Will and Cherie

by Marti

Copyright© 2015 by Marti

Erotica Sex Story: A husband and wife new to swinging but keen to explore meet a mature couple. They have some desires which need fulfilling, however the mature couple have plans for them and take them to their limit.....And beyond.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Reluctant   Coercion   Drunk/Drugged   BiSexual   Fiction   Wife Watching   Swinging   Gang Bang   Group Sex   Orgy   Interracial   Black Couple   White Female   Indian Male   Indian Female   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Bestiality   BBW   .

I could see Jackie, well parts of her; I could recognize the corselet that she chose to wear for the evening, fragments would appear red and black between the bodies as they moved. The couple rutting on the bed next to her would move a little, the woman would arch her back in ecstasy or heave herself up crushing herself against his chest, or the man would rise up on his arms; and when they did Jackie would momentarily be exposed. Perhaps a breast would appear rolling on her chest in time to the strokes of the man fervently taking her. Her head, her hair tangled and tousled, a man's groin arching over her, taking his pleasure from her mouth. Mere seconds then she would be gone only to re-appear, her breast again, now in the grip of a mauling hand, fingers searching for the nipple. On one occasion it was her hand, pulling, pinching; eagerly tormenting her own hard nipple, the large jade stone on her finger revealing her presence before being obscured by the rutting bodies.

The musky sour odour of sex filled the room. The creaking of the bed as it laboured under the writhing bodies. The passionate sighs, the moans and the slap, slap of sweating bodies crashing together, the sights, sounds and smell of sex filled my senses. And me, sat here, still with my clothes on ... and a firm but less than re assuring hand on my shoulder. I'd been told to sit down, shut up and not interfere. Will had made that quite clear ... The bloke who normally minded the door was looking at me, his firm hand had applied some downward pressure on my shoulder, leaving me in no doubt but to comply.

So how had this little predicament come to pass? Well it all began in the typical way. As usual hubby wants to spice things up, starts messing about on the internet, finally persuades her to take that first step and before you know it things start to happen. Only thing is I discovered I'm not the jealous type and get a very real kick out of sharing my wife with others. It first became apparent when I got her to chat on line with blokes, she loved the attention and before long she was showing her-self off on the web cam. I got real turned on knowing other men were looking at her and she was getting off on it too. Then before too long we'd met our first single guy and after some real heavy nerves she'd fucked him while I watched. And man did it do it for me! After that she was keen and we joined a swinger's web site and that's where I bumped into Will; or rather Will and Cherie 'a mature couple into swinging and party meets'.

I noticed their profile and had a look, after reading and looking at their photo gallery I thought they might be worth a try, I quite fancied organising a meet with a couple, although Jackie had already said she wasn't sure how she'd feel if I was to have full sex with another woman. But between you and me, I was more interested in her playing with them, rather than me getting off with Cherie. I know, it's weird but we all have our little kink. They were older than us but they seemed ok, he was a little over weight and she was a bit skinny. It took a few days but I plucked up some courage and hesitantly sent them a wink.

A couple of days later we had a message in our site in box. It's hard to describe but sometimes someone's charisma can come across even in an internet message. Before long we were corresponding and I was telling him all sorts of things. Our likes and dislikes, our experiences so far, even mentioning some of our fantasies, you know, things we'd talked about or in my case things I'd maybe like to try ... or see; and yes I told him about how much I liked to watch her, he seemed very intrigued by this. Before long we had swapped e-mail addresses and started discussing a meet. We shared clothed photos and Will suggested I tell Jackie about him and Cherie ... Just test the water he said.

