Controlled Like a Puppet: Who's Pulling Jenny's Strings

by Lucky Mann

Copyright© 2015 by Lucky Mann

Mind Control Sex Story: A young woman is beset by strange and erotic thoughts that she must act upon.

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/Fa   Reluctant   Coercion   Mind Control   Heterosexual   Fiction   Incest   Brother   Uncle   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Petting   Tit-Fucking   .

Jenny is a lovely young lady. At twenty years of age, she stands 5'7" and weighs 115 pounds. Her slender body accentuates her perky 34B breasts. Her breasts stand firmly and proudly out from her chest. She had happily watched as her breasts had finally swelled over the last few years. Her areolas had expanded to a little larger than a quarter with small pea sized nipples at their centers. A flat stomach completes her slender torso. Her tight round butt sways seductively as she walks. Her legs are shapely, long, and lean. Her cute button of a nose draws attention to her beautifully rounded face and hazel eyes. Her eyes are alluring and staring into them can be mesmerizing. Jen's lips are thin, and she smiles easily. Her head is surrounded by a halo of long black hair that is shiny to look at and silky to the touch.

Jen is also a very bright young lady. She maintained an excellent grade point average (GPA) throughout her high school career. She had controlled her time and her passions while in school. Thus, she graduated at the top of her class with honors and with her dignity in tact.

Her intelligence and self-control is why she couldn't understand what had been happening to her lately. The changes she felt in her thought processes were beyond her ability to understand or control. She found herself thinking about doing things that would have been revolting to her only a few months ago.

The changes in Jen all seemed to have started the week of her family's latest New Years Eve party. As usual, her creepy Uncle Steve drank too much and had made an ass of him self. He also made an unwelcomed pass at Jen.

Also as usual, Jen had refused his advances.

Uncle Steve had been trying to hit on Jen for years. He had tried groping her ever since she was a young teen. She had been a klate bloomer and her breasts didn't begin to swell on her chest until she was sixteen-years-old. By the time of the family's annual New Years party that year, she had the beginnings of a nice little set of breasts. That was the first time Uncle Steve had tried to fondle them while he hugged her. It was the same thing every year. He would put his arm around Jen and pull her close to hug her. While hugging her with his right arm, his left hand would slip up between their bodies and rub her chest through her shirt.

Jen could never understand why her parents, or any other family member, didn't put a stop to Uncle Steve's advances. They always seemed to be looking the other way when it occurred. She didn't know why the rest of the family was a bit cowed by Uncle Steve.

Over the following couple of years, Jen developed a nice set of firm B-cup breasts. At the latest New Years Eve party, Uncle Steve had again pulled her to his chest for a hug. He slid his left hand up inside her blouse and copped a feel of her right tit.

Jen was no longer a teenager that Uncle Steve could intimidate. She was a strong willed twenty-year-old young lady. She was no longer in the mood to put up with Uncle Steve's crap. This time Jen was going to put old pervert in his place. After all, Uncle Steve was nothing but a drunken 65-year-old lecher who had tried to paw her long enough. She not only refused his advances, but she yelled at him loudly enough for the entire family to hear her protest.

"You old pervert! If you ever touch me again, I'll knee you in the balls. Then I'll call the cops and report you for molesting me. Now get the hell away from me! Leave me alone!" She yelled.

Needless to say, that got the whole family's attention. They turned and looked at Jen and Uncle Steve. About a minute later, Uncle Steve was hurrying out the door with several of the men in the family roughly escorting him.

Jen ran to her bedroom and locked the door. She needed some time to cry and calm herself down.

It was Friday night of the following weekend. Jen and her sixteen-year-old brother, Johnny, were home alone. Their parents had gone to another of the many dinner parties they attended. Jen's brother had gone to bed earlier in the evening and was sleeping soundly. Jen was sitting up watching late night TV.

It was then that the first of the strange thoughts came into Jen's mind. She had no idea where the thoughts had come from. For some reason, Jen couldn't control the images passing through her mind. Thoughts of Johnny kept flashing in her mind's eye. She silently asked herself. 'I wonder what his cock looks like. Is Johnny bigger than my boyfriend, Bo? I have to see it for myself.'

Jen rose from the couch and went up to her teenaged brother's room. His door was slightly ajar. Jen pushed it open until she could see Johnny soundly sleeping. He was lying on his back. She tiptoed to his bedside and reached for the blanket covering him. She froze in place.

'Oh my God! What am I doing?' Jen thought to her self. 'I can't do this. He's my brother. I love him but not like this.' The frightened teen rushed from her brother's room.

