An Unbelievable Wedding Night

by fatles1

Copyright© 2015 by fatles1

True Sex Story: This is the account I said i'd post after "Prior to my wife's gangbang". I hope you'll enjoy it but am fully expecting most people to not believe it. I didn't when my wife first told me. I know you'll give it lots of 1's but frankly I don't care. If it sinks into oblivion - so be it. After reading these accounts you may think of my wife as a slut or a whore. I don't think of her that way, I love her and i'm very proud of her and i'm not embarrassed to say it.

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult   Consensual   Reluctant   Drunk/Drugged   Heterosexual   True Story   Cheating   Slut Wife   Cuckold   Group Sex   White Couple   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Cream Pie   Menstrual Play   .

It was February 1994 and a month after the events related in "Prior to my wife's Gangbang".

I had discovered that if we got married before I left the R.A.F. my wife would receive half of my pension in the event of my death. As i'd done 22 years I would be receiving an immediate pension so this was significant.

The problem was i'd been absolutely useless at saving and all our parents were either dead or pensioners. I was due to receive a gratuity of thousands of pounds but this would be too late.

We decided to get married at Gretna Green. It's not quite as it used to be, you do have to book these days. We explained to the relatives what we were doing and just hoped they'd understand.

Janice had wanted 14th February but so did everyone else so we had to settle for the 12th. When she told me she'd be on her period then I obviously wasn't too happy about it but there was nothing I could do about it.

Janice had picked quite a billowy black dress for the wedding. Both to mask any period stains and because she's a bit "goth" anyway.

We'd booked a room at the "Cumbria" Hotel (now called "Hallmark") next to Carlisle Railway Station. The Hotel had really taken us under their wing upon learning we were a couple around their 40's getting married for the 1st time with no guests.

The Maitre D' had volunteered to be my best man so he was with us when the limousine dropped us back outside the Hotel.

We'd found a red carpet outside. We were just about to walk around it to get to the steps when the Maitre D' told us it was for us, brilliant!!!

It had been late afternoon when we'd got married and the limousine had driven us around Carlisle for a bit as we had time left on the booking.

We headed straight for the bar and as I knew sex wasn't on the cards I knew there wasn't any point in hanging back.

We'd been drinking for a while when we were told we'd been invited to a private function. It gave us access to a free band and disco which was obviously great.

We learnt it was a function for Post Office Workers.

There was a lot of curiosity, amongst the women, as to why we were getting married on our own. Some of them had theories that our families didn't get on or i'd stolen her from her intended. The men were not really bothered and just kept buying me drinks.

It was a shame to have to tell them the truth.

When the band finished playing, they came over to congratulate us but unfortunately one of them spilled his drink on Janice's dress. She was annoyed but hid it well and anyway at least being black it didn't show up.

I'd been getting some funny looks from some of the women as during the evening Janice had spent a lot of the time sitting with the men. This was quite normal for her and she knew I wouldn't mind so I thought nothing of it.

I'd gotten pretty drunk and was feeling sick. When I told Janice I was going to bed she told me I should have paced myself better alcohol wise and she had no intention of quitting the party just yet.

I wasn't happy but I had to concede she had a valid point.

A lot of the other guests had also retired which left Janice sitting with a lot of the men.

When the bar closed Janice mentioned being hungry. The men told her there was food upstairs in the room where they'd held their meal and it had been covered up.

Sure enough, when they got upstairs, Janice found something to eat. They also found some bottles of wine which they shared.

Some of the men had asked her why she wasn't with her husband on her wedding night and she'd told them i'd been taken sick and had told her to enjoy herself. I sodding well hadn't, I was really pissed off she hadn't joined me.

Most of the men had drifted away leaving her with two of them.

I suppose it was inevitable that the men would start thinking of sex, even if they were not already.

They were alone with a bride on her wedding night and they knew her husband wouldn't be around. When you think bride you automatically think of sex don't you.

What they didn't know was Janice was on her period.

They began putting their arms around her and kissing her and she let them. Partly because she'd had a lot to drink but mainly because she knew it couldn't lead anywhere.

She laughed it off though when one of them offered to stand in for me.

She objected and pushed their hands away however when one of them tried to feel her breasts through her dress.

They were leading her through the hotel corridors and she wasn't really about thinking where they were going.

They kept stopping and kissing her but when her crotch was groped, again through her dress, she slapped the hand away and told the men she was on her period.

They said they didn't believe her so she thought she'd better prove it. She tried lifting her dress but it was too bulky so she pulled it off her shoulders and down.

It was a cold February day and she had a top on under her dress so wasn't showing anything.

She pulled her panties away just enough for them to see her sanitary towel and thought that would be enough to rid them of any thoughts of having sex with her.

When they told her their room was just around the corner and there was alcohol in the fridge she thought she was now safe and went with them.

After another couple of drinks they began putting their arms around her and kissing her again. She let them feel her breasts through her dress because she knew that was as far as they could go.

When one of them got his prick out and put her hand on it she thought it might be a good idea if she relieved them by hand.

As she began wanking him the other man pointed out she could get spunk on her dress and being black it would show up. He said she should take her dress off and she'd be perfectly safe as she was on her period.

So she did!!.

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