Trapped by a Typhoon

by George Foxx

Copyright© 2017 by George Foxx

Romantic Sex Story: An Uncle George: Adventures in the Philippines story Uncle George is trapped by a typhoon with a friend of his niece. The girl has a crush on Uncle George. While they are trapped together, true love grows.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   Fiction   White Male   Oriental Female   Cream Pie   Oral Sex   Small Breasts   .

Uncle George: Adventures in the Philippines

Uncle George is a nice guy who retired in the Philippines. Generally, if something bad can happen, it happens to Uncle George. Sometimes though...

“Did you know my friend Jhasmine has a crush on you Uncle George?” My niece Jonnie asked.

“How big, school girl, or monumental?” I asked.

“Past all reason and logic. If she had any opportunity, she’d throw herself at you bodily, consequences be damned,” Jonnie said.

“She better not do that in front of your Aunt Marie, if she wants to stay alive!” I said.

“I don’t think Jhasmine cares any more. She’s completely hormonal and totally bonkers over you. If Aunt Marie killed her, it might put Jhasmine out of her misery,” Jonnie said.

“You know I’ve never even flirted with her, Jonnie,” I said.

“I know that. No flirting was required for her to fall for you. She thinks you are so cute, she says she can’t help herself. She says she wants to be your wife, cook, clean, and do all that boring housewife stuff; take care of you when you are sick, and have your babies,” Jonnie told me.

“I guess she doesn’t know that when men get old, parts of us don’t work so well anymore,” I said.

“She thinks she is so young and cute, she will revive you and make every night for the rest of your life like you are eighteen and on your honeymoon,” Jonnie said.

“It’s a good thing she is in Manila and I’m in Baguio, or I’d be in big trouble!” I said.

I forgot the conversation because I didn’t think Jhasmine was going to do anything about her crush, no matter how monumental it was. After all, what cute fourteen-year-old Filipina is going to actually chase a seventy-year-old American man? I was sure she would be crushing on some else next week.

A month later...

The Category Five Plus typhoon was bearing down on the Philippines. My wife and her employees were packing up to evacuate because the predicted track was right over Baguio. I was stuck shuttling between the bed and the toilet with the worst stomach virus I’ve ever had. Riding anyplace in the car or on a bus was out of the question. Marie reluctantly left me to ride out the storm. I had two weeks-worth of medicine, a full tank of propane for the stove, so I could make soup or noodles, twenty gallons of drinking water, and several fully charged flashlights and lanterns.

I was pretty miserable, and being alone when I’m sick always seems to make me feel sorry for myself, which makes me feel a lot worse.

I was very surprised when someone rang the bell on the gate to our house. I struggled down stairs, went out in the pouring rain, trudged up the driveway that is too steep for our car to climb, and opened the gate. A tiny, soaking wet, bedraggled Jhasmine was standing there, looking as miserable as it is possible for a pretty fourteen-year-old girl to look. She threw her arms around me and clung to me. I only knew who she was because Jonnie had sent me Jhasmine’s picture so I could see who was crushing on me.

“Let’s get you inside, so you can dry off!” I told her.

I barred the gate and led the girl into my house.

“Whatever possessed you to travel into the path of a super typhoon, Jhasmine?” I asked.

“I love you too much to ignore my feelings anymore. I have to tell you how I feel about you or I’ll go crazy,” Jhasmine said.

“Look Jhasmine, I’m sick as a dog, and I’m not going to be very good company for a day or two,” I said.

“Ok Uncle George, then I’ll take care of you and show you I’m not some silly airhead teenager,” Jhasmine said.

“Well, we need to get you out of those wet clothes and get you into a hot shower before the electricity goes out. Then we need to get some warm dry clothes for you to put on, or you’ll be as sick as I am,” I told her.

Jhasmine apparently had a plan, because she pretty much forced me to undress her, then she pulled me into the shower with her. I was kind of shocked at how my body reacted, because I got the first full erection I’d had in years.

Jhasmine might be fourteen, but she looked about nine. I knew I was attracted to teenage girls, but my body’s emphatic arousal shocked me, because I never thought of myself as a pedophile. My fantasies always involved a teen girl who was old enough to have sexual needs and know what she wanted. Of course my silly fantasies were always about the teenage girl needing ME to take care of those sexual needs for her.

I realized I smelled pretty rank from fever sweat, so I stripped off my sweats and tossed them out of the shower, onto the bathroom floor.

