Day at the Pool

by Logco

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Romantic Sex Story: A romantic story about a pool an d some hair removal.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Oral Sex   .

When I was in college I had studied writing namely I took creative writing classes. I also took a few photography courses. Photography was more of a hobby as I didn't think I could turn that in to a living.

My mom had died just last spring from lung cancer. She had smoked for years and the only thing that stopped her from smoking was her being diagnosed with lung cancer. The truth is if she hadn't passed there is no way I would be able to pay for college but her life insurance policy was paid in full and was paid out quickly so I was able to go to college. Dad bought a new car and even expand his business in to a larger more high traffic location. I had worked for him and had a bit of savings to use for college but not nearly enough. When mom died and we got that large pay out I used most of the money I had saved to get my car in tip top shape. The moral of this paragraph ladies and gentleman is don't smoke!!!

After college I couldn't find a job so I decided to focus on a long held aspiration. I was going to write a book. I hadn't decided yet on what type of book. It could be a children's book, a group of short stories made in to a book or even an epic novel. I had ideas for all three. After a while I settled on the short story idea. I mapped it out with a main character or characters and several conflicts. After I had mapped it I began typing and it just flowed. I just began writing and before I knew it I had written four short stories and started on a fifth. It was kind of hot in my house so I decided to head to the local community pool.

I jumped in my 2010 Camaro and began driving to the pool. At the time the car was only two years old. Before I went to the pool I decided to see if Michele wanted to come with me. When I got to her house it appeared no one was home and after ringing her doorbell and no one answered that was confirmed. I figured she was out with her girlfriend and my main competition for her affections Jane.

Michele and I had been having some minor problems lately. Mainly she was complaining about whenever she sucked my cock she was getting a mouthful of hair. She had been begging me to shave it or at least trim it. There was no chance in hell that was going to happen. The only people that shaved their pubes were females and male strippers. I was neither. Some professional wrestlers shaved off their body hair too. I also wasn't one of them either.

She didn't mind the hair when I was fucking her pussy but she hated sucking my dick with so much hair so she kept begging me to shave. I tried making her a deal I'd shave if I could fuck her ass. She had never done that and had no interest in doing it especially with me. I was quite large I guess. She claimed I was huge and although I enjoyed the compliment I don't think I was that big. I was eight inches long maybe a couple millimeters more when cumming and about five and a half inches around. Is that huge?

I was all set for a day at the pool. I had loaded my beach bag with everything I needed I had my towel, sunscreen, my sunglasses, a magazine or two and even two types of swimwear. Before I left I hadn't decided on whether I should wear my trunks or my speedo. I felt that because I was still in good shape I should go with the speedo. I was a fan of the saying, "if you've got it flaunt it". I undressed in the locker room and decided to put on sunscreen before I put on my speedo.

The bottle was unusual it had a pump type dispenser and it had no real label like it had been removed or peeled off or something. Any way I squirt some into my hand and then began with my face and decided to work my way down. It felt different sort of like tingling or even a burning sensation. I just thought that it was a different kind and my body wasn't used to it. I had lathered my body from head to toe in the cream and the burning persisted I was getting worried but I walked quickly to the pool. The sun was hot that day and beating down so I hurried to the pool and got in that burning sensation was pretty much gone as soon as I entered the pool. I went under the water as soon as I could. The water felt great and I knew I'd be in there for most of the day. Before I knew it the day had almost ended and they were telling everyone the pool would be closing in about half an hour so I got out of the water and I headed for the locker room. As I was walking up to the locker room I had my towel wrapped around my waist and I noticed that I had gotten quite a bit of color that day. I got to the locker room and tool off the speedo as I stepped into the shower area and rinsed the chlorine off my body. The water was a bit hotter than I like but not unbearably hot. I stepped out of the shower turning it to off and went to the locker area to get redressed. I looked in to my bag and couldn't find my underwear and I'm almost positive I had worn some to the pool but oh well I guess I was gone go commando at least until I got home. I got home and tossed my towel over the fence to let it dry and I threw my speedo in the washing machine. The shower had gotten the chlorine off me but I had taken my swimwear off before getting into shower. I was able to get some other clothes in the washer with my speedo. I really needed to do a load of laundry or perhaps several. I reached down to scratch my leg and felt no hair on my legs and looked down all my pubic hair was gone too. This was unusual. Why did I have no hair on my body? Oh my God that sunscreen must have been some sort of hair removal cream.

