Billy Had a Little Lamb - Nursery Rhymes Were Never Like This

by Marti

Copyright© 2015 by Marti

BDSM Sex Story: A follow on to Bernie, A wife is tricked once again into a depraved encounter, but this time things are more bizarre and twisted. And once again her husband is forced to witness just how far a woman can be corrupted.

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Reluctant   Coercion   Drunk/Drugged   Heterosexual   Fiction   Wife Watching   BDSM   Bestiality   Size   BBW   Big Breasts   Public Sex   Transformation   .

She looked so amazing, I had to do a double take, was it really her? They had dyed her hair a deep scarlet, and pinned it up, exposing her curved neck with long loose ringlets falling from her temples, perfectly framing her face. She looked sexy, sultry. She was heavily made up, thick red lipstick and large dark eyes, half closed, she looked like a goddess! She wore a long white gown, which emphasised her gorgeous curves, split high at the sides, exposing white stockings as she was led before the audience. Walking was difficult, as her dainty feet were encased in red sparkling heels at least 5" high, with red ribbon bound around her shapely calves. Above her waist the gown formed a tight bodice, which was secured with lace at the front and back, cinched tight forcing her now large and fulsome bosom to be beautifully exposed, the white orbs forming a deep cleavage and a tantalising glimpse of darkness where the lacing barely contained her hard pert nipples. As she stepped down from the cart, my befuddled mind left me confused ... My wife, yes ... But I yearned to find out what Bernie had in store for her.

Honestly, I never thought our involvement with Bernie would change us so much, if I had known how he would affect Jackie, maybe, (just maybe) I would have never let it go so far. After her first experience it was inevitable that things would be different but that sly manipulative man soon messed her up emotionally and physically. And god knows how, here we were again, firmly in Bernie's grasp, her the centre of attention and me, as before just a spectator as he takes her to places she and i could never imagine and which will change our lives for ever.

It was early Feb, when he made his next appearance, well I say appearance it was a phone call, on Jackie's mobile, how he got the number I really don't know. It was a Monday about 9pm, she answered the phone ... her face flushed and she went into the kitchen. Ten minutes later she was back ... scowling. How did he get my number she asked, she was angry, I could tell. I swore I didn't know, it was the truth, anyway a guy like him would know how to get information like that. I went cold - he'd probably have our address too. I asked her what he wanted, why had he phoned? She said he'd just rung to see how I was and to chat, make sure I was ok ... she blanched, she said he'd been thinking about her and thought he'd have a chat. She sighed, said she'd run a bath and go to bed.

I went to bed at 11pm, she was asleep, but; silly cow, she can't cover her tracks, she'd left the lube on the cabinet by the bed, sure sign she'd been masturbating ... I could only guess why.

Well as expected, it got worse, on the Saturday afternoon the bell rang, Jackie answered it and in 'he' waltzed, bold as brass. Jackie was too shocked to speak. But Bernie wasn't. 'Hello Jackie darlin', he beamed. He carried a big bunch of flowers and a brown crumpled paper bag. Can I come in? Finally Jackie was able to respond. 'Yes, yes. Hello Bernie, nice to see you?' She stammered, 'I, we didn't expect to ... I mean, how?' He laughed, 'well, after our chat, I thought I'd come and see you, here, got you some flower's, and Billy sent you this' ... He thrust the flowers at her and plonked the paper bag on the coffee table.

Jackie seemed surprised, she took the flowers with a stammered thank you, but her attention was held by the bag on the table. 'They will need water' Bernie said, snapping Jackie out of her trance. 'Yes' she said 'I'll pop them in a vase'. She disappeared into the kitchen.

As soon as she had gone, Bernie's cheerful disposition changed. He looked at me, 'listen don't talk' he snarled. 'Got a little event coming up and I want Jackie there, this weekend, I will give you more details later. I'll text you. Right?' My mouth open dumfounded, all I could do was nod.

Jackie returned with the flowers in a vase, 'lovely' she said. Bernie smiled, like butter wouldn't melt in his mouth. He slid the package on the table towards Jackie. 'It's from Billy' he said, 'you are honoured. Like I said he is a strange little chap, yet he has his uses and he's a clever little sod in the kitchen!' Jackie rolled down the paper bag to reveal a tall plastic pot. 'Open it' said Bernie. 'Oh!' Exclaimed Jackie, 'I know' laughed Bernie, 'try it', his face looked serious, 'honest no funny stuff, it really is good', Billy is a dab hand in the kitchen. 'But yoghurt?' Jackie said quizzically. Bernie laughed, ' I know, yoghurt, jam, pickle he does the lot! But wait till you taste it. It really is good and like I said, you're honoured, he don't let just anybody have it. Go on taste it'. Jackie slowly dipped her finger into the smooth creamy substance then hesitantly drew her finger to her mouth. Bernie gazed on, he licked his lips expectantly, she slipped her finger between her lips, and savoured. Instantly her eyes flashed. 'Wow!' She said, and dipped her finger again eagerly and took another taste. 'MMMMMmmmmm this IS good' she chimed.

