Minor Adjustments

by DDMarshall

Copyright© 2018 by DDMarshall

Erotica Sex Story: The twists and turns of everyday life require you to constantly make minor adjustments in your thinking. This was especially true for Steve Cramer in his senior year of high school. Steve's best friend Greg is dating bi-sexual Emily. Steve's best female friend Beth is gay and in love with Emily. His mother is dating ... Let's just say Steve does not approve of her choices.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Gay   BiSexual   Fiction   Masturbation   Oral Sex   .

Chapter 1

I came in around 10:30 Sunday night just as my mother was pulling her panties back up and adjusting them with her skirt up around her waist. Her latest beau was zipping up his fly.

I called out, “HI” to be polite. Mom nodded looking a bit embarrassed. Ralph the Jerk, as I had dubbed him, just glared at me. God damn it, mom couldn’t even make it to the bedroom before she dropped her drawers.

My mother Angela Cramer was pushing forty. She was not an unattractive woman when compared to other women her age. Her ass may be a little big but lots of guys liked that.

Ralph the Jerk did not stick around long after he had gotten what he wanted. I often wondered if mom is getting what she wants.

I was in bed reading the latest issue of ‘Car and Driver‘ when mom came in wearing her nightgown and sat on the edge of my bed. I could smell the sex on her. For some reason, I got a boner as I thought of her long legs and her panties sliding over the crack of her ass in the living room.

Mom sounded subdued as she apologized, “Sorry about that Steven. I did not expect you home so soon.”

“I know Mom, but this is not the first time I have come home and saw you having sex with some guy.”

“Well, at least you did not catch me on my knees this time.” Mom patted my leg and I jumped as she smiled like she had made a joke.

Four weeks ago I came home at about midnight and walked past mom’s bedroom on the way to mine. The door was open and the lights were on. She was half dressed as she knelt by her bed between some guy’s legs with her bare ass in full view as she was sucking him off. He sat on her bed in just a t-shirt. I was a little pissed catching my mom like that. I called to them as I grabbed her bedroom door handle, “Have a good time.” and slammed her door shut.

“Mom, how many different guys have you brought home over the last three months? Three, four?”

Mom stared down at her toes looking guilty, “Three sounds about right.”

“When are you going to stop trolling the dating sites and settle on one decent boyfriend? So far they all looked a little seedy to me. Do they even have jobs?” I know I sounded angry and I was upsetting her. But I hate seeing her taken advantage of all the time.

Mom started to cry. “I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I’m sorry. You must be so disappointed in me and think I’m an awful mom.”

I put my magazine down and put my arms around my mom. “You’re not an awful mom. I love you, but you are kind of weird when it comes to guys.”

Mom put her arms around me and her head on my shoulder as she continued to weep. Then mom did what she always does when I would scold her or she is sad or upset. She got under the covers and snuggled up with her back to me and cried herself to sleep.

Chapter 2

Mom was still sleeping in the morning when I woke up. I tucked my morning woody back in my boxers. Mom was snuggled up to my side and her arm thrown over my chest. I untangled myself from mom and got up and went to the bathroom to pee. I did my business and went back to my bedroom and shook mom. “Come on mom time to get up. You need to get ready for work and I need to get ready for school.”

“Oh right. Thanks. I slept so well last night.” Mom threw back the covers and her nightgown was tangled around her waist. I got a good look at her panties and long legs again as she swung her legs out of bed and sat up. She yawned and stretched her arms not even bothering to pull her nightgown down. This was not the first time mom was casual about how she was dressed in front of me and I should be used to it by now. But my recently deflated cock was coming back to life anyway.

Mom stood up and adjusted her nightgown then kissed me on the cheek. “Have a nice day Honey. See you when I get home from work if you are still here. And don’t stay out too late if you do go out.” Mom went to her room with its private bath. I heard the shower turn on. Like always, Mom was chipper and ready to face the week on a Monday morning. Any regrets of her weekend shenanigans forgotten. It’s the weekend that I always dreaded. It seemed Mom was waking up in my bed after her weekend more often than her own lately.

