Stolen Pleasures

by Lucky Mann

Copyright© 2015 by Lucky Mann

Fiction Sex Story: A guy offers to help a stranded motorist and she treats him as if he had asked for a blowjob. He decides to give the bitch what she deserves. He vows revenge and kidnaps her for the pleasure of himself and several of his friends.

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Rape   Coercion   Drunk/Drugged   Heterosexual   Fiction   Light Bond   Gang Bang   Interracial   Black Male   White Male   White Female   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Petting   Violent   .

The sun had nearly set. A warm spring Friday in northern Indiana was coming to an end. As Chris slowly drove home, his thoughts drifted back to the girl he had briefly spoken to. A girl who had called him names when he had only offered his help. She didn't even know him, and she had been extremely rude. She shouldn't have been so bitchy. It had been a little over a half an hour since their encounter, and she was still eating at his mind.

Karen had been on the road for several hours by the time she and Chris crossed paths. She had been traveling through northern Indiana on her way to Chicago. She was going to meet her boyfriend, Billy.

Both Karen and Billy were in college. Unfortunately for them, it wasn't the same college. Karen attended a well respected community college near her home in Cleveland, Ohio. Billy had gone to a major university in the Chicago area.

She had gotten off the high speed super highway, She didn't like the stress of the faster road. She and taken a slower and more leisurely state highway. She soon found she had become lost. That's how she found herself on a seldom used stretch of rural road. Few people used it since the new I-80 had been built.

When her car quit running for no apparent reason, she had pulled it to the side of the road. She needed help. She had been sitting on the fender of her disabled car for quite a while, and nightfall was rapidly approaching.

Chris had taken that particular route just for a change of pace. He was in no hurry. It was Friday and he didn't have to go into work the next couple of days. His job as a corporate sales rep was highly stressful. Additionally, his girlfriend of three years had recently left, which only added to his stress level. The quite drive along the practically deserted road was like therapy for Chris. When he saw a car off to the side of the road, he naturally stopped to offer his help to the driver. That's what rural folks do. They helped each other.

Chris pulled up behind the parked car, got out, and walked toward it. As he approached her, Chris, being a normal male, checked out the girl as she slid off her fender.

She was not what many people would call beautiful, but she was very cute. She appeared to be about 22-years-old, stood a little over 5' tall, and weighed maybe 100 pounds. Her hazel eyes were set in a rounded, well tanned face, which was surrounded by dark hair that flipped up at her shoulders. She didn't seem to have much of a chest, but her snug jeans showed off a cute, little, round ass.

When he reached her, Chris smiled, reached out to shake her hand, and said. "Hi. I'm Chris. Do you need any help?"

"I'm Karen, and this damn thing just quit running!" Karen was understandably in a bad mood, but she seemed to have forgotten common courtesy.

Chris was not a mechanic. He was especially lost when it came to the newer computerized cars. However, he offered to look at it for her anyway. He did his best to find what had gone wrong with Karen's car. When he was unable to find her car's problem, Chris offered to take Karen to a phone in town. She could call for help from there.

Karen responded as if Chris had asked her for a blowjob on the spot. "Are you serious? Why would I get in a car with you? I don't know you. Hell no! You can kiss my ass!"

"Sorry. I only wanted to help. You don't have to flip out." Chris said, as he turned and walked back to his car. As he pulled out, Chris stopped next to Karen, and told her. "Traffic gets mighty scarce on this road, especially at night."

Karen flipped him off, and yelled. "Fuck you!"

Chris then pulled away. He left her standing on the side of the road in the rapidly darkening night.

With a building anger, Chris slowly drove home. He thought to himself. 'I only offered to help. She didn't have to be such a bitch about it.'

As he pulled into his garage, something snapped in Chris' head. He again thought to himself. 'Who in hell does that bitch think she is. I only wanted to help. Well, fuck her!'

Then an evil idea crossed his mind. He thought. 'Why not fuck her? She already thinks I'm some sort of pervert.' As he brought his car to a stop and slammed the gear-shift into Park, he said aloud to himself. "Hell yeah. Why not? With that attitude, she might be one wild fuck. Whether she likes it or not, that bitch is going to get herself fucked tonight?"

