The Prodigal's Return

by Marduk

Copyright© 2015 by Marduk

Fiction Story: An old female friend that accepted an invitation from another male, return to her previous lover for she has no where to go - read on

Caution: This Fiction Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Fiction   Gang Bang   Oral Sex   .

Rick had just returned from a month's holiday in the Middle East where he had been part of a team trying to salvage ancient artefacts before they fell into the hands of looters and individuals who were determined to destroy anything that didn't register with their version of mythology. It had been an interesting month, hot but worthwhile and it gave him ammunition for his lectures on the ancient world. Now it was time to commence the second semester that the adult education facility offered for adults who were interesting in pushing the horizons of their understandings of how the world and its reaction to human behaviour worked.

He dialled Elizabeth's number for he still had the arrangement to pick her up and take her the class he tutored at. There were two rings when a computer advised him that 'the number you have dialled has been disconnected or is no longer available'. He gave a grunt and because he hadn't had the phone readjusted to local networks and was still set up for overseas he muttered. 'I'll get that fixed for she may still want to be picked up and I don't want to go to her address and find her not there for her street is a nightmare to get out of in peak hour traffic'. He put the mobile down and made a mental note to visit the 'supplier' after lunch.

"Your phone is reconnected to the local network" the mobile supplier told him as he handed the phone back. Rick thanked him and while waiting for his ordered coffee rang Elizabeth's mobile, only to be given the same message that the number was unavailable or had been discontinued. He was puzzled and then he remembered a conversation he had with a male member of his class. His name was George and he was single, whether he was divorced, separated or had not married was not known. However, he seemed interested in Elizabeth so during a break in the discussion it was suggested that he make a play for her. He remembered what he said. "I'm getting a bit tired of her George, she is quite jealous of my other female friends. She is certainly no pin-up but she had a good sexual appetite, I can't fault her there, put it bluntly mate she loves to fuck and will suck your cock till your teeth rattle. If you are interested this is her mobile number".

The first semester for the adult class ended a week or so later. He had told her that he was going overseas and wouldn't be back till the end of the month. "I guess George took up the challenge but why change the phone number, unless it was done so that I couldn't contact her. Oh! Well that was the general idea to point her in another direction".

Both George and Elizabeth were absent when the class reassembled and as the days and weeks past Rick put her memory and to be frank they were very enjoyable memories on the back burner of his mind and re-established contact with a number of old female acquaintances and his favourite was Nicki. Elizabeth had been a good cock sucker but Nicki was an expert and loved to have a load in the mouth and just let it dribble out, generally all over his cock and onto her tits. This afternoon after a very good session as they lay on the bed she asked him. "You mentioned long before you went away that you had saddled up with a woman named Elizabeth. You said that she needed a bit of persuasion to spread her thighs and suck your cock". He smiled as he rolled against her. "It didn't take long before she was being very co-operative. By the time I left after the classes had finished she was fucking like a veteran and was almost, I mean almost as good as you in sucking my cock. She wouldn't take a load in the mouth although I made sure she did on a couple of occasion. Sure she struggled a bit, but fuck I love my cock sucked and just as my balls are ready to discharge, it is the most enjoyable". Nicki sat up, a big smile over her face. "Like a coffee for I gather you want that limp thing serviced again". He just smiled.

It was late one Saturday afternoon after a lot of maintenance had been done and he was enjoying a cup of tea that his mobile rang. "Hello!" he said for the number was new and not registered in his list of contacts. "It is Elizabeth, how are you Rick". It took seconds to reply for her call was certainly a surprise. "Elizabeth it is great to hear from you, re your question I'm fine", he said. "I have been back a few months now and am back tutoring. I notice you didn't reconnect and I also noticed you changed your mobile so I couldn't reach you and although I knew where you lived I wouldn't just appear unless I was invited", he concluded.

"I'm not living there anymore", she said. "I ... I moved in with George, you remember George he was in the class".

"Yes I remember George", he replied. "I notice George hasn't come back either. I don't know how interested he was in the discussions for he missed a number of classes over the first semester. However, you said you moved in with him, how is that going?" There was silence for many seconds. "He ... he hit me. He said I was a useless ... useless cunt and kicked me out", by the time the sentence was finished he could hear a definite sob. This did surprise him for he hadn't taken George as being the violent type and he did show an interest in her, that is why he was given the chance to take her on board. "I don't understand Elizabeth, why would he do that?"

"I wouldn't let him share me with a colleague, he wanted a double dip and at the same time I was required to suck another of his colleagues off. I couldn't do it Rick, you know I told you I wouldn't let you fuck my bum". He was silent for several seconds as he worked a response to her predicament. "Where are you now Elizabeth?" he asked.

"I ... I'm up at the shopping mall", she replied.

"Well would you like to meet me at the 'Key' coffee shop where we went on a number of occasions? I could be there in about fifteen minutes".

"Oh! Rick that would be wonderful", the relief in her voice was very noticeable. He then signed off, gave a shrug and saved the questions that were circulating till he joined her at the coffee shop.

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