Mom worked for a well-established firm as a project manager. She had ample opportunity to meet men that had decent jobs, owned a suit and actually knew how to tie a tie. I could not understand why she always brought home losers. I wondered if she was afraid of having a long-term relationship. The longest any guy was ever around was five maybe six weekends tops.

I got ready for school, had some cereal and juice. Said goodbye to Mom and got in my four-year-old Toyota Camry Mom had bought me. I drove over to my friend Greg’s to pick him up. Greg and I have been best friends since 5th grade.

Then we drove to his girlfriend Emily’s house. Emily looks like your typical cheerleader. Blond, five foot three, great bod. As soon as Emily got in the back seat with Greg they started making out. I drove around the block and picked up Emily’s best friend Beth.

I liked Beth, but she was not my girlfriend. She was pretty much attached to Emily’s hip. No matter where Emily went or who she was with Beth was there. That even included when Emily and Greg went out on a date.

Greg did not have a car so Good Samaritan Steve Cramer helped him out with his transportation needs. I would pick him and the girls up for school and on weekends we would take in a movie, hang out at the mall, get some fast food or go to the lake and swim.

Greg is a good friend and I consider Beth a friend too. With Emily, I am kind of on the fence. She has a bit too much attitude for my taste and I’m not sure I really trust her. Beth and I usually have a good time but she always kept an eye on Emily.

It’s when I would drive to a secluded spot and give Greg and Emily some make out time that Beth gets a little weird. Beth and I would sit quietly in the front while Emily and Greg made out in the back. It never took Greg long to get Emily’s top open and get her to go down on him.

When Emily’s panties came off and Greg’s jeans came down and they started fucking, Beth would reach over, unzip me and jerk me off. It was never more than that. Although I knew she was a little turned on as she kept glancing over the seat to watch Greg fuck her best friend. I tried feeling Beth up one time but she pushed my hand away and just kept jerking me off and checking on Emily and Greg.

Greg and Emily apparently did not care if they had an audience. Once they were done Beth would stop jerking me off whether I got off or not. Once everyone was put back together I drove to Emily’s house. Beth always went in with Emily and stayed overnight after a date with Greg.

I asked Greg about that when he first started dating Emily. He just shrugged and confirmed what I had been thinking. Beth is gay and is in love with Emily. What I did not guess is Greg encouraged Beth to be Emily’s lover. He thought it was hot to have a girlfriend that did girls and was hoping for a three-way where they both got it on with Emily.

At first, I thought Beth had maybe just a little sexual attraction to me. But Greg busted that bubble. “Emily told me she only jerks you off to keep you occupied so you don’t think about jumping in the back seat and fucking her.”

It was the next Saturday night after catching Mom and Ralph the Jerk in the living room when I came home to shouting and swearing after chauffeuring Greg and the girls around.

Mom screamed, “Get out, asshole.” Her shoe came flying across the room and bounced off the wall.

Ralph the Jerk shouted, “Fuck you, you cheap slut. Since when has your ass been sacred?” While still zipping up his pants, he headed for the door.

I held the front door open for Ralph as he walked out swearing under his breath. I shut the door behind him and locked it. I turned off the outside light Mom always leaves on for me. Let the bastard fumble around in the dark. I heard a satisfying crash and some loud swearing coming from our front walk.

Mom was standing halfway down the stairs in just her bra. Red in the face fuming over whatever circumstance led to her throwing a fit and kicking Ralph out of the house.

“Hi Mom, nice outfit.” Mom gave me the finger and stomped up the stairs to her room giving me a great view of her ass from the bottom of the stairs.

I brushed my teeth and got ready for bed. I slipped under the covers and was just about to jerk off thinking about the show my mother put on when my bedroom door opened and mom came in and got in bed with me.

“Mom what hap... ?”

“Shut up Steven and go to sleep.” Mom turned her back to me and snuggled up against me, my hard-on poking her butt. I put my arm over mom and hugged her to me. “Good night Mom.”

“Goodnight Honey.”

I heard mom start to sniffle and then softly cry. I held her until she fell asleep. I rolled onto my back and quietly jerked off.