'Well, I'm glad you like it, and I'm very pleased to see you again, nice to see you looking as gorgeous as ever! But I better be off.' He headed for the door. Jackie, put the pot on the table again and followed him out. 'I'll see myself out' he hollered, opening the door and off he went. 'See you soon' he shouted, 'and if you like the yoghurt, there's plenty more where that came from!' And he was gone?

'Well that was odd', said Jackie, ' and how did he know where we lived?' I shrugged my shoulders, 'same way as he got your phone number I guess ... and not from me', I added. 'Why do you think he has turned up now?' She said quietly, the question wasn't really aimed at me. She peered out of the window, but Bernie was long gone.

'Well', she said and picked up the yoghurt, 'that nasty little man really does make good yoghurt', and she took another taste. I hoped she'd smell a rat and through it down the sink, but I heard the fridge open and close and i cursed her naivety. I wouldn't touch it with a barge pole!

Sunday morning she had cereal with a huge helping of yoghurt, I expected the worst, but she was fine. Monday was the same and no I'll effects, my doubts began to fade.

Then on Monday evening, I was on my way home from work, I'd detoured to the supermarket for some shopping, my phone rang. I'd just put the shopping in the car and hurriedly answered the phone ... expecting Jackie wondering where I was. It took me by surprise, but I knew the voice instantly. It was Bernie, he asked how Jackie was, I told him she was ok, he wanted to know if she was enjoying the yoghurt, suspicious I asked why? He just laughed. 'She's put on a little weight' he said, 'but she is still gorgeous, just right' he added. 'So, this little event' he said This Friday we're having a little do, for friends and I wanted Jackie to come along, oh and you too, he added. I said I didn't think we would be able to, and he laughed again, 'of course you will' he said. I tried to get firm and said that I couldn't let this continue, but he simply told me that it was a bit late to grow a pair and get all moralistic. 'You're in it to deep son' he said. I found it hard to argue that one but I told him Jackie wouldn't go, again he laughed, 'leave her to me' he said. Before hanging up, he told me to make sure the weekend stayed free ... then he rang off. I drove the 'long way' home.

The rest of the week was un-eventful, I was still deeply suspicious of the damn yoghurt, but Jackie was tucking in and appeared fine. On Wednesday morning I woke up feeling horny and I tried it on, playfully grabbing a handful of tit, but she winced and pulled away, she apologised and said her breasts where very tender, so I left it at that. She complained again Wednesday evening, saying they were very tender and hot to the touch; her nipples were dark and extended. She said the last time they felt like that was ... But she never finished the sentence, 'certainly not' she muttered. She started to dress and laughed, 'if they are still sore at the weekend I'll make an appointment with the doctor'. But on Thursday the soreness had gone, she said it had passed, but her tits felt heavy, I noticed that her nipples continued to protrude and were unusually visible through her clothes. That evening she finished the yoghurt.

Friday morning I had an early start at work, Jackie got up with me and made me tea, as she moved about the kitchen in her dressing gown I couldn't help noticing the movement of her breasts, they really where noticeable and her nipples where still dark and protruding. She caught me looking, 'oi' she laughed. And I made a grab for her. She pulled away, ' later' she whispered. I left for work with a raging hard on but once in the car, I remembered Bernie, and began to wonder. To my shame my hard on got worse.

I got to work and made myself extra busy to keep my mind from wandering. At 11am I heard my phone ring, but I couldn't answer it, by the time I checked my phone it was lunchtime. I gulped, and felt a bit sick - two missed calls from Jackie and a text from an unknown number, plus I had an answer-phone message ... I just knew it would be Jackie. I was right, she sounded upset and left a garbled message, something about Bernie, he was there, then something about 'that bastard Billy and his yoghurt' she sobbed, then wailed - 'please come home' and hung up. I listened to the message again, but couldn't make any more sense of it and then I read the message. As if I didn't know, it was from Bernie. It read - don't come home, Jackie is fine, she will be at mine, Neville or Ian will pick you up at 8pm. And so it began, work was difficult after that, I managed to get enough done and left just after 3 but there was nothing I could do but wait.

