Tiffany's Fall From Grace

by Carlos LaRosa

Copyright© 2015 by Carlos LaRosa

Drama Sex Story: Younger brother stumbles across cheating girlfriend of older brother.

Caution: This Drama Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Mult   Cheating   Pregnancy   .

It was early in July, around the tenth, and my brother Randy was out of town for two weeks, attending some football camp. Randy was the quarterback at our high school, and good enough already that he'd had college coaches calling and coming out to our house to talk to him and my dad about their athletic scholarships, and Randy's future prospects.

I'm Tom, only fifteen years old, and nothing at all like Randy. Where he is tall, intelligent, very athletic and good looking, I am five foot three, a C+ student, very clumsy, and ordinary looking.

Tiffany Reynolds was the head cheerleader, and the best looking girl in our high school. Naturally, she was Randy's girl friend. She was also tall, around five nine or so, with long blonde hair, huge boobs, a killer ass, and one of the smartest kids in the school.

For over a year I'd been constantly subjected to hearing Randy and Tiffany in Randy's bedroom, fucking like wild monkeys anytime my parents were absent from the house. Both my parents worked, so there was usually two and a half hours every weekday afternoon, after school, unless it was a football game day, when those two would be going at it, hot and heavy.

Mostly, while they were going at it, I'd be in my own bedroom, playing with myself, and having some fantasy that it was me in there fucking Tiffany, and not my brother.

With my brother away at football camp for the past week, I'd been enjoying the peace and quiet in our house. I did miss Tiffany's moaning and groaning though. I loved the high pitched screeches that she made whenever Randy made her have a big cum. I'd sorely missed that.

I was walking back from the mall about nine o'clock on a Friday evening, cutting through the back of Hascomb Park, planning to cross the stream at the little bridge the cyclists had built. I wasn't really thinking about anything in particular as I got to the bridge. Once I crossed the bridge, I was planning to cut across the parking lot, then walk the last quarter mile to my house.

That's when I heard it, that unmistakable high pitched screeching sound I'd only ever heard coming from Randy's bedroom, when Tiffany was having one of her good orgasms. I knew right away that it was Tiffany making those sounds. I stopped walking and listened, hoping to pin point where she was. It was dark out by then, and all I could make out were some lighter or darker shadows off to my left, about fifty yards away from where I stood.

Fifteen or twenty seconds went by, with no further sounds reaching me, then the screeching started back again. This time there could be no doubt that Tiffany was in the middle of a huge orgasm. As quietly as I could, I crossed the bridge and walked off to the left. As I got closer, I could make out a single auto parked on the far forward edge of the lot. It was an older black Camaro, which is why it had been difficult to see from the bridge.

All the windows were down in the car as I drew near. I could see there was a couple in the rear seat, and that the passenger side rear door had been left open. I saw the back of Marv Jenkins red hair, then his big naked butt grinding down on someone. I was sure that someone was Tiffany, but I knew I'd have to get visual confirmation to eliminate any possible doubts.

"I hope it was worth it, Marv, because Randy's going to kill your ass as soon as he gets back from his football camp."

Marv raised himself up on his arms so he could look to see who it was that had called his name. When he did, I leaned forward to get a good long look at the face and bare chest of Miss Tiffany Reynolds. Her face was all red and covered with a deep sheen of sweat. Her usually beautiful blonde hair was all stringy and wet with sweat as well. When she recognized me, her face scrunched up and she started in wailing. I heard her saying 'no no no no no', about forty times in a row.

Having seen everything I needed to see, I took off running as fast as I could, straight to my house. I don't know if Marv tried to catch me or not, but I made it to my house without any problems.

Randy would be back from that camp in nine more days, Sunday a week from this coming Sunday. I'd wait to tell him until after he got home. I didn't want him to have his camp ruined, so I wouldn't tell him anything when he called home several times before the camp ended.

I saw Marv Jenkins on Monday. I was walking over to see one of my friends, and he pulled up behind me and jumped out of his car. I started to run, but he was just too fast for me. He grabbed my arm and spun me around so I was facing him.

"Whose ass is going to get killed now, ass hole?" Marv growled at me.

I was very afraid. I knew that Marv could pound the tar out of me if he chose to do so. I had no way of resisting him, if that was what he wanted to do.

"You better let go of me, if you know what's good for you. You going to add beating me up, to fucking his girlfriend?" I was surprised when he took his hand off my arm.

"Tom, we made a mistake. It was only that one time, I swear. No one ever has to know it even happened. Tiff feels terrible about this. So do I. You telling Randy is only going to make the whole thing worse for everyone. Why don't you just forget what you saw?" Marv was pleading with me. I could see the fear in his eyes.

Marv was the starting free safety on the football team. He needed to play on a winning football team his senior year to have any chance at all for a college scholarship. When Randy finds out that he fucked Tiffany, besides a royal ass kicking, Marv has being kicked off the team to look forward to. Randy wasn't going to allow Marv to continue as his teammate, not after this.

"You took a gamble and you lost, Marv. You had to know what would happen if Randy found out about it."

"You're right, but he doesn't need to find out about it. This will hurt him, as well as me and Tiff. I give you my word, it will never happen again. Just don't tell him, okay?"

"He's my brother, I have to tell him." I turned away from him and started walking over to my friend's house.

Tiffany phoned me that night. I wasn't too surprised to hear from her. She said she needed to see me, right away, to try to explain what happened that night.

"Explain it to my brother. I saw what I saw, and heard what I heard. Randy needs to know what the girl he loves is capable of."

"Look, I love Randy. That other thing was a stupid mistake. I was bored, and angry about Randy leaving me here alone for two weeks, while he went off to go play football at some fancy camp. I know it was wrong, but was it worth ruining all our lives over?"

"It isn't going to ruin my life. It isn't going to ruin Randy's life either. He's better off knowing the kind of person you are now, before he falls deeper in love with you than he already is."

"When are you going to tell him? I want to be there when you do."

"I'll tell him when he gets home, and I'll tell him when we are alone. I don't want him thinking about this when he's supposed to be learning at the camp. I don't want to ruin the camp for him."

"Isn't there anything I can say, or do, to keep you from telling him about Marv and me?"

I hung up on her, disgusted with what she'd just asked me. Did she really think I'd betray my brother? It sounded to me like she was ready to offer me something to not tell Randy what had happened.

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