Stallion Girl 5

by Samantha K.

Copyright© 2015 by Samantha K.

Fantasy Sex Story: Miranda goes shopping after work.

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   TransGender   Anal Sex   .

"You want me to do what?" Miranda asked, her tone both incredulous and accusatory.

Kevin Stallings was used to dealing with temperamental models. He kept his own voice low and reasonable.

"Simulated. It will just be simulated. They want something more hardcore than what I've shot for the domestic market. Different countries – different standards. What does it for the average reader here seems tame to someone in Denmark. Now Derek here will just stand behind you and I will shoot at an angle so it appears he is taking you from behind. Of course, we need you hard for this. Ah, will you need a pill for that?"

"No, thanks. I think I can get it up without chemical help." She said it calmly, professionally. Her previous timbre wasn't driven by her unwillingness to comply with Kevin's request, it was just that learning that the Danish edition of Stallion Magazine had specifically asked for a layout with an anal theme was a bit of a shock. It had been just the day before that she'd been a mildly-unwilling participant in the real thing. It sounded just a bit too coincidental that her boss had been on the phone listening to Larry Richards, his Promotions Manager at Stallion Magazine, tell him he'd arranged for a photo shoot on behalf of the Danes – and that they wanted to see her with a dick in her ass. All that going on while she was at that very moment standing beside the truck, squirming on a cock buried balls-deep in her butt.

"Something is rotten in the state of Denmark," she thought to herself. "Or that Niven guy was right, the perversity of the Universe does tend toward the maximum. But why is it suddenly so focused on my rear end?"

Miranda looked over at Derek, her co-star in this photo shoot. A man she'd never actually been introduced to, but with whom she was supposed to be in intimate physical contact for most of the afternoon. Make that 'simulated' intimate physical contact.

"He looks just like that statue of David in Daddy's Art History book. Except he's shaved his pubes, oiled himself up, and has a cock bigger than my boyfriend's. I wonder if he's going to have a problem with being close to mine. I can see how cock-proud guys might get weirded-out if they meet a girl with a dick – and it's way bigger than theirs. I guess if he really was that squeamish, he wouldn't have taken this job."

"Sorry," she said, apologizing to the photographer for her momentary lapse of professionalism. "Larry didn't tell me about that part. He just said it would be 'racy'. I'm good. I'm ready to start when you are."

"Great! Let's get you oiled and we'll make some pictures."

Miranda shrugged out of her long silk robe, which was all she had on. It wasn't really street-clothes, but even though it was lightweight, it covered everything and would pass for a dress if nobody looked too close. She'd put it on before lunch and kept it on so she'd arrive at the shoot without any impressions on her skin from bra-straps or dress seams. Marks from elastic panty waistbands hadn't been an issue for a while now. No panty made could come close to containing her 34-inch-long horsecock or her ostrich-egg-sized testicles – the things that made her a Stallion Girl.

Her unwieldy cock was actually a little longer than her legs, so the ridged and slightly-flared end of it easily reached the floor. When not wearing her usual five-inch heels or her stiff leather support band around the base, she had taken to standing so it lay across her toes. She sometimes wondered if that had been a miscalculation on the part of the genetic engineer responsible for her unique condition, or if this was some little joke of his to give her a cock so big it dragged the ground. She hadn't suspected Dr. Angus McKay of having much of a sense of humor when it came to his work, but you never know.

Derek had been standing-by patiently. She saw that he'd been aware of her appraising his physique and now that she was also naked he was returning the favor.

"Nice abs," she told him, grasping for something to break the ice.

"You're pretty good yourself."

Miranda looked down. The view from that angle consisted of – left to right – breast, big toe of left foot, bulge of base of cock, tip of cock covering toes of right foot, and her other breast.

The makeup girl had already started applying oil to her back, so she couldn't run around looking for a mirror to validate Derek's kind compliment. The best she could do was run her hands over her abdomen.

"He's right," she thought. "There's muscle there I hadn't noticed. Must be from hauling this cock around for the last several weeks. Aside from a low bulge running from it to my navel, it's all concave down there."