She was unsure at first, but after a couple of days she started asking me questions, what were they like? Where would we meet? I told her we hadn't got that far but if she was ok with it I'd find out, she agreed with that, I could tell that the little lust demon inside her had kindled her interest. That night I e-mailed Will. Almost instantly I had a reply. Will explained that he and Cherie went to a swinger's party held regularly in Oxford. Perhaps we might like to come along? Will explained further, it was a group who got together every month; everyone knew each other and this meant it had a nice party atmosphere. He did stress that the age group was slightly on the older side and that if we wanted the Hollywood Set, the beautiful people as he called them ... then this party wouldn't be for us. They had a gathering that coming Saturday and if we wanted we would be warmly welcomed. There would be around 8 couples and a few specially vetted single guys. And it would be entirely up to us if we played or not. I got a tingle in my cock! I replied that I'd let Jackie know and if she was game I'd e-mail straight away. I got an almost immediate reply from Will that if yes, let him know by no later than Thursday. It was Monday night, I told her about Wills invitation just before i turned out the lights. She lay quiet in the dark for a few minutes then gripped my hand. Shall we go? She whispered. It was as all she needed to say.

When I told Will he was very pleased ... But he added a note of caution, he said that it wouldn't be wise to rush in to quick and he suggested we come late and leave early. And he also suggested we not play, just watch. I was taken aback, but he explained, he knew a lot of people (guys) would be very interested in Jackie, (him for one) but it was best not to overwhelm her on her first visit and, he added, she might get cold feet anyway ... He said it would be better to give her a taste but leave her wanting more ... Seemed a good idea so I agreed. His e-mail ended with instructions for that coming Saturday night, address, directions and a mobile number to call once we arrived.

So everything was set.

Jackie always needed space to prepare for our little adventures in the swinging world she'd spend ages in the bath, pampering herself. She would trim her pubic hair and shave her legs and then slowly decide what to wear. Never a skinny woman, 5' 4" she had always been a curvy girl, hovering between a size 14 and 16 but one of those women that exudes sex appeal. Pale skinned with Brunette hair with a hint of henna red, but unlike most pale women her nipples were a deep nut brown not pink, she said it was something to do with distant Spanish blood. She finally appeared just before 8 wearing a lose fitting black dress with lots of cleavage on show, her 38dd breasts would be a draw for any man. She hoped the dress wasn't too frumpy, it certainly wasn't! She'd just gone for matching black underwear, stockings and heels, she looked ravishing, She took a bag with her with some extra items, she said she would change if and she hesitated for a second, if we decide to play. She slipped on her coat and we headed for the car, it was a good hour to Oxford and I was planning to find a pub for a stiffener before we walked to the venue. Will had said there was a good place just around the corner, I thought a couple of G & T's would help with her nerves, I only hoped she wouldn't bottle out.

We were both rather quiet in the car, but it had been the same when we went to Plymouth to meet the single guy, but after her first gin (I'd made it a double) she began to relax ... she made small talk, wondering what the apartment would be like, how many people would be there, that kind of stuff. After her second (double) she was, I think getting quite excited. I don't know if it was the same for her, but for me it was like the feeling, a mixture of trepidation, fear and excitement you get as you queue up for one of those rides at Alton Towers, you know the nasty ones that defy gravity and turn you inside out.

We found the apartment block and rang the mobile number, a guy asked our names and gave us a code to punch into the gate lock ... once inside the gate close with a clang, which made Jackie jump; we then saw the door which opened and a large bloke in a black leather jacket ushered us in and directed us to the lift. There were 4 floors but we were heading for the top the penthouse apartments. Once out of the lift the man led us along a short corridor to a locked mirror glass door, once thru he pointed to another door at the far end of the corridor.

'Just knock' he said, then turned and stepped back and locked the door behind him. We held hands and walked to the door, Jackie took a deep breath and I knocked on the door. We waited, it seemed like ages but it was mere seconds, the door opened and a beaming Will greeted us, a warm firm hand shake for me and a gentle hand for Jackie and kissed pleasantries.

He welcomed us in and led us from the hall into the lounge, the sound of voices, laughing and chatting was predominant. As we entered the lounge, I'd say about 14 or 15 people stood around, drinks in hand chatting, most in groups of three or four, there did seem to be a few more men than women. It all seemed perfectly normal, except perhaps some of the women wore somewhat skimpy dresses and there was a strong element of 'slutty' shoes. Will called for general attention and introduced us collectively to the group. A few waves and calls of welcome were returned, and the party atmosphere continued; although I noticed some lascivious gazes at Jackie from one or two of the gentlemen present.

