Warrior of Nor

by Ka Hmnd

Copyright© 2015 by Ka Hmnd

Science Fiction Sex Story: Edited by Bird Dog The Nor are the very best warriors of Kaire. Not all join the fleet or the strike groups. I choose to become a retriever in protected areas for several mountain clans. From bringing in poachers to the shy Noss exploring and examining plants on a restricted cliff. But not all retrievals end as they should.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   First   Oral Sex   Cream Pie   .

I walked the ten centimeter ledge as if it were a wide path and ignored the thousand meter drop to my left. The cliff bent and then I was walking onto a very wide ledge covered in thick moss. In the center was a tent and in front of the tent were three human males around a holographic fire, drinking.

To one side was a collapsible stasis container with six spike-like horns on it. I moved closer and finally stepped into the light. It was still several moments before I was seen. The men jerked and cursed but I did not move as I watched them. One stood, "You scared the hell out of us Kaire."

I turned my head to look at the crate and the horns before looking at him, "You are not allowed to be here human or to kill a Adlerhorn."

An Adlerhorn was a strange mix between insect and reptile. It fed on the moss and lichen on the cliffs and high mountains. The human licked his lips as he swayed, "We uh ... have a permit."

I snorted, "You are on clan territory and they have issued no permit. The Adlerhorn is a respected animal and we do not allow it to be hunted."

His left hand fumbled into a pocket, "I have the permit..."

I was watching more than his left hand and drew my rail pistol as he started to pull his plasma pistol with his right hand. He froze and the other two men stopped moving as they reached for weapons. I gestured, "Go ahead human. I can always throw your body off the cliff to feed the ice worms."

He let the weapon go, "We can work this out."

I moved closer and reached out to grab and spin him. I yanked the pistol out and tucked it under my belt at the back. I pulled restraints and pulled one arm back and then the other. I pushed him toward the edge of the cliff, "Move to the edge and do not turn around."

He staggered towards the edge and I looked at the other two. They were intoxicated but I could see they had some training. I gestured to one, "Go ahead; stand and try it."

He smiled, "With you holding yours?"

I nodded, "It would not make a difference but you know that."

He frowned and slowly stood and carefully pulled the pistol and let it drop. I gestured, "Turn and step back towards me."

He did, but I saw the way he did it and I took another step back. When he spun and started to strike, I was out of reach and lifted my pistol. He froze and licked his lips and I moved closer and growled, "You wish to play with a warrior of Nor?"

His face paled, "They are a myth."

I grabbed his arm and yanked and spun him, "We are real, human."

I put restraints on and stepped back, "Go stand with the other one."

He moved towards the one swaying back and forth. I looked at the last one as he stood. He pulled his weapon and dropped it and moved towards me. I shifted and waited as he came closer. He snapped a kick, but I had moved to the side and caught his foot and yanked it up. He was already twisting and rolling as my other hand dropped my weapon and grabbed his arm.

I slammed him straight down and went with him and struck into the spine. I yanked his head back as my claws dug into his forehead and growled as my other hand caught his throat, "You are not good enough to face even a child of the Nor, human."

I let him go, yanked his arms back, and put him into restraints. I pulled him up, and then moved him to the stasis crate. I shoved him down, "Move and I will break your spine."

I put the other two beside him and searched them. I took their weapons and put them on the sled before sitting. The humans whined and sniveled all night as I looked into the darkness while doing the report. As the hint of the rising sun appeared I pulled my comm from the belt, "This is Killyon. I have the three humans and they have killed an Adlerhorn. I need a retrieval."

"We understand Killyon. A flight will be there soon."

I looked at everything the humans had brought and the grav sled before I packed it. An hour passed before the flyer was hovering over us. They dropped a line and lifted the sled and then took the humans one at a time. I stood and checked around the site before catching the line and letting the grav hoist lift me while the flyer turned and started moving.

Of course the humans were whining again, but the crew had heard it before from many races, even our own. I swung into the flyer and squatted as I looked at the crew. One grinned, "You cost the pilot a hundred credits."

