Tooth of a Dragon

by Ka Hmnd

Copyright© 2015 by Ka Hmnd

Fantasy Sex Story: Using the family secret to bring back a dragon tooth is just the start. Next is years of work to carve out weapons and armor like no one has ever seen. That earns me a place as a soldier. Now I face enemy soldiers in skirmishes to a small battle.

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   First   Oral Sex   Cream Pie   .

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Everyone said dragons did not exist, but my family had a story of a dragon. It told of how two dragons had fought and one had died. Of course, everyone laughed at us when we told the story. I guess we could have told them where the cave the dragon died was, but that was our family secret.

I was fourteen and wanted to be a soldier or knight. Besides our farm, we had no money to pay for armor or weapons. I thought of the dragon story, and considered selling scales or a claw. It was dark when I took a hand cart and went all the way to the far side of the land. There was a steep ridge with a cliff, and in the center was a huge pile of boulders blocking the cave.

I knew my family had done that to seal the dead dragon inside. I looked at the rocks before I started to pry at one and then another. It took a couple of hours to create a hole into the cave. I used a candle and crawled in and lit it. I looked around as I moved deeper into the cave and frowned when I did not find the dragon.

The only thing I saw was a huge round pile of shale. I slapped it and jerked my hand back when it moved. I lifted the candle as I stepped back and realized the shale was the side of the dragon. I almost turned and ran, but swallowed as I moved to the right and found the tail. I saw rips where the other dragon had torn at it.

I moved around and between the dragon scales and the wall. I found more huge rips in the side and finally I reached the head. The dragon was huge, six or seven paces tall, and it was lying down! From tail to nose it had to be at least thirty or more paces long. I looked at one huge tooth and pulled my knife.

The blade did not even scratch the tooth and it was at least as tall as me. I looked at it and then put my arms around it and struggled and jerked. I used my knife and tried to cut the gums and, slowly, I began to work it free. When the candle burned out, I was left in the dark, but after a while, light from the hole and glowing moss on the walls helped me see.

Time slowed as I struggled to work the tooth free; finally, I succeeded. Of course, by then it was dark out again and I could only see by the glowing moss. I pulled the tooth after me to the hole; then it took another hour to work it out. It was not that it was heavy; it was very light, but awkward.

By the time I got home it was almost morning and my day of rest was over. I spent my day working and thinking of that tooth. I might get someone to buy it or a noble could just take it. Each time I looked at the tooth, I remembered my knife not even scratching it. That was when I had the idea and began to plan.

Over the next two years I went through a lot of tools as I slowly carved into the tooth. First I made tools from the tooth to work on the tooth. After that I carefully carved out a chain with tiny links, and then scales for a shirt and pants, followed by daggers and a long knife. The long sword was last and I followed the core of the tooth to keep it strong.

It gradually curved along the spine like one of the eastern one-handed swords, but a little longer. It was long and the blade was over two fingers wide. It was meant to be used with either one or two hands. I was strong from all the hard work and I was more than ready to leave. I packed up and headed for the king's Keep.

He was calling for men to protect the border and I wanted to be one of them. Any farmer knew how to use a bow, but I had been practicing swinging and jabbing with heavy iron for a sword. I kept everything rolled up in my pack while I was walking. On the morning of the last day I slipped the dragon scale armor on.

I buckled the belt for the long knife and daggers; the long sword went over my right shoulder. I wore my best clothes outside the scale and swung the pack over my shoulder. When I stepped up to the table outside the Keep, four men were on the other side. They were leaning back and grinning and an older one shook his head, "What are you wearing farmer?"

I looked at him and then the others, "Chain and scale made from the tooth of a dragon."

They laughed and he shook his head, "And the fancy white sword?"

I reached up and back and pulled it; they sat up. I felt the spine, "Made from the core of the tooth."

A man cleared his throat behind me and I turned. He wore a green shirt with a gold dragon emblem on the left shoulder, "May I see it?"

I hesitated before I shifted it and held it out hilt first, "Be careful the blade is very sharp."

He smiled and accepted it and weighed it in his hand before turning to do a few practice swings, "Not a normal sword for lunging."

I shook my head, "Like the eastern swords. I would cut and slice and deflect rather that block."

He nodded and spun the sword before turning to offer it to me hilt first, "How many teeth did you use?"

I shrugged, "Only one. The dragon was very large."

He chuckled and looked at the other men, "Sign him up and send him to me."

He walked away and I watched him before turning to look at the men, "Who was he?"

The older man chuckled as he leaned forward and reached for a quill, "That was Duke Clarence and he is the head of the Dragon knights."

I pulled a small splinter of the tooth I had made into a tiny knife and pushed it across the table, "Thank you."

He looked at me and then at the knife before smiling, "Be safe and good hunting farmer."

One of the others pointed, "See the green tents? Go there and see a man named Dexter. Tell him the duke said to send you to him."

