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Romantic Sex Story: Johnnie Sutter liked to study and tinker with natural things. It got him almost hit by lightning one day. He escaped with only singed hair, or maybe not only with singed hair. He discovered a new power that played with his fantasy for women in panties. Who would he use it on next?

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Science Fiction   Oral Sex   .

August 11th was the day that Johnnie Sutter was struck by lightning. Or to put it more accurately: August 11th was the day that lightning struck the tree under which Johnnie Sutter was standing, hitting the tree only just above his head.

Was he stunned? Yes.

Was his hair singed? Yes.

Did it make any changes in Johnnie's life? He'd find that out.

It had been a Saturday and he didn't have to work that day. The storm was threatening and he went out. It was a treat for him, fascinated, as he was, by not only nature but the nature of storms and things.

Johnnie Sutter, 23, was an engineer. He'd always been a tinkerer, and being born at the right time, was a computer whiz. He used some of his spare time, constantly, to help friends out with their computer problems, and was never stumped.

He was 6'1" and had a shock of unruly sandy reddish hair. He sported bright blue eyes and was quite a good looking young man.

Following storms and seeking out patterns in them was a hobby of his. Up until that August 10th, he'd never come to any harm in his pursuit.

On that occasion, knowing that the storm was immanent, and that it might be an exciting one, Johnnie put on his yellow slicker raincoat and headed for the hills where he could observe the way the storm developed and how strong it might be, as it passed his area.

That's where he was, when the lightning struck just above his head, rendering him unconscious for many minutes at the base of the tree.

When he woke, he smiled, realizing that he'd come through the experience. He felt for his hair and realized too that his hair had been singed. This made him laugh.

"Good for you, kid," he said to himself.

He stood then and took stock. The only thing he noticed was a bit of a ringing in his ears, from the loudness of the thunder clap that had accompanied the lightning.

"That was so cool!" he mused to himself, as he began to walk back down the hill toward the apartments where he lived.

Johnnie Sutter had been a late life baby and had lost his parents, when he was just coming out of school, with his engineer's degree. It had been a small family and he had no aunts or uncles that he was aware of.

He'd moved into an apartment, after his Mom and Dad were gone. He'd sold their house, not really wanting it and moved to a local city to start his life, kind of, over again. His lovely Mom and Dad had really left him quite well off, a fact that was shared really with no one.

He was, at that time, an apartment dweller, in a lovely neighborhood, with just grand neighbors. Any plans that he might have about a house for himself were put off until later, once he got himself settled.

He got to know his neighbors fairly quickly; they were a very outgoing and pleasant bunch. Among his favorites were the Walker sisters on the next floor up, Linda and Margaret. There were a number of times that he'd been in their apartment to set up their computers and get their network installed. They were really appreciative of the help that he gave them, and were grand to him.

On that day, that August 11th, he wandered home, the buzzing still in his head, with him trying to clear his mind. The mind clearing process only took a few minutes and Johnnie found that he was feeling both clear headed and in a fine mood. His encounter with the storm had left him feeling quite on top of the world.

He wanted to give himself the time that afternoon to think about the experience, and, eventually, to do some kind of testing things to make sure that his mind had not, indeed, been damaged by his run in with the lightning.

He lay down first, after taking his clothes off and using a towel to dry himself off. The buzzing was pretty much faded but wasn't quite gone. The lie down did the trick for him and he woke to find himself feeling really fine.

He did go through a number of mental exercises and found, if anything, that his responses were even sharper than he might have supposed. That pleased him.

"Got through that, old son," he said to himself, a name that his Dad had used with him often enough.

He went out for a bite, after his early evening mental exercises, going to a local pizza place that he enjoyed. He did notice in passing that soften conversations, that he might perviously never have been able to hear, were now quite clear to him.

One couple were having a soft argument about the guy wanting his girlfriend to do a three way with him and a friend and she was being reluctant. It made Johnnie grin inwardly.

Another group of guys were fretting about their inability to 'get laid', as they termed it. It too made Johnnie smile.

Johnnie Sutter had always had a kind of way with the ladies. He never really had to work at it. He tried not to let sex dominate his mind, as it normally did with a guy his age.

Of course, he had his own fascinations. One of his major fascinations was with women's panties. If he would seek out photos on the net at all, and he only did it now and again to tell the truth, it was of women in panties. He loved the idea, in fact, Johnnie was taken by the word itself. He simply felt that the word 'panties' opened the door to a world of lovely sensuality that was all encompassing. Johnnie Sutter had a kind of a panty fetish.