Chapter 3

We were parked by the lake on Saturday night. Greg was just getting Emily’s panties down after a half hour make-out session. Beth reached over and unzipped my pants. I put my hand over hers as I spoke quietly to her, “You don’t have to do this Beth. I am not interested in Emily and she is not interested in me. I know you only do it because you think I might get so horny I will try to fuck Emily. Well, it’s not going to happen. She is my best friend’s girl.”

Beth kept her hand in my crotch. She put her arm around me and pulled me close and whispered in my ear. “I like jerking you off. If you tell Emily I said that I will fucking castrate you. Now don’t get your hopes up because that’s all I like doing with you.”

“Oh. Well, I guess it’s all right then.” I replied as I made a minor mental adjustment in my relationship with Beth.

Beth shrugged and smiled as she pulled my cock out.

Beth has short cropped black hair that she wears parted on the left and swept practically over her right eye. She has a round face and a very cute button nose. I always thought she was pretty despite her attempt to look a little butch. As far as her body went there was no mistaking she was a female. She has wide hips and a thin waist, extra-long legs and a fantastic butt. Her breasts are a nice size but not overly large from what I can tell when I have seen her in a bathing suit at the lake. Yeah, cute and leggy, that’s how I would describe her.

Now that I knew she liked jerking me off I wondered if maybe she wasn’t a little turned on by me after all. I silently tried to convince myself that Steven Cramer could turn on a lesbian. What an ego booster. I guess I couldn’t complain. I was not getting as much pussy as my friend Greg but it was pretty much guaranteed that I would get a hand job most weekends from a very pretty girl. Beth had soft hands and I have to admit she gave a pretty good hand job. Okay, I admit it. I wish she wasn’t gay.

Chapter 4

Beth and I were waiting for Emily and Greg to come out of the school building on a Friday afternoon. “Hey, Steve, can you come over and pick me up tonight about five?” Beth asked.

“Yeah, I guess so. I didn’t know Emily and Greg were planning anything. I’ll pick them up first and then be right over.”

“Ahh, could you just pick me up? I don’t want Emily or Greg to know. It’s kind of something special I wanted to do. Here they come. Don’t say anything to them okay?”

“Yeah okay.” I figured what the heck. It had to be something special for Emily. A birthday present or a new vibrator. What the hell, I could certainly help Beth out. She is decent to me most of the time.

I parked in front of Beth’s house a little after 5:00 that night and blew the horn. Beth came bounding out of her house and jumped into the front seat.

“Thanks, Steve. Let’s go to Denny’s and I will buy you dinner.”

“I can’t pass up that offer. So what’s up, Emily having a birthday or something?”

“I want to talk to you about something.” is all she said.

“Okay.” Beth was not forthcoming so I let it go. I guess she would tell me when she was ready. Denny’s was not far so we were there and seated within a half hour. I ordered a burger, fries and tonic. Beth ordered a salad. Not much had been said since we left Beth’s house. The food had just been delivered when I asked, “So what did you want to talk about?”

Beth leaned forward and kept her voice low, “I consider you a friend and I think I can trust you. I want to ask you a favor. If you say no that’s okay. But I need you to promise you won’t say anything to Emily or Greg. Not anyone, not ever or I swear I will castrate you.”

I will have to say the look Beth gave me was a bit intimidating. “Sure Beth, not a problem.” Keeping secrets from Emily would not be a problem. She hardly acknowledged my existence anyway. As far as Greg went, best friend or not, he was not privileged to everything in my life.

Beth licked her lips and looked down at her salad. I could just about hear her when she asked the last question in the world I ever thought would come out of her mouth. “Would you have sex with me?”

I was stunned. So stunned I could not respond.

Beth didn’t look too terribly upset as she looked up and shrugged her shoulders, “I guess that silence means no. I understand Steve. It’s okay.”

“No, no it’s not that Beth, I like you. I just never thought that you would want to do something like that with me. Why me Beth?”

“Because you know I’m gay and you have a pretty good idea of why I hang around Emily and what we do together. But you don’t throw it in my face. I’m gay so you won’t be upset that it is only a onetime thing. I have never been with a boy and I need to know what it is like to truly understand why I am gay. I trust you and your cock’s not that big and scary.”