Chris took a few minutes to gather a few things from his garage. He didn't know exactly what he might need. After all, he was not in the habit of kidnapping women from the side of the road. If he was going to do this though, he needed to be prepared. He gathered rope to tie her, rags to blindfold and gag her, and starting fluid (either) in case she needed quieting.

By the time Chris had gathered what he needed and driven back to where he had left Karen, a little over an hour had passed. It was pitch dark by then. The only lights on the lonely stretch of rural road were from his headlights.

Chris passed her and made a U-turn. He again pulled in behind her car. He got out and purposely walked toward the front of Karen's car.

Karen was sitting in her car. Her mood had not improved, and she still had a bad attitude in her voice. She stared up at Chris and asked. "What the fuck do you want now?"

In a less than friendly tone of voice, Chris asked. "You want that ride now?"

As she climbed out of her car, she curtly answered him. "I don't seem to have much of a choice, now do I?"

"I guess not." He pointed toward his car. "Get in!" Chris sounded almost as if he had ordered her into his car.

Karen opened the passenger side door on Chris' car and bent over to get in. Before she could seat herself, Chris shoved her hard from behind. She fell head first into his car. She ended up lying face down on Chris' front seat. Chris quickly placed a knee in the small of Karen's back to hold her down and grabbed the rope from the back seat. He securely tied Karen's hands behind her back.

In the mean time, Karen was thrashing about and screaming. "What the hell are you doing? You son-of-a-bitch, I'll kick your fucking balls off." She was trying to do just that.

As soon as he had her hands secured, Chris, avoiding her kicks, tied her ankles together. He then ran a rope from her ankles to her wrists. Karen was thus securely hogtied. That stopped her kicking, but her mouth was still fully engaged.

"You son-of-a-bitch! What the fuck are you going to do to me?" She hissed.

Chris' hand snapped out and soundly slapped Karen across her cheek. Not hard enough to leave a mark, but just hard enough to get Karen's attention.

The slap startled Karen and angered her even more. No one had ever slapped her. She quickly recovered and screamed at Chris.

"Fuck you!"

Chris instantly slapped her other cheek.

"No, Bitch. It's you that will be getting fucked. Now, shut the fuck up." Then he gagged and blindfolded the bitch with the rags he had brought.

With more than a little effort, Chris was able to drag Karen out of his front seat, stuff her into the back seat, and slam the door.

Karen tried to fight free of her bonds as Chris pulled back onto the road. She quickly realized her protests and struggles were a waste of time and strength.

Chris drove around the countryside for nearly an hour to be certain his captive was thoroughly confused as to her whereabouts. Only then, did he quietly pull into his garage.

After closing and locking the garage door, Chris opened his rear car door and removed the rope that ran from Karen's ankles to her wrists. Pulling her from the car, he helped her stand up. He then put her over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes and patted her cute little ass. As he carried her into his house he patted her ass again and said. "Yeah, Baby. You're about to get your pussy and this cute little ass fucked."

He carried her down to the basement. Chris was in excellent condition, so carrying someone as petite as Karen was not difficult.

The basement had been converted into a recreation room. It was one large room with no dividers. Two poles that held the center of the house up stood on the center-line of the room. The floor was plushly carpeted and the walls paneled. There were no windows. Several couches lined the walls. A refrigerator was near the couches. A pool table was at one end of the room, and a stereo and large screen TV were at the other end. He frequently had a select group of buddies over to watch various sports, or sometimes a porno, on the big screen TV.

Without turning on any lights, Chris rather roughly dumped Karen onto one of the couches. In a calm voice, Chris spoke to her. "I would like to remove your gag. However, if you scream, or so much as raise your voice, it will be put right back on. Do you understand? Will you be quiet?"

Realizing there was little she could do but go along with her captor, for now, Karen nodded her agreement. She had decided to make the best of this dangerous situation.

Almost gently, her gag was removed. "Now, sit there, and be quiet!" Chris ordered, as he left her in the darkened room. Karen heard a door being locked as Chris disappeared into the darkness.

After a quick shower, Chris returned to Karen. The carpeting deadened his footsteps as he returned, and she was startled when he spoke. "If I remove your ankle ties, will you walk without kicking?"

Karen softly replied, "Yes."

The ropes were quickly taken from her ankles.