With the compliment validated, meaning he was probably sincere, Miranda smiled and struck a standard pose – shoulders back to bring her full, round breasts higher on her chest, leg bent and knee forward – which dumped the end of her cock onto the studio floor.

"Dammit!" She snapped.

"Can I give you a hand with that?" Derek asked, stepping to her side.

"Hunh?" She mumbled.

He reached down and scooped up her cock with one hand. Cradling it at just about the mid-point, he used his other hand to lightly brush-off the tip where it had touched the floor.

"Thanks," Miranda said, noticing that Derek was being very casual about the whole thing.

"No problem."

"So, what kind of work do you do?"

"You mean besides this? Construction mostly. Gets me outdoors and helps me stay in shape."

"Yeah, I can see that," she said, picturing him in the sun with his shirt off, covered in sweat. "But I meant what kind of modeling."

"Pretty much anything that I can get. I've done a fair amount of porn, mostly gay but some other too. Some commercial stuff – mens clothing ads, that sort of thing. I'm not trying to make it a career. It's just a way to earn some cash between construction jobs."

"I guess your gay porn experience explains why you're not uncomfortable holding my dick."

"Well, I have worked with other girls with dicks. Futa porn is hot right now. Their dicks were nowhere near as big as yours, though. But a dick is just a dick. It's what you got, not who you are."

Miranda thought that was a remarkably enlightened attitude. She almost said something inappropriate and terribly sexist, but changed it to, "I'm glad to hear you feel that way. See, you'll be my first guy. That I've worked with, I mean. Mostly I've been solo."

"Some of the guys I've worked with have been real pricks. No pun intended. Their egos are all tied-up in their dicks. If yours is bigger than theirs, you're their enemy and they try to screw you if they can. Again, no pun intended. Although sometimes it is literally true. I had one guy who really did a number on my ass."

"Me too! And it was like, my first time, you know?"

"I hope you won't let one bad experience put you off."

"Actually, it wasn't that bad."

"Yeah, that's the thing about sex. No matter how bad it is, it's still pretty good."

"Like pizza!"

"Yeah, like pizza. The only way you can mess up pizza is to put anchovies on it."

"How true!"

The makeup girl had been working while they chatted, and with Derek helping, she'd finished coating Miranda from head to toe and from balls to tip. As soon as she got up off her knees the photographer was ready to go.

"All right people, let's get to work!"

Miranda and Derek walked carefully onto the set – really just a roll of paper hanging on the wall and pulled down and out onto the floor. Lighting made it appear to be much further away than it was.

The first few poses Kevin wanted were just establishing shots and so he could get his focus and framing set and make adjustments to his lights. Derek stood behind Miranda so he wouldn't block her cock in the shot. Kevin directed him to put his hands on her hips, then her waist, then her breasts.

For Derek, this was routine stuff. His dick kept it's cool. Miranda wasn't used to having a man's hands on her during a shoot. She began to get turned-on, something that pleased Kevin, since it made her nipples stand up and pose for him. It also had an effect on her cock. That beast started to get hard, first raising its tip from a limp dangle to a perkier pose that looked more like a pig's snout on the hunt for a tasty acorn.

Miranda's cock rose up slowly as though it were being hoisted by a crane. The base stiffened, lifting the whole, but with the lower third still arching downward. The end swelled, its flared tip opening wider, exposing the central hole and pulling it open until it looked like the business-end of some fleshy cannon.

At peak hardness, it still arched slightly down from the base to the lower third, while that pinker, more sensitive section was able to reverse the curve and hold the tip higher.

"Wow!" Derek said in her ear. "The pictures don't do it justice. It's even more impressive in person."

"Thank you," Miranda replied. She hadn't needed him to speak to know he found her cock impressive. He was standing close behind her with his arms around her. Close enough for her to be able to feel the end of his cock rise up to nestle into the lower end of her ass-crack.

She tried to stay professional about his proximity, but that was proving to be difficult. Her cock was already starting to feel like it was made of steel in need of tempering in someplace warm and wet. At this point, showing it any love at all would push her right down that long, delicious slide to an explosive orgasm.