I acted like there was nothing unusual about being naked in the shower with a fourteen-year-old girl who was naked too. I shampooed her hair and washed her little body under the hot water, hoping it would warm up her chilled core.

Jhasmine seemed fascinated by my cock. She stared at my throbbing six-inch erection. I was amused that she seemed tongue tied at the reality of being naked in the shower with her crush.

I started soaping up her body and I let myself enjoy lathering up her little breasts. They were small, but perfectly shaped. Her nipples were fat and dark brown. I longed to suck them, but I was still feeling queasy, so I decided I better wait. Her areoles were quarter size and swollen, lifting her nipples an inch above the café au lait colored mounds of her breasts. As I washed her breasts I caressed her and softly squeezed her firm tits.

Jhasmine squirmed under my hands and moaned softly.

“Is this what you were hoping for?” I asked.

Jhasmine snapped out of her nearly catatonic state and pressed herself against me.

“I think of you all day, so I can’t concentrate in school. I can’t sleep at night because I need you in my bed, in my arms, loving me, and filling my softness with your hardness. I’m horny all the time. I feel like I’m on fire between my legs, but I’m so wet there, no fire could possibly burn.

“I’ve thought about this a lot, and I think we are meant to be together. I’m the girl you need to take care of you and stop your body from sliding into old age. I know you are not ready to give up on love and especially making love. My heart, my brain, and my body tell me that you are the only man who can make me feel the happiness and satisfaction a woman is meant to feel. I crave those feelings. I need that from you,” Jhasmine said.

Jhasmine started soaping me up and began stroking my erect penis with her soapy hands.

“Jhasmine, it wouldn’t be fair to you for me to try to be your lover because my body just doesn’t work very well any more. This is the first erection I’ve had for two years. I can tell that you are a very sexy girl. You’ve been a good girl so far, but when you fall in love for real, you are going to want to make love. Once you have sex the first time, you are the kind of girl who is going to really like sex and you’ll want to make love a lot. Your body will need lots of orgasms, and it would drive you crazy not to get to make love at least two or three times every day. My old man body just can’t take care of you the way you need and the way you deserve,” I said.

“I think you are mistaken about that. Your wife has let you get fat and out of shape. She let herself get fat, and she wasn’t very pretty in the first place. She has big, saggy boobs, and I can tell from how you touch me that you really like my skinny body and hard little tits, and you like them a lot. I’m a cute little fourteen-year-old virgin who wants to give herself to you all day, every day, and all night, every night. That will give your body the excitement it needs to get hard any time you want me and every time I need you. You know in your heart that you not only want, but you need everything I have to give you.

“Your wife got interested in her business, and is gone all the time. I am only interested in you. I will be with you every day, taking care of you, cooking healthy food for you, being sweet to you, and making sure you get lots of healthy exercise making love with me. You will get trimmer, stronger, and healthier. You will feel young, happy, and alive. Playing with our babies as they grow into strong boys and pretty girls will make you feel young and happy too. A strong, healthy, happy man can make love to and satisfy his woman, every day of his life,” Jhasmine said.

I was so aroused from what this sexy little girl said and her small hands stroking my hard dick, that I stopped worrying. I decided she was so secure in her beliefs, I’d just have to let reality show her the truth about old men like me.

“OK, I give up. Let’s not waste this erection. Let’s rinse off, dry each other, and test your theory,” I said.

Jhasmine giggled and took the showerhead from its bracket and hosed me off. She handed it to me, and I rinsed her pretty body.

I took a big towel and wrapped it around her long black hair, then I took another towel and began drying her body. When she was mostly dry, Jhasmine took the towel from me and wrapped it around her body like a sarong, tucking in the end so it would stay put. She took a towel and began drying me. When I was dry she led me into the bedroom. She sat down on the bench in front of the vanity mirror and began drying her hair. She got most of the water blotted up in the towel and then began using the hair dryer, on low heat, as she brushed the tangles out of her waist length hair. I took the brush from her and began slowly, gently brushing her hair. As it dried, Jhasmine’s hair began to shine, and took on the glossy, deep blue-black color that make Asian women’s hair so gorgeous.

Jhasmine giggled as my erection frequently bumped into her back as I brushed her hair.

“Tell me you’ve had this much fun with your wife any time in the last five years, and I’ll leave you alone,” Jhasmine said.

“I can’t tell a lie, Jhasmine, I haven’t had this much fun since the first year Marie and I were married. I haven’t felt like a man, the way I do now, for the last two years. I used to feel proud of how hard I could make Marie cum and how many orgasms I could give her every time we made love. When I stopped getting hard, I stopped feeling like a real man,” I confessed.