At 8 the doorbell rang and there was Neville, he nodded his hello and walked back to the jag, I followed without a word. To my surprise Bernie was in the car, 'ah, get in' he chirped, I climbed into the back and we sped off. He leaned back to face me, 'Before you ask' he said, 'Jackie is fine, I told you to leave things to me'. 'Is she?' I said sarcastically 'and what was all that about the yoghurt?' Bernie laughed, 'Hmmm that' he said. 'Well, we have a very special night planned, with some very important guests attending, and well let's just say that they have some very specialised tastes'. 'What do you mean by that?' I was getting a bit concerned, 'what the fuck are you doing with her?' Bernie's tone got firm. 'Look she is fine, it's just that, well, she's umm, lactating that's all'. 'What! You've done what! You can't be serious!' I was dumbfounded but it all became clear. Bernie smiled, 'she's fine, and its only temporary, listen, I'm here aren't i? If there was a problem would I be?' I suppose he had a point. 'Look' he said, his tone became warm again, 'once she'd calmed down, we explained what had happened, (Billy got the blame as usual) and she agreed to come to the farm so we could sort it out'. Bernie grinned, 'you got to admit though, the result is fucking stunning!' Neville grunted his approval. 'Anyway' Bernie continued, 'I've explained about tonight and told her you are on your way, so everything is ok'. I looked at Bernie and the back of Neville's head. 'So simple, just like that' I said, 'it couldn't have been that easy, surely?' Bernie laughed. 'Hmmmm, smart boy' he smirked. 'Maybe we had a little help calming her down, if you take my meaning'. I knew exactly what he meant. 'But' he continued, 'we have made up for it, honest! I know how to placate the ladies' His demeanour changed, he sounded sincere, 'it's true, tell him Neville'. 'Straight up' said Neville, 'she's been pampered all afternoon, she's probably having her hair done right now'. He looked at me in the rear view, 'she was loving it', he quipped. 'See!' added Bernie, 'massage, nails, make-up, hair, the whole 9 yards, I've spared no expense cos nothings too good for our Jackie'. I slumped back in the seat and looked out the window, prettying her up for some devious plan no doubt. Bernie turned back in his seat. 'That's a good lad' he said. 'Like I said she's fine, everything is all set, just sit back and enjoy it.' We drove for a while in silence, then I started to recognise some features, we were close to Bernie's place. Out of the blue Bernie spoke. 'Do you know she sometimes thinks about her first visit?' He didn't wait for an answer, 'do you know she thinks about it and masturbates?' he said. My reply was easy. 'Yes' I said, 'I know, she's not very good at hiding her tracks, or, it would seem, keeping her secrets'. Bernie chuckled, 'she's a very sexy woman' he said, to no one in particular.

In no time, we were sweeping into the yard at the farm, there were some cars park around the perimeter, nice cars too, Mercedes, Jags, (newer than Bernie's) BMW and big flash Audi's, Neville pulled up by the big shed, (where the large auction room was) we got out of the car. I began to walk passed the small connecting stable block towards the house but Bernie stopped me and ushered me to a small wooden door in the opposite corner of the shed. As we passed through the door we entered a small room, filled with people, well dressed, mostly men. Bernie quickly pushed me through towards another door. A few men greeted him, shook his hand and made small talk but he made it clear he was busy and he'd catch up with them shortly. As we moved through the small crowd, men looked at me and whispered to each other, I'm sure some of them smirked. We entered a corridor and Bernie moved along it, with me hurrying behind, we passed a large door, partially open as I passed, I stopped, I looked thru ... It was the auction room. Sharp memories, images, flooded my mind. The scene of Jackie's first encounter with depravity! There were some extra items in the room this time, one, a platform, I could guess its use; but another was covered by a thick white dust sheet. Opposite the raised seating areas, fixed to the wall was a large black tv screen. Bernie shouted, he was further down the corridor, his head poking from another room, 'oi' he barked, 'in here sharpish!' When I entered, Ian was there, slumped on an old sofa, Billy too. Ian nodded his hello, Billy just growled. 'Hey' said Bernie, 'ain't you got things to do?' Billy grumbled some more and slid off the sofa and disappeared out the room. Bernie looked at me, 'you wait here, with Ian' he said. I've got stuff to do'. 'But, where is Jackie?' I asked, 'I want to see her, she wanted me to come straight away! I need to let her know I'm here.' Bernie just laughed, 'look' he said, 'she's getting ready, so you can't see her now, you'll see her soon enough. I'll tell her you're here' and he darted out the door.

