Bayou Beauty

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2017 by Tony Tiger

Romantic Sex Story: Thirtieth birthday triggers a big change-of-life for a career woman.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Romantic   Heterosexual   Sharing   Pregnancy   .

She was an absolute beauty. That circumstance affected her life from childhood on. She was sought after by many for business or personal reasons, usually egocentric. The dollars came rolling in for modelling and such, and as arm-candy she was wined, dined, and well-traveled. The latter usually expected access to her beautiful body in exchange, she discovered.

She liked sex alright, but these joinings were mostly physical lust, not providing much emotional satisfaction beyond feeling desirable. Her thirtieth birthday was a time for serious reflection about what lay ahead. She remembered the feelings of romance that she’d had with her first boyfriends before and a while after giving away her virginity. Those had disappeared in the hubbub of her life without her realizing it. Now she missed them. In looking at her life it was apparent that they were unlikely to be found there.

When she inherited her grandparent’s cabin on a small island out in the bayou, she realized an opportunity to reorient her life. Many summer visits gave her happy memories of a simpler life living in the present. She hoped that might help her regain her bearings. She sold everything she had and moved there as quickly as she could. She discovered her cost of living would be so low that just the return on her investments could pay for basic expenses.

She invested some money in a solar power system, a propane powered stove and refrigerator, and a composting toilet. There was already a good old-fashioned hand pump well for water. That, and some other repairs and decoration, made for a very cozy 500 square-foot habitation.

This was a completely different adult life for Celeste, but allowed her to finally manifest her introspective side, away from the noise and bustle and distractions of the city and society life. It was certainly going to take some adjusting but she was also delighted that there was no schedule and she could do whatever and whenever as she chose and, for a change, not be responsible to anyone else.

She’d been there about a week and was getting ready to paddle her canoe, the only means she had to access the mainland, to a riverside store to get supplies. It would be a couple of miles but the exercise would feel good, she figured. She heard the putt-putt-putt of a small motor and looked out to see a jonboat approaching her little dock. The man’s face looked familiar and suddenly she recognized Tommy, a boy who had been a companion during her preadolescent visits to this place.

She greeted him at the dock and they hugged and she offered some coffee which he gratefully accepted. They visited for quite a while and when she told him about going to the store, he said, “Let’s just take my boat. It’s a lot less work and faster too.” He helped her aboard and the little motor buzzed them right along. They talked like excited children as she asked questions and he pointed things out along the way. Shopping was quickly accomplished and the return trip, by a different route, was so interesting to her.

It was midafternoon by then and Celeste asked him about dinner. Tommy had an idea, “How about if I go out and catch us something good and then you cook it?” She gave him a hug and a little squeal at that idea so he took off to do his part while she prepared the rest of the meal. The fresh fish was delicious and he finally said he needed to head back before it got dark. He agreed to come out the next week to take her to the store again.

She looked forward to his return the next week only this time he brought the fish with him when he arrived. After the trip to the store, Celeste had some other ideas of how to spend the time before dinner. In their preteen years they had fooled around with each other out of curiosity. It had been an unusually long time for her to be celibate and she really liked this young man so she made her interest quite clear and he, like any normal male, found her irresistible.

Their first coupling was vigorous and short. Tommy recovered quickly and they began some leisurely copulating, changing positions and extracting all the pleasure they could from their joining. After they brought each other to happy completion, Celeste was glowing in a way that hadn’t happened before. This was fucking with feeling, just what she knew she had been missing. Although their connection was not love, it went back a long way and was definitely very personal and caring. When he finally said he had to leave, it tugged at her heart to see him walking to his little boat.

She regretted that he couldn’t visit for another week after that wonderful satisfaction, but he claimed too many responsibilities. She had little choice so kept herself busy. When she finally heard the little boat motor she stepped outside to greet him. Surprise! There was a young woman in the boat with him this time.

When the bow of the boat grounded, the woman stepped gracefully onto the island, held out her hand and introduced herself, “I’m Lori. If you have your shopping list ready let’s send Tommy to get it since the boat won’t hold all of us. We need to talk while he’s gone.” Tommy was soon putt-putting away.