From their past work together, Kevin knew that once she got fully-hard, he had a limited amount of time to work with. In her present condition, even a slight breeze could be enough to set her off. When that happened, all he could hope was that she wasn't aiming at his lights or anything that couldn't be taken out back to the alley and hosed-off. The tarps covering boxes and bits of staging that might be in range of one of her cum-blasts were proof that he'd learned to take the danger seriously.

"OK, honey. Can you bend over for me? Brace on your knees if you have to, but I'd like to try a few shots with your hands on your butt, spreading your cheeks for Derek."

Miranda followed his direction. After moving her feet apart to improve her balance and allow her ballsack to swing free, she bent over at the waist and reached behind her to pull her cheeks apart and expose her anus.

Released from being held down by her butt, Dereks cock jumped up, brushing past her wrinkled opening on the way and making her flinch at it's passing. She couldn't see, but his solid ten-incher had risen to a point halfway between horizontal and vertical.

"That's great!" Kevin called. He clicked away with his camera right in front of Miranda, then started to move to one side for an angled shot of the two of them.

"Fantastic! OK, now I'd like to see the entry. Reactions please, people."

Derek edged forward and pushed his dick down until Miranda could feel the heat of it. He held there for a second, then he told Kevin, "Sorry man. I'm rock-hard and the only way I can keep it here is to hold it. Is that OK?"

"Not really. Miranda, would you mind terribly if Derek..."

"Whatever you need," she replied. She wasn't tiring yet, but she could feel her back muscles starting to get tense. She knew she wouldn't be able to hold this pose for the hour or so that Kevin might decide he needed to get the 'perfect shot'.

Derek leaned in and plugged the end of his cock into her hole just far enough to hold it in place. Miranda's reaction to this got Kevin to move back around and point his Nikon at her face.

After a several more shots, Kevin was ready to move on.

"OK, fakery time. Derek, slide your dick between her legs and I'll try to make it look like you're in her."

"Check. Uh, problem."


"Something in the way."

"Oh. Right."

Unlike most models, who could hide a dick there, Miranda had something blocking that bit of chicanery– her scrotum. Kevin stood and scratched his head. He'd totally missed this when he'd mentally blocked-out his shots.

"Oh, whatever!" Miranda said sharply. She reached around behind her, grabbed hold of Derek's dick and held it in place while she backed onto it.

"Irk!" she squeaked when the head popped through her sphincter. It didn't really hurt, and that was part of the surprize, along with the fact that it had gone in so easily. "Must be the oil," she thought.

"Ooooookaaay!" Kevin called, relieved that he wasn't going to have to find a solution. "Let's hear it for the little trooper. Way to take one for the team!"

"Just get on with it," Miranda told him.

"Right! Sorry."

With that, Kevin was back on track. After ordering his assistant to pass Derek a bottle of lube, he quickly covered several angles before calling, "OK, a bit deeper, please. And watch your hands! Don't put a shadow in my shot."

"You sure you're OK with this?" Derek asked her as he liberally coated his cock with lubricant, pressing down to make sure some of it ran down into her ass.

"I'm sure. Just do it."

Miranda felt Derek ease in fractionally deeper. Even though he was being considerate, she somehow felt he wasn't doing it right. Frustrated, she wiggled her ass further onto his dick, something Kevin carefully documented.

"Go for it!" Kevin encouraged her. "Show me you want it!"

With that permission, Miranda let down the last ounce of restraint and pushed back, forcing Derek's cock completely into her.

"Ohhhhh!" She moaned. "Fuck me!"

"Dammit, I wish I was shooting video!" Kevin cursed. "I had no idea we'd be going here." It still didn't stop him from snapping-away with the camera in his hands.

Recognizing her sincerity, if not understanding her need, Derek began a slow-motion reaming of Miranda's asshole.

"Yes!" She hissed through clenched teeth. "Do me!"

"Gladly!" Derek replied, shoving into her as deep as he could, making her balls swing and her cock bob so violently, it almost came up and hit her in the face. Miranda raised her head higher, which made Kevin happier since her slack-jawed expression and her arousal-clouded eyes were just what he wanted.

