Kill Switch Version B

by Phoenixwriter

Copyright© 2015 by Phoenixwriter

Science Fiction Sex Story: Two young female soldiers and a young male soldier trapped on a moon inside a hover tank. What could possibly go wrong? Then again, what could possibly go right; very right?

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Drunk/Drugged   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Mystery   Science Fiction   Anal Sex   Military   .

Michelle, Frankie and me (Jake) had launched from the cargo lander an hour ago and given our search area. Rebel activity was light in this area, so four anti-grav tanks were dropped onto this rock, and sand covered moon. Command ordered a 1000 square kms search grid for each tank which would be far enough away from each other to explore suspected places for rebels to hide. We had to stop every few days to replenish our batteries for all of our systems except the main gun. The guys in charge were a paranoid bunch and refused to give us environmental or space certified suits fearing desertion or defection to the rebels. The most important innovation installed in ALL Republic vehicles was a "KILL SWITCH" to prevent the poorly equipped rebel forces from getting even one of these old clunkers we were in.

We were cruising at a leisurely 100 kms/h scanning the landscape for rebels or some sign of life. That's when we saw the flash. We were hit by something and the "kill Switch" was activated shutting down all systems except the emergency oxygen supply which gave us two hours of life for three people. Frankie did not see the flash or had any way to look outside. Michelle and I were both looking forward. Michelle was looking out the drivers viewing port and I was looking through the gunner's scope searching for any possible targets. That's when Frankie started yelling and freaking out. "WHO THE FUCK triggered the "Kill Switch!" Frankie screamed. Michelle and I looked at each other with puzzled looks on our faces.

Then out of nowhere Michele and I felt very warm and horny. We started taking our clothes off and started to approach Frankie with a very hungry look in our eyes like two cats hunting a mouse; our "mouse" was Frankie. Frankie's eyes were wide with shock and a little lust, more so when she looked towards Michelle and then, once more started to freak out. That startled us from our lust-filled stalking.

"I think somebody needs a nap." I said aloud

I reached for the injection full of sedative for combat triage in our first aid kit in my lust-filled daze I must have injected too much. I felt for a pulse and Frankie was dead. In my lusty delirium I thought to myself, "That's one less sex partner. I turned my attention instead to the very aroused sex partner next to me who was now stroking my fully erect and very hard dick.

I motioned Michelle onto her hands and knees, spread her legs a bit and got behind that very beautiful big ass, grabbed her by the hips and drove my dick into her very wet pussy in one long, slow steady stroke. When I was fully buried in her she shook with her first orgasm. I had to remain perfectly still or I would also cum; too soon for me. Once we were both calmed down I began to slowly stroke her tight slippery channel. Then, out of nowhere we were both struck again by overwhelming lust.

My rational and logical mind fought through for a moment and I thought, "Could this possibly be some secret new rebel weapon causing these feelings?"

Then lust gripped us again and Michelle moved back against my dick and began fucking herself with my dick. I didn't know what was happening, but my staying power was remarkable and beyond that of any ordinary twenty-five year old. THIS twenty five year old was certainly enjoying the twenty one year old sexy woman now bouncing up and down on my dick after we switched positions. While mounting me Michelle would pause a moment and smother me with her large breasts. She got bored with that position and turned around on me, never separating, facing away from me. She bounced up and down vigorously in this position until yet another orgasm pulsed through her. She was still not sated and I was still hard.

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