Jen then spent the next couple of hours trying to purge the thoughts of her brother's cock from her mind. She finally gave up and went to bed in her own room. Masturbating herself to a nice orgasm gave her some relief. She finally drifted off to a fitful sleep.

Late Saturday night her parents had gone out again. Jen sat on the couch in front of the TV. Her brother was upstairs sleeping. The wild thoughts came into her mind again. She couldn't help thinking of her brother's cock as he slept. Almost without thinking about it, Jen got up from the couch and headed up to Johnny's room. 'I have to know how big it is. What's the harm in just looking?' She thought.

Jen soon found herself standing next to the left side of Johnny's bed looking down on his sleeping form. He was lying on his back again. 'Perfect.' She thought.

This time, Jen was determined to see her brother's cock. Without making a sound she reached out and took the corner of his blanket in her hand. Slowly she picked the cover up and pulled it down. She quickly noticed how strong his body looked. As she continued pulling his blanket down towards his feet Johnny's flaccid cock came into view. It was lying limply on his left leg pointing to his feet.

Jen stood transfixed. She couldn't pull her eyes from her brother's cock. She thought of the many times she had teased him as they were growing up. She and her boyfriend had often called him a dork and told him he was just a little boy. Well, he certainly wasn't a little boy any longer. Proof of his growing stature was lying softly on his leg. 'Oh my God! What a beautiful cock. Even soft, he's big. How big would it be if it was hard?'

Carefully, with a shaking hand, Jen reached out and touched her brother's cock. As she wrapped her hand around it, she thought. 'It's so soft and warm.'

She couldn't help herself. Jen began carefully closing her hand around Johnny's cock. She didn't want to wake him. She gently and repeatedly squeezed her brother's cock. The cock in her hand began to swell. It soon reached its full 7 1/2-inch length andwas pointing straight up. It was almost too thick for Jen to wrap her hand around. "Oh brother, you have a wonderful cock.' She thought to herself.

Johnny's cock wasn't the first cock Jen had seen or touched. However, it was much bigger than her boyfriend Bo's dick. She had seen Bo's dick several times when he asked her to give him a hand job. Jen usually obliged. However, she always refused to put it in her mouth when he begged for a blowjob. She simply used a napkin to clean up the mess he madewhen she jacked him off.

She thought about leaving Johnny's room before she disturbed him. Then she decided to stay just a little longer. 'It wouldn't be fair to leave him like this. I've gone this far, I might as well give my brother some relief.' She thought.

Jen began to slowly stroke her hand up and down her brother's stiff cock. She soon noticed a drop of precum had appeared on his cock's head.

'I wonder what he tastes like. Oh my God! I can't do that. I've never done that. What is wrong with me?' After a brief delay, she thought. Oh hell, why not?'

Jen kneeled next to her sleeping brother's bed, leaned over his leg, and licked the drop of precum from his cock. The realization of what she was doing finally came to her. 'Oh shit! I'm jacking off my brother and licking his cock. That's sick! It doesn't taste too bad though. I think I could learn to like it.'

Another drop of percum appeared as she continued to stroke her brother's cock. She quickly bent over again and lapped it up like she had the first drop. This time though, she not only licked the drop of precum from her brother's cock head, but she also took the head of his cock into her mouth. 'I've gone this far, I might as well see what his cum tastes like.' She thought. Jen then began bobbing her head up and down on her brother's hard cock.

About that time, Johnny stirred. Jen froze in place with her hand still wrapped around his cock. His cock's head was still held snuggly by her lips and wrapped in her warm mouth.

"Jen, what are you doing?" Johnny sleepily asked. Both of them were startled by what was occurring.

She released his cock from her mouth and raised her head. She stammered as she tried to answer. "Uh, um, I'm sorry. I uh, I don't know what came over me." While she spoke Jen absent-mindedly continued stroking Johnny's cock. "Please forgive me. I'll go now."

"No Jen. Please don't go." Johnny pled with his sister as he gently placed his hand on the back of her head. "Don't stop now. Finish what you've started."

Jen still had in her mind the desire to taste her brother's cum. "Are you sure?" She asked her him.

Her brother gently pushed her head down until her lips touched his cock's head. She opened her mouth and let his cock slide back into the wet warmth of her mouth.

"Ummmm." He moaned. "Yeah. I'm very sure, Sis. Keep going." Johnny stroked his sister's soft silky hair as she sucked and bobbed her mouth up and down on his cock.

She continued jacking Johnny off while firmly sucking his cock into her mouth.