'Fuck!' I said. Ian looked up. 'it's ok mate', he mumbled, 'things are as they are round here'. He pulled out a soft pouch and some cigarette papers and calmly rolled a fat looking cigarette. He twisted the end and lit it and drew in a deep lung full of smoke. 'No point in standing there' he said coughing as he exhaled and wreathed himself in smoke. God it smelt, sweet and sickly, Jesus! He was smoking dope! 'Sit down' he said, 'have a smoke, things will look better after a bit of weed'. He pulled on the joint again, held and exhaled, blowing the sickening smoke towards me. I was dumfounded, I sat down. He offered me the joint, 'no' I said, 'I don't, I mean I don't do drugs. Ian laughed, 'there is always a first time' he said. 'really though' he continued, 'the evening will be a breeze if you do' I took the joint and tentatively took a hit, it tasted vile and burnt my chest, Ian told me to hold it in my lungs for a bit then exhale. I held it for a while then coughed it out, I thought I'd be sick. Ian, was encouraging. 'That's it' he said, I regained my control and took another draw on the joint, this time I was ready for the taste and heat, I took a long pull and held the smoke in my lungs, till I started to feel dizzy, then exhaled. Ian took the joint from me and had a long pull. 'Yea' he drawled, 'this is good stuff, Bernie's finest skunk!' He passed the smoking stub to me and I took another drag, I was feeling light headed and took another pull then another! Eventually I handed the J back to Ian. I felt calm and content, I hadn't forgotten Jackie, but I suddenly knew she was fine. I sat back, deep in the sofa, the room moved around me a little and the feel of the old sofa thru my fingers was warm and tingly. 'See' said Ian, smiling at me, he looked kinda funny 'feeling better? He asked. I tried to reply, but couldn't think of anything to say, I wanted to laugh! He took another pull on the dwindling joint and handed the thing to me 'finish that off, my old son' he said, 'Bernie will come to get us in a minute'. I took two more hits on the joint, the last was hot and burned my throat, but I held it for as long as I could. Suddenly a wave of euphoria surged thru me ... I felt so happy, and excited, my cock tingled and it felt like it was growing bigger and my chest was filling with joy. I must have done or said something as Ian looked at me, 'yep son' he said ... Dragging me to a sitting position, 'you're as high as a kite, now nothing will get in the way of a fucking good night!' He tossed the roach in the ashtray and asked me if I was ok. I was fine! I felt my face would split I was smiling so hard, but I felt good all over.

Bernie breezed in... 'Well, well' he grinned, he sniffed the air... 'been smoking have we?' Ian shrugged, 'just a little one like you said' he muttered, 'and your right, won't do any harm'. 'No' said Bernie, ' right come on things will be kicking off in a just a few minutes'. Ian pulled me up ... the room spun a little but it passed, with a hand brushing the wall to keep me steady I was able to walk behind Ian to the auction room. No feeling of trepidation this time, but my cock twitched and swelled as I recalled the last time I'd been here. Bernie told Ian to take me to my seat ... which was close to where I'd been last time, I looked around at the rest of the audience, older, well dressed men, plus a couple of women, doled up and dripping jewellery. Maybe 15 people at most, all looked towards those ominous double doors. Ian told me to stay put, no matter what; and then shoved me into my seat and left.

There was a bang and then the doors opened slowly, nothing happened, hushed whispers from the small crowd. I leaned forward. Then she appeared. Billy led out one of the ponies, I couldn't tell which one, but he was harnessed up and pulling a small carriage and there, sat on it was Jackie! The crowd cheered! Jackie looked up and gave a confused smile. Billy led the pony around and stopped in-front of the audience. Jackie, sat very still she was wearing a pale blue cape with a hood tied at the throat with a blue ribbon, she was holding what looked like a shepherds crook and a stuffed toy sheep. Then from nowhere Bernie stepped in. 'Ladies and gentlemen' he said, he was wearing a microphone, the sound was loud and clear. He took Jackie's hand and gently ushered her from the cart, she put the crook and toy in the cart and then un steadily alighted, flashing high red heels and a glimpse of white stocking. Billy led the carriage away. Bernie began again, 'ladies and gentlemen, welcome to this evenings little event.' He sounded like a real showman. 'Knowing you as I do, I know you will enjoy our little show, especially as the theme I'm sure will be close to your hearts'. He carefully pulled at the ribbon about Jackie's throat, the bow began to unfurl. 'All of us remember our youth, ' Bernie continued ' I'm sure you can all recall some of the nursery rhymes you heard as children ... But tonight, I give you'. He paused for effect, the bow came free, and then he pulled back the blue hood and cape from Jackie's shoulders ... He raised his voice, 'I give you ... Little Bo Peep!' And there she was ... sexy and resplendent. The crowd clapped their approval, the men leered and the women licked their lips. Crude lascivious comments where muttered ... I found it so stimulating, I was aroused. These old men found her attractive, wanted her and wanted her to perform devious acts for their pleasure. I found myself anticipating their reaction, wanting to watch them as they watched her. The excitement was such a rush, I forgot about her predicament, I wanted this and it made my heart race!

