The Cure

by Phil E. Hebe

Copyright© 2015 by Phil E. Hebe

Horror Sex Story: A quickie horror story of sex and violence. What happens when her life unexpectedly come tumbling down around her head. There aren't many options to choose from.

Caution: This Horror Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Horror   BDSM   .

She walked down a hall of mirrors. No matter which way she looked she saw multiple reflections of herself. Completely naked. Behind her was a trail of blood. She was bleeding from cuts and scratches. At one point she stopped and threw up, a milky mass the consistency of mucus. In the reflection she saw a battered and bruised body, her buttocks was a mass of welts. She came to a door at the end of the hall and entered. It looked to be a cozy room, dimly lit with a fire blazing away in the fireplace. There were two chairs facing one another, one a comfortable looking easy chair, the other, an old fashion kitchen wooden chair. Her boss was in the easy chair. "Sit," he commanded, pointing to the wooden chair. She sat. He was wearing cowboy boots and tight fitting jeans. His genitals were on display through a cutout in the jeans. He wore a cowboy shirt and hat. She had never saw him dressed in anything but suits at work. "Open your legs and excite me," he said. She opened her legs wide giving him a full view of her pussy. She had learned not to resist any command. He stroked his cock, and she watched it grow bigger and bigger. It was huge. To her it was the most beautiful thing she ever saw. "So tell me, why are you here?" he asked.

She petted her open pussy and began her tale:

"Franklin, my husband, did not show up for two days. I called him at work. He wasn't there either. I became frantic. I called the police and reported a missing person. They came, and took a report. They didn't seem very interested. It was just another run away husband, as far as they were concerned. Then on the morning of the third day a courier came with an envelope. In it were divorce papers that required my signature. I could not understand why he wanted a divorce. We were a happy couple. We never fought. I always thought we were made for each other. I became depressed, very depressed. I contemplated suicide. I even wrote a suicide note, took out the carving knife from the drawer, and pressed it against my wrist. At that point I realized I needed help, psychiatric medical help, and quickly.

"I went to the institute. Went through the rigmarole of admissions. A nurse came and got me, led me to a change room. She held open the curtain and told me to undress, take everything off, including my panties. Down the hall was a doctor's office. He gave me a complete exam including vaginal, and pronounced me fit. He said the worst thing for me to do was sit home and brood. I needed work to occupy my mind. I told him about working for you. He said it wasn't enough, that I needed a real demanding job, and they had just the thing. He gave me an injection. When I asked what it was, he said it would peak my libido, I would crave sex, but not get any sexual satisfaction, so I could do it over and over again. I didn't understand why that was needed, but didn't have time to ask because the nurse was pulling at my arm. The nurse led me to another room and chattered about how I was going to love being a cocktail waitress. It was a big room with lots of men, twenty or thirty men. They were all dressed exactly the same, black suits, white shirts, and red ties. Just like your pants, their genitals were exposed. Black socks and black oxford shoes were on their feet. The bartender said it was a very simple job, I take orders for drinks from the men, give the order to the bartender, he fills it, and then I serve the men the drinks they ordered. It sounded easy enough. My condition suddenly dawned on me, 'Naked?' I asked. 'Of course naked, ' he answered, as if I asked the dumbest question in the universe. I looked down on my body. My nipples were two hard bullets pointed straight ahead. My sex was engorged, split open, and bright pink. The hood and inner lips were hanging out. Pussy juice was running down my inner thighs, and I had a strong odor of sex about me. I craved cock like I never did before in my life. I agreed with the bartender, I should be naked, and show the world my lust filled body.

"I heard someone yell, 'Waitress, ' behind me. I turned from the bar and a man was waving his arm. I took his order, got it filled, and served it. He pinched my breast so hard I saw stars. Before I could react I hear a couple of men call for a waitress. I turned and took their orders, had them filled, and served the men their drinks. They pushed me over the table and fucked me in the ass. I was startled and screaming my head off. I could hear laughter from the rest of the men in the room. To them it was great sport. Six more men wanted drinks. I took their order just like I was supposed to. When I went to serve them, all I could see were their cocks; everything else was a blur. All their cocks looked alike, and I wasn't sure who ordered what. Of course I didn't get it right. They said I needed punishment for my mistakes. They dragged me across the room to a big X made of wood. I

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