Diabolical, Delectable: That's Little Shona Roberts!

by jamaica

Copyright© 2015 by jamaica

Erotica Sex Story: Gorgeous young trainee humiliates and tortures her boss.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Coercion   Heterosexual   Fiction   BDSM   DomSub   MaleDom   FemaleDom   Spanking   Rough   Humiliation   Sadistic   Torture   Oral Sex   Petting   Water Sports   Scatology   Exhibitionism   Foot Fetish   Leg Fetish   Violent   Workplace   .

Something out of the ordinary occurred at work yesterday, I got summoned to see the big boss. Didn't know what it was about. Was I in trouble for some reason?

"Shona, hi," said Mr Rose, as I entered his penthouse office on the top floor. His office, and his secretary out in the anteroom, that's all there was on this floor. The air felt different up here. Rarified.

"Hi," I replied, controlling my anxiety. "Should I close the door?"

"Yes please," he said. "And do take a seat."

I closed the door behind me and made a beeline across metres of thick white carpet towards the chair in front of his desk.

"No, over there I mean," he said, when I'd almost reached him, pointing to the couch over by the wall. He was smiling at me, a genuine sort of smile.

"Ok, sure," I said, beaming back at him. Clearly I wasn't in trouble. I'd been a mixture of nerves and excitement after getting the call but not any longer. Now I was just excited.

I'd had hardly a glimpse of Mr Rose in the months I'd spent on the premises. Nothing unusual about that, plenty of people who've worked there a lot longer than me have never actually met him. The guy is a legend and his elusiveness is a part of it. And now here was little old me, junior trainee in her first ever proper job, standing right slap bang in his office.

Just the two of us!

I turned around and sauntered over towards the couch, guessing that Mr Rose would be grabbing the opportunity to admire my ass. He was a man after all, boss or not, and men can't stop themselves ogling when it comes to pretty young girls.

Fine by me. I'm aware of how physically attractive I am and I enjoy the effect I have on the male of the species. Being appreciated by the opposite sex is something I never get bored of and I do tend to play up to it. I didn't mind one bit if he was looking, would be deeply disappointing if he wasn't, and I injected a little extra sway and wiggle into my walk.

Ok, I know I know. I can be the most terrible tease!

Like the skirts I wear to the office. Don't get me wrong, they're professional and all, not talking slutty, but they are always super snug and several inches above the knee. I know exactly how alluring my smooth shapely legs and my pert ass look in those cute little business skirts. That's why I wear them. Not to mention the artfully revealing tops I team them with. Sometimes I wear a bra, often I don't, just depending on my mood, how brazen and sexy I feel like being that day. I suppose it's really too much for the workplace, but I don't care a hoot. When a girl is as pretty as me it lends heaps of self confidence, and blessed with a bod like mine it'd be a shame not to show it off, that's my take on the matter.

Certainly has the desired effect on male colleagues, especially the ones on my floor. There are other females down there but none of them are hotties like me, so I have the field to myself as it were, only show in town, and I've been making the most of it, been driving all the guys beserk since the day I started. Poor things are forever drooling and panting over me, desperately trying to impress, every last one of them would strangle their own granny to get into my knickers. Don't have the remotest chance needless to say, bunch of dumb losers, but it's fun to toy with them, to sashay around the place dressed to inflame and feed their hopeless fantasies, to torment and tantalize the poor saps with what they yearn for but can't have. I get such a buzz out of it!

I also quite like how I make the women in the office, who are mainly unattractive old bats, so obviously green with envy. You should see the daggered looks I get from some of these miserable cows when I'm sat there with a bunch of men hovering around and all fighting for a tiny bit of my attention. Talk about jealous.

As for the guys it's a safe bet that most of them aren't getting any at home. The sexual frustration when they lust at me is palpable, which only makes it more amusing to torture them like I do. The idea of all these sad sacks wanting me so bad, the vision of them wanking themselves silly over me in their private moments, it lights me up no end, really gets me going, and my current boyfriend he reaps the benefit.


Well, yes and no.

I've hooked myself this rich older guy called Jason who showers me with money and presents in return for, well you know.

And boy does Jason get full value!

We get together a couple of evenings a week in the luxury condo he rents for me, going at it like rabbits while wifey thinks he's working late.