Derek settled into a sustainable rhythm, with Miranda rocking back in concert with his strokes, making her ass slap against him with an audible smack. The deepest point of each stroke forced her open just a bit further and allowed him to go just a bit deeper into her ass. With an additional application of lube to keep the friction under control, they were able to go on for several minutes until the awkward pose started to put a strain on Miranda's back. She put her hands on her knees for support, leaving Derek to take care of things back there.

"Great stuff!" Kevin called, completely absorbed in his work. "Just great!"

Derek pulled back until just the head was in, then slowly pushed in again, then paused.

"Gotta stop," Derek groaned, obviously close to the edge.

"Don't you dare stop!" Miranda snapped. "And don't pull out either!"

"You want me to cum in you?" Derek asked, stunned. That was like the cardinal rule of porn. You never wasted a money-shot.

"Wonderful!" Kevin practically squealed. "Creampie her! Then pull out and show me."

Derek nodded. He'd done a few of those. All he had to do was back out at the last second, leaving the head of his dick just inside and blow his load before pulling completely out.

"Fuck me!" Miranda called again. She realized that she was seriously getting off on simply being able to say the words and have them mean something. She hadn't realized how badly she missed simply being fucked rather than being the fucker. It took so much of the stress out of it if all you had to do was relax and enjoy it.

Derek's well-thought-out exit plan went straight to hell as he felt his balls jump, announcing the onrushing, inevitable orgasm that was already upon him. He grit his teeth and held on as hard as he could while he slid back out of Miranda's hot ass.

Even though rushed, his timing was perfect. A torrent of cum poured out of him and just inside her asshole. He gave it a few seconds, then pulled completely out and shifted to one side. He reached across with his far hand, so as not to block the shot, and pushed Miranda's cheek to one side, reveling an open hole that cum rolled out of, falling down to spatter on her balls.

"Monumental!" Kevin said. "Never thought I'd get this. Never!"

Miranda waited as patiently as she could, but the pressure was mounting and she knew her time was almost at hand. When she heard the click of Kevin's camera slow, she asserted herself.

"My turn!" She almost snarled. "Put that thing back in me!"

Startled, Derek complied. As soon as he was fully-sheathed, Miranda stood up, reminding both Derek and Kevin of a rearing stallion.

With her rampant erection waving high in the air, she threw her hands back, catching Derek behind the neck with one while her other rested on his thigh. A shudder went through her and she turned her face up to his just as her cock jerked. A second later, cum began pouring out of it, not in violent pulses, but in a graceful arc that landed well-short of any of Kevin's tarps.

"Awesome!" Kevin cried, thrilled at getting something new as well as seeing that the cleanup from this shoot would be much easier than usual with Miranda.

The fountain only lasted a second. Miranda's huge cock looked like it was about to subside when it jerked again. Once again, after a short delay while it traveled the length of her long cock, cum poured out of the end like cream from a garden hose. Twice more, white streams arced through the air, splashing into a growing lake on the studio floor.

"And that's why I bought that shop-vac," Kevin said to himself. "That girl can really shoot!"

"I can..." Derek stammered. "I can feel her cumming. It's so ... powerful! Man, this is amazing."

Miranda's climax went on well after she had run dry. Able to feel her prostate still clenching, Derek held her tightly, both hands on her breasts.

"High-beams," Miranda murmured in barely-audible voice.

"What?" Derek asked.

"My nipples. Play with them. Be rough."

Derek wasn't surprized at her request. He was surprized that she specified 'rough'. Women usually couldn't stand rough treatment after a climax. They were always too sensitive to further stimulation. But then, Miranda wasn't strictly-speaking a woman, so perhaps she had different needs. He obeyed, rolling her nipples between his fingers, then tugged on them firmly.

"Yes!" She cried, bucking against him, driving his cock into her. He'd taken a pill earlier, so his dick was still plenty firm, but now he felt it actually trying to get back into action.

Derek grunted and jerked his hips, ramming his dick up into her, almost lifting her off the floor.

"Yes!" She called again. "Oh yes!"

