Teaching a Bitch a Lesson

by Lucky Mann

Copyright© 2015 by Lucky Mann

BDSM Sex Story: A drunken, rude, unwelcome, female intruder gets a lesson in manners from a security guard.

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Rape   Heterosexual   Fiction   BDSM   MaleDom   Light Bond   Interracial   White Male   Hispanic Female   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Workplace   .

It was 5:00 AM and the sun had not begun to rise. Except for the yard lights, the lot where I worked was bathed in darkness. My overnight shift as security supervisor at a large warehouse complex was nearly over. I sat at my desk beginning the required paperwork before my shift ended. Just two more hours and I'd be off for a three-day weekend. It had been a cold and windy night with nothing to break the monotony of my routine. Security work can be exciting at times, but usually it's just lonely and boring.

Someone staggering across the parking lot caught my attention. Except for an occasional trucker, no one was expected or allowed on warehouse property at that time of day. The intruder must have been dropped off somewhere near the front of the warehouse complex. Since the warehouses are located a few miles out of town, it was unlikely this stranger had found my work site accidentally. Obviously either drunk or high on some drug, the stranger took a purposeful but zig-zag course across the lot toward the Security Office door. The intruder seemed to know where they wanted to go but couldn't navigate well enough to get there.

The visitor was dressed in blue jeans and a dark colored hooded sweatshirt. The hood of the sweatshirt was pulled up and covered the visitor's head. The sweatshirt and its hood prevented me from getting much of a description of the wearer.

The office door opened and the subject stepped in. I could then see my visitor was a young, light-skinned, Hispanic, female. She was about 5'4" or 5" and had a slender build. Though the company I worked for employed several Hispanic workers, I didn't recognize this woman. Besides, no one, other than myself, was authorized to be on company property overnight. So, it was unlikely she had any legitimate reason to be here.

As the lady jerked open the Security Office door, I smiled at her and said. "Good morning. May I help you?"

She immediately began yelling in Spanish and waving her arms around in the air. She reeked of alcohol and was somewhat unstable on her feet.

"No comprende Espanola." (I don't understand Spanish). "Se habla English?" (Do you speak English?) I asked. With the exception of just a few other words, that's pretty much the extent of my Spanish. I feel that since I'm an American, in America, and the language of America is English, I have no need, or desire, to learn Spanish, or any other foreign language.

The young lady only seemed to get more agitated. She got louder and leaned forward supporting herself on my desk.

"Lady, calm down, and I will try to help you." I told her.

She slammed her purse down on my desk and continued her unintelligible tirade.

Using verbal commands and hand signs my German Shepard dog understands, I pointed to a chair against the far wall and firmly told her. "No! Silencio!" My loud stern voice stopped her ranting for a few seconds. "Sit! Stay!" I sternly commanded while using my dogs hand commands.

Instead of sitting, the damn bitch took a swing and slapped me across the face. I guess my dog is a little smarter than this bitch.

"Policia." I told her as I picked up the phone. I intended to call the cops to have this nut case removed.

She seemed to get even madder, if that was possible. She knocked the phone from my hand and drew back to hit me again.

I'd had enough. Nowhere in my Standard Operating Procedures does it say I have to take a beating from some drunken out of control bitch. As she drew back to take another swing at me, I snapped out my right hand and soundly backhanded her across her right cheek.

Though my backhand startled and knocked her back, she quickly recovered and came forward again.

Jumping out from behind my desk, I grabbed her right wrist as she swung at my head. Twisting her arm behind her back into a hammer lock, I pushed her hard up against the wall. Using my weight to pin her struggling body against the wall, I retrieved my handcuffs from their holster on my belt. I quickly attached them to her right wrist. I then pulled her left arm behind her back and cuffed her left wrist to the right.

When I released the pressure I had on her back, she spun and tried to kick me. Out of instinct, I lashed out and slapped her left cheek, hard. Taking a fist full of her sweatshirt just below her neck, I pushed her back to the wall hard. I got right up to her face and yelled. "SHUT THE FUCK UP!"

She tried to kick me again.

I was fed up with this bitch's bullshit. I grabbed the phone and began dialing the local police. Then, I had an evil idea. Why not punish this wild little bitch myself. Besides, if I called the cops, not only would I have to deal them, I'd have to write a lengthy report. All of which would mean staying over several hours.

I slowly hung the phone up, turned to glare at the girl, and grinned. She went silent, her eyes widened, and immediately she seemed to calm just a bit.

Mostly to myself, I said. "Let's see what we have here."

