The Pavlov Effect


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Erotic Sex Story: Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome. Yes, we know. A quick trip through the mind. Or is it?

Caution: This Erotic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Incest   Rough   Oral Sex   .

"Tell me"

I was dressed in my short jean skirt, with bright yellow panties underneath. I have found that these can be seen in even the darkest of dives. My very tight blue T-shirt, hugged every curve of my bra covered C-cup breasts. My perpetually hard nipples had nowhere to hide, nor did I wish them to be hidden.

A group of 5 younger guys just old enough to drink, stared at me openly, I felt the eyes of the "ONE" on me almost immediately. Once I located him, I flirted without mercy. He knew the color of my panties, before he knew the color of my eyes.

Oh, he was a cool one. He was waiting for me to come to him. He somehow just knew that I would. I felt the pull already. I was wet, my pussy was moaning on its own.

I fought hard to not be easy.

One of the 5 young guys got up enough nerve to ask me to dance. Perfect.

After the fast dance changed to a slower number, I allowed him to pull me into his arms to continue our time on the floor. Oh, this one was bold. I'm sure he thought that he had found a Cougar, and was going to push his advantage.

His hands slid down and over my covered ass and up under my skirt, never stopping until he was cupping my ass cheeks, naked except for those thin panties. He pulled me tighter so that I could feel his hardness on my flat stomach. His body involuntarily trying to hump mine. His hands on my butt, squeezed and pulled more urgently. My pussy was all put leaking down my legs. Surely he could feel the heat from my cunt on his fingertips.

I wanted to cum so bad, but I knew better.

His body was humping even harder now. I couldn't help myself. I reached between us and gave his throbbing cock one rub through his pants, and he came right there.

I held him close through his spasms, though his skin was hot from his embarrassment.

He whispered "Thank you", and I almost lost all of my control right then. I had to push him away before I totally lost my senses and let him fuck me on the dance floor.

"And the ONE?"

Oh, he saw it all. That tall cool bastard actually crooked a finger at me. I went to him, God help me, I went to him like some child offered a candy bar. I did not even know his name. I was sitting next to him with his hand on my thigh just above the knee. My pussy was so wet now, that there was no way he couldn't smell it.

I tried to cool things off, moving his hand from my thigh. That arm immediately went around my shoulder, and the hand dipped right into my tight shirt, and cupped my tit still encased in the bra. He worked the nipple into a frenzy, even though it was still covered.

He moved over me and it looked to everyone else that he was kissing me. What they couldn't see was that his free hand went under my shirt, and flipped my bra up over my tits, giving his other hand the bare nipple to rub and pinch.

He then tried to quickly go under my skirt straight to my leaking cunt, but I held him off. He wasn't ready to push the issue just yet, so let it go.

"Just like that?"

He was just biding his time, planning his next move. I should seen it coming but didn't. He moved again to kiss me. This time he pinched the nipple that he was rolling, very hard. It diverted my attention enough, that he had a finger pushing the crotch of my panties into my kitty before I even realized it.

I tried to push his arm away, but the fingers on my nipple got even tighter.

He achieved his objective. My nipple was his. His tongue was in my throat. and my panties had been pushed to the side and he was eagerly seeking, then rubbing my clit.

I know my pussy juice left stains on the seat, I was that wet. Yet, I did not cum. I fought hard.

He told me to pull my panties off right there. I couldn't get them off fast enough, I needed his fingers in me so bad.

He didn't care who was watching, as he spread my legs and finger fucked me hard and fast.

"Did you care?"

No. I needed that touch so bad. I would have stripped if he told me to, but he didn't.

He moved his hand from my cunt long enough to put my hand on his crotch. I started gently squeezing, just to get those fingers back into my pussy.

My cum was right there! It was so fucking close. I fought so hard, and didn't cum.

I guess even he wasn't going to do what he planned next, while sitting in the bar.

He stood and told me to follow him. I started to straighten my shirt and he slapped my hands. He told me to come just as I was.

God, I was so close.

I walked out of the back door, with one tit hanging out and my panties hooked around one ankle. He grabbed the nipple that he had used all of this time and pulled it so that I had to follow him.

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