Having supplied her guest with a cold beverage, Celeste settled back to listen. Lori was very serious. “I understand that you’ve known Tommy since you were kids and have now reconnected at a more grown-up level. While I have no formal claim on him, we have been a couple for a long time and expect to wed someday. I realize that you didn’t know this and also it was not possible for Tommy to resist your charms. What I want to know is your intentions regarding him. If I need to step aside I will but I love him fiercely and will share if I absolutely have to.”

Celeste reached out her hand to hold Lori’s gently. “It gets lonely out here and I was just reaching out for some companionship. This is a major lifestyle change for me so I am still making adjustments but I certainly do not want to damage your relationship. I would rather we become friends since I literally have none here yet. We do have Tommy in common, so I guess that’s the starting point.”

Lori squeezed her hand back in grateful acknowledgment, tears beginning to drip from her eyes. “I would be pleased to be your friend and I have some ideas that I’ll fill you in on at the proper time. For now, show me around your little place here. It looks quite interesting.”

Tommy came back with the boatload of supplies and was pleased that there were smiles between these two women in his life. He wondered if he’d get laid by Celeste again but either way it was all right. She was only his second partner, after Lori, and it had been incredible. The two guests stayed for dinner and finally left at dusk.

A few days later Lori called and asked if she might pay a visit. This time the approaching boat sounded quite different so Celeste peeked out her window and saw Lori in bigger boat with another man, not Tommy. Of course, she welcomed them at the shore and Lori made the introduction, “This is Brent, my brother, and I thought he might provide you with some companionship. Like Tommy, he knows these bayous inside and out and could probably answer any questions you might have about them.”

After a bit of visiting Lori said, “I’ve got to take care of some business so you text me when you want me to come back and pick him up.” Celeste was envious at the way Lori handled the boat, threading through the stumps and other obstacles as she zoomed away.

Brent was kind of shy and she had to keep trying to promote conversation. After a while she got kind of discouraged that this would not be a good companion. Finally, she asked him what was his favorite kind of fishing and his face lit up. Bingo! Once he got going she just had to keep guiding the conversation. He suddenly became a lot better looking and more interesting as a person. He was quite bright, just terribly shy.

When he asked the same question back at her, she had to admit that she didn’t know much about catching the finny residents of the Bayou. “Would you like to learn? I can teach you lots!” They went back and forth making plans until Brent said that he probably needed to be going and Lori was texted.

After they left Celeste sipped on a glass of wine and thought about this new acquaintance. He was certainly physically fit and was soft spoken with excellent manners. His intelligence was of a very different kind than hers but very relevant for his life. She looked forward to tomorrow when she would venture out with him.

He was there bright and early with extra fishing gear for her. They quickly zoomed to one of his favorite fishing places and then started using a little electric trolling motor to move around in their search. He was very patient and she really liked it when he put his arms around her and taught her how to cast a line to where a fish might be hiding. About the third time he did that she noticed a little twinge between her thighs. “I wonder if he’s a virgin?”

They were after crappy that day, and when they’d caught a dinner’s worth they went back to her island and he showed her the messy part of fishing, cleaning and filleting their catch. Another good opportunity for him to put his arms around her and she pushed back gently against his body, feeling turned on by the excitement of what they’d been doing in his presence.

She made sure her ass was nicely visible to him as she bent over to put the filets in her refrigerator and returned with a beer for each of them. “I want to thank you for that adventure. I can see that it is a real art and a science to catching those little swimmers. Not only is it fun but I think it will taste good too.

Unfortunately, there were enough things in the water around the island that swimming is not advised so that was not a way to get his clothes off. Guess she’d just have to be more direct. The itch in her crotch was growing and she was mulling how to make the next move. When she got the next bottle of beer she took him out to the porch swing of the cabin and snuggled in close to him. “I gather you don’t have a girlfriend or Lori wouldn’t have brought you here, right?”

Shyly, Brent admitted he’d never really had a girlfriend. “My God! He probably really is a virgin!” Celeste thought. “I’ve got to have him now since I’ve never had one.”

When she brought the third beer as dusk was settling, Brent asked, “I’ve got to make room for this new beer so tell me about that little toilet of yours.” Here was her opportunity!

“I don’t use it for peeing because it would fill up too fast. Follow me!” She led him over to a corner of the island, lifted up the skirt she was wearing commando, squatted down and nonchalantly peed right in front of him. “Pick the plant you want to fertilize,” she said. “Do you need some help?”