He ate his pizza and drank a beer with it before wandering home to the apartment building.


When he went into the lobby of the apartment building, he met Margaret Walker, who had a huge smile for him.

"Hey, handsome," she said to him and, as was her and her sister's custom, hugged him.

Johnnie Sutter always liked those hugs. They would fuel his attempts later and give him a scene to replay and expand, when he played with himself.

"Hey, yourself, beautiful," he responded, getting a huge grin from her.

They got on the elevator together, making small talk. It was then that it happened. It was then that Johnnie Sutter began to realize what the outcome of his encounter with the storm was.

He lounged in the back of the elevator, as Margaret pushed the buttons for them. The elevator door closed and it slowly lurched into operation.

Margaret Walker was red haired and well built. She was sturdy looking with a nicely shaped butt and rather large breasts. That evening she wore red heels, a gray patterned dress, with red beads around her neck. Johnnie was taking, as usual, all of this in.

He thought, as was his wont, to himself: "I wonder what kind of panties she's wearing. Bet she looks nice in them. Hmm panties."

It was the shriek that woke him from his reveries. Margaret had shrieked, for there she stood wearing now only the red heels she was wearing, her red beads and a pair of thin, red nylon panties.

Johnnie just stared. Margaret stood with her hand over her mouth, as he took in the sight. The panties were thin and he could see, before she turned, her ass crack clearly.

"Magnificent!" he thought.

She turned then and it was now her large breasts, crinkled nipples and, with clarity, her curly pussy hair.

The sight was enough to jolt him from his reverie and then, just as suddenly, she stood there dressed again.

Her eyes were wide.

She said: "What just happened?"

"I don't know," he said; though it should be mentioned that in his mind he felt that he knew what had happened. He also knew that he needed to deal with that later.

"That was so weird," she said.

"Yes," he said, still staring at her and dwelling again on her in her panties.

Then it happened again. She was standing wearing only those red shoes, red beads and the red panties. She shrieked again. Only this time she acted.

She turned to him, pressing the 'stop' button on the elevator.

"Did you do that, Johnnie Sutter?" she asked, going across the elevator to him.

"That?" he said, agog.

"Yes, didn't you see?" she asked, as she got to him.

"You almost naked?" he asked softly.

"Yes, wearing only my red panties," she replied.

"Yes," he said faintly, "Red panties."

"Did you?" she persisted.

"Not sure," he said.

"Try again," she said then. "See if you did."

He concentrated again and this time, to make sure it was him doing it, he thought of her wearing her red shoes and red beads and nothing more.

There she stood, having shrieked again. She was totally naked, except for her red shoes and red beads.

"You demon boy!" she fairly yelled at him, only now she had her arms around him. "You did that."

"Yes, I did!" he said faintly, totally aware of his hands on her naked back.

"Dress me again and come with me," she said urgently.

He let his mind free itself of the thought of her naked except for shoes and beads, and then he had her, still in his arms, only now she was dressed again.

It got a loud giggle from her.

"You're wonderful, Johnnie Sutter," she said. "You come with me."

He leaned back against the elevator and grinned at her. This new kind of power was surging through his mind. He couldn't remove the grin from his face.

They went together to her apartment.

"Linda's not due for a little bit," she said. "You come with me."

When they got into the apartment, and the door was shut, he did it again. He simply cast the thought at her and had her wearing the red panties again, only now the beads and the shoes were set aside on a table, with her dress.

She was making her shrieking noises again and threw herself at him, grabbing him for a kiss. Only this time, he let his hands drift down to the material of her panties.

"Lovely in panties!" he said. "Lovely panties!'

"You like, Johnnie Sutter?" she asked into his lips

"Yes!" he said.

"We gonna do this?" she asked.

"Yes," he said, having every intention of doing exactly that.

"First, this 'thank you'," she said, "For playing with me, Johnnie Sutter. First, what Linda and I always have wanted to do, and I get to do it first!"

She sunk to her knees and he only stared, as she fished his erection out of his pants. She was cooing at it and licking it about the head, with him leaning against the wall and watching her with unfeigned surprise, as she gave him a blow job. It was precisely, exactly what his masturbation fantasies about these women had been, ever since he moved in here and now it was happening.