We laugh about it together, Jase and I, how poor Mrs J is probably just about to start on a solo TV dinner at more or less the same time as hubby is ten miles across town and sliding his grateful dick in between my lissom legs for one last leisurely fuck. As we're doing it he'll grunt about how utterly fabulous it feels to be in the sack with a gorgeous nubile young girl rather than the clapped out old bag he's married to.

I love hearing him talk like that!

I tell him sexy stuff too. Like, I regale him with stories of how I tease the living crap out of all these poor men at this company where I'm working, and Jason OMG he laps that up. It makes Jase very horny, hearing what a terrible cocktease I am at work. Reckon it turns him on just as much as it does me.

It's kinda like foreplay. We'll be in bed together and I'll start whispering stuff to him, like say how I've been persecuting hapless nerdy Martin, my stupid supervisor, perching cross legged on his desk for little chats, dangling a pair of bare silky thighs under his nose, or bending over next to him, maliciously flaunting my sumptuous cleavage in his deprived sweaty face, and at the same time as whispering these wicked salacious tales into his ear I'll be giggling and stroking my benefactor's fat generous cock, priming it, getting him nice and hard and ready to plunge like a crazy man into my dripping pussy.

So I settled myself down on this couch in Mr Rose's office and looked across at him expectantly, figuring I ought to stay quiet until I knew for sure what this was about. I had more than an inkling, I may only be nineteen but I'm far from naive when it comes to men, however I thought it best to let him make the running. Hoped I was right though. Loved the idea of the big boss man seducing me at work!

Should I give the guy a little encouragement?

Yes, why not. I was feeling quite horny. Boyfriend's little 'visits' have been tailing off recently, wife getting antsy about his absences he says, and I've been contemplating alternative sources of entertainment.

I lent back on the couch and made a production of crossing my legs in my short skirt, providing Mr Rose with a teasy little show. It hit the spot. He watched intently, ogling and not even bothering to pretend he wasn't. Guess when you're the boss you can do that. As for me, I liked how he was letching. The frank admiring appraisal combined with the macho self assurance, it was such a turn on.

Mr Rose buzzed through to his secretary. "No interruptions until I say otherwise, Janice, ok?" he instructed, then he removed his jacket and got up from his desk and walked across the room to the couch area.

"So, Shona, how's it going?" he said, looming over me.

I smiled and shrugged. "Oh, you know, Monday mornings."

"Tell me about it. Hey, gotta say, you look even better than your photo."

Wow! I'm used to compliments from men but this one it took me by surprise. Wasn't sure quite what he meant however.

"My photo?"

"You know, the one on the HR system."

"I see. So you've checked me out, have you?" I said, flirting.

"Have, yeah," he grinned.

If any doubt remained about exactly why the boss had invited me up for this little tete-a-tete it was removed by this exchange and by the way that he was gazing down at my legs. The longing was etched across his face. I grinned up at him, basking, enjoying the sense of power I always get when I know a man wants me. Even more satisfying when that man is the CEO of the company I work at and he wants me so much that he's arranged for us to be alone in his office at ten o'clock on a Monday morning.

Normally, in this situation, I'd play hard to get. Even when I've decided to put out for a guy, which I'm definitely happy to do here, I like to lead him on for a while, dangle him on a string, tease him, really make him work for it, but this was different. Mr Rose is a very powerful man. I mean, the company is called Rose Enterprises so it's not exactly rocket science to work out who calls the shots around the place. He could fire me just like that if he got pissed off with me and I didn't want that to happen. I like working there.

So I decided to go with the flow. Take my cues from him. Whatever he had in mind was more than ok by me.

What he had in mind soon became clear. "Mind if I join you?" he said, at the same time removing his tie and tossing it aside.

"Sure," I pouted, and I patted the cushion next to me.

He settled in close and casually rested his arm along the sofa behind me, his hand squeezing my shoulder. His other hand went to my thigh and started to stroke. Guy was a quick worker!

I giggled. The sort of insinuating naughty giggle that told Mr Rose I was totally cool with what he was doing. That I liked it and he could do plenty more if he wanted. I was pretty sure he did want to do plenty more. Hoped so, because so did I. I was loving the whole situation, could feel my panties getting moist.