Will had taken me by surprise, he turned out not quite what I'd expected, a little older than his photo and quite short, a little more rotund than I'd imagined with short grey hair but the most piecing blue eyes I'd ever seen and when he spoke his voice was captivating ... Jackie described it as musical, hypnotic even. Cherie joined us and introduced herself, she arrived with a large glass of wine for Jackie and as she assumed I'd be driving, a coke for me. She slipped an arm around Will and made small talk. A tall willowy woman with short grey hair cut in a bob. Quite a striking woman, not beautiful but certainly attractive, her figure hidden by a loose fitting kimono, however, it was clear, in her day she'd no doubt been quite a looker. We chatted about this and that then Will encouraged Jackie to down her wine so he could give us the tour.

He showed us where the kitchenette was, the loo and then the two bedrooms for play, (Jackie blushed) but both rooms were devoid of people. He then took us back out into the corridor, opposite was another door. He explained that the whole area was secure and no one came in unless Carl the doorman let them in and the mirrored glass stopped prying eyes. He then opened the second door. This was the second penthouse apartment, the same as next door, but this was for changing in and some people would stay the night there. He whispered to Jackie that some of the girls tend to use the toilet over there.

So that was that, and we headed back to the party. Will introduced us to some of the couples, some our age mid to late forties but most, older than us - a very nice Indian couple, very well spoken, both with grey hair at the temples. A black couple, again I'd say quite a bit older than use, she was quite a large lady with very big breasts and she laughed constantly. We were slowly introduced to the whole of the group the single guys were very keen to meet Jackie. But eventually we returned to Will and Cherie who we chatted with until I noticed the crowd in the room starting to thin out a little.

Pretty soon we were down to just us chatting plus a couple sitting talking quietly on the sofa, Will was telling Jackie about his and Cherie's first time, and she was listening intently and that's when the naked guy walked in to the lounge. Will, stopped talking to Jackie, whose back was to the gentleman, and he spoke to the chap, asking quizzically if he was taking a breather? The man, an old guy with a grey sparse pony tail, when we met him I think he said his name was Tony, smiled and said that the ladies wear him out!

I looked at his cock. It was enormous! Though now flaccid it arched out from his naked groin still wet and sticky from whatever he had been up too. He was telling Will that he'd soon get his second wind, when Jackie turned around. She gasped in surprise! The naked man extended his hand and said hello, he said his memory wasn't what it was and had he been introduced? Will, laughing and introduced her again, and she nervously took his hand. Jackie, desperately trying not to look at that cock, (and failing) tentatively tried to explain that they had met that evening. He immediately apologies but Jackie told him not to worry, he still held her hand, but now he raised his other hand and gently stroked her hand and wrist. 'Divine' he said, lasciviously and then he asked her if she might be joining the throng in the 'other' room? Jackie blushed and stammered that she wasn't sure. He pulled his hand away slowly stroking her palm and fingers as he did, 'no matter' he said, 'but if you do, I'd very much like to make your acquaintance' and with that he went and sat down with the couple on the sofa.

We turned back to Will, Jackie asked him to continue with his story, she seemed quite un-nerved, and then we noticed that Cherie was no longer with us. 'Has Cherie gone... ?' Jackie's voice was horse and laboured, a tell-tale sign that she is getting turned on. Before she could finish, Will replied that yes she had and would Jackie like to see? But not waiting for an answer, he took her by the hand and gently led her out into the hall, with me meekly bringing up the rear.

The first room was quite dark, but the bedside lamps gave off enough light to see what was going on. Will stood close to Jackie his arm around her waist. She was looking towards the bed. Two people, the Indian man and a blond woman were fucking. He had one of her legs up over his upper arm with her on her back twisted over slightly her large round bum facing us. She groaned and sighed as his dark shaft moved steadily in and out of her. Where her leg was up her bottom was parted and her thighs were wide apart, his cock in full view as it eased forward deep into her pussy then re-emerging wet and slick as he fucked her. On the chaise lounge opposite the bed two women where entwined together kissing in a passionate embrace. One clearly the wife of the man on the bed the other was Cherie!, her kimono had fallen open revealing small pert breasts with long and very hard dark nipples, she turned slightly so she could see Jackie but without breaking her kiss she sort of smiled with her eyes and waved. Jackie look on, switching her gaze from one couple to the other.