I reached out and jerked the hood of her sweatshirt off her head. She was rather cute. She appeared to be in her late teens or early 20s, with light tan skin, dark brown eyes, and long silky black hair. She stood about 5'4" and weighed about 115 to 125 pounds. Other than the strong smell alcohol, she seemed to be well groomed.

Grabbing her by the left arm, I led her to my car. When I opened the trunk of my car, she started yelling and tried to kick me again. I roughly shoved her into my car's trunk. I found an old piece of rope there and began to tie her up. She struggled until I had her ankles tied together. I then ran the rope from her ankles to the cuffs on her wrists. A couple of dirty shop rags made an effective blindfold. A piece of duct tape brought blessed silence when it was slapped over her mouth. I threw her purse into the trunk with her, smartly patted her ass, and slammed the trunk lid closed.

When I was relieved at 7:00 AM, I made no mention to the oncoming officer of the little wildcat secured in my trunk. Hell, he would have wanted a piece of my little wildcat himself. So, I reported a quiet night and left for home.

I drove to a nearby 24 Hour adult bookstore located next to the local truck-stop. I didn't have a specific plan for my captive, but I knew I'd need a few things they sold. Leather restraints and other bondage equipment and adult toys found their way into my cart. After paying for my bag full of adult goodies, I headed home with my captive still in the trunk.

I live in a rural area, and the last two miles of the drive home are over a rough dirt road. I took pleasure in knowing little Ms. Trouble was getting a bumpy ride. I intentionally hit the roughest parts of the road. I wanted to be certain my passenger got an exciting ride.

My nearest neighbor is nearly half a mile away. So, being seen with my captive was unlikely. To be certain though, instead of leaving my car in the drive as I usually do, I pulled into the garage and closed its door before opening the trunk.

Before turning on the garage lights, I replace the rags over her eyes with the new black satin blindfold I had just purchased. After cutting the rope that ran between her ankles and wrists, I drug her out of the trunk and stood her up.

With her standing in front of me, I reached out and yanked off the duct tape that covered her mouth. She cried out from the pain, and immediately started yelling in Spanish.

Since her hands and feet were still bound and she was blindfolded, it was unlikely she would try to run. I left her standing and yelling at the rear of my car while I retrieved the bag of goodies I had bought at the adult store. She continued to angrily scream at me in Spanish. Good thing a ball-gag had been included in my purchases at the bookstore.

"NO!" She screamed when I tried to push the ball into her mouth. When I pushed a little harder to insert the ball between her lips, she clamped her mouth shut and sharply turned her head.

She quieted some when I walked behind her and gently stroked her hair. Then, without warning, I grabbed a hand full of hair at the back of her head and roughly jerked her head back and down. That caused her to face straight up and scream in pain. I instantly jammed the ball-gag between her teeth. Her screams were instantly silenced by the ball-gag as I quickly secured the gag's straps behind her head. A new black leather collar was fastened around her neck, and a dog's leash attached to the collar.

Softly, I spoke into her left ear. "If you want to act like a bitch, that's how you'll be treated."

I gathered my bag of toys, put her purse in her cuffed hands, and cut the rope binding her feet. I led her by the leash into the house.

I quickly had her in my windowless basement recreation room. I had turned my basement into a workout room.

Once there, I snatched her purse from her hands and tossed it to the floor. I briefly released her left wrist from the handcuffs, quickly looped the cuff's chain over my chin-up bar, and secured her left wrist again. Her arms were then stretched over her head. Her short stature and the height of my chin-up bar forced her to stand on the balls of her feet.

Picking her purse up, I told her. "Now, let's see who I have here." I dumped the contents of her purse on the floor. It contained the standard stuff found in a woman's purse. Several articles of make-up, tissues, various papers, and a small wallet. The wallet held just a few dollars, some pesos, and a Mexican driver's license. Though I couldn't read the Spanish on the license, I was able to determine my captive's name was Lucinda, and she had turned 20 about three weeks earlier.

Replacing the contents of Lucinda's purse, I tossed it into the closet. My attention was then turned back on her.

"Lucinda?" I asked.

Her head, which had been bowed, snapped up. "Um hum." She responded behind the gag.

"What are we going to do with you? I know! Why don't we see just what you look like?"

In vain, she tried to pull away as I unzipped her sweatshirt and slowly unbuttoned her blouse. She began shaking her head and repeatedly emitted a muffled. "Mmmoooo!"

Stepping behind her, I released Lucinda's bra clasp as she continued trying to jerk away from me. Her position under the chin-up bar kept her reasonably still.

I moved back in front of her and roughly jerked her bra away from her chest. The bra's shoulder straps quickly failed, and it was tossed to the floor. She rapidly shook her head no and groaned behind her gag.