He was nuzzling away at my neck now. "You are such a beautiful girl, Shona honey, you know that?" he said, his breathing becoming heavy. His hands were on the move, one of them inside my top and fondling my breast, "oh yeah, baby," he grunted in delight at discovering I was braless, the other hand snaking under my skirt and exploring up between my legs.

"Maybe I do," I giggled, shifting position, opening my thighs to make it easy for him to get his hand right up against my panties. He obliged, started to probe my pussy with his strong skilful fingers through the sheer silk of my skimpy panties. OMG it was heavenly!

"Mmm, you so fucking want it, Shona, don't you?" he said, feeling how wet I was. "You're gagging for some cock right here and now, baby, aren't you?"

Way I was panting, that question didn't need an answer.

I slipped my hand into his lap, pleased to feel a raging erection through his pants. "Not the only one who wants it, Mr Rose, am I?" I teased, kneading the bulge.

"So formal you are," he said, teasing me back.

"Well you are my boss," I said. "Aren't you, Mr Rose?"

"I am, sugar, yes."

I unzipped him and freed his throbbing veiny cock. "Ooo, so big and hard!" I purred, licking my lips and grinning meaningfully at him. I felt like taking charge.

He got the message and sat back on the couch, ready to receive.

Not so fast though. First I got up and stood in front of him and treated him to a sexy striptease.

"No, no playing with yourself, just watch!" I commanded, as I got into my performance. "That cock belongs to me."

He grinned ruefully and obeyed, sat there on the couch with his dick protruding loud and proud and watched me strip for him. I took my time because I was simply loving this. The hunger in his eyes as they followed my every teasing move, a need so intense that he was almost drowning in it, he was mesmerized and bewitched by me, just drinking in the spectacle of my delicious body being gradually revealed in all its feminine glory, a body he knew he was about to possess, OMG I just loved the whole thing. There's an enormous erotic power that comes from being a beautiful sexy young girl and at this moment I was absolutely revelling in it. Wanted to savour and prolong things as long as possible.

Down to just my panties I stopped and struck a sex kitten pose for him. "You like what you're seeing, Mr Rose?" I pouted, almost taunting the poor man.

"Fuck, yeah!" he said in a strangled voice. Guy could barely speak.

"Good," I grinned. "So you wanna see the whole package?"

"You bet I do."

"So I'll take these panties off, will I?"

"Oh yeah!"

"How about a please?"

"Please, Shona baby, please take those fucking panties off. Please please please."

"Ok that was nice. Panties off," I smirked, and I oh so slowly slipped my panties down over my hips and thighs. I let them fall to the floor and stepped out of them. I flipped around and showed him my ass, then I got down on all fours and I crawled naked to him, put my head into his lap and took his cock into my mouth and started to pleasure it. I licked and sucked and kissed and nibbled, took him to heaven's gate over and over again, each time stopping when I sensed he was approaching a point of no return. I was merciless. I teased his cock like a thousand dollar an hour whore until finally he could take no more.

"Enough!" he snarled and he yanked my head up and threw me on the carpet, on my back, and then he just took me, he rammed his cruelly teased and rigid cock into my warm slick greedy pussy and started pumping, kept on and on, both of us moaning mindlessly in orgasmic delight, until finally we came at the same time in a fog of mutual and shatteringly satisfying sexual ecstasy. It was the best fuck I've ever had, bar none. Bet it was for him too. Fact I know it was because he told me. More exciting, he said, doing it at work. And I had to agree.

"Hey, are you sure your boyfriend won't mind this?" he kidded me, as we were lying in post coital bliss on his office carpet.

"What, me fucking the boss at work?" I was ultra relaxed now. Knew I could say or do anything and he wouldn't mind.

"Yeah, exactly," grinned Mr Rose.

"Bit late to ask that, don't you think?"

"Guess it is."

"Still, maybe it is best to check. So should I ask him?"

"Yes, honey, why don't you do that."

"Um, ok. So, Jason honey, you don't mind if I fuck my boss on his office carpet, do you?"

He gave a quick chuckle before replying. "No, baby, I don't. I actually think you ought to fuck your boss every single chance you get. I'll go further. I damn well insist that you do. How's that?"



"Seriously though, Jase, I thought we'd said to keep things separate. You know, not mix business with pleasure."