My eyes flickered towards the pilot and copilot, "She bet I would not take the humans?"

She glanced back as her tail caressed her copilot's leg, "I bet it would take longer."

I snorted and looked at the humans, "I had them several hours before the mid of night. They were drinking and made the mistake of trying to use weapons and then attack me."

The crew laughed as I shifted and looked out, "We are not going to your clan warren?"

The copilot looked back, "To the gathering field. The humans have warrens there and the Peacekeepers will take them for judgement."

I shifted and looked at the pilot, "Their warren?"

She grinned back at me, "There are even Human Kaire breeders that have come looking for mates."

I smiled, "And you have a bet that I will seek them out, sister?"

The crew laughed and I looked at the ground far below. Crysta knew me well as did all my litter sibs. Her choice of mate had been a surprise to the clan but the litter knew why. She loved to fly the peaks and his clan lived in them and he was learning to fly. When the flyer slowed and went lower, I turned to the crew, "You can have the sled and their things."

They grinned and the humans protested which made me growl, "You have no right to them now human. You were caught on their clan territory and killed an Adlerhorn. You will be lucky to leave the planet."

The flyer landed and I turned to yank one of the humans to the door. I stepped out and then pulled him to his feet while the other two were shoved out. Two black-and-tan-striped Peacekeepers arrived and pulled the humans into their vehicle. One waited as I transferred my report. She grinned and slapped my arm, "Go look at the human climbing wall Killyon."

I snorted as she climbed into the vehicle before it sped off. I started for the edge of the field and ignored the shuttle carts. Being a retriever for the clans gave a lot of people a chance to know me. When I reached the edge of the field I took a cart to the public exercise area for the smaller clans' isolated warrens.

I left it plugged in as I went to watch the few humans trying to exercise. The climbing wall was where I saw several females. I stretched while looking at the females and their bodies. Two stood out, one had long black hair. The other had long red hair and they both wore very little clothing. which showed their bodies off.

I shifted as a human stopped beside me. He cleared his throat and I glanced at him, "Looking for a human mate?"

I went back to watching the females, "Why do you ask?"

He grinned, "I am looking for a Kaire mate."

I looked at him again before I started to move, "Why did they not build advanced exercise areas?"

He followed me, "These are advanced."

I snorted, "These are for a child."

I moved forward and away as the black haired female slipped and hung by one hand. She did not panic as she swung and then caught a small projection and then managed to get a foot on another. I leaped and swiftly climbed until I was below her and caught her other foot. She looked down and smiled as I lifted and moved the foot to the side.

I climbed up beside her and touched a stone, "These will always seem slippery."

She nodded and I climbed to the top and sat. I looked at the red haired female when she climbed over the edge. She grinned and I gestured and patted the edge beside me, "Sit with me, she."

She blinked and then moved closer and sat and I bent to catch the black haired female's hand and lifted her. She looked at me in surprise since I only used one hand. She twisted and pulled herself onto the edge, "Hi."

I nodded and looked at both of them, "You are here looking for a mate?"

They nodded and I looked into the distance before I sighed and nodded to myself, "I am Killyon Saj Nor."

I stood and pulled them up, "We will walk and tell each other about ourselves and, if we can accept each other, I will claim you."

We used the twisting stairs behind the wall to go down and started to talk. They knew a lot more about Kaire custom than I thought. Gillian was a sim artist; she went to different places and used a neural net to record them. She showed me the neural net in her belt pack. Mostly she did wildernesses and isolated places that most people never saw, let alone experienced.

Nira had actually been a wilderness guild on her world. She took people out into the wild of the planet Mist which was a very dangerous world. I told them of being a warrior of my clan and of being a retriever for the clans in this area. Of course I had to explain what a retriever was, and I did.

I liked the two, and we ate at a small human café on the edge of one of their warrens. I finally turned and led them to a public grav walk. I looked at them and watched how they shifted on their feet. I nodded and my tail stilled, "Gillian Marie Qiunn and Nira Sara Gibbins I see you."

They grinned and Gillian caressed my chest, "Killyon Saj Nor I see you."