She leaned back on her heels, after she'd brought him. Then they both heard the key in the lock; Linda was home.

"Oh," Margaret said, "Dress me, please; let's surprise Linda."

With a thought, Johnnie had Margaret dressed again, as Linda came into the room and just stopped and stared.

"Look who I've got, finally," Margaret said to her sister.

"Hmmm," Linda replied, "Nice for you."

"No," Margaret said, "Nice for us."

Margaret giggled and Linda joined her.

"But we have something to show you," Margaret said, "We need you out of the balcony to see it, to see what our Johnnie can do."

Linda went out to the balcony and stood there, as Margaret gave Johnnie a significant look.

Then, grinning at Margaret, he did it. The simple thought in his mind was:"Linda, panties."

And there she stood, hand to mouth and both giggling and making noises into her hand. She was clad now only in a pair of pink panties.

Margaret stood by and watched, giggling into her hand.

"Isn't that great?" she asked.

"He did that?" Linda asked, wide eyed.

"Yep," Margaret said.

But now, that both of them were on the balcony, Johnnie didn't just let it go at that; he thought: "Margaret totally naked." And there she stood, shrieking into her hand, with Linda looking on and laughing.

Johnnie stood by the open door to the balcony, as the two women turned and came charging into the room after him, one of them totally naked and the other wearing only pink panties.

Then they had Johnnie Sutter. They were on him and he was awash, so to speak, with his lovely, naked neighbors, the ones he had ogled forever, or so it seemed.

They were on him and, he realized, taking his clothes off. He didn't struggle; he let the action up to them, as his tee shirt went, followed by his loafers and socks and then his jeans, with Linda finally getting his Calvins down and off, swinging them over her head and yelling out her triumph.

"Don't you dress us," Margaret said, "You behave!"

"Not moving a muscle, physically or mentally," he said, as he lay there with them back, after taking his clothes away.

He had certainly had the fantasies but none of them were ever as great as this one was actually turning out to be. On either side of him he had one of the gorgeous, now totally naked, Walker sisters. They seemed to have myriads of hands, and all those hands were 'handling' Johnnie Sutter.

Someone had hold of his erection, standing it up and Johnnie felt lips surrounding the width, the fatness of the erection. Then there was another pair of lips and Johnnie Sutter was simply swept away by the fact that Linda and Margaret Walker were kissing each other with his erection in the middle of the kiss.

"Honey," Margaret said to her sister.

"Yes?" Linda responded.

"You get him first, I've already had that lovely, big thing in my mouth; then we'll switch," Margaret said.

"Oh, goodie," Linda said and now she had Johnnie Sutter's erection head all the way in her mouth. She hesitated only for effect and then plunged her mouth downward taking all of him into her mouth, the back of her mouth, and toward her throat.

"Ohhhhhhh!" he moaned only to open his eyes and see Margaret, with her knees on either side of his head, lowering herself down into his, and onto his face.

"Eat me, Johnnie," she said, and he did.

The scene continued this way for many minutes, until some signal was given between the Walkers and they switched positions, with Margaret now entertaining his erection with her mouth and Linda plunking herself down on his mouth.

The heated action broke off again with some kind of signal that they girls gave each other and Linda rasped at Johnnie: "Johnnie Sutter, screw us now, each of us."

They tumbled off of him and he was up and moving to where Linda was on her hands and knees waiting for him. He entered her from behind and ran his hands around the front of her, grasping a breast and nipple with each hand, mauling and pinching, as he held onto her.

Meanwhile, Margaret was behind him, rubbing her breasts along his back and sneaking a long middle finger between his butt cheeks, seeking the goal of his anal hole. She found it and plunged her finger in, driving him into a massive orgasm, which dragged Linda into her orgasm along with him.

He flopped down on the floor but they were active again right away. Linda moved to him and took his slimy penis into her mouth, cleaning and encouraging. She brought him to full engagement relatively quickly and then he had Margaret on her hands and knees waiting for him. While he piled into Margaret, he felt Linda's tongue running up and down along the crease of his butt, licking her way into his depths.

Johnnie came once again, and his actions with Margaret's breasts and nipples brought her to orgasm with him. In the end, they flopped on the floor and Johnnie Sutter had one adoring face on either side of his own.

He turned his face one way and then the other, getting a kiss in either direction.