"Come with me." Chris ordered. Taking her firmly by her right arm, he pulled her to her feet. With her blindfolded still in place, and her hands tied behind her back, he led her to one of poles and told her to sit on the floor. An old pair of handcuffs was used to attach her left wrist to the pole. He then removed the rope around her wrists.

"Would you like something to eat or drink?" Chris asked.

Just above a whisper, Karen said. "I'm thirsty."

Out of her sight, Chris made Karen a sloe gin fizz, a mixture of sloe gin and 7-UP. If made properly, it tastes like a cherry 7-UP. It's only later that the effects of the sloe gin set in.

As Karen sipped her drink, Chris left her alone again to go up stairs. He made several phone calls. One of the calls was to Jimmy, a friend who was a mechanic. He was a good mechanic, had his own shop, and owned a tow truck. Karen's car was soon taken from the roadside and secured inside Jimmy's shop.

Before returning to his basement, Chris gathered more supplies he thought he might need during Karen's unwilling stay. Video tape equipment and several adult toys his ex-girlfriend had left behind, were placed in a box. He carried the box to the basement.

Karen must have been very thirsty, because her drink was gone when Chris returned. He quietly made her another drink and went about setting up the video cameras and lights.

Karen seemed to like the 'cherry 7-UP'. She quickly finished her second drink and asked for a third. She was beginning to feel the effects of the alcohol. She asked. "What are you going to do to me? Please, don't hurt me?"

In a rather matter-of-fact tone, Chris answered her questions. "You will not be hurt unless you force us to hurt you. Like I told you out by your car, you will be getting fucked. It's up to you how rough you'll be treated during that fucking. But you can be assured, you will be thoroughly used and well fucked before leaving this place."

Karen hung her head, but said nothing.

A short while later, Karen downed the last of her third drink. She asked for another, which she got. With a noticeable slur in her voice, she said. "Well, I'm no virgin. My boyfriend has screwed me a few times, so, I supposed I can handle you doing me."

The alcohol in the sloe gin was indeed having an effect on Karen. She even had a slight smile on her face. Then it sank in. Karen had heard Chris use the word 'us.' She asked him about it. "You said 'you will not be hurt unless you force us to hurt you.' "What did you mean when you said 'us'?"

With a smirk and an evil chuckle, Chris answered her. "Oh, did I forget to tell you? I've invited a few friends over for a little party. Guess who the entertainment is? They're going to help make sure you get very well fucked, just like I promised."

Anger flashed across Karen's face. "You son-of-a-bitch!" She started to stand. She then found the sloe gin had hit her rather hard. With a flop, she landed back on her ass. "Shit!" She exclaimed.

"Listen, Bitch!" Chris barked at Karen. "It's that attitude that got you here in the first place. Do I need to tie your ass up and gag you again?"

Realizing she had no control over what was about to happen to her, Karen hung her head and replied. "No. I'll be good. Please don't hurt me."

"Good! Now shut the fuck up, relax, and have another drink. You might as well enjoy this, if you can." Chris told her. He handed her another drink. This one had a little 90 proof vodka mixed with the sloe gin in the mixture.

After finishing her forth drink, Karen lay on the floor and dozed off. She awoke to find Chris kneeling over her. Her blindfold had been removed, and a very bright light was aimed at her from overhead. Except for things close to her, the light made seeing much more than shadows nearly impossible. She couldn't see much better with her blindfold off than she could with it on.

Chris leaned forward, kissed her cheek, and loudly said. "Smile for the camera, Baby."

"What? What the hell do you mean, camera?" Karen's head was swimming from the alcohol, but she sure as hell didn't like the idea of having pictures taken while she was being assaulted.

Again Chris leaned forward, kissed her cheek, and whispered. "I said smile, Bitch. We're going to make a little movie here. We may want to watch you get fucked again, sometime. Remember, if you co-operate, we won't be as rough with you as we will be if you don't co-operate. You will act like you're enjoying this, and we'll make a porno of you haveing a good time and getting well fucked. Or, you can continue to be a bitch, and we'll might make a bondage and rape movie. Your choice."

Though her head was in a fog from the alcohol, she whispered back. "Okay, I'll smile and I'll cooporate, but I don't have to enjoy being raped."