Bernie took a mic from his pocket and placed it on her head, carefully so as not to disturb her hair, there was a slight whistle and crackle, then we could hear Jackie's steady breathing. Bernie spoke, 'isn't she gorgeous ladies and gentlemen?' words of approval were returned from the crowd. Bernie turned to Jackie. 'Well darling, how are you feeling, are you looking forward to tonight?' Jackie looked at the ground, 'I feel wonderful' she said, her voice slow, quiet with a slight slur. 'Are you looking forward to our little show?' Bernie asked again. Jackie hesitated, 'umm, I think so Bernie?' She giggled, 'but I'm not sure why I'm here'. Bernie smiled, and addressed the crowd, 'Oh don't worry about that' he sneered, you'll find out soon enough'. The crowd, muttered and some laughed quietly. Totally un-aware, Jackie leaned in to Bernie, not realising we could hear, she whispered. 'Bernie, my brea ... um, my tits, they feel so heavy and they ache so, I think this top is much too tight?' Then she giggled again, putting her hand up to her mouth, 'and, my god' she chuckled, 'look at them, their huge!' The crowd erupted, laughter, filled the hall, startled, Jackie looked up. She gasped as she realised that they had heard what she had said, her cheeks flushed and she turned to Bernie, who was smiling lasciviously. 'Yes' said Bernie, 'they are huge, big and beautiful, you should be very proud of them; everyone here thinks they are fabulous!'. The mob approved. Bernie continued, 'and don't worry, we will sort them out for you later'.

Billy appeared with a long black builder's bag. 'Ah Billy' said Bernie, 'sort things out would you?' Billy smirked and dropped his bag. He moved to the corner of the hall and pushed in the low wooden platform, it must have been on casters as it made no sound, it was about 2 metres square and less than quarter of a metre high, bolted to two opposite sides were upright metal poles around 'man' height. The poles had metal eyes fitted at the top and half way down, there were also rings around the edge of the wooden base. Billy wheeled it in-front of the expectant audience then, kicked a latch at the base and the whole thing clamped down to the floor with a bang!