Will explained that Mr Kholi loved to come here and fuck the ladies, and he chuckled, 'so does Mrs Kholi'. Jackie may have been listening to him, but she did not pull her eyes away from the two rutting swingers. Mr Kholi had increased the pace and the blond woman had become more vocal, she had begun to move her hips too pushing forward to meet his thrusting cock. But Will firmly coaxed Jackie to turn away and he guided her out of the room ... As we, left the woman cried out with a deep guttural voice - Ohhhh yes I'm cumming!

But Jackie was about to explore the second room, the door was not closed but pulled too, you could hear murmuring from inside and hushed muffled voices ... moans, grunts and sighs. Will asked Jackie if she was ready? She stared straight ahead, licked her lips seductively and nodded her head. Then Will slowly pushed the door open and guided Jackie forward.

She stepped forward and Will firmly walked her into the room, I heard her gasp, a sharp intake of breath and her hands lifted to her mouth, clasped together as if to pray. 'Oh my god' she whispered. On the bed before her was a tangled mass of bodies, all naked, all colours and all shapes and sizes. Men and women all heaving together, pressing against each other, lying against or over each other and all joined in some way by a sexual act; mouths, cocks, cunts and hands. The sound of skin against skin, slapping or rubbing and the vocal sounds of lust filled the room and the smell, the odour of sex, sour, musky, pungent was like a fog.

Men fucking women, women fucking men, women with other women, everything was happening on that huge king-sized bed. And Jackie just held her breath and starred. Will stood behind her stroking her back but pressed firmly enough to encourage her to take two more steps towards the bed. Tentatively she moved closer; closer to the fornicating assembly.

As Jackie stopped by the edge of the bed, a woman, lying on her back, her head facing Jackie opened her eyes and looked up. The woman, a pretty face, dark hair and full round lips smiled, her full breasts resting seductively on her chest, large and swollen nipples protruding upwards. She was obviously enjoying herself, her knees were up and her thighs spread wide a tanned bald head between them. She looked at Jackie through half closed languid eyes, 'mmmm hello again Jackie' she said. Jackie just stood and starred, but her chest rose and fell as she breathed rapidly, her face and chest were flushed, no doubt excitement and embarrassment were mingling.

The woman moaned and reached up and took Jackie's hand. 'Ooooh!' she moaned... 'you really gotta try this', and she squeezed Jackie's hand as she arch her back and groaned loudly. Oh baby she called to the man between her splayed thighs, there baby there! She then looked back to Jackie, will you be joining us honey? She asked and as she did she placed Jackie's hand on her left breasts. 'We'd love to have you' she chuckled. Jackie gasped again, but made no effort to move her hand. I looked at her, her eyes were wide, her face flushed, she bit her lower lip and then stroked the woman's large nipple. The woman responded with a load Mmmmmmmm!

As Jackie watched, the crowd on the bed shifted, a couple, the man had been kneeling facing away from us and the woman had been performing fellatio, now changed position; she turned round and he began to fuck her from behind. Jackie seemed quite engrossed, the sight and sound, the wet slap of his cock pistoning in and out was captivating Jackie. Her hand had left the other woman's breast and was now held upon her own chest, perhaps trying to calm her pounding heart. Will leaned in to her and whispered that she could touch if she wanted. Jackie looked at Will for a moment, then slowly reached out and stroked the man's back. Take a closer look, whispered Will, her hand still resting on the guys back, she peered around his torso and looked down, she blushed again and gasped Oh my, she croaked.

As she watched the two swingers fucking, two of the men climbed off the bed and walked round to us ... Both only had eyes for Jackie. Standing around her, completely naked with their hard cocks pointing at her they began to make their advances ... They asked her if she would like to join them ... one started to stroke her hair and neck, the other held his cock luridly and suggested she join him on the bed.

The grey haired black guy then joined us ... his cock not erect but thick, a deep black with a large purple cock head. The three men encircled her, the first guy who had played with her hair now began to stroke her thigh, he slipped his arm around her waist and squeezed her ... I could see Jackie was enjoying the attention, however she had the air of a frightened rabbit, so I pressed my mouth to her ear and whispered that if she wanted we could go.