I nodded and shifted the pack as I twirled the sword up and over my shoulder and into the scabbard. I started walking as I looked at the green tents and when I reached them I started asking for Dexter. He turned out to be a short grizzled man with a thick grey beard. He listened and I saw his eyes take in everything.

He gestured toward the end of the last row of tents, "Take the last one and then return."

As I walked down to the tent I saw a lot of women or girls; many were barely dressed. One stopped me as I reached the tent, "Sir?"

She looked like she was in her early teens, which was old enough to marry or have children. I looked at her, "Yes?"

She bit her lip, "You are new, and I do not see a woman with you."

I nodded as she blushed and she looked up and into my eyes, "I could be your woman."

My face reddened more as I stammered and she looked down and started to turn away. I cleared my throat, "Okay."

She turned and looked at me and then grinned and reached for my hand, "You will not be sorry."

She pulled me into the tent as I set my pack down and looked around, "We need..."

She kissed me while pressing against me, "I will get everything we need. What is your name?"

I blushed even more, "Alex Kensy."

She nodded and looked around, "I will see the supply officer and get what we need."

I hesitated, "I was told to return to Dexter."

She pushed me towards the tent door, "I will take care of the tent."

All I could think about while walking back to Dexter was the girl; I had not even asked her name. Dexter was Sergeant Dexter and he wanted to see me practice with my weapon. Like the others he took one look at the sword and snorted before gesturing to another man, "Practice with him."

I looked at the man who was a few years older than me, "Where are the practice weapons?"

Sergeant Dexter snorted again as the other man shook his head, "Use your toy."

I frowned, "My sword could harm him or damage his weapon."

They laughed and the duke stopped beside us. I still held the sword in my hand and he glanced at the sergeant, "Bring me a suit of chain and straw to stuff the arm."

He shook his head, "Sir that..."

The duke looked at him and the sergeant nodded and turned to yell. A few minutes later, a chainmail shirt was on the stand with one arm stuffed with straw. He gestured to me, "Show us."

I looked at the chain but shrugged and shifted before striking. I was only using one hand as I brought the sword up and around and then down and onto the arm. There was the impact when it hit and then the blade was through the chainmail and I pulled it back. They gasped and stared as I turned the blade to check it.

Of course like the few times I had used it on metal there were no chips or even nicks. The duke held out his hand, "May I check it?"

I turned it and held it out hilt first and he accepted it. He lifted it and touched the edge and looked at it carefully, "Not even a scratch."

I shook my head, "It took over a year to make the tools to make everything else. Mostly because they wore out the metal tools or broke them."

He shook his head and handed the sword back, "Use a practice sword."

I did and started working with another man who gave me tips and hints. I tried to use the eastern style or what I thought was the eastern style. Mostly I deflected the other sword away and used cuts and slashes. I also practiced with a new long bow which was a lot better than anything I had ever used before.

It was hours before we were dismissed and I returned to my tent. I blinked when I entered, there was a wide bedroll and a long chest and two strange folding chairs. There was a carpet that covered the whole tent floor and a stand for armor. The girl came in behind me and hugged an arm, "A bath?"

I hesitated before nodding and she started to undress me, "I am Sarah."

I glanced at her as I took my clothes off and put the scale pants and shirt on the stand. I set my weapons on the chest and she held up a robe. I smiled as I reached for her and ignored the robe. I stripped her while she grinned and caressed her wonderful body. I finally put the robe on her and reached for the only towel.

She led me out by the hand, and, to one side, I found the baths. I helped fill one and removed the robe Sarah wore and helped her in. I knelt beside the bath and started to caress her. She smiled and sighed. I took my time washing and feeling her. She was the first woman I had ever touched, and I loved it.

I finally stopped and helped her out. She smiled as she dried off and I sat in her bath. She put the robe on, knelt, and started to wash me. From the way she touched and caressed me and felt my cock, I did not think she had been with a man before. She finished and I stood and stepped out to dry off.

I led her back to the tent and hung the towel while she slipped the robe off and moved towards the bed. I followed and lay beside her. I moved over her and we kissed. I lifted as she spread her legs and slowly pushed into her. She sighed and shifted as I sank my cock deeper. She wiggled and squirmed as I forced my cock into her and settled on her.

She groaned as she hugged me and I looked at her. I smiled and started to hump and press, "You were a virgin."

She grunted and shuddered as her tight pussy squeezed, "Yes."

I smiled as I kissed her, "It belongs to me now."

I humped and pressed and rubbed and she hugged me and jerked, "Ooohhhh!"

I pulled back a little to fuck her with short grinding jabs. Her eyes got big and she clutched me as she arched her back, "YES!"

I grinned as I kissed her again and continued to fuck her with short grinding strokes. She struggled and squirmed as my slow thrusts into her grew longer and harder. She was bucking and thrashing as I used firm strokes and then shoved into her. She stiffened and looked at me as my cock throbbed and then I was gushing huge spurts of sperm.

