Going Down on the Up Escalator

by harry lime

Copyright© 2015 by harry lime

Erotica Sex Story: Tess was confused and still a silly virgin. Then she got on the escalator that changed her life.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Spanking   Humiliation   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Sex Toys   Squirting   Voyeurism   .

Sometimes people get in such a rush that they simply forget to look at the small details and find themselves in situations that should have been able to avoid with ease.

That was certainly the case of young Tess McAllister who normally was a level-headed and cautious young lady of excellent and proper up-bringing. However, this was a special Friday evening and she was in a hurry to get to the main ballroom on the mezzanine floor before the dance party officially started.

Before getting further into the story, let me go back to the beginning in order to put this silly little story into better context for readers more inclined to require logic in their reading material.

I should start off by explaining that at the time of the event, the pretty young thing was still in that status that would only be described as technically a "Virgin". She was just recently eighteen celebrating her birthday only the weekend before. The normally shy and reserved honey blonde with green eyes rarely discussed her urges for a close physical relationship no matter how close the friend or the confidante in her circle. It should be noted, however, that she had accumulated a nice collection of stuffed animals that doubled as nocturnal "buddies" when her needs of the flesh overwhelmed her prided sensitive nature.

Recently, she had even acquired the nasty habit of "cleaning" her nether entry with the lubricated metal cigar case that she had stolen from her grandfather's dresser. Tess knew it wasn't nearly as thick as most actual penises but it was most certainly the correct length according to her more talkative girlfriends. She didn't know that her grandfather was aware of her concealed misdeeds and had even witnessed her anal stretching exercises with much interest from the peep-hole in her bedroom wall. He had many glorious sessions of watching his happy granddaughter dancing in her altogether or skimpy costumes that displayed her feminine assets with total disregard to civilized decency as well.

Tess was filled with guilt at her shameful actions and vowed to get married quickly to eliminate her need for such sinful activities that overwhelmed her resolution to "never do it again". She had gone out on several dates with young lads from her school and with sons from her family's acquaintances. She seldom discussed those dates with her parents or her friends because they almost always ended with her on her knees or with the young man's hands inside her knickers. She was most circumspect in confessing her weaknesses to the parish priest who encouraged her to go into painful details that she would rather forget than regurgitate in the presence of another male.

It seemed like a good opportunity for her to learn the geography of the male appendage for procreation and in all honesty the feel of a friendly finger rooting around in her posterior assets tended to put a sincere smile on her face that most young lads took for an invitation to continue their investigations of her delightfully designed anatomy.

Still, she kept her knees close together when the moment of truth arrived. She left the boys with that feeling of frustration when they unable to culminate the date with the sheer bliss of internal draining of their hardened weasel. They dug frantically to find the intense pleasure of her path to glory without the success they had so gleefully anticipated.

Now she was going to the most important dating event of the year in the main ballroom and already had her dance card filled with the names and dances promised to several young men who had all had a go at her feminine assets and were understandably interested in expanding their data base of her female geography. Tess was decidedly popular because she was basically submissive to any demand except when it came to actual penetration that might result in continuation of the McAllister line. She certainly had no objection to offering her mouth and on certain occasions her rump for male pleasure and that simple fact insured that she would be in demand regardless of the lack of vaginal touring rights.

Simply stated, it was the length of her ball gown that caused the mishap with the new-fangled escalator and she was still a bit wobbly on the high heels that were all the go in the best social circles these days.

She noticed that the fast-moving escalator was tricky with her narrow heels but the real test came when the hem of her long gown happened to get caught up in the mechanism of the escalator and it started to shred the fabric with sharp teeth that turned relentlessly in steady need to move things uphill. Tess did not want to make a fuss but her lovely ball gown was getting chewed like a puppy's bone and she had a terrible vision of her own limbs being just as unfortunate.

The security guard at the top of the escalator saw her predicament and swiftly moved to shut the whole thing down whilst he extricated the young lady and her ball gown from the device.

Tess was pulled slightly off balance by the wadding of her gown in the teeth and was in a sort of semi-crouched position that caused her backside to stick out like an obscene invitation to interference from behind by nasty-minded members of the opposite sex.

Sergeant Harris, the newly-hired security guard had not had an incident of this sort before but he could recognize the danger of having the gown pulled deeper into the workings of the contraption and the risk to the pretty young female. He steadied the girl and circled her hips with his arms to keep her away from the more dangerous sides of the steps. He noticed that it seemed she was not wearing any girdle or foundation of any type under her gown and surmised it was because she wanted whilst dancing to feel the touch of male gentilia on her sensitive areas of passion without the interference of some obstacle to their desired explorations. He had to smile because it convinced him that this young girl was a lot less shy than she appeared on the surface.

The muscular Sergeant Harris realized that the gown would have to be modified to extract the young lady and took out his sharp knife to start hacking it free just above her knees. Poor Tess almost fainted when she saw the sharp knife because she was more afraid of knives than she was of a decent firearm which was infinitely more merciful than a cutting blade.

He pushed her down lower to get a good grip on her dress and as he cut he became aroused at the sight of her ruffled undies with a spot of wet in the center caused by the girl's excitement of fear at seeing the knife. Harris removed the tattered bottom half of the dress along with the ruined high heels and lifted the girl to the safety of his little booth at the top of the stairs. She was still in his arms and looking up at her rescuer with her carefully painted eyes and lipstick adorned lips that opened slightly to allow her nervous tongue to peek about with tentative anticipation of immediate attention.

It was the tongue that pushed poor Sergeant Harris over the top.

He bent down and sucked it into his greedy mouth not caring how inappropriate the circumstances. His hands began to explore the girl's naked flesh exposed by the abbreviated dress and soon he started to scout out the edges of her ruffled knickers. Tess's wet spot was noticeably wetter now and she had started to pant like she had run up the stairs and not merely gotten stuck on them.

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