I actually cracked a smile at that last remark, “I don’t know whether to be flattered or insulted.”

Beth turned a little red, “Yeah well maybe that came out wrong but you know what I mean.”

I could not help but grin at her discomfort, “I know Beth and I guess I am flattered that you’re asking me.”

“So will you do it? Just this once. I promise I will never ask again.”

She had it all wrong if she thought I would do it just as a onetime favor. But this was not a time to argue with her or tell her how I really feel. “Yeah, of course, I’ll do it and I promise no one will ever hear about it from me.”

“Great, finish your burger and we can go to my house. My mom has a date and won’t be back till real late.”

I was surprised at how calm I was. I was going to have sex with a girl that I had fantasies about and thought was never going to be within my reach. I didn’t gobble my burger and drag her by the hair as I run howling to the car. We ate and talked about everything but sex. That subject had been closed. Beth paid the bill as promised and we walked to the parking lot.

When we were settled into the car and I started driving out of the parking lot I mentioned, “We better stop and get some condoms.”

Beth reached in her purse and pulled one out to show me she was prepared.

“Just one?” I said kiddingly. That earned me one of her smiles and a back-handed swat in the biceps. “Ouch.”

Beth rolled her eyes, “Men!”

I parked in front of Beth’s house and we walked up to the front door. Beth unlocked it and invited me in. A few lights had been left on. Beth locked the door behind us and led me to her bedroom.

Beth’s bedroom which I expected to be black lights and dark was bright and very feminine. Rose painted walls, pink bedspread, white furniture and girl band posters on the wall.

I took it all in as Beth pulled back the covers on the bed. I watched as she quickly took off her t-shirt, kicked off her sneakers and stepped out of her jeans and jumped into the bed and pulled the covers up over her. I took off my sneakers and t-shirt and jeans and walked toward the bed. I did not think taking my boxer shorts off was the thing to do right now.

Beth held up the covers as I slid in next to her. Both of us laid on our backs and stared at the ceiling until we both spoke at once. “Now what?” We both started to laugh and a little of the tension went out of the air.

I turned to Beth and asked, “Can I kiss you?”

“Yeah I guess we should do that for a while,” she answered.

We turned to face each other and started with gentle little pecks to the lips. I put my hand on Beth’s waist and she put her hand on my shoulder. It was at that moment that my kisses became more passionate, more intimate. I licked under her top lip and she flinched.

I quickly apologized, “Sorry.”

“No, it’s alright. I just didn’t expect us to be so, you know, so intimate so soon.”

We moved closer together and I could feel her bra-covered breasts pressing against me. I put my hand on the small of her back and pulled her tightly against me. We continued to kiss and I could not get over how good she felt in my arms. Our kisses became more passionate. Beth’s hand moved to hold my cock. Although she had jerked me off many times her hand just holding my cock felt so much more intimate.

I reached behind her and unhooked her bra. I did no more than that as I waited for her reaction. She just smiled and shrugged her shoulders and let it slip down her arms. She pressed herself against my naked chest. I held her tighter and kissed her neck and shoulders.

Then she said the words I wanted to hear, “I think I am ready to try Steve.” Beth sat up and removed her panties. She laid on her back and bit her lower lip as I moved into position between her legs.

“Give me the condom.”

Beth put her hands on her cheeks looking a bit panicked, “Oh shit it’s still in my purse.”

“Where is your purse?” She needn’t have worried. I would never have taken advantage of her.

Beth pointed toward the bedroom door, “In the living room on the couch.”

I got out of bed and ran to the living room with my cock sticking out of my boxers. I grabbed Beth’s purse and ran back to her bedroom and got under the covers and handed her purse to her. She fished in her purse for a few seconds and took out the condom and handed it to me. I knelt between her legs and bit the package and ripped it open. I was about to roll the condom on.

“You ready Beth?” I asked again just to make sure.

Beth had the covers pulled up to her neck again. “Maybe we should kiss some more.”

“Oh yeah sure.” I was starting to lose confidence that Beth would go through with it.

I set the condom aside next to her purse. We put our arms around each other and started kissing again. But it seemed different. Beth seemed more relaxed and even threw a leg over mine as she pressed her now naked body against me.

