Ward of the State

by harry lime

Copyright© 2015 by harry lime

Erotica Sex Story: A happy young girl becomes an orphan and then a "Ward of the State" leading to some horrible circumstances beyond her control.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Teenagers   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Coercion   Heterosexual   Fiction   Rough   Humiliation   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Analingus   Prostitution   .

Lois Lynch was sadder than she had ever been before except for that fateful day when both her parents were killed by a madman's bullets in a crazy attack on a peaceful shopping mall. She had gone with them to the mall but was far away in an electronics store with ear phones silencing all outside stimuli.

Fortunately, she did not hear the barrage of bullets that descended on the shoppers in the center of the mall and her parents probably didn't even know why they were suddenly departed from existence in the world of the living.

Since she was an only child with no close relatives and still only seventeen years old, poor Lois was put into the "system".

The system was a code-word for the bureaucratic mess that government agencies assign to the chaos of finding foster homes for minors when such things happen to rob them of familial support. Up to that point in time, Lois was a naïve happy child with no plans other than graduating from high school and finding a "dreamboat" boyfriend to ring her bells with passionate kisses and an understanding attitude.

Lois was a virgin.

Her case was assigned to Mrs. Honor Blackwater who was a veteran foster home placement expert with many accolades given to her efforts to find suitable matches for the unfortunate minors placed into her care. She was a woman in her mid-fifties and with a perspective on life that was quite filled with anger that good fortune had passed her by. Sometimes she felt so frustrated that all she really wanted was to insure that others became as poorly used as she so they could feel the despair of losing all hope.

Mrs. Blackwater had been married to a complete loser for several years. She was no longer married to him because she had the marriage annulled on the basis he was already married to rich woman in another State who constantly sent him money to "buy himself something". It irritated her to think she had fallen for his pipe dream of starting a business and not having a boss to tell them what to do. She really hadn't liked his style of love-making which usually had her face down on the bed letting him have his way with her rear door that her mother had cautioned her was a source of all evil.

All of his pictures had been removed from her home and she never mentioned his name out loud because it never failed to give her a serious case of indigestion.

Honor looked over the Lynch girl's file and saw that the girl would inherit a sizable fortune when she came of age and that served to tick her off considerably. She scanned the heap of prospective foster parents trying to find the worst of the bunch in the hope that she would put young Lois in the direst of circumstances that would teach her the ways of the world in no uncertain terms. She almost licked her lips in anticipation of the trials and tribulations soon to be facing the pretty young girl when she arrived at her new home.

The assigned foster parents were Mister and Mrs. Carmine Agostino. They were a pair of ill- suited partners with a history of serious offenses against their young charges that bordered on criminal activity. However, the need for foster homes was so great that the local agencies overlooked the obvious and let the bad ones continue to operate just as long as they didn't do anything to make the system look bad.

The Agostino's already had a young girl under their care called Cindy Adams. Young Cindy was the same age as Lois and she had been under their control for almost a year. During that time the girl had lost not only her cherry of virginity but had learned the hard facts of stretching her sphincter as well. She had been "broken in" by a foster boy who was there when she arrived and he performed all the necessary training under the supervision of Mister and Mrs. Agostino each and every night. Soon she was an accomplished performer of every conceivable act of depravity know to humankind and her foster parents put her to the test as an "earner" with mostly middle-aged businessmen heavily dependent on Viagra to do the dirty deed. Sometimes she was on loan to the video maker next door when he needed a teenager to fill in on a group shot.

When Lois joined the family there were already two other foster residents called Tommy and Sybil. The both of them were already accomplished "earners" and they were well adapted to the foster lifestyle with no complaints about their required services on demand. In fact, Tommy was giving it to Sybil on a regular basis and she had no problem with the way the Agostino's managed to watch him put her through her paces right out in the open.

It was Tommy who realized that Lois was a virgin when she arrived at the home and he didn't even wait for the foster parents to give him the signal to start training. He took the girl up to the upstairs bathroom and undressed her despite her reluctance and jumped in the shower with her showing her how easily his cock could slide in between her legs and find that place that she thought was supposed to be saved until the wedding night. She lost her cherry the first hour at the new home and before she had a chance to put on new undies, Tommy had bent her over and taken her anal cherry as well. After that, Lois pretty much did whatever Tommy told her to do and she accepted the fact that the jealous Sybil was on an equal status in Tommy's book and she looked the other way when he gave the other girl his spunk instead.

When Lois had first heard the words,

"Ward of the State",

She was not quite certain what it meant. Now she knew it meant that she would be required to spread her legs whenever her foster parents gave the signal and that she could expect severe discipline if she had an inclination to disobey their instructions no matter how kinky or depraved the order.

It was Mister Agostino who gave her the special training at using her tongue on the pucker hole to get the men to give her a bigger tip. At first, she was disgusted with the very thought, but after some stressful confrontations and a thoroughly reddened bottom, she managed to get into the whole thing without much reluctance at all.

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