The Last Resort -- Seth and Sybil

by Thanatos

Copyright© 2015 by Thanatos

Fantasy Sex Story: This is a story of consensual snuff. If you don't like that theme then don't read it. Being immortal Sybil has seen it all and done it all. She and her long-time lover Seth are on The Last Resort's beach where he'll help her with her ultimate fantasy.

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Light Bond   Snuff   Exhibitionism   Public Sex   Caution   Cannibalism   .

Sybil stretched luxuriously, the rising sun stinging hot on her bare flesh. She was fully aware of the side-long glances, even open stares, from early-morning sunbathers and swimmers.

Clothing was optional at The Last Resort.

Everything was optional.

Even a pair of active lovers -- doing it doggy style -- eyed her. The man's hands were around the woman's neck. Were they practicing, or just experimenting?

Sybil hoped they wouldn't be a distraction. Always the exhibitionist, she wanted to be the center of attention. A tingle of fear tightened her and she writhed, her pussy clenching deliciously.

Seth recognized her shiver for what it was. He knew it well and what it meant after all their decades together. It was her sensuous stretch, the one she gave in anticipation of some hot sex or a new adventure. She was trembling with excitement, a display of nerves, arousal, horniness, a reach for ecstasy, a touch of fear. Her tits were hard, stiff with arousal, her pussy leaking. She was eagerly anticipating what was to come.

It was all he could do to keep from reaching for her as her stretch became a shiver.

She -- they -- were about to share her ultimate adventure, a rare new experience.

Her last new experience.

His feelings were more complex, his aching hard-on still foremost. It would be a new experience for him, too, but not his last.

He dumped the contents of the duffle on the sand. The clank of the metal stakes, the thud of the heavy maul got more attention from the slowly building audience.

"How long?" she asked, rubbing arms pebbled goose bumps in spite of the warm tropical breeze and bright morning sun.

He judged the soft waves lapping on the gently sloping beach. "Depends on how close to the water I put you. It's up to you."

"Oh God, I don't know!" she gasped. "You decide. Give us enough time to really enjoy it. The anticipation is the best part, except maybe for the end.

"But not too long, either," she added nervously.

Moving down the beach, closer to the lagoon's gentle swell, he set the first stake. Using the maul he drove the post deep into the sand, made sure it was solidly set.

"Blanket? Beach towel?" he asked. "The sand... ?"

A moment's thought. She shook her head nervously. Now that it was decided she was anxious to get started. "So what if it hurts a little? In the end it doesn't matter."

She, interrupted him with a steamy kiss, wrapping herself around him, grinding his rampant cock between them, shivering in response to his hand on her firm butt, his fingers touching her anus, making it clench nervously.

He reluctantly pulled away from her. "Lay down so I can set the other stakes. We don't want to mess up the spacing or the timing."

"No," she agreed. It was a husky breath. She stretched out on the sun-warmed sand, feet toward the lagoon, arching her back in another sensuous stretch, her tight breasts gleaming in the sun, her nipples dark and distended. She gave another little shudder of excitement, a frisson. The rising sun was hot on her chest, her nipples, her thighs, her pussy. Her fair skin would scorch if she was out in it for too long.

But she didn't worry. Seth would soon cover her, and she wouldn't be here long enough to burn anyway.

She pointed her toes. Cool water lapped at her feet, insolently tickled her toes. Reaching out to the right her fingers barely brushed the post.

It was perfect.

A moment's work and Seth had her right wrist secured. She squirmed away from the stake, drawing her arm even tighter, then reached out as far as she could to the left. She wanted to be tight. Seth set the second stake. Spectators drew closer, some of the men stroking their erections, women hanging on their companions' arms, tucking hands -- their own or their companions' -- into steamy crotches as they figured out what was to come.

Sybil moaned softly as Seth took her other hand, pulled her arm taut before fastening it to the second stake, knowing this was the way she wanted it. The whole idea was to have her pinned to the sand, drawn tight, with no possibility of escape, no way to delay the inevitable.

When he went for her legs she spread her feet out wide apart, as wide apart as she could, losing touch with the slowly advancing ripples. Spread eagle she bent her knees, pressing the soles of her feet flat on the sand, knowing how it made her pussy beckon. It was a blatant invitation, deliberately open to any man -- or woman, for that matter -- who eventually wanted to take her.

Eventually. For now she was only for Seth.

He fastened her ankles to the stakes. A frustrated wave slapped the sand inches from her toes. As sure as the tide would come in the water would claim her feet first, just as it would eventually claim the rest of her.

The gentle sea breeze touched her aroused pussy petals.

Finished with her feet Seth stood up, looking down at her. She was a wanton, pagan offering, an invitation to penetration. She looked up at him as he stood over her, his hard cock drooling in anticipation, the sun behind him turning his hair into a halo.

She licked her lips enticingly. "How do I look?"

"Good enough to eat."

"Do you think anyone will want to?"

He pretended not to know what she really meant. "I already do. You'll be my appetizer!"

She flexed her fingers, squirming erotically against her bonds, the sand shifting against her back, her butt.

"Bon appetite!" she offered with a giggle, giving her hips an inviting twitch.

Seth knelt between her legs, his cock heavy and hard, bobbing. He stroked his hands up the insides of her sleek legs as he lowered his mouth to her mons and began to eat her out. He loved the taste of her, the feel of the slippery petals of her pussy on his lips and cheeks.

She felt his tongue plunging in as far as he could reach, scooping up her juices, inhaling her delicious scent, exhaling hot breath through his nose against her aroused clit. Straining against the bindings, testing the stakes anchored in the sand she wanted to pull his head hard against her, but couldn't.

The waves washed over her toes, greedily reclaiming her feet, and she wailed from her first orgasm as his lips and tongue tormented her clit. Oh God, it was so good, and it was certain to get even better.

Her orgasm fading her ankles were wet now, his feet as well as he stretched out, shifted, moving up her body, his hands reaching for her breasts, sandy fingers pinching her nipples, his tongue probing her navel. His weight pressed down on her. He played her body like it was a musical instrument, fingering her ribs, teasing her armpits, tormenting her while she writhed and sang her joy to encourage him.

Not that he needed the encouragement. He licked her turgid nipples, bit them, tugged at them with his teeth, knowing how much she liked the sharp, tingling pain.

It wasn't long before the water lapped at her butt, her crotch, cold on her hot folds, swirling away the juices of her first coming, rinsing at least some of the sand off his dangling cock. Abandoning her tits he moved up along to her throat where he sucked her like a vampire. His cock touched her opening, promising more, and she lifted her pelvis the little she could, encouraging him to work his hot dick into her. Her lubrication washed away by the tide the penetration hurt, but it hurt good, and triggered another wave of her juices. There was a little sand in the works, too, and her cunt burned as he wedged his way deeper.

His mouth claimed hers and their tongues dueled, their teeth clashed, they breathed through each other, his hips pushing and pushing, his cock driving into her, retreating slightly, driving again, riding the successive waves of the gentle surf and her arousal. A few stubborn grains of sand scratched at her tender tissues.

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