I could not restrain myself any longer. My hands started to roam. First to her ass then her breasts. I kissed her neck, her chest and her breasts. I licked her nipples and sucked one as I felt her other soft breast in my hand. I could hear Beth’s breath quicken as her hand held my head to her breast. I pressed my swollen cock against her thigh as my hand slid over her midriff and finally to play in her pubic hair.

“Do it, Steve. Do it now before I change my mind.”

I grabbed the condom and quickly rolled it on. I felt silly with my boxers still on while Beth was naked. I pulled them off and threw them aside. I got between Beth’s legs and pushed my cock part way into her. I held myself up with my hands as I eased my cock in. I looked down at her pretty face with her eyes wide open staring up at me. I felt her push her hips up ever so slightly.

“Oh my God Steve. You did it. You are really in me.”

“Are you okay? I mean do you want me to stop?”

“No don’t stop, I need to do this.” Beth wrapped her arm around my neck and pulled me down on top of her. I tried to hold myself up with my elbows and keep my weight off of her. But Beth would have none of it. She pulled me to her and buried her face in the crook of my neck. She pulled up her legs and placed her feet flat on the bed to give herself the leverage she needed to meet my downward thrust with the upward movement of her hips.

Her legs wrapped around me and her fingers dug into my back. She held me so tight I could not move. I felt her shudder as her hips ground against me. She kept clutching at me with her fingers until her legs and arms completely relaxed and fell limply from around me as she lay breathing hard. I had filled the condom moments before. I rolled off of her and lay on my back.

Beth pulled the cover up to her neck and just lay there blinking her eyes.

“Well, what did you think?” I asked as I lay next to her wishing I could get up the nerve to kiss her again and hold her in my arms.

“It’s not what I expected. I wasn’t so bad. I even liked it a little. I mean in a strange way. What did you think?”

“Hey, I loved it. And you even bought me dinner. You kind of got into it for a minute there.” I was not about to tell her I knew she had an orgasm.

“Would you think it is strange if I wanted to do it again? Not tonight. Oh god, not tonight. But maybe next week sometime?”

“Really?” For the second time tonight I had to check to see if I heard Beth correctly.

“Yeah, I need to think about what we did. I thought I would hate everything about it but there were a few moments that were pretty good. I think I need to experience it again. You know just to make sure of my feelings when I’m not so nervous. I know this sounds a little silly after what we just did but can you turn around while I get dressed?”

“Hey, not a problem. I understand.” I turned my back as she fished under the covers for her bra and panties and got out of bed. I could hear the rustle of her clothes as she dressed.

“You know Steve, You’re not such a bad guy. I’m glad we did this and that we are friends. But you do know what I will do to you if you tell anyone about this.”

I had to chuckle. “Yeah, I know. You will castrate me.”

“You got it in one. Okay, you can turn around now. I’ll wait in the living room while you get dressed. Now hurry up my mom might be coming home soon.”

I got dressed and met Beth in the living room. She walked me to the door. I turned to her to say goodbye. She was looking up at me smiling. I wanted to kiss her so bad my hands started to sweat. I cleared my throat. “Well, I guess I’ll see ya.”

Beth shifted her weight from foot to foot as we both looked at each other. “Yeah, I’ll see ya.”

I reached for the doorknob. I never felt so awkward in all my life around a girl as I did at that moment. I wanted to hug her and kiss her and all I could get out was, “Well, goodnight.”

Beth stepped back and with a half-smile and waved as she said, “Goodnight Steve.”

I went out the door and got in my car and just sat there staring straight ahead for five minutes before I could start the car and drive home.

Chapter 5

Saturday night I picked up Greg and Emily and then Beth as usual. Beth actually gave me a big smile as she got in the car and sat in the passenger seat. They all wanted to go to a movie tonight and that was fine with me. Greg bought all the tickets. After all, I paid for gas and shuttled them around and it was his girlfriend and his girlfriend’s girlfriend he was trying to impress.

I bought my own snacks and I noticed Beth was opening her purse to pay for hers. Emily and Greg already had their snacks and were far enough ahead that I thought it would be okay if I offered to buy Beth’s. After all, I felt I owed her a kindness after the other night.