Jen continued stroking and sucking her brother's cock until he warned her of his impending orgasm. She removed her hand from his cock and took more of it into her mouth. She sucked even harder on Johnny's cock until he erupted in her mouth.

Jen then tightened her lips around her brother's cock while he filled her mouth with hot cum. When Johnny finished pumping his load of cum into his sister's mouth, Jen sat up. She swirled her tongue around in the load of cum in her mouth. She wanted to get a good taste of his cum and feel its texture. She then looked around as if looking for a place to spit.

"Can you swallow it, Jen?" Johnny asked his older sister.

Jen swallowed twice then smiled at her brother.

"Have you ever given a blowjob before?" He asked.

"No. I've never done anything like this before. That was the first time I've ever had a cock in my mouth let alone sucking it until it squirted. It tasted a little salty but wasn't too bad. I think I could get used to it."

While still kneeling next to her brother's bed, Jen smiled at him. She told him of the wild thoughts she had been having. She told him how they just popped into her mind for no reason, and she couldn't get rid of them.

"Wow! Sis, if you have any of those thoughts again, you can come in here anytime you'd like." Johnny replied. He had a broad grin on his face.

"You are such a typical boy. You get one blowjob and right away you want another one." Jen laughingly told her brother. She smiled at Johnny, patted his solid bare belly, and left his room.

Jen went straight to her bedroom and got in bed. With her mind quieted, she savored the taste of her brother's cum lingering in her mouth. She quickly fell asleep and slept soundly through the night.

It was nearly two weeks before the wild thoughts returned to Jen's mind. This time, knowing it was no use struggling against them, she didn't fight the thoughts. She went up to her brother's room, pushed his door open, and stepped in.

When she was standing next to her sleeping brother once more, she removed her blouse and bra and softly spoke to him. "Johnny, are you awake? Please wake up. I'm having weird thoughts again."

Johnny slowly opened his eyes. He was pleasantly surprised to see his sister standing over him again. With a grin, he asked. "Sis, what do you want?" As his eyes focused, he saw his sister's chest was bare. Her firm young tits had no sag whatever. Her areolas, and the nipples they surrounded, were dark pink in color. Johnny absent-mindedly licked his lips. "Jen, not that I mind at all, but why do you have your boobs out? Do you want me to play with them while you give me another blowjob?" He was fully awake by then and smiling broadly.

Nervously Jen answered her brother. "No Johnny, I don't want to suck you again. This time my thoughts are telling me to let you play with my boobs and have you cum on them. Will you do that for me, Johnny?"

"Let me think about it for a minute, Jen. I don't know if I want to help you since you have always called me names like dork and a little boy." Johnny teased his sister.

"Please Johnny. I'm sorry I called you names, but that was a long time ago. We've both grown a lot since then, and you're certainly not a little boy anymore. Please help me Johnny. Only you can make the thoughts go away, and I can't rest until you do." Jen begged her younger brother.

"Well, I suppose I can help you out this time." He then threw his cover back and scooted over to give Jen some room on his bed. He patted his bed next to his body offering his sister a place to lie with him. As Jen climbed into bed with him, Johnny said. "By the way Jen, you have a real nice set of tits. I love how they stand firm on your chest even when you lie down. They look delicious."

As she laid her head in the crook of Johnny's left arm, Jen knew she was blushing. She could feel the heat on her face. "Thank you Johnny."

Johnny then reached over his sister's body and gently squeezed her left tit. "Jen, your boobs are a perfect hand full."

Jen moaned in pleasure as Johnny squeezed her tit. She softly covered Johnny's hand with her own and showed him how firmly she wanted him to squeeze. He quickly learned that gently fondling Jen's tits gave her a great deal pleasure. While he squeezed and fondled her left tit, he took her right tit into his mouth and began sucking on her pea-sized nipple. It immediately stiffened into a hard peak the size of a pencil's eraser atop her tit. Her left nipple hardened at the same time.

Jen moaned with pleasure when Johnny gently bit her right nipple and pinched the one on her left tit. Her nipples were very sensitive by then. He rolled and pulled on her left nipple between his thumb and first finger.

She could feel the heat rising in her body. Her pussy was getting wet and her breath was coming in gasps.

"Oh yes, Johnny. That's it! That feels so good. The way you're pinching and nibbling my nipples is making me so hot." Jen was getting hotter and hotter as her brother continued to fondle her tits, especially her hard nipples.

Jen briefly thought of her boyfriend, Bo. He had always been much too rough when he fondled her boobs. Jen had felt as though she was being mauled her rather than petted.