Jackie watched inquisitively, the crowd watched her expectantly. 'Right' barked Bernie, the moment was broken. 'Well, Miss Peep, can you remember the nursery rhyme?' Bernie moved behind Jackie placing his hands seductively upon her hips. 'What happened to her sheep?' Jackie thought for a moment, 'erm, ' she muttered, the she recited, 'little Bo peep, she, erm, lost her sheep, and didn't know... ' 'A, ha!' Bernie interrupted, 'so Miss Peep, you've lost them have you?' I, I haven't' spluttered Jackie a little confused, 'it's the song, it's just a rhyme'. Bernie gave her no time to explain further. Bernie addressed the crowd, 'a pretty shepherdess loses her sheep' he crowed, 'we can't have that can we?' The crowd growled and tutted. Bernie continued, 'so, what should we do?' A woman in the crowd, a large blond woman, brassy with long gold earrings, replied earnestly, 'punish the slut!' she shouted. The crowd approved. 'Oh dear Miss Peep' Bernie said apologetically, 'the jury is unanimous' he nodded to Billy, who was waiting expectantly. Billy took Jackie's hand and turned her to the platform. 'But it's just a rhyme' Jackie again tried to explain, but she followed Billy obediently, stepping up onto the dais, to stand between the up-right poles, facing the crowd. Billy quickly set to work. Jackie tried to follow him turning slightly to look over her shoulder as he scampered about the platform. First he grabbed the bag, unzipping it with a resounding rasp, he took out what looked like coiled rope? Yes it was, but short pieces about a metre long, he dropped two on the platform and then curtly told Jackie to hold the poles, which she did without question. Her arms outstretched around shoulder high, Billy quickly tied her wrists to the upper rings, pulling her arms up slightly above head height. Jackie made no attempt to struggle, but her breathing became louder and faster. Now Billy kicked the lever on the platform which rose up a fraction from the floor, and he turned the whole thing so her back was to us as we watched. With a thud, billy re fixed the stand to the ground. Now on his little stubby legs he climbed up onto the platform again behind Jackie and lifted her left leg, he moved it towards the up-right pole, he then tapped Jackie's right leg and she complied and stepped her right leg out, 'good girl' Billy chuckled. He then tied her legs to the posts. The splits in the gown meant her stocking clad legs were on show, the gown dropping from either thigh to hang between her legs. The virginal white stockings looked very pale against the high red heels, but the red ribbon which encased her above the ankle highlighted the seductive curve of her calves, and with a hint of white thigh above, and the plump roundness of her bottom hidden, yet shaping the gown - she looked vulnerable but ravishing. Next Billy jumped down and rummaged in his bag, he retrieved a thin black collar and stretching up, buckled it around Jackie's neck, then he fetched a section of thin chain from the bag and clipped it to her collar. He now pulled the chain, slowly drawing Jackie's head forward and down, this caused her arms to turn back slightly and twist at the shoulder. She looked as if she was about to dive from the platform. However this also caused her to arch her back and made her large shapely bum jut out luridly. Satisfied with her position Billy secured the chain to a ring on the platform base. His next action caused a gasp from the watching deviants! He stepped behind Jackie, gave her firm round bum a soft gentle pat, then he knelt down, took the hem of the section of dress hanging down between her outstretched legs and pulled! The material gave in with a steady yet resounding Rrrrrrrrrrrip. Straight up the middle from hem to the small of her back, the gown parted, exposing her wide stretched legs and her full round white buttocks, and beneath, her darkly pink, plump quim! Smooth, like a sweet peach, she had been epilated completely, not a hair remained and between the plump rounded fullness of her sex, along the groove her neat thick cunt lips remained folded tightly tucked away, but even more tantalising, continuing along the groove of her cunt where it continued on to form her bum was her sweet dark anus, tight and wrinkled, her most secret place exposed and vulnerable and now being savoured by the band of deviants around me. Billy then casually threw the two pieces of cloth over Jackie's thighs to leave it hanging down with the front, then he jumped from the dais and returned to his bag. Mmmmmmm I savoured the view. A man behind me, lent forward, placing his skinny, liver spotted hands on my shoulders, he lent over me straining for a closer view, 'Mmmmmm fuck!' he muttered 'why Bernie' he called, 'that is one fine piece of arse!' Then he spoke softer, moving to my ear. 'I hope that fat juicy cunt gets properly used' he said 'I'd enjoy dipping my old rod in that!' He sat back down laughing. Instead of being appalled, I was thrilled! This man wanted my wife he found her sexually stimulating ... I felt, almost proud of her! Another person called out, this time a woman, 'Bernard!' a calm voice, oozing breeding, 'Bernard darling, she's divine, does she eat cunt and is the strumpet for sale?' Bernie laughed, 'sadly dear lady, not for sale', he was careful with his reply 'but' he continued, 'she could be for hire, on a mutually agreed basis'. The lady in the audience clapped her hands eagerly 'oh good' she purred.

Billy gave Jackie's bottom a gentle spank, it vibrated gentle, 'ooooh Billy!' cried Jackie, he then jumped down and rummaged in his bag, pulling out a small black object, it was a remote, he hit a button and the large screen burst into life, at first blue, then it flickered and there was Jackie's face, larger than life, her thick red lips, pouting and her eyes still registering a confused, puzzled look. My own eyes roamed the room, but I couldn't find the camera. Billy fiddled with the remote again and the camera panned out just a little to still reveal her face, but also the large white orbs of Jackie's confined tits. Bernie's voice boomed out again. 'Well now' he said, 'our sweet and innocent shepherdess has lost her sheep' he paused for further effect, 'tut tut, we can't let that go unpunished can we ladies and gentlemen'. A murmur rippled through the crowd. Bernie stepped back nodding to Billy, who leapt to his bag.