Karen looked directly into the bright light and smiled broadly. Chris helped her sit up, gave her another drink, and unbuttoned her blouse. The blouse was pushed off her shoulders and fell down her arms to the floor. She then realized she was no longer cuffed to the pole. The handcuffs must have been removed while she dozed. She wasn't even near the pole anymore. Chris helped her take her arms out of the blouse. She hung onto Chris' neck for balance, and he loosened her bra. She was laid back down, her bra removed, and was tossed to the side.

Chris' first impression was correct. Karen didn't have much in the way of tits. They were each about the size of flattened half an orange. Her nipples were quite nice though. The areolas were nearly as big as half dollars. They, and her nipples, were perfectly centered on what tit she did have.

Chris took a tit in each hand and squeezed firmly. He then gently pinched both nipples. Karen's nipples began to harden. He bent over and sucked Karen's right nipple into his mouth. When he gently nudged her elbow, Karen put her hand on the back of Chris' head and pulled him tighter to her chest. Some firm licking, sucking, and pinching of her nipples brought a slight groan from Karen. Her nipples were soon standing hard and proud a ½" out from her tits.

"Pinch and roll your own nipples, Baby." Chris instructed. Without hesitation, Karen was soon vigorously doing as she was told. As she firmly worked her own nipples, Karen began moaning softly. She would occasionally tightly squeeze both tits. A slight smile was on her lips, and her head was rolling side to side. She was beginning to enjoy herself.

After watching this show a short time, Chris reached down, released the snap, and lowered the zipper of Karen's jeans. Straddling her legs, Chris curled a hand into each side of karen's waist band and pushed jeans and panties down a bit.

"Lift your ass, Baby." He ordered.

Karen dutifully lifted her ass off the carpet.

With one smooth pull, Chris removed both her pants and panties. He then stepped back to admire his captive.

There was no fat on Karen. From her smooth shoulders and smallish breasts, down her slender torso, past her rounded hips, and nicely shaped legs, Karen looked inviting. Karen continued kneading her tits and pinching and pulling her nipples. She was softly moaning, her eyes were closed, and her head continued to slowly roll side to side. Her pussy had a sparse covering of dark hair.

Chris knelt beside her and softly placed his hand on Karen's sparse bush. Without being told, Karen spread her legs a little. When Chris began making circular motions on her pubic mound, Karen, almost imperceptibly, began rocking her pelvis to meet his hand. Chris then began dipping his fingers between Karen's legs.

A few minutes of that treatment, and Karen had widely spread her legs. She was thrusting her hips well off the floor in response to the stimulation she was getting. When Chris slid his hand between her legs, and stroked her pussy's lips, Karen held her ass well off the floor, pinched her nipples very hard and pulled them straight out from her chest. Her breathing was coming in short, raspy, gulps.

Chris quickly shoved a finger into Karen's pussy. He found it tight and very wet. She gasped again, released her nipples, reached between her legs, and firmly pulled Chris' hand tightly to her pussy.

"Oh shit!" She cried out. Even though Karen had defiantly claimed she would not enjoy being raped, her body was obviously betraying her. The little bitch was really getting hot and ready to fuck.

To his guests, Chris said. "This bitch is going to be a lot of fun tonight."

He then pulled his finger from Karen's pussy and stood over her. Karen immediately began fingering her self, and said. "I thought you said I would be well fucked. When are you going to fuck me, damn it?"

"All in good time, Baby. First you need to show me you can get yourself off with this." Chris tossed her a dildo from the box he had brought down earlier. It was about 5" long and 1" thick.

"Oh! No problem. This is about the size of my boyfriend, Billy."

With a smile on her face, Karen slowly slid the dildo fully into her pussy and began stroking it in and out. In just a few minutes, she was panting heavily and rapidly ramming the dildo deeply into her pussy.

Suddenly, she held her ass high off the floor, shoved the dildo fully into her hole, and squeezed her legs together. Loudly Karen cried. "Oh, oh, oh. Oh shit! I'm cuming!"

She slowly lowered her ass back to the floor and took the drenched dildo out of her hole. Her hands returned to her tits and resumed fondling them. Karen looked up into the light and smiled broadly.

That's when she became aware of her audience. A handful of men were loudly applauding and telling her how great she was. Several of them made comments about how much they were going to enjoy wearing her out. Due to the bright lights aimed at her, she still could not see much. After the initial shock of knowing these men had been watching her, she smiled toward their voices and laid back to rest.