Nira nodded as she moved to press against my side, "Killyon Saj Nor I see you."

I smiled, "I claim you."

I turned and pulled them onto the walk and steadied them as I transferred us to the faster center. I nodded to a smaller warren in the distance, "that is the only Nor clan warren on this world."

They pressed against me and looked; finally, we moved to the slower side of the walk and then stepped off. I led them towards the entrance and nodded to the warrior standing beside the door, "Gill, these two are my mates. The black haired one is Gillian and the one with red hair is Nira."

He bowed his head, "Welcome to our clan."

They grinned and I pulled them after me and inside. I led the way to and then up the circling ramp, "There is a lift, if it is needed."

On the third floor I pulled them all the way to the northeast corner set of rooms, "Most of the living spaces in the warren are empty."

I closed the door and started to strip as I headed towards the hall, "I need a wash before..."

They laughed as they ran after me and caught my arms. In the large bathing room they looked at the large soaking pool. I pulled them towards a corner and turned to strip them. I started what the humans called a shower and pulled them into the water. I loved the furless feel of the two females as they pressed against me.

I used what the humans would call a shampoo to wash my fur and both girls loved to help. Finally I shut the water off and pulled them to the soaking pool. The water was hot and relaxed my muscles as I sat and leaned back. Gillian stroked my cock sheath and then cupped my heavy balls.

Nira grinned as she rubbed the head of my cock and I growled and stood, "Okay you want me to breed you; I understand."

They laughed as they followed me out of the bath and I went to the shelves by the door. I pulled off a large towel and dried them and then myself. I led them out and across to the large bedroom. I pushed them towards the bed and then followed. I caressed Gillian as she lay on her back and my hand slipped down to her pelvis.

She shivered as I caressed her mound before slipping a finger into her warm pussy. She shuddered as she lifted her hips, "Mmmm!"

I smiled as I bent my head and licked her nipple and then sucked. She gasped and shuddered and her pussy tightened on my finger. I moved down and between her legs and looked at her pussy before I started to lick. She lifted her hips as the scent hit me and I growled. I went after her clit and licked and sucked and squeezed it between my lips.

She humped and shivered as she started to moan. Nira moved closer and began to knead Gillian's breasts and to suck on her nipples. After several minutes Gillian was jerking and spasming; I stopped and moved up; I pressed against her pussy and started to hump while rubbing cheeks and licking under her ear.

My cock emerged and pushed into her and she wiggled and shifted. I began to pull back and fuck back into her slowly; She hugged me tightly as her pussy gripped my cock, "Mmmm!"

It was not long before she was panting and shuddering and her pussy was slippery. I pressed into her to grind as I began to fuck her firmly. She twisted and struggled as she bucked, "YES! Breed me!"

I smiled as I continued to fuck my furless mate and she wiggled and jerked and spasmed. Her pussy was constantly grasping and clenching and finally after a while I shoved into her. Her eyes went wide and she gasped as I gushed cum through her open cervix, "Ooohhhh!"

She squirmed as I kept pumping sperm into her while she shook, "Mmmm!"

When I was done, I waited as she kept shaking and then I slowly pulled out. She sighed and sagged to the bed, "That was so much better than I thought."

I turned and pushed Mira onto her back and bent to suck on a nipple. She shuddered and held my head before I moved down. She spread her legs and sighed as she lifted her hips. I looked at her bald pussy and smelled it before I growled and licked. She shuddered and opened her legs more, "Mmmm!"

I pushed my tongue into her and then sucked on her clit and began to tease it. She squirmed and humped and a minute later she spasmed and thrust up, "Yyyeeeessssss!"

I nibbled and squeezed her clit and she twisted and thrashed, "Fffuuucccckkkkkk!"

I sucked on her clit hard and she tried to push my face away. I looked up and she wiggled up and twisted as she rolled. She went to her knees and spread them wide as she put her head down and looked back. I looked at her wet and swollen pussy as I moved behind her. I caught her hips and pulled her back and against my cock sheath.

I began to hump and thrust. When my cock emerged, I shifted and sank it into her. She groaned as her pussy was spread and stretched, "Ooohhhh!"