In less than 15 minutes we had said our good-byes and were walking hurriedly to the car! Once inside, I looked at Jackie; Well I asked her what did she think? She said that it was ok, she just felt a little overwhelmed. I laughed and told her I could understand that. As we started the drive home I asked her what she thought about the people, the venue and the group thing? But she didn't answer. But as we hit the first service station on the M5 she told me to pull over urgently, as I parked she threw herself on me ... Climbing on me, she feverishly opened my trousers and pulled my already hard cock free, then tearing her knickers to the side she sank her soaking cunnie down, impaling herself to the hilt, she rose and fell forcefully two maybe three times then came hard, causing me to cum, shooting my seed deep inside her, it was all over in seconds. She slumped into my arms and then luridly slurred, 'does that answer your question?' We woke late Sunday morning and talked quietly about the night before, I asked her if she was disappointed not to have played? I suggested that she appeared to find some of the men attractive and quite turned on by the mass of bodies locked together on the bed. She said she did find the men appealing, though she couldn't quite grasp why and she found the group sex shocking but very arousing! But when the guys came onto her she felt too overwhelmed and her nerves got the upper hand and she was glad I'd suggested they leave. I said I'd get up and make some tea, but as I headed for the door, I asked her if she could do the group thing. She responded quickly, maybe but perhaps fewer people. As a parting shot I asked if she wanted to go next month. As I reached the stairs - She called out -Maybe!

Sunday evening I logged in to our profile on the swingers site, two single guys had contacted us and there was also a message from Will and Cherie, I deferred the single guys and then read Will's message, it just said - check your e-mails.

I opened it and read.

Hope you both enjoyed last night! The group certainly enjoyed your company. How is Jackie? We hope it wasn't too much and hasn't frightened her off? We would be delighted if you both decided to come next month, do let us know.

I replied immediately, and said that I thought we both enjoyed the evening and the company, I also said I thought the experience had been good for Jackie. I mentioned that she was a little overwhelmed but that she found the whole scenario very arousing I briefly explaining about Jackie's insistent emergency stop! Finally I mentioned that it was looking very promising for a return next month.

The next three weeks were un-eventful, we worked and talked, I was very guarded about bringing up the subject of swinging or the party, but in the week before the next event I was contacted by Will and I also received an e-mail from Cherie... 'For Jackie's eyes only'.

Will explained that if we attended and that it might be likely that we play, Cherie wanted to explain some things to Jackie, give her a heads up as to what to expect and to find out her likes and dislikes and her aspirations. And for this reason, she wanted to keep it 'just between the girls' So on the Wednesday I told Jackie that we had an invite to the weekend's party and did she want to go? I also told her about her special e-mail. She was unsure and I think she was wavering but that evening she took the laptop up to bed and read the e-mail. I stayed out of her way until eleven o-clock then went to find her. She said she had read Cherie's e-mail and had replied.

She looked at me and kind of 'asked' that if it was ok with me, she did want to go to the party - But with the same proviso as last time ... that if it was too much she had the option to back out. I said that option would always be her prerogative.

We left at a similar time that Saturday and arrived at the pub, the same couple of stiff drinks then found ourselves at the big steel gates. The last few days I'd kept things very low key and avoided the topic. The only thing I had done was have a sneaky look at Jackie and Cherie's e-mails. Jackie had deleted them but hadn't removed them from the deleted box, so it was easy for me to snoop. Cherie's was the usual, confirmation that 'no' means no, and that condoms would always be available, though with a group as tight knit as theirs she felt she could dispense with them, but the decision was Jackie's. She also mentioned that most of the players in the group dispensed with pubic hair but that was strictly optional. Cherie did say that Jackie would be 'in demand' and some of the guys might be very forward and that if that got too much she just had to remind them do behave like gentlemen. Then she asked Jackie to give her an indication of what she wanted to get from the evening, what she liked to do and what she didn't. But she hoped Jackie would be open minded and a little adventurous ... she closed saying that Jackie would be fine' reminding her that she could leave at any time she wanted. Cherie said she should relax and enjoy herself and if she was interested in playing with the girls Cherie would love to spend some time with her.