Just as her head settled on the carpet, and with no time to recover, Chris asked. "Are you ready for the fucking to begin?"

"Yes, but can I rest just a bit?" She pleaded.

"No!" Chris snapped at her. "Your sole purpose here is to fuck me, and my friends, until we get tired of you. Then you can rest. Now open that cunt!"

Without a word, Karen raised and spread her knees. Her pussy was thereby offered to any who wanted to use it.

Chris, of course was going to be the first to make use of Karen's body. But, before he crawled between her legs, he straddled her chest and kneeled over her. Pulling her head up by her hair, Chris said. "Open your eyes, Bitch. Look at what you're going to be getting."

When Karen opened her eyes, she was looking at a rock hard cock that was well over 7" long and at least 2" thick. Her knees came together, and she gasped. "Oh shit! I can't handle all that. You'll never fit."

"Sure you can, Baby. We'll just have to stretch that cunt of yours until it does fit. Hell, when we're done with you, you'll laugh at your boyfriend's baby dick. Now open that cunt of yours."

Somewhat reluctantly, Karen again spread her legs. With the bright lights still in her eyes, it was difficult to see Chris as he moved behind the camera and zoomed in on her wet pussy. He then stepped up to her and knelt between her spread legs. She offered no resistance as Chris pushed her raised knees even wider apart.

Karen closed her eyes and prepared herself to feel pain. She thought it would be pain similar to when Billy popped her cherry in the back seat of his car. She fully expected such a large cock to hurt as it entered her.

Then, without warning, a deep gasp was ripped from her throat. She felt no pain. What she felt was shockingly pleasurable. Chris had buried his face in her pussy and was driving his tongue into her hole. She immediately grabbed the back of his head and pulled his face tightly to her pussy.

Karen was soon thrashing about on the floor. She loudly cried out. "Oh hell yes! Eat me! Eat that pussy you son-of-a-bitch!"

Her pussy was so wet that her juices were running down the crack of her ass. Just when she thought she couldn't take any more, and was about to cum, Chris quit tonguing her hole and firmly sucked her swollen clit.

That did it! Karen grabbed the back of Chris' head, and tried to pull his face into her pussy.

"I'm cuuuummmmmming!" She cried out.

As her orgasm subsided, Chris released her clit and slid up her body. He gave each hard nipple a little nip as he passed them. When he was fully covering Karen's small body, he placed his cock's head at the entrance to her pussy.

"Are you ready for the best fuck of your life, Bitch?"

"Oh yes. Give me that big cock." Karen was indeed ready to be fucked!

With a quick shove, Chris fed the first two inches of his large cock into Karen's extremely tight hole.

"Ow!" Karen yelped. She put her arms around Chris' neck, rotated her hips, and said. "Damn that thing is stretching me. Go ahead. Fuck me!"

Chris, with one powerful shove, buried his cock deep into Karen's hungry hole.

A pained whimper escaped Karen's throat, but she didn't release her grip on Chris' neck. If anything, she held on even tighter.

Chris gave Karen just a few seconds to get used to such a large cock stretching her pussy to new dimensions. He then pulled out, until only his cock's head remained inside her tight hole. Without any hesitation, he shoved fully back in, stopping only when his cock's head hit Karen's cervix and his balls slapped her ass. He then began steadily, and firmly, stroking in and out of her hot cunt.

Each time he hit the bottom of Karen's pussy and rammed her cervix, she grunted and squeezed his neck. After several minutes of steady stroking, she wrapped her legs around Chris' waist. Her grunts became groans.

Chris was getting closer and closer to cuming. The speed and force of his thrusts increased. He was soon hammering Karen's tight cunt with all his strength. She was being rammed so hard, she would slide on the carpet at little with each thrust. With one, final, hard, thrust, Chris plunged his cock fully into Karen's pussy and dumped his load of cum deep within her. Spurt after spurt after spurt flooded into Karen's depths and bathed her cervix with his hot cum.

"That's it, Baby. Fill me with your cum. I can feel it deep inside me." Karen said, between gasps for breath.

As the last of Chris' cum dribbled into her depths, he pulled out of Karen. He then crawled around to her side, kneeled beside her head, and told her. "Lick me clean, Bitch."