She jerked and spasmed and held me tight, "Aaahhhh!"

I kept her in place as I filled her pussy with warm seed. When I was done I started to fuck her slippery and slimy pussy again. She giggled and hugged me while her pussy squeezed. I fucked her many times before we stopped. She kissed me, moved off the bed, went to the tent warmer, and started to make dinner.

I watched and then we ate. I helped her clean up before I pulled her back to the bed. Two weeks later, the company rode out towards the border for a yearlong stay. The column stretched behind us with the camp followers in the rear along with our tents and our belongings. The few small extra blades I had made, Sarah sold for a gold coin each.

I had a couple of dozen more that were only blanks and needed to be finished. The large fortress we rode into a week later was not really that tall, but had stone buildings for us to live in. The sergeants took us around to the defenses as the supply train arrived. We were broken into teams for patrols and given maps to show the areas we would be in.

All this time, men and horses were leaving and heading back toward the king's Keep, where they would disband. I found Sarah waiting for me and she grinned as she took my hand to lead me to our room. There was no window, but at least the bed was wide enough for us. She had already made the bed, and our things were placed neatly.

She smiled as she closed the door, "They have a large bathing room."

I turned and backed her towards the bed, "After."

She grinned as I began to undress her, "I was hoping you would say that."

After she was naked she lay back in the bed and watched as I removed my clothes. I turned her and pushed her legs open as I bent over the bed. I started to lick her pussy and she sighed and lifted her hips. It did not take her long to shudder and jerk as she humped, "Ooohhhh!"

I grinned as I turned her again and moved over her. I pushed into her and buried my cock and gave her a kiss. Her tight pussy squeezed and she shuddered, "Mmmm!"

I chuckled as I started to grind and press, "Your pussy feels very nice."

She jerked and wiggled as she hugged me, "Fuck me."

I grinned, pulled back, and started to fuck her with long thrusts. I started slow, but sank my cock all the way in her each time. A couple of minutes later, I was using steady strokes as she twisted and struggled. She moaned and jerked after that, and I began to fuck her hard. She clutched me as her pussy tightened, "YES!"

I continued to use her as she bucked and thrashed while clinging to me. She wailed and squirmed and wiggled and I finally shoved into her as I spewed and spurted seed. She jerked as her pussy clenched, "ALEX!"

I held her under me as I pumped my seed into her. When I was done I gave her a kiss while she panted and shuddered. I pulled out and then pulled her up and off the bed. She grinned as she handed my robe to me and put hers on. The bathing room was full and we had to wait, but once we were done I felt better.

We ate and returned to our room and Sarah grinned as she hung up the robes and stalked me on the bed. I woke to a knock and shifted to feel Sarah until she shivered and opened her eyes. She grinned and kissed me before I slipped out of bed. I started to dress, "I have a patrol and will not return until tomorrow."

She sighed and nodded and I finished and bent over the bed to kiss her again. The others were still gathering at the gate when I got there. When we slipped out the sun was just beginning to rise. We walked south along the border and stayed inside the forest. It was a little strange carrying the longbow all the time, but, after a while, I got used to it.

We went a little further than the last company and were almost ready to turn back. It was late afternoon or early evening depending how you looked at it. I was the one in front and slowed as I stepped out onto a narrow trail that should not be here. I looked both ways and turned as the others came out.

I knelt to look at some tracks, "Someone has been traveling through here."

I stood and looked at them and Sergeant Dexter turned and gestured to one of the men, "Run back and tell the duke. We will stay and watch the trail."

The man nodded and spun before trotting back the way we had come. We moved off the trail and back into the forest. It was several hours before we woke to touches. The one man we had left on watch had heard men coming. I hesitated and then set the bow and quiver aside before I moved to the edge of the trail with the others.

I pulled my sword as I knelt and looked through a bush. We could hear men talking as they came closer. Sergeant Dexter growled, "Alex, move out on the trail."

I glanced at him as my heart pounded in my chest and then rose and stepped through the bush. I moved to the center of the trail and faced the men approaching. The talking stopped as they came closer and then one strode ahead, "Who are you!"

I smiled to hide how nervous I was, "Alex, guardian of the dragon."

He snorted, "Leave before we kill you."

I laughed and lifted my sword, "Come fool. Face the might of a dragon if you dare."

He turned and gestured and three men charged. It was like I was practicing and time slowed. I shifted my stance and stepped to the left as I brought the sword around in a slice as hard as I could. The man screamed as the sword tore through the chainmail he wore and almost cut him in half.

I moved back to the right as I flipped the sword and snapped it back and down. It broke a sword and cut the next man from the shoulder to the opposite hip. I spun as I switched hands and sliced back and the man screamed as the blade took his hand. I moved back to the center of the trail and gestured, "Come face the dragon."

The men murmured and the leader growled before he gestured, "Get him!"

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