"Damn!" Derek thought. "She cums a bucketful and that's like ... foreplay? This girl must have the constitution of a horse, as well as the dick! Time to up your game boy, if you're going to keep up with this one."

Kevin was almost beside himself. To get this much action out of a session usually took all damn afternoon. And here they were, not even an hour in. He went for his camera and got back to work. "Glad I bought those high-capacity memory cards."

Derek surprized himself. Although the pills could keep him erect, they couldn't make his dick so hard it felt like marble instead of flesh. With Miranda writhing on it, that's exactly how he felt.

"She can sure take it," he thought as he rammed into her over and over. "Let's see just how much she can handle."

Gathering his strength, Derek pushed in as deep as he could, then pushed up onto the balls of his feet. With a grunt and a heave, he hoisted Miranda up on her toes, then lifted her off them, leaving her supported by the dick in her ass, her hand behind his neck and his grip on her nipples.

"Aieeee!" She squealed as she felt her asshole taking her weight. Out of reflex, she clenched her ass as tightly as she could so those muscles would take part of the strain that might otherwise have wrecked her anus.

Being lifted into the air with her back arched made her big cock rise almost vertically. When she clenched her butt, the pressure inside her forced more cum up her shaft to come pouring out of the tip, cascading in sheets back down her cock, coating it in white goo – an event that Kevin eagerly documented.

Panicked, she stretched her legs down, her toes desperately seeking purchase and support, but only managing to push Derek's cock deeper into her ass, forcing it even further open as her grip on it began to fail.

Sensing her desperation, Derek lowered her down until her feet were again on the floor.

Her legs wobbly, Miranda started to pitch forward. She tried to hold onto Derek, but her hand slipped off his oily skin just as he released her breasts. She would have gone down face-first, but for him grabbing her hips and pulling her back against him. Desperately seeking a hold, she reached back on both sides to grab his wrists and held on fiercely as Derek used his renewed erection to rail her.

"Oh! Oh this is ... really ... more than I bargained for," she thought weakly. "I hope Kevin is getting everything he needs. I hope the Danes are happy with this shoot. I hope Leo sees the pictures."

Derek's rhythmic strokes made her cock bounce up and down. Every time it rose up, it threatened to smack her in the face, she wanted to turn her head away, but she knew Kevin wouldn't be happy with that, so she forced her chin up and tried to lift her head out of the way. The downside to this was it left her breasts exposed to the blows. After a couple of good thwacks she let go of Derek's wrists and tried to grab it in self-defense. It only took a couple more thumps to her breasts and her face for her to abandon the idea of grabbing it. Instead, she waited for it to come to her, then she wrapped her arms around the unruly beast and hugged it to her, pinning it between her breasts as she struggled upright.

In this position, Derek's influence on it through the force of his strokes was all vertical. It slid up and down between her boobs in the classic titty-fuck pose she used in almost all her club performances.

"Good!" Kevin called. "I love it! Squeeze them around it!"

Accustomed as she was to taking direction, she obeyed. She pushed her boobs against both sides of her cock, her nipples trapped between her fingers, and she held on to ride-out Derek's burst of energy.

Minutes later, she felt him gather himself to cum again. When she felt him tense and press into her while his cock pulsed and jerked, she felt a sense of relief that was close to ecstasy.

That feeling was topped a few seconds later when she felt his cock pull out of her well-fucked ass and she experienced a sensation of void and emptiness that made her want to beg him to put it back in.

The third sensation she felt was her legs giving way under her, dropping her to the floor to land on her hands and knees. Not willing to risk squatting on her balls, she let herself roll slowly to one side, her knees up under her boobs and her head resting on the sky-blue paper. She suspected that the thump-thud behind her was Derek following her example, but she was too exhausted to raise her head and look.

"I think that's all for today," Kevin said, unnecessarily.

Miranda would have flipped him the finger, but it didn't seem worth the effort. "Nap time," she thought, as she closed her eyes.

When she opened them again, she was still lying in a heap on the floor, but someone had kindly draped a sheet over her. There was a loud whining sound that she suspected was responsible for interrupting her nap. When she was able to focus better, she saw that it was Kevin's assistant, vacuuming up her puddle of cum. The shop-vac seemed to be straining at the task, which put a smirk on Miranda's face.