"Johnnie," Linda said, "Fantastic."

"Yes, Johnnie," Margaret said. "And your secret is good with us, as long as we get to do this again some time."

That pleased him. After a bit, they got cleaned up and all three of them were on their feet. Just to assure himself of what had happened, he simply thought: 'Walker sisters, clothed, and they were."

They were still amazed at his ability to do this. It sent them into another spate of giggles.

"Johnnie Sutter," Margaret said, as she hugged him, "You are so dangerous."

"Just don't you get into trouble with this lovely, new power," Linda put in, as she stood behind him and hugged him from that angle.


He spent time, for the rest of the evening, thinking about what had happened. He could hardly keep his mind from wandering among the list of those that he'd like to see either in panties or just naked. It was a line of thinking that made him smile.

His good mood carried over to the next day, when he went out to go to work.

He was, of course, no longer completely sure about his 'power', as they Walker sisters had called it. It simply made him wonder in the light of morning.

He sat at a light and there was a woman waiting on the curb for the bus. Johnnie looked around and not that many people were there. He shifted his thoughts, just to see if he could and suddenly the woman was standing wearing only a pair of black, bikini panties. She had smallish breasts but big nipples. She jumped and shrieked immediately, and Johnnie, pleased with himself reversed the thought and dressed her again.

He was grinning, as he pulled away, at this latest demonstration of his newly found power. It still worked.

His mind then went searching for something else to do, to maybe test his mental ability. He knew that he needed to find out the limits and uses of this power that the storm had brought with it.

His thoughts drifted to Sheila. It was Sheila Rains, the big boss at the company. Sheila was gorgeous; she had short light brown hair that was highlighted. She was pleasant, though her and Johnnie's paths only crossed occasionally.

If the truth were told, Johnnie had a thing for Sheila but their relationship thus far consisted of greetings and a bit of small chat.

He suspected that she must be about 32 years old; she was in fact 34. He was intrigued by her beauty and the way she handled herself. He also noticed, time and time again that she sported usually tight skirts and often enough a thrilling 'vpl'.

The morning exercise with the woman at the light kept crossing his mind. But he was dwelling on the possibility of using his power over a longer range. It made him wonder, and specifically about the possible limits of his powers. The thought struck him that he might be able to do it long range and that would keep him right out of any kind of suspicion.

He thought about it enough that he decided to try it out with Sheila. She would be his next target.

He knew the office schedule, and had his own work pretty much under control. It was about 10 AM, when he tried it. He knew that at that time she'd be in her office catching up on her paper work.

It's when he engaged the power and sent the notion out: "Sheila Knolls totally naked; no shoes, no panties, no jewelry."

He waited a hair's breath and heard the loud exclamation all the way down the hall from her office. He grinned and reversed his thought, dressing her again.

Then he waited.

For her part, Sheila, was sitting down and breathing hard. It had overcome her with its quickness and, really, completeness. She had, in an instant of time, been rendered totally, completely naked. She was astonished, to say the least. It confused her that much more that in another instant she was totally dressed again.

Her secretary May had heard the commotion and knocked and entered Sheila's office.

"Boss," she said, concern in her voice, "Are you okay?"

"Well, um, yes, I guess so," Sheila said.

May approached her desk then. "What is it?" May asked.

"You won't possibly believe it," Sheila said.

"Tell me," May insisted.

Sheila told the brief story then about her suddenly being totally, completely naked.

"I mean, I wasn't even wearing any of my jewelry," Sheila said.

May covered her mouth with her hand and was giggling behind her hand.

"Don't you dare, Missy!" Sheila said, breaking out in the giggles herself.

"You need some lovin'," May said, in a conspirator's voice.

They giggled again but now Sheila insisted that it actually had, did happen.

"Hmmm," May said, heading for her office and grinning at the boss. "Sexy fantasies in the day time! Time for our Sheila to go hunting."

"Out!" Sheila said forcefully with May blowing a kiss over her shoulder at her.

Sheila simply sat and thought, not understanding it at all. She then decided to go to the cafeteria, that was housed in the far end of the building, beyond engineering, for a cup of coffee to straighten herself out.

As she passed his door, Johnnie noticed her passing. He also knew the halls were empty at that time and simply set his mind on the boss again. This time he rendered her naked except for her panties.

