Conduct Unbecoming

by harry lime

Copyright© 2015 by harry lime

Erotica Sex Story: Nancy was innocent but she was found guilty and now it was time to serve her sentence.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Coercion   Drunk/Drugged   Slavery   Heterosexual   Fiction   Spanking   Rough   Humiliation   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Pregnancy   Violent   Prostitution   Military   .

Lieutenant Nancy Forester was nothing short of totally confused by the words pronounced by the officer of the court when she stood for sentencing.

"Lieutenant Nancy Winifred Forester, you have been found guilty of all charges and are to be dishonorably discharged from military service effective upon completion of one year at hard labor at the rehabilitation facility in Yuma, Arizona. All pay and privileges are immediately suspended and you are no longer entitled to wear the uniform of this country."

All she could remember of the night in question was sipping the drink given to her by her commanding officer Captain Hindsucker and waking up under the flagpole in only her regulation panties and bra right in the middle of morning formation.

The fact that oodles of creamy spunk were still oozing from her private entryways made her aware that her body had been used hard by some person or persons unknown of the male persuasion and even her jaw felt like it had been dislocated by some rough treatment whilst she was unconscious. Since she was generally circumspect with regard to offering her feminine assets to the opposite sex she was certain she had been drugged and taken advantage of while she was defenseless and unable to protest.

The General in command of the somewhat isolated post was livid at the sight of one of his officers in a state of semi-nudity on his parade ground and told the Judge Advocate to "throw the book at her". Her trial was a mere formality and the verdict was actually written before the charges were decided. To make matters worse, it was discovered that she was pregnant and since the baby would be born in confinement, she would have to surrender it to the court as government property delivered under the rule of forfeiture imposed on all female incarcerated former service members without spouse or family member to claim the newly arrived baby.

Actually, that was just fine with Lieutenant Forester because she had no idea about the identity of the father and even if she did, the circumstances of her unwanted pregnancy were not of her doing. Under the military system, there was little likelihood of a successful appeal even if the true facts were suddenly presented to absolve her of all wrongdoing. In a certain sense, once you were guilty in the military, there was no reversal because orders are orders and only people made mistakes never the organization.

The facility at Yuma was seldom inspected and there were many rumors of some terrible conditions there behind the high adobe walls and the windowless cells of female detainees.

Nancy was treated more harshly than most of the new meat thrown into the cesspool of desperate females. It was because she was an "officer" and supposedly subject to a higher standard than the lowly enlisted sluts who had carried their disgusting civilian ways over into the military service and making the cause of female equality suffer because of it.

The guards and the warden were mostly female but they were not actual members of the military service since the government had decided for reasons of economy to contract the running of such facilities out to independent contractors for the lowest possible bid for services rendered. The group that ran the Yuma facility was fairly new and the owners had decided to find other ways to make the contract more lucrative like using the inmates for other services ranging from telephone scams requiring female voices right down the staffing of massage parlors and houses of ill repute in places like Henderson, Nevada; Phoenix, Arizona and even down in Tucson. All revenue was turned into the income stream for the operation and the women never saw any profit from their carnal activities except the chance to have physical relations on a steady basis and to eat and drink regular food and booze restricted to them from inside the Yuma facility.

At first, Nancy was not involved in the outsourcing operation of female meat to the "grinders" of nearby "Sin Cities" primarily because she was pregnant and it was assumed not desirable for such trade. It was the fetish-minded pussy mill mentality that saw a chance for her to make them some profits because of the demand for swollen belly females with a friendly attitude and willingness to accommodate a kinky client seeking something a bit different. She had reached a point that made her fully complicit with any scheme that would make her existence a little bit easier and less stressful than the constant abuse she received inside the adobe walls at Yuma and she didn't hesitate to follow orders to "bend over" or to get down on her knees when required.

Of course, she was ashamed but that was only normal because she was a college graduate, a girl who had gone to church every Sunday and in her mind, an officer and a lady. None of that mattered any more. The primary concern was that she kept her body clean and made the clients use condoms at all times. That was a rule that she was in full agreement with for health reasons and she did her best not to make eye contact with the clients whenever possible.

Most of the clients were older, married men with difficulty in getting it up and needing lots of assistance in getting a satisfactory "stand" for serious business. That was all right with her because she was of a nature to help people even if it was to get them hard enough to poke her ready bottom or to give her pussy a nice ride on their equipment being careful not to damage her rotund middle. The older men seemed to find her condition arousing for some inexplicable reason and she often was complimented on her attitude when taking it up the ass in the most degrading of circumstances leaving her humiliated beyond belief but still gracious to the client.

The boss's son in Henderson was impressed with her ability to adapt to any situation and he personally thanked her by allowing her to suck him at the beginning of each shift. They got fairly close considering the fact she was almost a slave and a pregnant one at that and he was younger than her with parents that constantly warned him,

"Don't get close to the working girls!"

Nancy had gotten used to the handsome Tony and she tried her best to hide the fact she enjoyed getting on her knees for him. She was afraid it would give him a swelled head and that that he would use it against her in some way that would not be good for her in the long run.

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