He nodded. "And it's been great. But thing is, baby, it really is getting difficult now. Like, how many times have I managed to see you in the last month?"



He told me that it wasn't enough for him. He was finding himself thinking about me all the time. It was affecting his performance as CEO. He needed me 'on tap'.

Therefore the only viable solution was for us to start fucking on a regular basis in the office.

Music to my ears!

But what about people knowing, I asked him. Wasn't that a problem?

Not really, Jason assured me. People wouldn't know if we were careful. He'd given it some thought, how we could manage things. Rather than the formal summons via his secretary that I'd received today, I'd get a personal text from him directly saying that he wanted me, could I leave my desk and join him? At which point I'd assess the scene down where I was and I'd reply 'yes' and make the trip up to the top floor if I reckoned I could do it without raising a whole lot of eyebrows. Otherwise I'd text back 'no'.

As for people guessing, the ones I worked with, his senior colleagues, well first of all guessing isn't knowing, and second of all he wouldn't be too fussed even if they did have their suspicions. What about me, he asked. Was I worried about it? Not at all, I said.

Totally true. I'd actually quite like the whole company to know I was screwing the CEO! Although I didn't tell Jason that. I promised him that I'd be careful. The truth was, I didn't envisage me sending too many 'no' texts.

His secretary would know, obviously, but Janice could keep secrets. That was a big part of her job. She'd worked for Jason forever. Totally loyal. He'd trust Janice with his life, he told me.

"Ok, sure baby," I said.

Jason kissed me and checked his watch. So did I. It was almost eleven.

"Guess I'd better get back," I grinned.

"D'you wanna freshen up first?" he said. "There's a bells and whistles bathroom here."

"Really? Wow!"

"It's through that door behind my desk."

And so there was. Fantastic! I gathered up my clothes and went in there and got myself together. Had a shower, missing out the hair which I just brushed, redid my makeup, got dressed. When I came back out a few minutes later I looked pretty much exactly as I had when I arrived. So did Jase, who'd got his pants zipped back up, shirt buttoned, tie and jacket back on. He looked like the CEO. Looked cool and calm and collected. Looked ready for business rather than a guy who'd just had his brains fucked out.

"So, do the guys down there know where you are?" he said.

"Nope. Just walked out and came up here."

"That's good. But you have to get back, right?"

"Well, kind of. Martin will be wondering where the fuck I am."

"Martin. Oh yeah, that dorky supervisor of yours. Isn't he the guy you like to really mess with? The poor bastard who you pricktease the whole time?

"Yeah, totally," I giggled.

"So who gives a flying fuck if Marty doesn't know where the hell you are. Not scared he'll tick you off, sugar, are you?"

"Marty? Tick me off? Ha ha ha."

"Bit pathetic, is he?"

"God yeah. He's a fucking spaz."

Jason chuckled and went silent for a moment. Then he fixed me with a devilish grin. "Just thinking, sugar, what say you and I have a little fun at Marty's expense later on today?"

"How do you mean?" I said, intrigued.

Jason told me what he had in mind. It was pretty diabolical but also hilarious. I loved it. Told him, yeah, let's do it, and I added a couple of little suggestions of my own which made Jase crack up. "Shona, you are one evil little bitch!" he spluttered, almost choking with laughter. "Ok, sure, so that's what we'll do. Four o'clock, babe, ok?"

"Ok!" I said.

I gave him a nice long snog, a real sexy one, and then I took my leave, went back down to my floor.

Martin did ask me where I'd been for the last hour and a half but I gave him short thrift. Told him it was none of his fucking business. He went red and started trying to tell me that it was his business, being my manager, but it was hard to take him seriously on account of the fact he kept losing his thread. Perhaps because what he was really focussed on was staring down my top.

Usually I'd just let him stare, maybe jiggle my tits around to really torture him, but this time I had our fiendish little plan to execute so what I did was get angry.

"Martin, look, I know what you're looking at. Seems like you're always doing it and I've really had enough. I'm sick and tired of you fucking perving on me. In fact you know what, I'm gonna fucking report it. I'm gonna send an email right now to the CEO and say that what's happening with me and you down here is totally fucking unacceptable."

"You wouldn't," blurted Martin, shocked.

"Just watch me," I said and I hammered at my keyboard as if carrying out my threat.