He made the mistake of not being able to hold himself back. He stuck his head out of the door just as his power took effect and there was Sheila, the boss, whom he adored, in only a pair of pink, granny panties.

She was exquisite and beyond that. He was struck almost dumb, and, of course, she noticed him watching.

She saw him, after her initial flurry and outcry and before he could restore her to her clothed self, which he did right away.

It was the second such incident that morning. Sheila stopped and calmed down but she had seen Johnnie Sutter peering out his door.

"He has something to do with this," she said, and went in his direction. He saw her coming and ducked into his office.

"Hey, Johnnie," she said in a bright and breezy voice.

"Morning, Sheila," he said, "How's your morning going?"

At this point, Johnnie Sutter was falling all over his feet with nerves; they were a combination of fearing he was caught and simply adoring Sheila Knolls.

She stood and smiled at him. She refused to get into a rage over this, though it's effect still had her breathing hard, and fast.

"Johnnie," she said, as calmly as possible. "You'd better explain."

He was caught; he knew it. Playing 'dumb' wasn't going to work. He knew that he'd done himself in by wanting to see her in her panties.

"How about if I sit and you tell me about this?" she asked.

"Yes, I will," he said. He shook his head and said, more to himself than anything else, "I guess this little stunt is going to cost me my job."

"I didn't say that, Johnnie," she replied softly. "You're very valuable to us here. Just tell me what just happened."

He took a deep breath and went into it, trying to begin with a bit of a description of his own inquisitiveness about natural events. He then led her with his story to where he was outside observing the rain storm when the lightning hit the tree just above his head.

"The only thing that happened," he said, "Was a kind of tingling feeling in my head, and my hair was a bit singed."

He smiled and she joined him in the smile.

Then he went on to talk about the Walker sisters and his discovery of an ability to render a woman either naked or only in panties just by thinking the thought.

She put her hand over her mouth in surprise, as he told this part of it.

"And then they... ," she asked.

He shook his head 'yes'.

"Wow!" she said then and noted his grin.

"Pleased?" she asked.

"Was!" he said.

"Okay," she said next, "But why me?"

"Oh," he said, "Here's where I get in real trouble."

She held up a hand and said: "Johnnie, just talk to me. I' m fascinated now by this."

He told her his reasons for singling out her for a continued experiment.

"I wanted to, first of all, make sure that the power wasn't only a short term fluke," he began. "And that it would work over a longer distance."

She nodded her head.

"And I guess I picked you because you're so lovely," he said, now blushing and avoiding her glance.

She had a large intake of breath then, with her hand over her mouth in surprise.

"I apologize for that," he said, "But it was my reason. I've always thought that, since I've begun here. Only I never thought I'd have the opportunity or the nerve to tell you."

"No apologies," she said, realizing that she was really personally pleased by what he was saying. "So, you practiced on me."

"Yes," he said softly. "I wanted to know if the power would work over a distance."

"You mean your office to mine?" she put in.

"Yes," he said, "And I heard you exclaim, so I thought that it worked."

"It did!" she said, "I've never been so surprised in my life." She grinned actually, when she finished saying this.

He grinned back at her.

"But then... ?" she asked.

"Me being selfish," he said. "Wanted to see you myself."

"Ohhh," she said, "I need to think about that." She mentally filed Johnnie Sutter and his 'power' away for some careful thought later, but did realize that she was fairly buzzing with thoughts about what happened and, she realized, about him.

She thought a bit more and went on: "But I think that I need some proof here. I have absolutely no reason to doubt you, Johnnie, but I need proof."

She hesitated then, as he shook his head 'yes' to indicate he'd comply with her wish.

"I know," she said. "I'll have May come in here."

"May?" Johnnie asked a bit disconcerted.

Sheila gave a short laugh: "When I talked to her about what happened, she thought I was just having a day time sexual fantasy. So, she gets to be practiced on."

"Oh," he said but she was already using the intercom to get May to meet them.

"Let's go to my office for this," she said. "It'll be more private."

"Yes," he said, feeling kind of trapped, "More private."

They went to her office and May was there to meet them.

"Ah, May," Sheila said, "I have something that I want you to see." She looked at Johnnie and nodded.

He thought for a few seconds and said: "May, please turn so that your back is to us."

May looked suspiciously at them but turned so that her back was turned to them.

Then Johnnie did it. In his mind, his thoughts he simply rendered May naked except for her panties, and there she was.

She let out a shriek.

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