He fumbled in the long bag for what seemed like ages, he peered in, looking for something in particular, then with a flourish he held up a dark red object. The crowd rumbled knowingly, I sat somewhat bemused? Billy held aloft what appeared to be a long handled table tennis bat! But with a slightly smaller flat piece, it wasn't until he leapt up behind Jackie and gave her bum a tap with it that I twigged. The old man behind me called to Billy. 'Go on Billy, warm the silly bitches arse with the paddle', His voice harsh with excitement, 'put some colour on those big round bum cheeks!' Billy of course obliged, Pat, Pat, Pat, Pat! Billy smacked the paddle on her large up turned bum, 2 hits on one cheek then 2 on the other. On the screen, Jackie's face was full of surprise. Oooh, ouch, Ouch! She yelped, but Billy took no notice, 3 more slaps to each buttock, quicker and harder. 'Ahh, ooooooow Billeeeeee!' Cried Jackie, her face red, eyes screwed up, her mouth agape. Billy struck her again, splat, splat splat! This time she shrieked her eyes wide now! Her bum jiggled luridly as she wriggled franticly in her bonds. 'Pleeeeeease' she wailed, 'I'm sorry, I'm sorry!' her bum cheeks had each gained a bright rosy patch where Billy had laid the paddle. 'Billy please stop, I'll be good' she pleaded, 'I'll do better, just don't hurt my bum!' she ended with a sob! But Billy didn't care, Slap! Slap! Slap, slap, slap, slap, Slap! Again he took the paddle to her reddened bum. Jackie hollered, 'Oooww! Ouch! Oooowww'. She wriggled and jiggled, thrusting her backside back and forth, inadvertently flashing her privates to the audience. Her pussy lips flared and her tight little sphincter pulsed with each swipe of the bat. On the screen her face was a mess, she was crying, her eyes wide, then shutting tightly forcing great tears from her eyes causing her mascara to run, and her mouth thick with rouge, twisted with the sting of the bat. Billy stopped, he threw the paddle down onto the bag, Jackie hung there panting, sobbing, her rasping breath clear for all to hear. But Billy hadn't finished with her yet. Quickly he began to gently caress her tortured bottom, soothingly stroking her buttocks with the palm of his hand. As he did Jackie slowly stopped sobbing, he continued to stroke, his hands moving lower, to the crease where her round white cheeks met her thigh, then in between, finding her plump moist pussy. Within seconds Jackie responded, her breath became louder and ragged, Billy's fingers worked between her thighs now, his left hand stroking her rosy bum cheeks but his right hand, deep, exploring her cunt. Jackie's eyes were closed, Billy soon had her grunting as his fingers delved and caressed her sex. Then, she moaned 'Uh, uh ... Ooh' she began to wriggle and grind herself on his fingers. Now Billy shifted position, he placed his left arm under her belly, and turned so he was facing the crowd, (who were now quiet and expectant) he reached under her and round so he could grab a handful of arse cheek and pull, exposing her further, then he lifted his right, giving 'a thumbs up' to the audience, then turning his hand in ward, he cupped Jackie's fat plump pussy and slipped his thump between the folds of her labia and down into her now wet and slippery hole. We could see his thumb moving and the muscles in his forearm flex. Jackie's eyes remained closed and she sighed, billy continued his ministrations. Then, on the screen, Jackie's eyes opened, she lifted her head a little, her mouth opened and she gasped! 'Ooooh Billy! There, just there!' She crooned, 'Mmmmmmmm, Ooooooooh Billy, Oh yes yes! Ooooooh keep doing that!' She began to thrust her hips slightly, timing her movements with Billy's fingers, her eyes now half closed, her mouth forming a crude smile, she began to respond to him, 'Ooooo, huh, huh, yes Billy, yes, press harder! Rub yes, rub there, Ooooooooh.' We watched enthralled as she instructed him, told him how to ravish her and as she did she gave us a running commentary of her pleasure! Billy, with his skill had found her G spot and was inflicting Jackie with uncontrollable waves of pleasure, her mind quickly forgot the discomfort caused by her spanking and concentrated on her cunt. 'Huh, ah, ah Ah' Jackie grunted, on the screen she bit her lower lip, her hips shook, and she called out to Billy. 'Billy! oh Billy, yes, Yes YES!' She moaned, 'it's coming!', she moaned, she stiffened, her movement stopped, 'Oooooh, its cumming, it's cumminnng! Her voice a whisper now, 'Oooooh Billy, don't stop, yes, yes, yes' She breathed in, with a hiss, then. 