"No way he's going to deal with that, Shona," said Martin, a certain smugness entering his expression. "JR won't even get involved in stupid stuff like that. Janice his secretary will just forward to personnel, which means there'll be a formal meeting scheduled to discuss it, and then when it becomes clear that it's total and utter bullshit, which they will absolutely know it is, given the reputation you've got and given that I've worked here with no complaints for over five years, it's you who'll be in trouble. Big trouble."

"We'll see, won't we?" I said. "In the meantime I'd like you to leave me alone."

"My pleasure," said Martin and off he went in a huff.

It had been quite a row but both of us had kept our voices down. I checked around to see if anybody in the vicinity had got wind of what had just happened. They hadn't. Perfect.

Four o'clock on the dot my deskphone went. It was Janice. "Shona, JR would like to see you and Martin Peabody up in his office immediately please."

I said fine and asked her if I should tell Martin.

Janice said no, not necessary, she was about to ring him herself. But we should come up together.

I hung up and looked across at Martin. A few seconds later his phone rang. He picked up and even from where I was I could see the colour draining from his face. He put the phone down and stared into space for a moment, then seemed to gird himself, try to look unconcerned. Fooling no-one, I thought, inwardly giggling.

I got up and stopped by his desk. "Should we go up then?" I said, trying not to gloat, not quite succeeding.

"Um, sure, yes," muttered poor Martin.

"You're gonna be in trouble, Shona, trust me," he said, as we were riding the elevator.

"Well one of us is," I shot back.

We exited the lift and walked into the room where Janice was sitting. "Ah yes, good," she said, peering at us over her spectacles. "Go right in. He's waiting for you."

Martin trooped off towards the door marked 'Jason Rose: CEO'.

I lingered behind a second, said thanks to Janice. "No problem, honey," she whispered and she winked at me. OMG she knew. She was in on it. Brilliant!

I smiled at her and then quickly followed after Martin, caught him up as he reached the door.

Martin knocked and after a short pause a deep booming voice said "come".

We went in and found Jason sat behind his desk looking extremely formidable.

Also extremely handsome, I thought!

I glanced at Martin. Just about holding it together but clearly overawed. This was a massive deal for him. Five years at the company, sure, but in all that time the only exposure he'd had to the legendary Jason Rose was to be in a large crowd of other employees watching him give one of his famous but rare 'JR town hall addresses', these being a kind of mass companywide pep talk.

Now here he was up in JR's office on a charge of sexual harassment. Least as far as he was concerned he was. He didn't know it was just a nasty little game that me and Jase had cooked up for our entertainment. Poor guy was shitting bricks!

Jason got up from his desk and marched over to us, serious expression on his face.

"Malcolm Peabody?" he said, palm outstretched.

"Er, yes sir," stammered Martin, shaking hands with Jason. "Or rather, no, it's errr Martin actually, sir."

"Sure. Martin," snapped Jason. "That's what I said."

Martin nodded meekly. Jason was standing up close, right in his personal space, and gazing down like he was contemplating a creature of a vastly lower order. Which was true in every sense. Not only was Jason the CEO of a company where Martin was a complete nothing, he physically towered over him. Jason was six four, Martin just slightly taller than me, there was a full foot difference between the two. In addition there was the stark contrast in physiques, Jason well built, muscular, Martin the quintessential little weed. The contrast was quite funny. And of course it only added to the gigantic imbalance in power at play here.

"Guess they call you Marty," said Jason, with a grin. Not much of a grin though. Blink and you'd miss it.

Martin had the sense to stay quiet but looked uneasy and embarrassed. I'd told Jason how he disliked being called Marty.

Jason turned to me. "And you must be Shona." His face remained serious but there was the hint of a smile now and a definite twinkle in his eye.

"Yes, sir."

"Shona Roberts."


"Ok, so let's sort this shit out," Jason said, crisp and businesslike. He walked over to the couch area and we traipsed after him.

Jason plopped himself down. "Shona, would you like to sit too? You're not the accused here," he said.

"Thank you," I said, smiling sweetly, and I joined Jason on the couch. We sat close but not quite touching, Martin staying put and stood before us like an errant schoolboy.

Jason and I stared at him for a long moment, enjoying his obvious and growing discomfort.