Shortly after the shock of being bare I looked at myself in the mirror and realized that I liked the look. In the past when I had shaved my pubes and stomach I used a new razor but I wouldn't have to do that for a while which is what I liked. Once the hair started to grow back in I was unsure whether or not I would keep it as I was. I had been debating getting a Brazilian was to see how it felt but if I decided at some point to get that done it'd be in a couple months I assumed.

I went to Michele's house afterward and as soon as I got inside I dropped my pants to the utter amazement of Michele. She loved the new bare look and asked how I shaved so close. I told her the whole story and she laughed at me which was a bit disheartening. She dragged me by my cock up to her bedroom and dropped to her knees and began sucking my dick. For the first time in our relationship she deep throated me without even the least bit of disgust. As soon as I came which was shortly thereafter she started stroking me to get me back to full hardness. She wanted me inside her pussy and for me to deposit a big load inside her. I was unsure how much cum I could actually put in her having cum just minutes earlier. I told her if she wanted a truly big load she should either give me an hour or two rest or work me up close and then stop and then work me up close and then stop and do that again and again to build up the amount of cum in my balls. There was no way she was waiting an hour or two for me to recover. I didn't really need the recovery time cause ever since age 15 or 16 I could cum twice in a row without much time in between.

She worked up 5 times before I begged her to let me cum which on the 6th time I did and it hurt. I did however give her a massive cream pie. Even with the pain the moment I slid into her soaking pussy I knew the sex would be phenomenal and the truth is it wasn't phenomenal. Phenomenal is not a strong enough word. It was just so great it was near perfect. Maybe a good term to describe the sex is mind blowing or other worldly. She started scooping my cum put of her pussy and sucking it off her fingers. She commented that my cum tasted better now than before but I highly doubt that. It was just better for both us due to the lack of hair.

Michele asked me if I was gone keep using the same "sun block" and we both laughed and I told her not to which she looked up set but I told her next time she went for her Brazilian wax I'd go with her and get waxed too. That made her happy and then we both lay in bed together and eventually dozed off. We slept for about 6 hours until my cell phone rang and woke us both up. It was a call that I wasn't expecting. It was a company that had offered me a short term contract to take picture for them. I accepted because it was right there in town and wouldn't have to severe ties or anything much different. I told Michele and so was so happy for me.

I went to the interview the following day and Michele waited for me. It wasn't so much an interview as more a fact finding mission. I already had the job but I was curious why I was offered the job and it turns out that my photographs on Facebook got me noticed. I asked what type of pictures I'd be taking and the manager had advised me they'd be like family pictures for Christmas card and things like that. I then asked why I was getting a short term job and as I turned out the last guy had gone on a leave of absence. I probably could have asked about what the leave of absence was all about but truthfully I didn't care all that much and was happy for the job. I stood and shook her hand and she smiled and said she'd see me Monday. I Walked out and Michele began asking me all sorts of questions like what kind of pictures I'd be taking and stuff like that. I told her everything g that had been said in the meeting. She said so do you have the job which I told her I didn't even have to interview the job was mine and I started Monday. She was so happy that she wrapped her arms around me and clung to me as we walked to my car. When we got back to her house I had to make an immediate phone call. The place would close soon and I had no idea what time I was supposed to be there Monday. They told me that the place opened at 9 but I had to be there at the earliest 8 to fill out paperwork. I was okay with that.

When the weekend was just about over I had to go home and iron my business clothes and get ready for my job the following day. I had lots of clothes at Michele's house but nothing business like and while there she had not allowed underwear for either of us. While at Michele's house I didn't wear much of anything much less business clothes. I also needed a couple days off from the crazy amount of sex we had been having due to my new "status."

I got home and the first thing I did was take out my business clothes it consisted of a pair of khaki pants and a polo shirt. I had to iron them as they had been sitting in my closet for quite a while. They weren't wrinkled or anything but they just had been sort of sitting there and I wanted them to look better. After ironing them I placed them back on the hangers and hung them on a hook in the bathroom. I lied down to take a nap and ended up sleeping until 6 the next morning when my alarm had been set.

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