The Preacher and His Wife

by Millie 90 lbs of Dynamite

Copyright© 2015 by Millie 90 lbs of Dynamite

Fiction Sex Story: The Reverend Robert Saunders and his beauty-queen wife have bilked millions from the their flock. They even did a horrible thing to hide it. Now their chickens have come home to roost as James Manford returns to exact his revenge. This story contains, male rape, female rape, torture and murder - if you do not like the content do not read the story!

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/Ma   NonConsensual   Rape   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Crime   Revenge   BDSM   Rough   Humiliation   Torture   Snuff   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Clergy   Violent   .

WARNING– this is a story of forced sex, rape, and murder. It involves a married couple a minister and his wife. It contains graphic depictions of revenge including rape and murder. If this story is likely to offend you, it is best if you refrain from reading it. If you are curious but afraid, you will be offended, then, I would suggest you not read it – unless you are brave, are you brave? If you are brave, courageous or need to read such awful things to avoid doing them – well then maybe it is good therapy for the likes of you, read on, McDuff, read on. I am very aware this is offensive – this is why it is posted in extreme – because – it is extreme. Consider yourself warned and ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK.

He lay in wait his body coiled for action. After weeks of following, watching, and planning the moment was at last here. He knew their schedule down the second the couple was fastidious in their life. Their existence dictated by their religious, fanatical business. The Preacher and the Preacher's Wife held their congregation in their hands and molded them into a dedicated gathering of worshipers. Only their real worship was not of God but of Robert and Sarah Saunders.

Robert Saunders the enigmatic, charismatic Bible-thumper and Sarah the elegant, former beauty queen, whom every man secretly lusted. They controlled their parishioner's lives, guiding them in decisions, helping the followers amass vast fortunes and lining their pockets with their members loving gratitude. At the same time, the devious, manipulative couple destroyed others ... like him. He could never ever get back what they took from him. He could, however, make them pay for the pain they caused. He would extract a wicked revenge.

His seven years in prison taught him things. A man with a high sex drive locked away with only men learns how obtain release from the constant need. He learns how not to suffer the same fate himself. He also picks up more practical skills as well. How to open locked doors was one skill he acquired. How to hurt someone without killing them. Delightful little techniques that make the strongest man's or woman's will bend to his. He was now ready to extract his vengeance. He determined that Sunday night was the best night to strike.

The lights of the car pulling into the drive danced on the window curtains flicked out and darkness again descended. He stood feet from the door concealed by one of the two decorative pillars separating the entryway from the formal living room. The clicked into the lock and hard clank sounded as it was turned. The door opened and the Preacher extended his arm for his wife to enter first their country mansion. She entered and stopped a few feet inside the sophisticated room. Robert shut the door and locked it and flipped on the lights. James stepped into the middle of the entryway holding a stun gun in his hand. Robert dropped his keys while Sarah let her purse slip to the floor. They were wide-eyed as shock, surprise, and fear filled them.

"James," Robert spoke just as the two prongs lodged in his chest. Searing pain leaped into him as every muscle tingled and lurched with juice that flowed through his body. Falling to the floor he jerked and jumped about on his back as the electricity jolted through his body. Robert lay quiet on the floor while Sarah screamed out her hands on her face her body trembled with fear.

With silent calm, James removed and replaced the Taser cartridge. Raising the gun up he fired the prongs hit her on her left tit and she danced for James. He held the trigger down as she slowly collapsed in pain on the hardwood floorboards. He watched her now vertical dance for a few moments as her body bounced on the floor. It just wasn't as much fun after they were unconscious.

James Manford worked with speed and precision cutting the expensive clothes from their bodies he restrained the beauty to the couple's massive king sized bed. The he restrained the preacher to the footstool. Robert's hands and feet were bound to the legs of the ottoman. James retrieved his tools setting up his instruments of torture and three video cameras to capture the action. He enjoyed bourbon as waited on his dear friends to awaken. Stripping naked his cock began to twitch and jump in anticipation of what was to come.