Jason finally broke the silence. "Right, Marty. So I've read Shona's complaint. Seems you're not doing your job properly. Seems you're spending the whole time ogling at her and it's getting to be a problem. Now let me tell you, I take this sort of thing seriously. Extremely seriously. This company has a reputation to uphold and I'm damn well going to make sure that nothing compromises that. And it appears from what Shona tells me that your behaviour towards her is becoming highly inappropriate. Like today, for example, you were looking down her top, is that correct?"

Martin cleared his throat and began speaking, his voice thin and strained. "Sir, this isn't fair. Ok, I might have been looking, but it wasn't a big deal and Shona she usually likes -"

"Marty, cut the crap," said Jason, interrupting brusquely, hand up to indicate his displeasure. "Look, rules of the game on this. You get asked questions and you answer literally and truthfully. No embellishments necessary. If it's a yes or no question, like that one was, you answer yes or no. Ok Marty?"

"Yes sir."

"Excellent. So we try again. Were you looking down Shona's top in the office today?"

"Yes sir."

"Better. Well done. Honesty is what's needed for this process. Carry on being truthful and, who knows, you might still have a job at the end of this. If you lie, even the tiniest lie, you'll be out on your ear faster than you can scratch it. Do hope we understand each other."

The mention of a possible sacking had an immediate and shattering effect on Martin. He looked terrified now. Terrified and utterly craven.

"Right, next question and a crucial one. Which is this. Did you ask Shona if you could have a good look down her top? Because if you did, Marty, and she said that yes you could, we can stop right here, no case to answer. So did you? Did you get her permission first?"

"No sir."

"Ah. Not good then. Not good at all."

I was enjoying this hugely. Finding it very hard to keep a straight face. I glanced across at Jason and caught his eye. He was having a ball too, I could tell.

"Shona, I'm sure you have questions for Marty too. So feel free to chip in whenever you like."

"Thank you, I will."

"Do you have any right now?"

"I do."

"Away you go then."

I looked at Martin with a mocking smile. "You often look at my breasts, Marty, don't you?"

"Um, err -"

"That's a yes or no again," reminded Jason.

"Ok, well I guess it's more that -"

"Yes or no. I won't fucking tell you again! God almighty."

"Sorry sir."

"Peabody? Peabrain more like."

I let out a giggle. Couldn't help it. Jase was such a bastard sometimes!

"Shona is asking if you frequently look at her breasts. That's the question. Fucking answer it."

"Yes sir."

"Is that the actual answer to her actual question? Or is that you telling me that you are now about to answer it?" snapped Jason, bullying mercilessly.

Marty opened his mouth but nothing emerged. Poor guy looked all at sea.

"Ok don't worry. Let's do it this way," said Jason with exaggerated patience, voice softening, like he was dealing with a small child. "We re-pose the question. It's a very straightforward one. Do you often stare at Shona's tits?"

"Yes sir."

"Finally. Jesus, it's like pulling teeth. Still, we got there in the end. But let's speed this fucking thing up, shall we. Haven't got all day. Question, answer, question, answer. Got it?"

"Yes sir."


"Ok JR, thank you. Yes, a couple more. Marty, so what's going on with you? Do you fancy me or something?"


"Is that because I'm a pretty girl?"


Jason butted in again. "Just one small thing. Marty, given the charge is essentially you showing a lack of respect for Shona, I think for the duration of what we're doing here it'd be nice, and would work in your favour with me, if you were to address her very respectfully as Miss Roberts. That ok with you?"

"Yes sir."

Jason flashed me a wicked grin. "And you, Shona? You'd really appreciate that, I'm guessing, if Marty here was to be highly respectful and refer to you as Miss Roberts for the rest of this discussion."

"Oh most definitely," I said, grinning back in spades.

"That's settled then."

Total scream! This was going beautifully to plan. Better if anything. It was clear that my wretched supervisor, scared of getting the sack, terribly intimidated and disempowered by the situation, would do and or say anything we wanted. Jase and I had him on a spit. It was simply a matter of exactly how to roast him.

"Can I carry on the inquisition?" I said.

"Yep," said Jason.

"I'm pretty then, Marty, am I?"

"Yes Miss Roberts."

"Sexy too? Do you find me sexy?"

"Yes Miss Roberts."