'Nnnnnnnnnaaaaaaa!' She was engulfed by the waves of pleasure, flooding her cunt, her first G spot orgasm! Her body stiffened and she held her breath for a moment then began to relax, 'Sooooo good' she crooned, and with a look of concentration she wriggled her hip to prolong the sensation. But Billy didn't stop, his thumb kept up its relentless caresses, within seconds he elicited a response 'Ooooh fuck!' moaned Jackie, her face contorted with pleasure, flushed pink. She grunted deep in her throat 'Ugh! Oh god, Billy, don't stop' she panted, 'Oh yessss' she wriggled and bucked, Billy held her tightly, his fingers digging into the sweet flesh of her arse, he worked his thumb inside her cunt. Sour aromas began to waft up to the crowd, Jackie moaned loud again as Billy brought her to her second g spot climax, thick viscous moisture began to foam in the palm of his hand, causing a squelching as his thumb moved back and forth. She rocked back and forth in Billy's embrace then almost immediately her legs stiffened and she pulled on the cords securing her arms, 'Hhhhhuuuuuuuuurrrrrr!' Billy brought her off again! On Screen Jackie's eyes were closed, her tongue moistened her lips as her lust consumed her, she panted uncontrollably. 'Oh Billy, I love it', she crooned, 'Oh Billy, baby, please, I love you, Oh Ooooh, there yes there, ieeeaaa! ' she squealed seductively, then sucked inbreathe sharply, she wriggled her arse, (just a little) then, her voice soft like a little girls she almost cried. 'Ahhh, Billy, it's coming, it's coming again! Oh God Billy, yes, coming Billy, yes Billy! Harder, Billy harder!' She stiffened again, then her whole body shook as a larger more violent orgasm took her, this one lasted longer and seemed more intense, as it held her in its grip. The crowd were in awe, mutters of approval where whispered around the auditorium. The moisture now dripped from between Billy's fingers was pooling on the platform below, the smell of sex filled the room. Billy continued to skilfully move his thumb, Jackie her eyes closed moved her hips and wriggled her backside, grunting and panting, luridly 'Oooooh my fucking God!' She purred, for all to hear. And Billy kept up his supple movement just keeping his thumb in the exact spot, but allowing her to move and to make sure he was exactly where she wanted his digit. I soon realised that it was she who was controlling her pleasure, moving her g spot to keep the hard stubby thumb perfectly positioned and Billy, just cleverly pressed and rubbed. Within seconds, she began to respond again, her voice deep and guttural, 'Ooooooh Billy, my lover! Yes baby yessssss' she crooned. Her face in the screen a mask of lust, her eyes, heavy, lids fluttering half closed, her lips red and moist, she mouthed her pleasure. 'Ohhh fuck Billy, there darling, there! There! Therrrrrrre! Huh, Huh Huuuuuuh, ooooooooh fuck me baby, make me cum baby! Oh yes here it cummmms, here it cummmmms - Oooooooooooooh! But this time the intensity took it's toll, her knees gave way and Billy had to take her weight, she bucked her arse in tiny sharp movements. Groaning, her orgasm just kept going! Her large round bum cheeks vibrated with her lust and a great gout of thick juice shot from between Billy's palm and her juicy foaming cunt. For an age, she wailed in ecstasy, the stream of cum dribbling down to swell the pool on the platform between her legs. Slowly she came back down to earth, Billy stopped moving his thumb, Jackie wriggled to keep the sensation going for as long as she could, but eventually panting she slumped in her bonds, and Billy let her hang there. She groaned as he slipped his sodden digit from her wet sticky pussy. Holding his hand up to the crowd ... the sour odour was palpable, yet intoxicating, Billy's hand was soaking, soaked with her cum! He turned to Jackie, she was hanging limp, exhausted, her tight wrinkled anus exposed, it pulsed as she panted after her excursion. Her cunt puffy, flared and opened, on show to everyone, but she was too exhausted to care she had cum many times, hard and intense, she was almost delirious, in a lust filled world of her own. Billy took hold of a piece of her torn garment and wiped his hand on it, leaving the material stained with her moisture. Then he jumped down from the platform and waddled round to Jackie's face. Pulling on the cord, he drew her head down further, her eyes flashed open, the strain caused her to turn her arms further back and push her arse further out, giving us an even better view of her ravaged cunt. What happened next was quite a shock, Billy reached up and took Jackie's cheek in his hand and then he kissed her hard on the mouth. Immediately Jackie responded and kissed the ugly squat dwarf back passionately, Billy changed the angle of his kiss and on the screen we could see his tongue and hers entwining as she eagerly sought his mouth. She kissed him with a hunger, like a lover. Billy pulled away and on the screen Jackie looked sullen and dejected, her eyes followed him as he walked back to his bag of tricks.

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