The Babysitter's Promise

by Tony Sorrentino

Copyright© 2015 by Tony Sorrentino

Erotica Sex Story: Some babysitters have natural abilities to handle the job.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   BiSexual   Fiction   Group Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Sex Toys   Squirting   Babysitter   .

Donald and Marie Pleasure were quite happy with the babysitters that the agency sent them on a regular basis. The girls were all at least eighteen and not a single one of them was a virgin. The husband and wife team were not at all in favor of virgins for bedmates on an extended night of pleasure because they were too difficult to train quickly for maximum results.

Unfortunately, the weekend was short-booked and there were no babysitters available to fill the Pleasure family needs on short notice.

They had two small children and they were old enough to not be much trouble and young enough to follow instructions from a babysitter without question.

Mister Pleasure was about ten years older than the twenty-three year old Marie and he tended to appreciate the common sense of a well-run and orderly household. Marie was still young enough to be searching for that elusive "something" that she couldn't quite describe with her limited vocabulary. Together, they complemented each other and Marie was both obedient and submissive to her older husband with regard to his requirement of a more kinky nature. Still, they both craved the variety and comfort of willing female flesh to enhance their love-making skills during nocturnal bliss.

Marie Pleasure reveled in humiliating the young babysitters whilst her spouse pounded them vigorously with his world class cock. She delighted in anal games of a most decadent degree and shamelessly degraded the young girls with her fingers, tongue and sometimes her heated pussy mound. They had experimented with a number of the blossoming young girls and had yet to find a single one who was opposed to the exciting times in the Pleasure household playing enthusiastically on the fluffy white carpet.

It was extremely disappointing that there was no young girl available on the night that they would be out celebrating their fifth wedding anniversary. It would mean that they would have to cancel their planned dinner and even worse they would have no young babysitter to play with after they returned home looking for the kinky sex practices they loved so well. They mentioned their bad luck strictly in terms of not having a babysitter and with no mention of the less normal aspects of the evening just as they were leaving the church services on that preceding Sunday. The minister who had ears that seemed to overhear every comment no matter how softly spoken or how distant immediately advised them that his niece who was visiting from Las Vegas had done some babysitting chores for his neighbors and she would most certainly be interested in making some extra money to shop at the mall.

He told them that his "Angela" was one month past her eighteenth birthday and that she was a young girl of excellent common sense and willingness to follow orders no matter how complicated. Still, they wanted to see her before agreeing to the deal because their other unmentioned needs required that they check out the "goods" before taking a "pig in a poke".

They needn't have worried because young Angela was one hot number with a charming personality and eyes that immediately wandered down to Donald's crotch in a telltale display of body language that gave away her need for carnal interaction. Marie "accidently" let her arm brush across the girl's bottom and found that instead of pulling away the girl leaned forward slightly so her fingers would press a little deeper into the gap between her cheeks. Donald didn't miss that display of depraved desire and they arranged for the girl to be delivered to their front door at six PM the next Saturday night for babysitting duties that would go quite late into the night time hours.

Before they left for dinner that evening and after the children were put into their bedroom, they both sandwiched Angela between them giving her and all over standing massage that dipped into her feminine cracks and crevices with a carnal display of shameless promise of later games to come. The girl was trembling when they left and she read the note the husband gave her that instructed her to use the equipment in the bag under the sofa to masturbate her slit and her anus to the point of releasing her juices right onto the carpet like a nasty girl with no moral compass. The note informed her that she would be expected to be completely naked when they returned and she should be ready for intimate games of the most depraved composition.

Angela read the note again and again and each time she flicked her happy clitoris with greedy fingers in full anticipation of her employers return for a session of fun and games. Each passing minute was filled with her heated desire flaming up into a volcano of passion that sucked her down into the depths of terribly guilty mortal sins and images of the most passionate writhing embraces which were totally inappropriate for a young girl of such tender years.

When she had started the babysitting duties it was primarily a way to earn extra money to buy nice things. A lot of the other girls were taking money for their favors from the older married men who were constantly on the prowl for fresh young meat to put some spice back in their boring lives. Since Angela was the product of a religious-minded extended family she preferred to keep the guise of not falling into that trap and considered it her duty to report such transgressions to the proper authorities whenever she became aware of them.

After several assignments into the homes of the horny older parents looking for convenient nocturnal entertainment, Angela had succumbed to the temptation of giving up her favors for added tips that insured she had plenty of folding money for a trip to the shops. Her little closet was filled with expensive shoes and she had a nice collection of French undies that she kept her secret only to be shared with her clients on the babysitting circuit. She didn't even wear the risqué things when she went out on a boring date with one of the boys her host family had set up for her with a member of the church young people's league. Most of those boys didn't even know what a pussy looked like and had to be given a number of opportunities just to get them to reach out to touch it. It was such a depressing thought that she shook her head in disgust and pondered with eager anticipation the extent of the demands Mister and Mrs. Pleasure would be making on her ripe young body when they came home from their evening's outing.

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