"I've never done that." She told him.

"Then it's time you started. Lick it, you fucking bitch!"

Tentatively, Karen's tongue reached out and touched the softening cock. The taste of their combined juices was new to her, but she somehow found it strangely pleasant. It didn't take long before she had his cock in her mouth, giving it a thorough tongue bath.

"Good job, Baby." Chris told her as he stood up. Stepping back from her, he saw a different woman lying on the floor than the one he had brought to his basement not long ago. Her attitude was definitely different. He had brought an arrogant bitch to his basement recreation room. Now he had a cute, horny, little gal ready for more fucking lying on his floor.

Karen quietly lay on the floor slowly fondling her tits. Her legs were still somewhat spread, her pussy lips still slightly open, a small dribble of cum was running down the crack of her ass, and a broad smile was on her face. She couldn't get her mind off Chris eating her pussy. She thought to herself, 'Billy would never do that.' Then her mind told her, 'This bitch is going to enjoy her rape even if she wouldn't admit it vocally.'

Chris then turned to his friends. "What do you think, guys? Do you think this little bitch can service us all before she's worn out?"

In unison, they yelled. "Hell yeah!" They applauded loudly and Karen's smile grew slightly wider.

Chris offered her a glass of juice which she gladly drank. He then loudly asked. "Who next?"

Karen's legs came together with a slap, and her smile disappeared. It wasn't fear of another man fucking her that cooled her lust, but not knowing how many men there would be. She realized these men really meant for her to service them all as they saw fit until she, or they, couldn't take any more.

The tow truck driver, Jimmy, stood and said he thought he should go next since he had some labor invested. The others all agreed.

Jimmy quickly stripped and moved toward Karen.

Chris knelt next to her head and whispered. "Karen, we are all going to fuck you. Do we need to get rough, or will you be cooperative?"

Her smile gone, she softly replied. "I'll cooperate."

"Then, Bitch, open your legs, and offer Jimmy your cunt."

Karen did as she was told. She raised her knees and spread then widely. As Jimmy came up between her legs, she noticed his cock wasn't nearly as big as Chris. Jimmy was about 6" long and rather slim.

Jimmy knelt between Karen's raised knees and put his cock's head at the entrance to her hole. He easily slid his cock fully into her pussy. He swiftly got into a steady and rapid stroking pace.

Karen pinched and twisted her nipples as she

thought to herself. 'This guy won't be too difficult to finish off.' Like her boyfriend, Billy, he seemed to be in a hurry.

She was right. Jimmy was in a hurry. His pager had gone off, and he had a wrecker call to go on. He gave her considerable pleasure though. He gently stroked and then pinched her clit just as he added his cum to her pussy with that already there from Chris. Jimmy pulled out, had her lick him clean, dressed, and left.

The next four men were of varying sizes and styles, but none compared to Chris. They were fairly gentle with her, although, one of them slapped her ass with nearly every stroke. They all happily added their cum to that already filling to overflowing Karen's cunt. Cum had been steadily running down the crack of her ass since Jimmy had finished. That didn't seem to bother them though.

She dutifully licked each one clean after he'd dumped his load of cum in her pussy. She was beginning to enjoy licking and sucking a cum and pussy juice covered cock.

When all but one man had dumped a load into Karen's cunt, she heard Chris say. "Ok, Buck! It's your turn."

The last man stood and approached her. As he came out of the shadows, she said to him. "I'm getting very sloppy. Would you wait until I clean up a bit?"

"Naw. You'll be just fine. I can fill that stretched out cunt for ya."

As he came closer, Karen realized he was black. She thought to herself. 'What the hell! I've already been fucked by 6 men, why not do a black man as well.'

When he stood between her widely spread knees, she saw how he was going to fill her cunt. His cock must have been 9" long and nearly 3" wide.

"Holly shit! I'll try, but you better go easy with that thing." She pled.

"Don't worry. I fucked many a ho, and I ain't had one die yet."

The guys all laughed at Buck's remark.