But it was Jackie's reply that surprised me and also shook me a little. The start of her e-mail was in reply to Cherie's, thanking her for making her feel comfortable, she said she was open to most things but would prefer to avoid any anal play, she also said that when she touched the woman's breast it sent and electric shock to her pussy so she would like to take that further but she wasn't sure how far. But then she got a bit darker and this is what made me sit up – She told Cherie that though at first the group on the bed was a shock, she found it very stimulating and that she would like to try, but again wasn't sure how far she could go ... perhaps with a small group? Then she said that she had fantasised about giving herself to the group and letting them take control ... to make use of her and to see just how far they could take her! She said the thrill of that was making her tingle as she typed, that it frightened her but made her feel so aroused. She thought that might be something she could explore?

I was surprised and a little shocked she had not mentioned this to me and I was perturbed that she would consider relinquishing control to a group of strangers at a swingers party ... But the idea made my dick harden and this was her fantasy and besides how far could it go? She was going to fuck some people maybe a few people, it might end up a gang bang with her the recipient but she could always say when she'd had enough; Will and Cherie would make sure of that. So, I just re deleted the mail and decided to see what would happen.

We passed the gate then called the number. Carl took us up in the lift and pointed us once again down the corridor.

We knocked and entered, people waved and called out greetings then Will met us and took our coats, and nipped them through into the opposing apartment. Cherie met us with drinks, me a soft drink, (driving as usual) but Jackie a large G+T which she accepted greedily. Cherie noticed Jackie had a bag with her, and smiled, 'so' she said 'do you think you might play tonight?' Jackie smiled and blushed a little' um, yes she' said, 'I've bought something to change into'. 'Oh good' said Cherie and brushed her arm gently. Will re-joined us and Cherie explained that Jackie was thinking about playing, he also noticed her bag and said that whenever she was ready, she could pop next door and change...

The room was busy, I think there were a few extra people, and I did notice that the ratio of men and women appeared skewed towards the blokes, without physically doing a head-count I estimated about 6 or 7 women. I recognised most of them from the month before but there must have been 10 or 12 guys possibly more and some I couldn't place from our last visit. But the party atmosphere was good, music played and people came up and spoke with us and things moved on very well and for a time I forgot the reason why we were there.

Eventually the music tempo changed and the lights were lowered a little and like last time the people started to disappear. Jackie by now had downed a few Gin and tonics and seemed quite relaxed a little tipsy even, she'd been chatting with Cherie and the Indian couple - the Kholi's for the last 20 minutes, but they had drifted off. She joined me and touched my arm and took a deep breath and said she was going to get changed. She also let Cherie know. Cherie smiled and asked Jackie if she was sure? Jackie nodded. So Cherie called Will over and he escorted her to the other apartment. Will was back in a moment and he and Cherie took me to the kitchenette where they asked if I was ok? They just wanted to check and to remind me that Jackie would get a lot of attention tonight and that I was sure I'd be ok with that. Cherie said she'd been through some things with Jackie and she felt that Jackie knew what to expect, I didn't let on that I'd read the e-mail.

The next thing that Cherie did however, made me start! She started preparing another G and T for Jackie, just a single this time, a shot of gin, a short glug of tonic, one small ice cube and a sliver of lime ... But then she took a small dark brown bottle from the cabinet above her, the bottle had a medical label on it, and it had a drop style lid. Before my very eyes she took the top off and dropped four maybe five drops of a clear liquid into Jackie's glass! I was dumbfounded! 'What are you doing' I hissed. 'What is that? You can't do that!' I lunged for the glass but Will stepped in and prevented me. The few people in the lounge looked over at us. Will placed his hand on my chest. 'Will!' I said, 'what's going on?' He smiled, those bright blue eyes flashed. ' Its ok' he said. 'Look, once Jackie's got changed and comes back in here her nerves are going to come back with vengeance. Now you want her to play? Yes?' I nodded. 'And you want to watch? Yes', I nodded again. 'And you don't want her to bottle out at the last minute and end up driving home again do you?' I felt ashamed, but he was right, I slowly shook my head, 'no' I said. 'Good said Will and most importantly, you want her to enjoy herself don't you'. Again I nodded. 'Ok then this isn't a bad plan is it?' Said Will and then Cherie continued explaining that it was harmless just a little something to calm those nerves to help Jackie take that big final step, 'it's the best way, for Jackie, us and you'. 'Ok' I whispered 'ok'. Cherie looked at Will with a grave look and Will responded with a smile... 'It's ok' he said, he leaned into Cherie, maybe hoping I wouldn't hear, 'maybe add a couple more drops just to make sure' ... he whispered.