She was pushing back as I fucked into her with long thrusts. A few minutes later, she was grasping the bed and howling. She struggled and jerked and her tight pussy was constantly clenching and squeezing, "YES!"

I fucked her hard as she spasmed and yelled and twisted. Her knees spread more, and I was holding her up. It was a little while before I shoved into her and held her as I pumped cum. She jerked away and shoved back as her pussy kept squeezing, "BREED ME!"

When I was done I let her sag to the bed, went down with her, and nibbled on the back of her neck. She shuddered as her cummy pussy tightened, "Mmmm!"

I pulled out and turned to move towards Gillian. I woke to the comm and shifted away from the two women. I opened the comm, "Killyon."

"We have another group of aliens in a clan restricted area."

I glanced at Nira as she turned, "Humans again?"

They chuckled, "Noss. They are on the Fire Cliffs."

I smiled as I sat up, "Tell my sister I am on the way and let her know that I will be bringing two human females."

They laughed as I disconnected and turned and reached for Nira and Gillian. We had to wash and I recycled their climbing clothes, which would be good for the Fire Cliffs. I grabbed a couple of rations for them as we left, "We, or I, have a retrieval. You will like the place we have to go to."

There were special properties in the minerals of the cliff that made it seem like they were on fire. The plants that grew on the cliff and ledges absorbed the minerals and only made the vision of the cliff on fire more realistic. We caught a ride all the way to the gathering field and to my sister and her mate's flyer.

She was grinning as the two climbed in and I followed. I knelt and gestured, "You know where the Noss are?"

She turned back to the front, "Of course."

The crew chuckled and I looked at Gillian and Nira, "The female pilot is my litter mate, Crysta, and the other is her mate."

They smiled and nodded as the flyer lifted and accelerated. I accepted a comp and looked at the sat look-down image of the fire cliffs. I handed it to Nira, "This is where we go."

She accepted it, looked with Gillian, and they began to whisper together. When we reached the cliffs, the flyer hovered close to a large ledge and I leaped out and turned. I waited and caught Nira as she jumped and then Gillian. I waved the flyer off and knew they would land and wait somewhere close.

I looked to the right, "Follow me and do not look down. The fire images have a disorienting effect."

I tried not to step on the fragile bushes as I moved to a meter-wide. The flickering and shimmering moss that grew on the rocks made walking difficult. We walked carefully and both girls did not seem to have problems. We crossed the four-hundred meters to another small but wider ledge.

I waited for the girls to move off the narrow ledge before walking to the small group of Noss. They had moved together and were looking at us fearfully. I knelt so I would not loom over them, "Small ones, you know you do not have permission to be here. The plants are very fragile and the clan that claims this land does not wish them harmed."

They looked at each other and one shifted and then stepped forward, "We only wished to examine and possibly take a few seeds or clippings."

I sighed, "And if everyone came to do that what would be left of the cliffs and the wonderful plants here?"

They looked down and I smiled, "There will be fines; but, if you speak to the clan leader, he may have a few of the plants in his private clan garden."

They looked at each other and I stood, "Follow us, and try not to damage more plants."

I turned and moved towards the small ledge and realized Gillian was wearing a neural net. I grinned as I turned her before starting back across the face of the cliff. I led the way back across to the larger ledge and did not have to call my sister. The flyer appeared and moved closer as we moved off the ledge.

I pulled the girls back and let the small Noss move to the flyer. The crew helped them in before the girls followed. I climbed in and knelt and turned as the flyer slid away from the cliff and turned. I gestured to my sister, "The clan warren."

She looked at the frightened Noss before nodding. The clan warren for this area was deeper in the mountains. The flyer flew smoothly and banked carefully so I knew my sister was trying not to frighten the Noss more than they were. The warren was built into the side of a mountain with a wide landing area.

The flyer set down and I slipped out and turned to start helping the girls and then the Noss. I could see above and below us on the mountain as I led the way towards the warren. I glanced at the two warren guards when we reached the door, "Would you ask your clan leader if he has time to meet with the little ones?"

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