Not ready to risk sitting-up quite yet, she rolled over onto her back. The motion was hampered by the fact that her cum-coated horsecock had stuck to the paper under her and almost had to tear itself loose. From this position, she could see that the photo-floods had been turned off and only the fluorescent tubes overhead were on. That made a big change in the ambiance of the room. With the bright lights on, it was easy to pretend that she was in some other world, one where fantasy ruled and reality was kept at bay by the blinding illumination. Now, it was just a converted shop, with walls stripped to the brick and rafters exposed, all illusion gone.

Turning her head the other way, she saw Derek. He was sitting on a towel in a canvas folding chair, his butt close to the edge so his cock and balls could dangle off the edge. His head was hung back and his eyes were closed. He looked exhausted.

"Poor baby," she thought. "I wore him out. Well, we wore each other out."

Miranda rolled to her other side so she could rest her head on her palm with her elbow on the floor. She admired Derek's adonis-like physique, from his hairless chest to his ripped abs to his pendulous genitalia that slowly swayed with his breathing.

That last seemed particularly fascinating and she watched it as a cat watches a moving object it is deciding whether to pounce upon or not. Eventually, she remembered that there was something she needed to check and she rolled over onto her hands and knees with her face close to the floor. Tentatively, the put a hand behind her and slid it over her butt and into her crack. She ran her middle finger down along her crack until she felt it come to a spot where her flesh seemed to end. Her finger paused at the edge of the hole, then ventured out into space, seeking the far side. When she didn't find it in what she thought was a reasonable amount of time, she pulled it back and took an alternate route, instead tracing the rim of her gaped asshole.

After much fluttering and retracing and bridging, she determined that her opening was as wide as the distance from the tip of her finger to the second joint - large enough to drop a ping-pong ball into.

"Is that a lot?" She wondered. She had been able to touch herself there and have the pad of her finger cover it completely. Cautiously, she curled her finger into the hole, wondering just how deep it went and what was at the bottom of her bottom.

She'd extended her finger until it was completely straight and still hadn't felt anything when something diverted her attention. She looked back at Derek, to find him fully-awake and watching her.

Startled, she felt her ass suddenly slam closed around her finger tightly enough to trap it for a second, until she could summon the presence of mind to relax her butt. Protectively, she held her hand behind her as she rolled onto her side, facing Derek.

"You OK?" He asked her.

Miranda nodded. "Fine. Groggy. Tired."

"Yeah. Me too. We did a day's work in a little over an hour. I didn't know you were that into it."

"Me neither. I guess I got carried-away."

"No shit. Your ass OK?"

"I don't know. I'm not sure how..."

"Let me see."

Miranda hesitated, then, "He's been in your ass, dolt!" She told herself. "Let the man have a peek at it."

She got back onto all fours and crawled around so her butt was facing Derek. She raised it up and lowered her head while looking back at him so she could see his expression.

"Open up," he told her.

She reached back and put both hands on her cheeks, pulling gently.

"Now relax."

She did, and felt her asshole slowly open like a flower in the sun. Derek leaned over for a closer look.

"How is it?" She asked, when he didn't say anything. She failed miserably at hiding the anxious note in her voice.

"Beautiful," he said.

Of any words that she could have possibly expected to come out of his mouth, that one was not on the list. Miranda was stunned into silence.

"Seriously," she said, when she found her voice.

"Seriously," he said, sounding like he was agreeing with her. "Really, you're fine. You just got stretched a bit. It's nothing to worry about."

Miranda's suspicious reaction appeared to amuse him.

"You said you'd done anal before."

"Yes ... yesterday."

"That was your first time? Wow! You're a fast learner."

Miranda wasn't sure if that was meant as sarcasm or if he was sincere. It must have shown on her face because Derek's next words were placating.

"I mean, you were so ... enthusiastic. You really got me going. Usually I can control myself better than that."

