Wild Night With Jody and Her Friends

by mysteria27

Copyright© 2015 by mysteria27

Erotica Sex Story: A guy and his friends are out at a bar and meet up with girls who are celebrating.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   BiSexual   Fiction   Group Sex   Oral Sex   Cream Pie   .

I had the best time last weekend. I was out with my buddies and we were at our local bar that we always went to. We were just hanging out having some beers and playing darts.

It was a pretty slow night, but all of a sudden this group of young pretty girls came into the bar. The one girl was wearing a tiara on her head with a cute pink shirt that said 'Bride-to-Be.' She was also in a short mini skirt with black pumps. This girl was absolutely beautiful.

All the rest of the girls were wearing shirts that said "Bridal Party Member." The other girls were just as sexy, all blonde haired with blue eyes. I think they all had breast implants. It was quite apparent they were not wearing bras under their cute tight shirts.

They were as loud as could be as they sat down at a table and ordered shots and pitchers of beers. There was a jukebox and they were putting on party songs, dancing and drinking and having a wild time. A few times, the girls were grinding and twerking which was really exciting to watch. All I could imagine was how these babes could fuck. The way they were dancing was making my dick hard.

We sent the girls a few pitchers of beer and went over to talk with them. One of the girls in the group approached me and told me they wanted their friend to have one last wild fling. Well that's all I need to hear and I ordered them more drinks and some appetizers for the table. They were happy since they were all getting a bit drunk.

We hung out for a while in the bar and then later one of them suggested we join them in their limo and come to the hotel that they had booked for the evening. My buds were all married and couldn't go. So it was left to me and I went with the girls, because I'm a single and wild guy. It was the best night of my life. I'll go over what happened in the limo and back at the hotel.

We all got into the stretch limo that they had for the evening. Jody was the bride and the rest of her friends were Debbie, Susan, and Linda. They opened up some champagne in the limo. These girls were partying hard and having a blast. They were on a mission to have the best night of their lives. I was happy to have met them.

Debbie slid the moon roof down and the girls all took off their cute pink shirts.

"Take off your shirt, Bill! You have to do what we do! We're going to each take a turn in the moon roof standing and bouncing our tits."

"You girls are so fucking sexy."

"Our friend is getting married and we're so excited. Next weekend, Jody will be a married woman. Tonight it's all about having a wild and crazy sexual bender."

I was right, they all had breast implants and they each took a turn standing in the moon roof bouncing their tits in the night air. I did the same and when it was my turn the crazy girls unzipped my pants and took out my cock. They each took a turn sucking my eight inch cock.

Each little slut put my cock into their hot and sexy mouths and moved their lips up and down my hard shaft. One would be sucking on my left ball and then other one would be sucking on my right ball. One was playing with my asshole while the other one blew me. Then, they would all change. I was just drinking my champagne hanging out of the moon roof.

When I came back Jody, the 'bride-to-be, ' had her legs spread and all the girls were taking turns licking her pussy. I got down on my knees and joined the licking party. The "bride-to-be" was moaning and groaning while we licked her pussy.

"Fuck! I'm going to come you guys."

"Bill, slide up into our girl and fuck her. Show her a good time."

All the girls sat back on the chairs in the limo and I slid my cock into Jody's pussy. I fucked her right in the limo with her little cheering squad watching. Her pussy was so wet and I fucked that little cunt hard. In and out I moved my throbbing cock into her warm pocket.

"Fuck! You're cock feels so good. Don't come in me though. Shit!"

I couldn't believe I was fucking this slut in her limo. I let out a moan and pulled out of her pussy and then jammed my cock into her friend Debbie's mouth. I blew my load and her friend swallowed all of my hot come. She licked her lips and was proud that she got the first load down her throat. These girls were all a bunch of sluts. Horny and hot women who were out of control. The kind of women us guys dream about.

The limo driver made an announcement we'd be at the hotel in a few minutes. We all got dressed and took a few more swigs out of the champagne bottle. Then we arrived at the hotel. We all got out and walked into the hotel. Jody had the key already. We piled into the elevator and got off at the penthouse. We then used the card key and went into the room.

"Let's get into the hot tub. Come on guys!"

Linda took off all her clothes and went over to the hot tub. She started the water and Debbie and Susan followed Linda and both took off their clothes. Jody took my hand and brought me into the bedroom.

"I really want to have sex with you again. I hope you don't think I'm an absolute slut?"

"I think you're an incredibly sexy and hot girl. Whoever is marrying you, is one lucky guy."

"I just can't imagine being with one guy the rest of my life. I've always been a bit wild."

Jody and I started to kiss deep and passionately. We helped each other take off our clothes. I got on the bed and got comfortable. Jody then climbed on top of me and eased her bald pussy down my hard cock.

Once she had my cock deep inside of her, she rolled and rocked her hips. I sat up and played with her amazing breasts. Jody's breasts were probably a 38D and they were just perfect. Because they were implants, they really didn't move around so much. I squeezed her breasts together while she fucked my cock.

"Fuck! Your pussy is so wet. Please come on my cock!"

I had my hands on Jody's ass while she fucked me. Her cunt was really wet. She started to play with her breasts and then the door opened and Susan came into the room.

"Oh fuck! Seeing you two do that makes me want my pussy licked. I'm going to sit on your face, Bill."

Susan stood on the bed and squatted over my face. I pushed my tongue into her vagina and tongue fucked her. Jody was arching her back and let out a scream.

"Fuck! I'm coming!"

Her pussy soaked my cock and balls.

"Let's trade places, Susan," Jody said, as she was catching her breath.

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