I put a ten on the counter before she got her wallet out. “I got this Beth.”

“You don’t have to do that Steve. It’s not like this is a date or anything.”

“Maybe I just want to do it for a friend.”

“Well okay then. I guess we are kind of best friends now.” Then there was actually a smile and her funny little giggle.

We found an empty row and Greg went in first then Emily, then Beth, then me. We plunked ourselves down in the center of the row. Ten minutes into the movie I was wondering why Emily and Greg bothered coming. They were making out and not paying any attention to the movie. I looked at Beth and she looked at me and we shrugged. Again she smiled and much to my surprise she took my hand. For the rest of the movie, I sat happily watching Captain America beat up the bad guys and holding Beth’s hand.

The credits started to roll and Emily and Greg came up for air. Beth snatched her hand away and we both sat looking straight ahead and most likely looking guilty. We stood up and stretched. We headed out of the theater and across the street to the parking garage.

We were walking toward my car when three rather tough looking guys were walking toward us from the opposite direction. I thought they were just going to walk past until they stepped right in front of us.

They didn’t waste any time in making their demands and threats, “Hey, how about you assholes hand over your cash and we won’t hurt you pretty boys in front of the cunts.”

They looked scary and well tattooed. I figured gang members for sure. I reached for my wallet and was ready to give them my cash. When all of a sudden Beth started to go a little crazy. She looked like she was trembling in fear. Her hands flailing all over the place. She stepped forward and it looked like she was reaching into her purse to get her money. I reached for her to pull her back but she slipped away.

Wild-eyed Beth whined in fear, “Please don’t hurt me. Here’s my money” Out came a can of pepper spray. She sprayed two of the thugs in the eyes and kicked the one on the far right in the knee. He went down hard pawing at the pepper spray in his eyes. Beth twirled and caught the one in the middle under the jaw with her elbow. Blood gushed out of his mouth from where he must have bit his tongue.

The third unsprayed assailant turning to confront Beth when I caught the guy with a roundhouse to the side of the head. He went down on his ass. Beth kicked him in the gut. He coughed and puked all over himself. Just to make his day complete Beth gave him a good squirt of pepper spray.

I looked back and Emily was safely hidden behind Greg. Beth put her pepper spray away and yelled at us. “Come on, let’s get the hell out of here.”

Heeding Beth’s recommendation we took off at a run and got the hell out of there. We left the three thugs moaning and cursing as we all ran. Thankfully it wasn’t far to my car. As we drove away Greg and I were praising Beth. Expressing our admiration and awe at what she had done. Beth was smiling and bouncing in her seat from the adrenalin rush as she enjoying her moment in the sun. When we asked where she learned to do that she told us about the police self-defense course she had taken at the Y.

Then Emily put in her two cents worth, “You didn’t think I keep her around just to lick my pussy?”

We all stopped smiling and laughing except Emily. Beth’s fingers curled and turned into white-knuckled fists. She sat staring straight ahead. I reached over and squeezed Beth’s hand. It didn’t seem to help.

“Hey, guys what now?” I asked hoping to change the subject.

I could detect a bit of anger in Greg’s voice as he said. “I’ve had enough excitement for tonight I think we should get these girls home.” Evidently, Greg was not too pleased with Emily’s comment either.

It was complete silence for the twenty minutes it took to drive to Emily’s house and park in front. Usually, Beth and Emily opened the front and back door about the same time. Tonight Beth just sat looking straight ahead.

Emily gave Greg a bitter look as she addressed Beth, “You coming, Beth?”

Beth answered a bit brusque. “No not tonight.”

Emily sounded spiteful, “Well suit yourself.” Emily got out and slammed the door and stomped up her walk without looking back.

“I’m sorry Beth.” I didn’t know what else to say. I could see she was crushed. We all know Beth is gay and what she is doing with Emily but that’s no reason for Emily to throw it in her face like that.

Greg reached over and patted Beth on the shoulder. “Me too Beth. She shouldn’t say shit like that.”

Wiping her eyes with the back of her hand Beth managed to reply, “It’s okay. Just take me home please.”