Johnny then took both of Jen's tits into his hands and spread them apart. He kissed then sucked hard on her chest between them. Jen grabbed the back of his head and pulled his mouth tight to her chest. He gave her a large hicky between her tits, and she loved it. When he quit there was a bright red love bite between her tits.

Jen then reached down and took Johnny's fully erect cock into her right hand. Slowly she jacked him off until he warned her he was about to cum.

"Quick Johnny. Straddle my chest, jack off, and cum on my tits." Jen's request was urgent.

Johnny practically jumped up and sat on his sister's flat stomach. He furiously jacked his cock off over her chest. "Oh Jen, I'm going to cum!" He gasped.

Jen squeezed her tits together with her own hands and begged her brother. "Here Johnny, please cum on my tits. Cover my tits with your hot cum."

"Here it comes, Sis." Johnny groaned and started cumming. His aim was good as he pointed his spurting cock at his sister's tits. He aimed his spurting cock at each of her nipples and soon had cum running down the sides of her tits. Johnny practically covered his sister's tits with cum before his orgasm subsided. Jen pulled her tits apart and let the last few drops of cum dribble onto the hicky Johnny had put on her chest a few moments earlier.

Johnny was spent for the time being. He rolled off Jen and lay by her side. He rubbed his deflating cock on the side of Jen's stomach.

"Thank you, Johnny." Jen cooed and she massaged Johnny's cum into her tits. She rubbed it in until it was nearly all absorbed into her skin. Her nipples remained erect. Jen couldn't remember her nipples ever being so hard.

With one final squeeze to her own tits, Jen sat up and licked her fingers clean. She kissed Johnny's forehead and said. "Thank you Johnny. That felt so wonderful."

She then got out of Johnny's bed and headed to her own room for the night. Once in her own bed she slept like a log.

A few days later as she sat reading in her room, the thoughts returned. This time they were a lot more troubling. They were not about her brother. This time they were much more disturbing to Jen. Her thoughts were about Uncle Steve. In her mind, Jen was doing all sorts of revolting things with Uncle Steve.

"No!" Jen cried out.

Her brother came running into her room and stood by her side. "Are you alright Jen? Did you have a bad dream? Are your weird thoughts back again? If you need me to do anything with you, I'll be happy to help you out."

Even though Johnny was concerned for his sister, he couldn't help but feel excited at the prospect of having her in his bed again. Since Jen came into his room and sucked him off, Johnny's feelings for his sister had changed. No longer was he resentful of her for calling him names as a child. He felt much closer to her, maybe even a little protective of his older sister. The forbidden nature of their new relationship only made it more erotic to him.

"No, Johnny. This time my thoughts are not about you. I'm sorry. I wish they were, but they are about Uncle Steve. In my mind, he's been doing all kinds of disgusting things to me. Oh God, what can I do, Johnny? If I don't follow my thoughts I may never get them out of my head. If I do follow them, I'll have to do terrible things with Uncle Steve.

"I don't know, Jen. Maybe we should tell Dad." Johnny suggested.

"No! We can't do that! He'll never understand how a thought can make me do the things I've already done. I've always had such a strong will." With tears in her eyes, Jen continued. "I guess I'll just have to go to Uncle Steve and do what my thoughts tell me to do."

"Well alright, if that's what you want to do. Just remember, I'm here if you need me. Like you said, I have grown quite a bit." Johnny tried to console his sister. Even though Jen is four years older than her brother, he would still offer her his support. "Sis, I have not only grown but I am much stronger. If you want me to, I'll kick his ass for you. Please, just ask if you want my help."

This made Jen feel even worse about teasing her brother when they were younger. She hugged Johnny and kissed his cheek softly. "Johnny, I promise I will never call you names again. But, I think I should handle this my self."

The next evening, shortly after dinner, Jen showered and left home as if going on a date. She was really going to Uncle Steve's house. It was a twenty-minute drive to the family pervert's home. The only things on Jen's mind during that time were the disgusting things she was about to do with Uncle Steve.

As Jen reluctantly walked towards Uncle Steve's door a new thought came to her. Jen groaned as she realized what she had to do after getting into Uncle Steve's house.

She knocked on her Uncle's door and he immediately let her in. As she stepped in, he looked at her with lust in his eyes. "Well?" Uncle Steve asked expectantly.

Jen stepped into Uncle Steve's dinning room and began removing her clothes. She kicked her shoes off first. She then slowly, and with trembling hands, released the buttons of her blouse one by one.

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