He ushered me back to the lounge but out of the corner of my eye, I caught Cherie, squirting more of what-ever it was into Jackie's drink. Will – looked at me, 'Looook', he said, 'it will be ok, and whatever happens, trust me the last thing Jackie will want is you interfering, so you just be good and enjoy the show, Jackie's going to love it ... and so will you, believe me'. Then he turned as Jackie returned looking stunning!

She was however, just as Will had said ... nervous as hell and accepted the drink Cherie offered with a shaking hand ... Will threw me a look, but I said nothing. Jackie explained that she had to change in the lounge next door as the bathroom door was locked? She said there were strange noises coming from inside but that when she called there was no reply, she said there were strange shuffling noises from under the door? Will brushed it off, saying that it was probably someone using the loo and had left the window open, you know what I mean... ? 'Probably didn't want you knowing who was in there?' And the window causes a draft ... anyway he said don't worry about that ... you look fabulous! - And she did!

She'd done her hair and make-up and had some new sexy red heels on, I knew what was under her long red silk robe, but as yet no one else did, she had pulled the wrap tight around her waist and apart from a bit of cleavage was giving nothing away. As she chatted, I watched the level in her glass fall ... She didn't seem to notice anything odd and quickly drained the glass... 'That's better' she said ... she giggled and said that her nerves had returned earlier but she was feeling better now.

Will and Cherie continued to make small talk and Jackie listened and smiled making comments now and then, but as I watched, (as did Cherie) her concentration started to waver, people started to come and go from the room, and then people started to move about naked, I caught Jackie looking at one man, a tall fit guy, his cock semi erect, she licked her lips and spent far too long staring at his cock, before returning her attention to Will.

Soon, her eyes lids started to droop and she took on a slightly vacant air, she swayed a bit on her heels, so Cherie stood close to her and slip her arm around her waist, Jackie lent into her, it was quite touching and yet arousing. I felt my cock stir. Cherie interrupted Will's conversation and as more naked people began to fill the lounge, she asked Will if he thought it was time? Will looked at Jackie keenly, only one way to find out for sure, he said. Cherie nodded then turned to face Jackie. Still holding her close, she looked her in the eyes, and Jackie stared back smiling vacantly. Are you ready Jackie? Asked Cherie, Jackie giggled, 'I'm' was all she could reply before Cherie covered her mouth with hers, she kissed Jackie hard on the mouth ... as she did she pulled Jackie closer to her crushing her breasts and hips into her body.

Jackie made a slight squeak of surprise and her arms lifted from her sides, then slowly closed around Cherie, till she was sharing her embrace. Jackie moaned, an audible mmmmmmmm as Cherie continued to kiss her passionately. As they kissed the group began to congregate behind the embracing couple; forming a semi-circle of naked bodies behind them. Cherie broke the kiss slightly, moving her head to expose her and Jackie's mouths, their lips still partially engaged but allowing me a clear view as their tongues danced and entwined in each other's mouths. Jackie's eyes were closed and she moved herself against Cherie ... and fervently returned her kiss ... But then Cherie pulled away and then stepped back from Jackie ... Jackie stood alone, she swayed a little but steadied herself and then took a deep breath and cleared her throat ... Her face was flushed and her nipples could be seen hard against the robe. Cherie smiled at her... 'Was that ok Jackie?' Asked Cherie ... Jackie bowed her head coyly, she nodded. 'And if I did it again would you mind?' Cherie continued. 'No' whispered Jackie. 'Good, ' said Cherie, 'so are you ready?' Her voice now authoritative...