At that point Miranda noticed that Derek's dangling dick wasn't as limp as it had been. Then she became acutely aware that they were both still naked. All of a sudden, that seemed to take on an erotic quality that made two spots on her chest begin to crinkle and stiffen. Before she could stop herself, she put a hand on one to massage the stiffness out.

Derek became very attentive to that casual motion.

Conditioned to having an audience, Miranda rose up on her knees and used both hands to play with her nipples, only not in anyway that would take the stiffness out of them.

"What was it you said earlier? Something about 'high-beams'?"

Miranda tossed her head and smiled. "One of the many crude things someone said about how women react to sex."

"Oh. I've heard that one. Something about flashing their high-beams as a way to attract attention."

"That's it. Only it's supposed to show that you just got dicked and how much you enjoyed it." Miranda was surprized that her nipples weren't terribly sore from Derek's rough handling. They were sore, but not bad enough to discourage her from playing with them. And obviously not too sore to stop them from quickly going back to full-bloom. In fact, they looked even larger to her.

"That was a quick recovery! Never more ready than when you just did," she said to herself.

Derek's attention to her performance faltered. She saw him glance down and realized that he had noticed her cock moving. Growing stiffer made it slide out in front of her ... and toward where he sat. It looked very much like a large snake stalking it's prey and Miranda was sure that similarity had occurred to him too. It became particularly apt when the end raised-up off the floor, as though it was about to attack. That's when his attention shifted altogether.

"Don't worry," she said, "It doesn't bite."

"Then what does it want?"

"You," she said, jerking her hips to make her cock jump toward Derek, making him flinch as the sudden movement.

"Do you know what 'docking' means?" She asked.

"Yeah, but I'm circumcised and you ... or do you mean... ?"

"My big cock is hungry," she told him in as seductive a tone as she could manage, "It wants to eat your dick."

Derek eyed the opening in the end of Miranda's cock. It certainly looked like it could swallow his dick whole.

"What the hell," he said, getting down on his knees. "I'm up for it. But this is absolutely the kinkiest thing I have ever done. What do I do?"

"What do you think?"

"OK." Derek wrapped his hand around her cock like he was picking up a live anaconda. Holding his own in his other hand, he brought them together. They had just touched when a glob of clear fluid oozed out of Miranda's cock, coating the head of his.

"It just spit on me," he said.

"It's hungry. Hurry up and feed it."

Derek eased the head of his cock into Miranda's opening. It was a snug fit, but he felt it stretch to accommodate him. As he eased further in, Miranda said, "Mmmmm! Nom nom nom!"

"That's not helping!"

"Then hurry up! This is like my boyfriend's favorite thing."


Miranda wasn't sure if his incredulity was about her having a boyfriend or that he got off on fucking the end of her cock.

"Well, you may have done this before, but I haven't," Derek concluded.

"How does it feel?"

"Like your dick is swallowing mine. It's weird, but nice."

"Don't be a wuss. Stick it all the way in."

Derek obliged, pulling her cock completely into his until the flared end pressed against his groin.

"I can feel you getting harder," Miranda told him. "You must like this."

With Miranda's cock stiff enough to stay put on it's own, Derek took his hand away and experimented with rolling his hips to see how it felt.

"It feels good," he told her, "But it's odd being this far from you. I feel ... exposed. Which is really strange, considering."

"You watch me and I watch you," she told him.

"I get the best of that deal," he told her, making her smile.

"I dunno about that," she thought. "Plenty of entertainment value in watching a man get off."

Kevin Stallings was in his office downloading the photos he'd taken from the camera's memory card to his computer and drumming his fingers impatiently while watching the progress-bar creep across the screen. Then his assistant stuck his head in the door.

"Mr. Stallings? You need to come see this."

"See what, Warren?"

"They're at it again."

"Leave them alone, they're on their own time."

"No, you really gotta see this. It's something new."

Stallings got up and stuck his head out the door far enough to see down the hall into the studio.

"Fuck me! That is something new. Hand me that camera, the one with the 28mm lens."

Thus armed, Kevin rushed down the hall and into the studio, turning on the photofloods as he went.

"Go away, Kevin," Miranda told him. "You said we're on our own time."