With that, Buck laid his 6' body on top of Karen. She seemed to disappear beneath him. He instantly began feeding his huge cock into her cum drenched hole. With a steady drive, Buck filled Karen with his 9" cock. Cum steadily oozed out of her cunt as Buck's cock entered. There wasn't room in Karen's cunt for both all that cum and Buck's oversized cock. When his balls rested on her ass, she knew she had taken it all. Buck quickly began taking 6" strokes. Each time he fully entered her, Buck's cock painfully hit her cervix. The battering hurt her cervix with each thrust, but it somehow turned her on as well. It shocked Karen to know she could take such a monster. She soon had her legs wrapped around Buck's ass, and used them to pull him deeper into her with each stroke.

"Damn, Bitch! You're one hell of a ho. Take my black cock you fucking ho." Buck slammed harder and harder into Karen's cunt.

"Fuck yes, Buck. Shove the big black cock deep in this white bitch's cunt. Fuck me harder! Harder! Oh damn, I'm cummmiiiiiing."

Buck grabbed her thighs, pulled her ass off the floor, and drove his massive cock as deeply into her as he could. "Me too, Bitch. Here it cums."

Buck seemed to cum and cum. As he pumped his cum into Karen, her cunt continued to leak. Cum was steadily leaking around the huge black cock filling her hole.

When Buck finished cuming in Karen, he tossed her legs to one side causing her to roll onto her side. He gave her a solid slap on her cute little ass, and pulled out of her well fucked pussy.

Karen was not able to take Buck into her mouth. So, she licked his big black cock like a lollipop until he was clean.

Karen was then left alone for a while. Just as Karen drifted off to sleep, she heard Buck tell Chris. "See ya tomorrow night, man."

She awoke several hours later. She was alone in the darkened room and again cuffed to a pole. A sandwich and glass of juice had been left for her. She gladly accepted the offering. She couldn't remember the last time she had eaten. After finishing the sandwich and juice, she dozed off again. This time, she didn't wake until Chris came in sometime the next morning. She could only assume it was morning since there were no windows to let any light in.

"How do you feel?" Chris asked.

With a smile on her face, Karen said. "My pussy is sore as hell. What did you expect? How long are you going to keep me here? Haven't I done enough for you and your friends?"

Chris answered her. "You did very well last night, but several of my friends and I went away with hard-ons. You had passed out, and we don't like fucking unconscience chicks. I guess you won't get any more alcohol tonight, just juices. We decided to keep you until Sunday evening. You will be released then. Well fucked, but unharmed."

"Damn, I think I've already been well fucked." Karen said with a wide grin.

"You have, but we haven't. Would you like a bath now?" Chris asked.

"I sure would." Karen quickly said. "My pussy feels so sloppy, I'm almost afraid to stand up. Something might fall out. I think I may have fucked a dozen guys."

With a chuckle, Chris said. "No, you only fucked 7, but your cunt was overflowing with cum most of the time. Same deal, I'll take off the cuffs if you promise not to get violent or try to run."

Even though she was blindfolded again, Karen smiled all the way to the tub. She and Chris chatted almost lightheartedly as she bathed.

"Karen, you seemed to have had a good time last night. Even though you didn't come here willingly, you seemed to get into being used by us. Was it the alcohol, or something else?" Chris asked.

She hung her head, as if she was ashamed to admit it. She couldn't help but admit it though. "I didn't enjoy being threatened and assaulted, but the threat of harm allowed me to let go. I think I liked the idea of that many men wanting me. I liked having my pussy so well filled by all that cock, even if it did make me sore as hell. And, I especially like having my pussy eaten." Then, in a voice Chris could barely hear, she said. "And maybe, just a little of something else."

Chris gently toweled her off and led her, still nude, back to the basement. Then she was allowed to remain unfettered with only the door locked. Chris had pointed out a tape laying on the TV. He suggested she watch it. "You might find it interesting."

A short time later, Chris returned to find Karen busily fingering her pussy. She was so engrossed in watching the tape of her rape from the previous night, she didn't hear Chris enter the room.

With a laugh, Chris said. "Hey, enjoy yourself, but don't tire that thing out before the night even begins."

Some time later, Chris returned again. This time, pointing toward the center of the room. He gave Karen her instructions. "You need to get over to the pole."

She hung her head, but quickly moved to the pole. Chris cuffed her to the pole as he had done Friday night and blindfolded her again. This time, it was more for the entertainment of his guests than securing Karen.

The guests soon arrived. Jimmy said he could stay longer, but, unfortunately, Buck would not be able to make it. Karen sighed with a bit of relief when she heard that.