I drove to Beth’s and did something I never thought I would do. I got out of the car and walked Beth to her front door. I gave her a hug and she put her arms around me and sniffled. When I looked down at the tears rolling down her cheeks it just spilled out of my mouth, “I love you, Beth.”

In between more sniffles, Beth managed a smile, “Steve, it was just that one time. You can’t fall in love with me just because we did it once.”

“I was in love with you long before that. Oh shit, I’m just complicating your life. I better go. I’m sorry I said anything.” I pulled away and hurriedly walked back to my car. My timing really sucked.

Chapter 6

“Hey Honey you’re home early for a Saturday night. Is Emily not feeling well?” Shirley Stewart, Beth’s mother asked.

“No. Emily is just being Emily. I’m just tired and wanted to come home.”

Looking concerned Shirley Stewart motioned her daughter forward, “Come here, let me feel your forehead. You look a little flushed. You’re not getting sick are you?”

Beth let her mother put the back of her hand on her forehead, “It’s okay Mom I feel fine. Just tired. Mom, can I ask you something?”

“Sure, Hon. I’m never too busy to talk to my sweetie. What do you want to ask me?”

“Just stuff like when did you really know you were gay?”

Shirley Stewart put her arm around Beth, “Well now, that’s a very good question. Come, let’s sit in the living room and get comfortable. I have a feeling this is going to be an important mother and daughter talk. Come and sit right next to me.”

Shirley Stewart kept her arm around her daughter as Beth sat at her side. Beth put her head on her mother’s shoulder and curled her legs under herself as she waited for her mother to answer her question.

Beth’s mother thought for a moment before she answered Beth’s question, “When did I know I was gay? Well, let me see. I knew I liked girls when I was in high school because I would get all tingly in the girl’s locker room after gym and softball practice. But I did not know what to do about it. I dated boys because all the other girls did and that’s what girls were expected to do. I probably should not tell you this but I even let a couple of them get to second base.”

Beth seemed to relax a little, “Oh Mom that’s so funny to think of you with a guy.”

“Then you are going to think this is hilarious. In college, I slept with several men and had some very satisfying sex with them before I was able to admit that I was truly gay. Yes, the sex with the guys was good but that’s all it was. Just sex. It was when I finally took the plunge and let one of the girls seduce me that I learned the difference between sex with men and sex with a woman. With the men, once we had fulfilled the primary purpose of our going to bed together I was ready to go home. With women, I did not want to go home. I wanted to stay and just cuddle and enjoy the closeness of her. I could enjoy sex with a man but I could not fall in love with him. But I can very easily fall in love with a woman. I actually did. Twice as a matter of fact.”

Beth bowed her head and just above a whisper confessed, “I had sex with a boy.”

Ms. Stewart kissed her daughters forehead, “And?”

“I needed to find out what it was like and prove to myself I am really gay.”

Ms. Stewart gathered her daughter a little tighter in her arms, “And what did you find out about yourself?”

“I liked it a lot more than I thought I ever could. It’s so different from when I am with Emily

“And the boy?” Ms. Stewart asked.

“He is a friend. I can trust him. I think he likes me ... as a friend.”

It wasn’t too hard for Ms. Stewart to guess who the boy was, “It’s Steven isn’t it?”

“Yes.” Beth admitted as she looked into her mother’s eyes, “Mom, he said he loves me and I got all squishy inside. Emily never told me she loves me. She only says she loves what we do.”

“You could do a hell of a lot worse than that boy Beth. Look, Sweetheart, just because I am gay that does not make you automatically gay. I always wanted you to find your own way so when you came out and declared you were gay I only wanted to support you in your choice. If you find you are not gay or even bi-sexual I will still support you. It makes no difference to me as long as you are happy and whomever you choose for a partner treats you well.

“I told him I might want to do it again.”

Beth’s mother held her a little tighter, “Well then, we need to get you an appointment with my doctor.”

A half-hour later Beth went to bed. Ms. Stewart went and stripped down to her panties and put on her Philadelphia Eagles football shirt. She went to Beth’s bedroom and got in bed with her and did what she always did when Beth was upset or sad. She held her daughter in her arms and kissed the back of her neck “Goodnight Elizabeth. I love you.”