"And miss this? Sorry, but you've just invented the first new thing in sex this millennium. You're back on the clock. Time and a half."

"Double!" Derek said.


Miranda frowned. Kevin agreed way too easily. They might have got him up to triple or even quadruple their rates. Although she was actually being paid by the magazine and was so far ahead of where even her father expected her to be financially that for her, negotiating more money was little more than a game. She knew Derek needed it more than she did and when it was time to make Kevin pay-up, she'd make sure he got what he was due.

With Kevin kneeling beside them, Miranda and Derek began jousting with the same lance, each seeing what they could do to enhance the others pleasure as well as their own. It very quickly turned into a staring match, with both of them watching each other's eyes.

"Let me know when you're about to pop," Miranda said.

"You first," Derek responded, but she could hear the doubt in his voice. This was Miranda's game, and she knew she was winning.

Not that Derek wasn't trying. He was pulling-out all the stops – flexing his pecs and tightening his abs while she squeezed her boobs and played with her nipples.

The game went on for a long time, since both players considered cumming to be losing. Kevin was ecstatic. There was more posing going on than he could shoot with cameras in both hands.

Eventually one of them had to go over first. Miranda thought it would be Derek, from the way his eyes kept flickering shut and his jaw hung down. She felt his passion pull her along, dragging her closer and closer to the edge until she was hanging on by a force of will that was evaporating so quickly that she didn't realize it at first when she tipped-over the edge.

"I... ," she began, about to claim victory. Then she felt the rush and the contraction deep inside her and she no longer cared about victory or the game – only cumming."

As intimately-connected as they were, Derek knew instantly when Miranda lost it, and stopped fighting, allowing himself to fall into the abyss along with her.

Miranda's cock jumped, tugging on Derek's. She felt a return twitch and the two cocks erupted and tried to fill each other. It was no-contest. Their combined cum shot out of the end of Miranda's dick, swamping Derek's groin with sticky white goo.

"I win!" Miranda claimed, slumping backward on her butt with her knees splayed apart and her feet bent back under her butt.

Derek shook his head, either disagreeing or declining to argue the point. His balls ached. He felt sapped, but not exhausted.

"Low-impact sex," he thought. "I've spent more energy jerking-off. But damn, that was hot!"

Derek looked down at the place where he and Miranda were joined. He reached down and felt the cock that was encasing his and stroked it.

"See," Miranda said, "I told you it wouldn't bite. Now we better separate them, before they get too attached to each other."

"And before you turn my balls to dust. That was the most I've ever cum in such a short time before. I might be able to go again, but I'm sure if I did, I'd be leaving here with my balls in a sling."

Derek eased himself back out of Miranda. Kevin documented the gooey condition of his dick, then called to his assistant.

"Warren! Wet a couple of towels and bring them in here!"

"Thanks," Derek told him.

Kevin shook his head. "Least I can do. This place hasn't got a shower and the crapper is the size of a small closet."

"Don't get too grateful," Miranda warned him. "Remember, those last pics belong to the magazine too. You can't sell those to someone else."

"Yeah, I know. I doubt Larry will be including them in the stuff he passes along to the Danes. But if I know him, he'll find something to do with them. They'll surface somewhere, sometime. And it better be with my credit on them!"

Miranda and Derek sponged-off as best they could before leaving the studio. Miranda smiled when she saw Derek ease himself into his tight jeans.

"Does it hurt?" She asked. She hoped he wasn't in too much pain, but she thought he deserved to suffer just a little for being so rough on her butt."

"My balls are throbbing from cumming so much," he admitted. After a few seconds thought, he added, "Yours aren't?"

"I recover pretty quickly."

"So I noticed."

"It takes a lot more than that to make mine ache. But I know how you feel."

Miranda put on her platform mules and got into her silk robe. When she tied the belt, she noticed Derek watching her.

"What?" she asked him.

He chuckled and pointed. "High-beams."

She looked down at her chest. The thin material did nothing to hide the condition of her nipples, which were still very swollen from all the rough handling. She tugged her robe tighter, which only made them more distinct under the paper-thin cloth.

Derek licked his lips.

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