One of the guys told her. "That's okay, Babe. We can still take care of you."

Chris rather loudly announced. "The camera is set up and running. Are you ready, Bitch?"

Karen smiled and silently nodded.

Chris went to her and removed her handcuffs. Helping her up, he told her. "I think we'll do you a little different tonight."

With her blindfold still in place, he led her to one of the couches that had high armrests. With Karen facing the far end of the couch, he pulled her ankles widely apart and tied a rope to each. He then tied those ropes to each of two couch legs. When he bent her over the couch arm, she stood back up and said. "What are you going to do?"

"You'll find out soon enough." Chris snapped.

As he firmly pushed her over the arm again, he administered a solid slap to her bare ass. He told her he meant for her to stay put. To assure she stayed bent over the arm, he tied her wrists together with a long rope. The other end of that rope was secured to a leg at the opposite end of the couch.

Karen was at that point bent over into the shape of a laid over L and securely tied to the couch. Her pussy and ass were being boldly presented to the men for their pleasure. Chris came up behind her, and, without warning, stuck a finger deep into Karen's pussy. He found it still lubricated from her earlier self-pleasuring, but in need of just a bit more preparation.

Kneeling behind her, Chris gave her one long, very slow, lick from her clit to her asshole. As he brushed his tongue over her clit, she pushed her pussy toward his mouth. His tongue split her pussy lips and dipped into her hole. She wiggled her ass and cooed. He continued up from her pussy to Karen's asshole and firmly licked her there. She loudly groaned and strongly pushed back toward the tongue teasing her asshole.

Chris again shoved a finger into her pussy. He found Karen was now much wetter and ready for the fucking to begin. To that point in time, none of the men had said a word since Karen had been tied to the couch. She had no idea who had fingered her, fired her up with his tongue, or would be first to fuck her.

Tonight the men had drawn straws to determine who would fuck Karen first. Since he had to leave early the previous night, it was only right that Jimmy had won.

Still without saying a word, Jimmy moved to stand behind Karen and placed his cock at her pussy lips. With a quick shove, he buried himself in her hot cunt.

Karen moaned with pleasure.

The overnight rest had done her good. Her pussy was again as tight as it had been before being filled to over flowing with cum Friday night. Karen's pussy seemed to be gripping Jimmy's cock as he pulled back, and it easily accepted him as he plunged forward. In short order, Jimmy grabbed Karen's hips and pounded her hard.

As a pair of balls slapped her clit, Karen cried. "Oh Baby. Do me good. Ram it to me." As Jimmy drove as deep as he could into her to dump his load, she begged. "Give me more. I want more cock. I want more cum."

Jimmy quickly pulled out and moved to stand next to her head. Without being told, Karen turned her head, took Jimmy's cock into her mouth, and licked him clean.

As she cleaned Jimmy, another cock was shoved into her cunt. Even blindfolded, Karen knew this was Chris. Except for Buck, Chris was the only man who could truly fill her hungry hole. With his larger size than Jimmy, Chris too enjoyed the tightness of Karen's pussy. Chris took his time, stoking in and out of Karen slowly so he could last a bit longer than he had Friday night.

Without missing a stroke, Chris signaled to Gary, one of the guys waiting his turn. Gary didn't need any further urging. Gary moved to let Karen suck him off.

She didn't know it right away, but Karen was about to perform another first. She had always refused to give Billy a blowjob. When she turned her head to take care of this new mouthful, she found it was still dry. Therefore, this cock hadn't been in her pussy yet. Knowing that a blowjob was expected, she turned her head away, and said. "I have never given head, and I don't want to start now."

Hearing that, Chris gave each ass cheek a very solid slap.

"Ouch, that hurt!" Karen exclaimed. This time, when Gary presented his cock to her mouth, she kissed it and gave its head a quick lick before turning away. "Do I have to?"

Crack! Karen received another hard slap on her ass. Her ass had started turning a little pink from the slaps.

"Please, don't spank me so hard."

Crack! Crack! Crack! Her ass was beginning to glow.

She turned her head toward Gary, opened her mouth, and let him slide his cock in until it hit her throat. When she gagged, Gary pulled back just a little. Karen began licking and sucking like she was cleaning a cock while Gary slid in and out of her mouth.

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