“Goodnight Mom, I love you too.”

Chapter 7

It was the next Saturday night and we hung out at the mall and got burgers and fries. Then the girls did some shopping. It seemed that all might be forgiven although I thought I detected a bit of tension between Emily and Beth as they talked.

After the girls finished their shopping I drove to our favorite parking spot by the lake. Beth and I talked about school and what we planned to do after high school. Emily and Greg were making out like they usually did.

Beth didn’t wait for Greg to start fucking Emily before she unzipped my fly and reached in for my cock. I glanced into the back seat and Greg and Emily looked pretty well occupied with each other. I slipped my arm around Beth as she slowly stroked my cock. I pulled her close and she did not resist. She put her head on my shoulder. I took a chance and slide my other hand up and cupped her breast. I knew Emily could not see what I was doing because Greg had her lying on her back on the seat as he nibbled on her tits. Beth looked up at me and smiled. She took my hand and moved it off her breast. I thought she was telling me no until she slipped my hand under her retro K. D. Lang T-shirt. She was wearing a soft bra and I could feel her nipples through the material. I could not help myself. I kissed Beth. She put her hand behind my neck and held me in place as she ran her tongue across my lips.

I tried to pull away thinking Emily might see us. Beth continued to hold me in place.

Then we heard Emily, “What the hell do you think you are doing Beth?”

Beth pulled away from me quickly and sat up straight in her seat. “I’m sorry Em I didn’t mean to kiss him. Really, it just happened.”

Emily was sitting up and looking very pissed, “If you think you are going to kiss me after you had your tongue down his throat you better think again. And fuck you, Beth, if you think you are making me jealous just so I will beg you to lick my pussy. You unfaithful bitch.”

Beth started to cry and I could not blame her. I wanted to smack Emily a good one.

Greg was sitting up and putting himself back together. “Hey man take me home I don’t want to get caught in the middle of these two.”

Emily was getting her blouse and bra back on and glaring at me.

Greg’s house was actually the closest so I took him home first. I could tell he was furious with Emily for humiliating Beth again. He said goodnight to Beth and me but not a word to Emily. Except for Beth’s sobbing, we drove silently to Emily’s. Emily got out of my car without even saying goodnight to me or Beth. She slammed the door so hard the car shook.

I reached over and took Beth’s hand as I pulled away to take her home. Beth leaned her head on my shoulder and held my hand with both of hers as her crying eased to a few sniffles.

I was almost to Beth’s street when she said something for the first time since Emily’s crass remark. “I don’t want to go home. My mom will not be home till late and she thinks I am staying over at Emily’s. Do you think I could stay with you tonight?”

“Really?” Again Beth surprised me with the unexpected.

Beth wiped away a tear. “Yes really.”

I couldn’t turn the car around fast enough when I got to the 7-11 parking lot and made a U-turn and headed home.

Now I must admit Beth was not the first girl I had sex with and not the first girl I brought home. My mom would not be terribly surprised if I came home with a date and we went up to my room for a few hours and shut the door. Although I am pretty sure she would be very surprised it was Beth Stewart that I was bringing home.

Mom was home and in bed. I turned off the outside light, reset the alarm and took Beth’s hand and led her up the stairs to my room. “Is this what you had in mind Beth or should I sleep on the couch?”

“I want you to stay with me. I don’t want to be alone. Please, Steve just be with me for now. Nothing else. Just be my friend.”

“Okay. Give me a minute. I’ll be right back.” Beth nodded and I went out of the room and down the hall. There was a light coming from under mom’s bedroom door. I knocked and heard my mother tell me to come in. I opened the door and went in and found Mom sitting up and reading.

“Hey Mom, I just wanted to let you know I am home and I have company.”

“Okay, Sweetie. I’ll try to stay out of your way.”

“Love you, Mom.”

“Goodnight. Love you too.”

I went back to my room and shut the door behind me. Beth was already in bed with the covers pulled up to her chin. I stripped down to my boxers and got in next to her. Beth was sniffling and I could see tears in the corner of her eyes.

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