"And that's why you like to ogle me?"

"Yes Miss Roberts."

I started tittering at this point. Just couldn't resist. Jason was chortling too. Martin wasn't though. The fact that we were now openly laughing at him was only adding to his ordeal. Guess he was fearing the worst. Not that he could much about it. All he could do was try his level best to jump whatever hoops we put him through and hope against hope that it would be enough to somehow save his job.

"Not married, Marty, are you?" I continued.

"No Miss Roberts."

"So you live alone?"

"Yes Miss Roberts."

"What about a girlfriend? Do you have a girlfriend, Marty?"

"No Miss Roberts."

"Can't say that surprises me," I smirked. "Still, that's a shame. Don't suppose you ever get laid then. Like, how old are you, bet you're about forty or something, aren't you?"

"Yes Miss Roberts."

"And have you had a fuck even once in the last, say, ten years?"

"No Miss Roberts."

"Poor thing! Being sex starved must be so tough on a guy. Do you feel sexually frustrated a lot of the time?"

"Yes Miss Roberts," muttered Martin, his voice barely above a whisper. Only thing he wanted right now was a hole to open up and swallow him.

"Speak up man, for god's sake! We can hardly hear you," snapped Jason.

"Sorry sir," said Martin, managing to raise his voice just slightly.

"And seeing me around the office, does that get you excited?" I continued, remorseless, relishing this opportunity to utterly humiliate the poor man.

"Yes Miss Roberts."

"Is it even more exciting because of how I dress?

"Yes Miss Roberts."

"Like, have you noticed how my skirts are quite short?"

"Yes Miss Roberts."

"Show a lot of leg, don't they?"

"Yes Miss Roberts."

"Tight too. Make my ass look fabulously enticing, I bet?"

"Yes Miss Roberts."

"And my breasts, Marty, let's not forget my breasts. They're large, aren't they?"

"Yes Miss Roberts."

"And luscious?"

"Yes Miss Roberts."

"And especially tantalizing, I suppose, because of the revealing tops that I like to wear?"

"Yes Miss Roberts."

"So to summarize, you often get sexually excited just by looking at me, would that be fair to say?"

"Yes Miss Roberts."

"And tell me, that problem of yours we were talking about, poor old you never getting laid and stuff, does the sight of a hot looking nineteen year old girl swanning around close to you in the office all day and every day wearing incredibly sexy outfits, does that tease you and get you even more horribly frustrated? Is it almost unbearable? Does it drive you totally insane? You know, because you can never have me. All you can do is look."

"Yes Miss Roberts."

Abject and demeaned, increasingly distressed, Martin was trembling and twitching and staring fixedly down at the carpet.

"Why aren't you looking at me now then?"

Silence. Not a yes or no question, so the poor sod didn't know how to respond.

"Yeah, fuck's sake," said Jason, joining in the fun again. "We were just talking about respect, were we not. Least you can do is look at a girl when she's talking to you."

Martin dragged his head up and forced himself to look at me. I cracked a wicked grin and stuck my tongue out at the poor guy. I was completely toying with him now and wanted him to realize it. He did of course. He knew it but could do nothing to defend himself because he could see that I'd got the CEO, the all powerful Jason Rose, wrapped around my little finger. Had he guessed why that was? That me and the boss were fucking? I didn't know and neither did I care.

It would soon become obvious in any case.

"You so wish you could touch me, Marty, don't you?" I taunted.

"Yes Miss Roberts."

I lazily shifted position on the couch, lent further back and got very comfortable, then carried on the cruel relentless goading.

"Is that something you think about a lot? When you're all alone at night, for example, do you jerk off under the sheets fantasizing about me? Do you wish I was there naked in bed with you? My soft silky body all yours to play with. Do you toss and turn every single night in your lonely bed thinking about making love to me? Do you, Marty?"

"Yes Miss Roberts."

"Oh you poor poor thing," I laughed.

I did a prolonged and leisurely arm stretch, scanty top sliding up to flash several inches of bare belly, and I casually crossed and re-crossed my legs inside my little skirt. Martin tried to hold my taunting gloating gaze but could manage it for no more than a split second. The obvious thing for him to stare at, what he really wanted to stare at, were my spectacular openly flaunted legs, but I guess he felt he'd better not, what with the nature of the charge he was up on, and so his eyes settled desperately on or around the area of my chin.