They awoke in a slow, steady manner ... their bodies hurt from the shock they received. They struggled against the restraints they sat in an odd saying nothing. Drool leaked from Sarah's mouth as her eyes fluttered hurting from the bright light which flooded the room from the lighting that accompanied the cameras. Her mouth so warm, wet, and inviting caused his cock to stiffen up, as it bobbed and bounced while he walked toward her. The preacher could just make out the man's feet.

"James, what are you doing?"

"What do you think Bobby?" James asked him.

"I think you have gone mad," Robert blurted out as he fought the restraints.

"I think I'm going to fuck your wife's mouth for now," he spoke with a maniacal tone.

"No, please have mercy," Sarah implored sobbing out the words. Climbing on the bed he straddled her ample breast and grabbed her lovely blonde hair. He smacked her face with his large cock hitting her lips with the giant mushroom shaped prick head. She tried to turn her head.

"Don't hurt her please," Robert begged. "If you stop now and leave we'll keep our mouths shut about this unfortunate incident.

"No, Robert and Sarah, I'll show you all the mercy you showed me when you gave the false testimony in court." With that, he slapped her face so hard her cheek bruised bright red. "Open up bitch." Plunging his cock he pumped her face with a fury. Her spit flew while she gagged and coughed tears ran her dark mascara down her lovely face, leaving dark streams of makeup in their wake.

"Now this whore will say how much she hated this, but you know how much she loves to suck," the Preacher yelled out how he would get back at him. How he would rot in jail this time. After a short period, he stopped and crawled off the bed. James repositioned the cameras picked up a tube from where the implements of torture were lay. He put the white cream on his cock and rubbed it in deep. "This will delay me spewing. Got make my fun last. Now watch this Miss Colorado, Watch me rape you husbands ass." With that he straddled Robert's ass and pulled one cheek aside, holding his cock he guided it to the opening. The cock hung there as James, listening to Robert, beg him not to hurt him. He jabbed hard driving the big mushroom head inside the reluctant opening. Grabbing the Preachers thick hair, he yanked his head back toward him as he thrust his hips forward. Tearing pain ripped through the Preachers asshole every few seconds a new pain as the cock was driven deeper inside his shitter.

"I learned ass fucking in prison, doing time for your murder. They called it a vehicular homicide, remember that? You swore to God and Man I drove that night and hit the man with your car. Only I wasn't driving you were. And it wasn't an accident you killed that man because he saw through you. He was going to expose you," Hammering his cock home with his pent-up rage. The preacher screamed and whimpered as Manford devastated his ass. Pounding, thrusting in deep and drawing back stopping just before the magnificent head popped out only to drive the head deep inside again with angry determination.

Sarah watched her husband her husband and felts shame that he allowed himself to be violated. Her love Robert turned sour in her stomach realizing she was soon to be debased as well and he would do nothing to save her. He cried like a woman, no he balled like a baby. It was pathetic he made no effort to free himself no struggle to resist he just took it like a faggot. Manford dominated her husband his toned muscles strained with each thrust to pound his cock deeper and deeper in her husband's ass.

Watching him hump her husband excited her and she began to moisten. Her nipples hardened and breath grew ragged. The change was so sudden she only perceived a vague sensation at first. Lust erupted in her as the revulsion for her husband bloomed. If she was ever honest with herself, she had never been in love with him. She only craved his power and wealth. But Manford was more powerful by far and her husband shame was evident.

Taking his cock from Robert Saunders ass. He moved to Saunders' face and pulled his head up and placed his cock in front of Robert's mouth.

"Open wide bitch," James thrust the big cock in the man's mouth and spewed a thick stream of cum. "Eat it down whore," he said as he undid the restraints at his hand. Grabbing Robert by the hair again, he pulled him to his feet to show his small cock was rock hard and thick stains of the preacher's pre-cum showed on the cushion of the oversized footstool. Reworking the binding on his feet he forced the man to sit on the ottoman and cuffed his hands behind his back. Spinning the chair around, he walked away from, Robert. The enormous prick still hard as a rock. Again he adjusted the cameras.

Sarah writhed on the bed in anticipation of what was to come. She rose lifting her back off the bed. She moved her hips around falling back to bed still squirmed her body in expectancy. The process repeated as the desire grew. Holding the tube, he released one of her hands and squeezed out a generous amount of cream.

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