Brent was paralyzed by this unexpected goings-on so she walked over to him and unbuttoned his overalls. He was hard and she couldn’t make any progress so she ordered, “Please get it out for me!”

When he did it was pointing skyward in such a way he could never release his urine so she knelt down and, as she expected, quickly got a mouthful of semen. Smiling up at him she said, “That should make it easier and I like to help men aim since I don’t to get to do that with my own pee.”

He had been wordless through this entire activity and when she stood up with another request he could only stare. “Since we gotten to know each other this well, I’d like to keep on going. Interested?” He could only nod so she led him back to the cabin.

Standing in front of him, she enticingly removed one garment after another until her beautiful body was completely exposed. Then she began working on him and was very pleased at his strong and well-developed upper body. She already knew his cock was above average and, of course, his legs and buns were in equally fine shape. When both were completely unencumbered, she gave him a big hug and a hot kiss. He did not seem overly familiar with tongue kissing but caught on well enough for starters.

With his prior ejaculation, his tension was high but not unbearable so she gave him a guided educational tour of her fine body. He was so focused and seemed to be absorbing what she showed him like a sponge. Maybe that came from his considerable fishing skills. In any case, eventually the magic moment arrived. She guided his penis placement at her swollen and fragrant labia and eased him inside, controlling his motions with hands on his hips.

He seemed to be holding back his verbalizations so she kissed him and whispered, “Pleasure noises are just fine and let me know you like me!” He let out a moan that may have scared wildlife for some distance around and she reciprocated. He did feel very good for a first time and she watched his facial expressions in the dim light as he soaked in the new sensations.

Celeste felt the familiar swelling of a phallus preparing to expel its cream but she also felt him struggling to hold it back. “Let it go! I want your seed deep in me. That makes our joining complete!” He roared, spurted multiple times and dropped down on her, finally remembering to bear some of his weight. He was a “gusher” and that set off an orgasm in the recipient of his semen.

When they felt like moving she got up, gave her crotch a quick wipe, and went to bring him a beer while she had a glass of wine. She could see that he was itching with questions and told him to go ahead.

Brent wasn’t sure how to begin but started by just blurting out, “Do you have sex much?”

His new partner’s smiled and replied, “I’m 30 now, and became legal when I was 16 but didn’t wait for that to get started. I’ve always liked it and would indulge frequently before I came here. Lately it’s not been so easy so I’m really glad to get acquainted with you. Does that answer your question?”

“I do have one other one. My sister said that you had sex with Tommy. Are you going to do it with him again?”

“The quick answer is ‘I don’t know’, but not likely since he is in a relationship. Since this is all new to you maybe there’s a few things I should explain about how I feel about what we just did. Are you ready for that?”

Brent nodded and settled back, his slowly refilling erection in plain sight. When he got hard again he hoped they could have some more fun.

Celeste took on a serious tone of voice as she tried to explain her feelings in a simple way, “To me, sex and hunger are very similar in that they are appetites that need to be satisfied on a regular basis. Both of them are enjoyed while they are happening but when the event is finished they become the past and we begin looking forward to the next time of satisfaction.

“Thinking of sex like that helps me keep it in perspective. I have had it many times in many ways with many men, but being with you here right now is the most important thing for this moment. I’m sure that you’re wondering how you compared to my previous lovers. I try not to make those kinds of judgments. Each one is unique and appreciated as such.

“I also retain the right to share sex with whoever I choose until I make a commitment otherwise. Anyone who continues to be involved with me must accept that unconditionally. Do you have any questions so far?”

Brent shook his head and Celeste decided to stop there. She wasn’t sure how to articulate her deeper needs for satisfaction from sex. There seemed to be some stirrings and potential with this man so she would wait to see how it went.

She noticed that his erection had recovered nicely. She bent over and tasted it and took his hands to show him that she liked her breasts cupped as they hung below her. They were soon joined again and she changed off positions from time to time. She spoke softly about the things that she enjoyed encouraged him to express himself as well. After they both had a release, they slept together until early morning.

After peeing in the undergrowth, she started coffee and breakfast and he finally stirred. His first words were “Do you want to aim me?” She laughed and went with him. He managed to empty his bladder before tumescence took over. He could cook, she had learned, so got busy finishing up breakfast while she texted his sister.

“He survived a night with me,” she keyed, “so I guess Tommy is safe from my clutches for a while.”

A message quickly came back, “Is he any good?”

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