"He's gone very red, Shona, hasn't he?" sniggered Jason, who knew exactly what I was doing.

"He sure has," I giggled.

"Must be guilt," Jason announced firmly. "Don't you think?"

"Yep. Guilty as sin. Ogling me yet again there, wasn't he, before he caught himself and stopped. Just like I said in the email. Case proved?"

Jason nodded and looked straight at Martin, adopting a suddenly very formal tone and posture. "Definitely. The complaint is upheld. Malcolm Peabody, you are guilty as charged of inappropriate behaviour in the workplace. Bit of a pervert, I have to say."

"It's Martin, JR, not Malcolm," I corrected.

"Whatever," said Jason.

Martin was looking beyond distressed, hearing the verdict. Looked utterly mortified. Tears were welling up in his eyes. He was on the point of blubbering like a baby.

Jason ignored him, turned to me instead. "Glad you reported this, Shona. You were absolutely right to bring it to my attention. We must see about a reward for you."

"Why thank you, JR!" I chirped gleefully. "A reward would be lovely."

"My pleasure, Shona," said Jason, openly affectionate now, gazing lovingly at me, playing with my hair.

"But no, no sir, none of this means that I'm –"

Martin had started blurting, forgetting the rules in his acute distress and anxiety.

"Shut the fuck up," drawled Jason, still stroking my hair, other hand drifting to my thigh. "Don't make it worse for yourself. You're guilty but this is not over yet. We have to decree the punishment for you and the reward for the delectable Miss Roberts. And by 'we' I mean Miss Roberts and I. She and I together will discuss and decide. Now let me see, what's the time, ok not even five o'clock, no problem. So what I'd like you to do, my friend, is go wait out there with Janice while we discuss what's going to happen. I'll call you back in when we're ready."

Martin nodded dumbly, turned and shuffled off towards the door.

"Hang on, let me call her first," said Jason.

Martin froze where he was, halfway to the door, and Jason got up, went to his desk and buzzed through. "Janice, sweetheart, can you pop in please."

Moments later Janice appeared in the doorway. "Yes?"

At least thirty years older than me, Janice must be, but I have to admit still attractive. A bit severe perhaps but definitely attractive. Good figure, that's for sure, especially her legs. She was dressed nicely too. Knee length pencil skirt, sheer tights and heels, a crisp white blouse opened to show just a hint of cleavage. If I look like that when I'm her age I won't be too unhappy about it. Bet men still fancy her. Bet Jason does a little bit, although he's never said. If he hadn't hit the jackpot with me, who knows, he'd maybe be doing Janice. Probably he did years ago, when she was more nubile and fuckable.

"I need you to look after Marty here for a while. You're not about to leave or anything, are you?"

"No, JR. I'll be a while yet. Still got tons to do."

"Good. So Marty's going to sit quietly out there with you and he's not going to be any trouble. Just ignore him, basically, until I buzz and say to send him back in, ok?"

"Sure thing."


"Come along then, Marty," said Janice, waggling her finger imperiously, and Martin trotted obediently towards her. OMG, did he have any self esteem left at all? Not sure he did.

Looking at how completely crushed and broken he was, my pretty little head was swirling with ideas for the sick and twisted things we could inflict on the poor bastard when we got him back in again!

"Oh Janice," Jason called, as they were disappearing from view.


"I said just ignore Marty, and please do if that's what you'd prefer, but if there's a way that he can make himself useful to you, then by all means use the opportunity, you know what I mean?"

Janice paused for thought briefly then gave a sly smile. "Um, ok. Well there is something that springs to mind. It's not really a work thing though."

"Doesn't matter. Anything you want him to do, just tell him and he'll do it."

"Ok great. Because I was noticing, just before you called actually, that these shoes I'm wearing have got a little grubby today."

"Surely not," Jason said. "That's so unlike you."

Janice laughed sheepishly. "I know. Must have trodden in some crud when I went out at lunchtime and then not spotted it until just now. Unlike me, as you say. Anyway, what I'm thinking, it'd be a big help to me if Marty could see to them. I'll just slip them off and he can clean and shine them up with a damp cloth. What do you think?

"A damp cloth? You have a damp cloth out there?"

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