by Lucky Mann

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True Sex Story: A chance meeting results in a girl becoming a late night booty call, go-to girl.

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   True Story   White Male   White Female   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   .

I met Rail at a CB equipment swap-meet. We were both looking at the same piece of gear. It was the last item of its kind there, and I bowed out to let her buy it.

Rail was certainly no beauty queen, but she had a great sense of humor. As we chatted, she told me why she picked Rail as a handle. She knew she was skinny as a rail and ugly as a mud fence. She was indeed skinny as a rail.

Though she wasn't quite as ugly as that mud fence, she certainly wouldn't win any beauty contests. I saw no reason to be insulting to a stranger.

She nodded in acknowledgment when I agreed she was quite thin. However, when I told her she was wrong about the ugly part, a broad smile spread across her face, and her eyes seemed to sparkle. I told her she should pick another handle.

Rail and I spent the rest of the afternoon browsing the offerings at the swap meet. She then accepted my offer to buy her dinner. It was getting late when we finished dinner, and she invited me to her apartment for a nightcap. I happily accepted her offer.

The swap meet had been on the far southeastern side of town. Ironically, Rail's appartment was located just a few miles from my place on the western edge of town.

Mere seconds after we entered her door, Rail began shedding her clothes. She made our drinks in nothing but her panites. She told me she never wore a bra. As skinny as she was, she didn't need one. She had practically no tits, but she did have an impressive pair of nipples. When her nipples were erect, they were over a half inch long and about as thick as AAA batteries.

We ended up in her bed soon after she handed me a drink. She quickly shed her panties and helped me get naked. We fondled each other as we downed our drinks. She jacked my cock until it was standing hard and proud. Sucking and pinching her hard nipples brought Rail high state of arousal. By firmly pinching one nipple while chewing on the other, Rail was brought to a shuddering orgasm. She then pulled me down on top of her as she laid back on her bed.

With her legs widely spread, Rail guided my cock to her wet hole. My cock sunk easily into her slick pussy. As I entered her pussy, I found it to be surprisingly snug. Not exactly tight, but nicely snug. I was quickly balls deep in her hole.

She attributed her snug pussy to a severe lack of use. "I haven't had sex in about six months. With my looks and no tits, I just don't have the right bait to catch too many fish."

"Well, you seem to have caught me."

She then thrust her pelvis up and took my cock as deep as she could into her neglected hole. She then gave me one hell of a ride. She bucked like a rodeo horse and repeatedly thrust her pussy up to take my cock deep into her core. I fed her my load of cum just as her second orgasm washed over her. She then collasped onto her bed.

We cuddled and chatted until she became drousy. "Would it be alright if I saw you again?" I asked her.

"That would be nice. Just call, or just come on over." Rail then offered to take care of my needs anytime I felt like calling on her. She bluntly stated. "I love to fuck! I know my body and looks won't win any prizes, but I love to screw. So, no matter what day or how late it gets, call me and come on over for some pussy."

Rail soon became my late night go-to gal. That's all she said she wanted to be. So, once, or twice, a week, if it was getting late, and I found myself without a girl, I would call on Rail.

Rail lived only fifteen minutes from my place. In the time it took me to drive to her apartment, she would take a quick shower, make each of us a drink, dim the lights, and put on some soft music. When I arrived, I would frequently find her stretched out her bed wearing nothing but her panties. Sometimes she'd be completely naked, legs spread, and ready to fuck.

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