Her leash was secured to the chin-up bar so she still had little ability to move. I then released one side of the cuffs, and she slowly lowered her arms. Her sweatshirt and blouse were pulled off her shoulders and tossed to the floor with her bra. Lucinda tried covering her bare chest with her arms. Her arms were jerked up and again secured over her head to the chin-up bar.

Lucinda had a nice little set of tits. They weren't much bigger than oranges, but stood firmly out from her chest. Her tits were topped by puffy, dark brown aureoles and little nipples the size of small peas. Her tits promised a fun time in the near future. Stepping behind her again, I stroked the long silky hair that flowed over her shoulders.

I reached around Lucinda's slender body and cupped her tits in my hands. She inhaled sharply and tried to twist away. I squeezed both tits very hard.

She growled through the gag, but stood still as I then gently massaged her tits. With limited success, Lucinda tried to pull away from me when my exploring tongue caressed her ears and neck. I kissed and licked her ears and neck until she quit struggling to avoid me. I rolled her nipples between my thumb and index finger until they hardened into chewable little morsels. Lucinda's groans were slowly turning to moans. Her head was still shaking no, but much slower than before.

I kissed her neck, moved back in front of her, bent over, and covered her tits with licks and kisses. I sucked her nipples to full hardness. They were pointy little things which seemed to be well suited to her smallish tits. Lucinda's tits seemed to be enjoying my attention even as she continued to shake her head no. She instantly screamed into her gag and jumped back when I bit her left nipple.

I again gently tended to Lucinda's tits. She began to moan quietly. She didn't seem to notice when I gently and slowly unsnapped her jeans and lowered the zipper. She snapped back to reality and stood frozen in place, when I jerked her pants down her legs. She tried unsuccessfully to kick me when I pulled them off her feet.

Lucinda stood before me in nothing but a pair of silky pink panties and a black satin blindfold. The pink of her panties nicely accented the luscious light brown shade of her skin. She sure was a cute little thing. Except for trying to hold her legs together, she barely moved when I jerked her panties down. Her pubic bush, though rather sparse, was as black as the hair on her head.

Lucinda was hanging before her captor by her wrists and a leash, totally nude, except for her blindfold and ball-gag. She looked so young, tender, and fresh.

I kissed her cheek and she turned away. Patting her cheek, I again lavished attention on her tits. She continued trying to twist away, but was soon moaning behind her gag. Her head was tilted back and slowly rocked back and forth. I slid a hand down her belly, cupped her pubic mound and pussy, and gently squeezed.

Reacting instantly, Lucinda abruptly jerked her hips back, twisted away, and tried to kick. She unsuccessfully tried to speak through her gag.

Putting a hand over her tightly stretched lips, I softly whispered. "Shuussssh." I then put a finger under the gag's straps and gently tugged. "Off?" I asked.

She slowly nodded yes.

Putting a finger to her lips again, I again told her. "Shuusssh." I then removed her gag. I hugged her firmly and again cupped her pussy. Again she jerked away.

"No, no, por favor. No! Me virgin!" She chattered rapidly in Spanish.

"Shussssh." I hugged her again and more firmly grabbed a handful of pussy. When she again pulled back, I released the hug and silently walked behind her.

Without warning, I slapped her right ass cheek, hard. Lucinda yelped, and I slapped the other cheek. Each cheek of her ass had a nice bright hand print on it. Several more hard swats were applied to each of her ass' cheeks turning them bright red. Lucinda's tears were freely flowing from under her blindfold, and she sobbed softly.

The next time I cupped Lucinda's pussy she didn't pull away, but continued slowly shaking her head no. She softly and repeatedly whimpered. "No!"

"Si, si." I chuckled into her ear.

Kicking her feet apart, I gave her pussy several strokes with my fingers until her pussy lips began to part. Slowly I inserted a finger into her hole. My finger had only entered her a very short distance when I felt an obstruction. Something was blocking the entrance to her pussy.

"Ah ha! You are cherry, aren't you?" I asked. I asked even though I knew she didn't understand me.

Her tears continued to stream from under her blindfold and down her cheeks. I wiped her tears, kissed her cheek, and gently took her in my arms. Softly, almost lovingly, I held her and stroked her hair. I soothingly talked to her. "It's OK, Lucinda. You won't be virgin much longer. I'm going to take care of that pesky little cherry for you."

She laid her head on my shoulder and I gently patted her ass. Just above a whisper, I said. "Si, Baby. I'm going to take that cherry real soon."

She looked up, tried to smile, and said. "Gracias."

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