hips and pony tail had me thinking of Barbara Eden. She even dressed a little like Jeannie in the 'I dream of Jeannie' television series. Because of the extraction related fashions of the time period, I was sure it was intentional. She was a real beauty.

I gave Gloria her swats. She was scissor kicking her legs as I finished. She seemed to be more sensitive to the spanking so I cut back on the power behind the swats as I neared the end. One thing was for sure, her butt was smaller than Debbie's or Heidi's. "Wow that hurt but was fun at the same time! I've never been spanked before. I like the way it feels when you play with me."

I thought about Gloria a few seconds before I moved on. My fantasies about what I would do to a misbehaving Jeannie in the television series 'I dream of Jeannie' entered my mind briefly. This could be fun, but not now.

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