'Ready?' Jackie asked, she sounded confused. Cherie stepped forward again and took her hand, 'yes darling' she said, 'are you ready? - Ready to give yourself over to us like you wanted? To give up control of yourself to see how far and where we can take you, you remember?' Jackie seemed to understand ... her eyes opened a little wider and her breath became heavy and laboured she looked at Cherie, then looked at the floor. 'Yes' she whispered. 'Louder' Cherie barked, 'so these lovely people can hear you.' Jackie looked at me then she said 'YES' ... and as she did the crowd moved in.

Hands appeared. Whose exactly I couldn't tell, but they began to roam over her body, the crowd, men and women, behind and to the side of her, ensuring my view was un-obscured, started to tug at her robe. It resisted for a moment, then gave way. But these people knew how to tease, first the tie was pulled away and the red satin fell open revealing her black and red corselet and the cleavage of her large full bosom. As the robe was pulled further it revealed a tantalising glimpse of her pale white thighs just visible before they met the tops of her stockings, her neat black knickers, for the moment retaining her dignity. Jackie made an attempt to cover up, but as she tried to gather up the satin, hands gently but firmly grasped her wrists and held them to her sides ... she weakly struggled, twisting her arms in a half- hearted attempt to break free, but soon gave up and became passive. Now the robe slipped from her shoulder's, giving me and the group further views of her large breasts,, still encased in her corselet, but which heaved with each breath Jackie took,. The hands began to move over them, squeezing thru the material, finger nails raked over the milky white skin, causing Jackie to gasp. Mouths found her bare neck and shoulders and began to kiss and bite, faces obscured by falling hair, but the effect was electric, Jackie moaned audibly. For a second the hands holding her wrists let go and the robe pooled about her heels, Jackie stretched her arms out slightly to her sides then flexed her fingers as the hands and mouths tantalised her, quickly hands retrieved her wrists and held her firm again. I could tell this was being done for my benefit, as well as for Jackie's pleasure, but others were enjoying it too, as the robe fell away, lascivious gasps and groans echoed from the group, 'Ooooh yesss' one male voice exclaimed!

The group now forming a tight semi-circle about her jostled for position as more hands began to grope and paw at her, two women knelt either side of her and began to stroke her legs, running their finger's up and down her sheer stockings, other hands stroked over her satin clad belly while new fingers caressed her still encased tits. Her nipples were very visible now, hard nubs pressing against the fabric. Suddenly a male pair of hands reached round and grasped the cups of her corselet and pulled down. At once Jackie's full round 38dd's poured out, beautiful, great white orbs, with tight wrinkled, hard nipples. The crown muttered in awe, Jackie gasped but had no time to react as more hands attacked her exposed breasts. Fingers clawed, leaving pink welts on her skin, fingers plucked and pinched her nipples, and great fists kneaded and mauled her. Jackie grunted and sighed. Her arms were pulled back, forcing her shoulders back and thrusting her breasts forward towards me in an open display but all I could do was watch. Her body was now theirs, her neck and shoulders were marked with vicious red teeth marks and raw dark love bites and her chest and milky white tits where being marked too, welts and finger prints were appearing where she was being mauled mercilessly, but Jackie didn't seem to mind ... She writhed and moaned as her body was ravaged...

Until, her eyes flashed open! Sshe could feel fingers tugging, pulling at her frilly black panties. She tried to free her arms but to no avail ... then whimpered, almost pleaded with her groan as her knickers were slipped unceremoniously off her hips and down her legs. She tried to trap them with her thighs but the two women kneeling by her side, tugged her legs apart and down went that last vestige of clothing. And wow ... Will and Cherie muttered their approva;l I gasped in shock, as Jackie was exposed she revealed a completely bare mons, she had removed all her pubic hair, she was beautifully smooth, everywhere! Around her labia and over her pubic mound ... Something she had never done before. I had moments to take this all in before those busy hands began to target her naked pussy ... Jackie tried to keep her knees together put slowly her resolve crumbled and she allowed her tormentors access.

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