“Even when we make love in a few minutes, and it’s the best you’ve ever had, you won’t believe me; but by the time I’ve had you to myself for a week, you’ll know I didn’t lie. This typhoon is going to be the best thing that ever happened to you, Georgie,” Jhasmine said.

Jhasmine put her hair up so it was out of the way and didn’t cover up her breasts. “I’ll take my hair down so you can play with it while we are resting, between times of making love,” She told me.

She took my hand and led me to the bed. She sat on the edge and I stood in front of her. My cock was still hard, after all this time. She smiled up at me. I bent down and kissed her. I felt an electric shock as our lips touched for the first time.

“Oh yes Georgie, I wasn’t wrong. You are the one. The only one for me!” Jhasmine sighed.

“You felt it too?” I asked.

“Definitely baby boy. You’ll be a believer before long. I do know what I’m talking about when it comes to you and me, baby,” Jhasmine whispered.

Just then my intestinal virus struck again and I literally ran to the bathroom. I was sick from both ends at the same time. Thankfully there was a plastic bucket I could bury my head in as I puked my guts out, while I was sitting on the toilet filling it with the most foul-smelling diarrhea imaginable.

Jhasmine came into the bathroom. I immediately tried to shoo her out.

“Jhasmine, the stench in here is going to shatter all your romantic illusions about me. Please go get some dry clothes out of your backpack, wrap up in a blanket, and try to get warm. There is food and drinking water in the kitchen, go make yourself some noodles or soup. That should help you warm up,” I said.

“Nonsense! You are sick, and you need me to take care of you. I’ve helped my mom with sick brothers and sisters. I know what to do.

“Get yourself emptied out as much as you can, then we’ll clean you up and I’ll make you some tea and toast. We’ll hope you can keep that down,” Jhasmine said.

I did as I was told. When I was down to dry heaves, I put down the bucket. I flushed and then Jhasmine helped me into the shower again. Mercifully, the electricity was still on, and we had hot water to clean me up. I brushed my teeth and rinsed with mouthwash to get the nasty taste out of my mouth.

I have to interrupt the story to explain about electric service in the Philippines. First, the wires running from poles look like a rat’s nest. The utility companies don’t have any kind of wiring map, so when the linemen connect a new customer, they run new wire from the house or apartment to the meter. They don’t remove old wire unless it gets blown down by a typhoon. All that wire flapping around in the wind makes it more likely wires will break and blow down in a typhoon, even before the wind reaches maximum speed. Many times when the wind gets to 100kph, the utility companies shut off the power grid and turn off the emergency generators to protect the big, expensive parts of the system and to prevent people from being injured by down power lines. Another reason to shut off power at the generators is to prevent sparking downed power lines that could start fires. Many houses in the Philippines are shacks made of recycled wood, plastic, and whatever else can keep the rain out. Once a fire starts in a squatter village, it usually spreads until the whole village is destroyed. This can happen even in the rain.

That means people are always expecting the power to go out at any minute, once a storm starts heading for their homes. Because of that, people in the Philippines tend to worry about blackouts much more than people in the United States who have very reliable electric power.

And now, back to the story.

I felt weak and unsteady, so Jhasmine helped me down the stairs and into the dining room. I sat in my chair at the head of the table. Jhasmine kissed my forehead and went into the kitchen. She heated water in the electric kettle and made me jasmine tea.

When she brought it to me, she giggled and said, “This is Jasmine tea. When you drink it, think of how much more fun it will be when you are better and you can drink me, your Jhasmine.”

I laughed so hard it actually gave me an endorphin rush, and I felt a bit better. I sipped the hot tea and watched Jhasmine making toast for me. I was wearing a warm bathrobe, but Jhasmine was still naked, showing me her pretty little body as she worked in the kitchen.

“Now the virus messes up your digestive system so that it doesn’t work right. You are going to have to put up with dry toast, because your body can’t digest butter and jam right now. We’ll give you a little dry toast and see if you can keep it down before I show off what a good cook I am,” Jhasmine said.

She brought me a slice of toast on a plate. I nibbled at a corner of the crust and sipped the tea. My mind kept going back to her comment about me drinking her. I hoped she meant she wanted me to eat her pussy and drink her pussy juice and not that she had a piss fetish.

Jhasmine stood behind my chair and began massaging my neck and shoulders. It felt really good, and it gave me an emotional boost because I didn’t feel abandoned any more. A cute young girl cared about me and was doing her best to care for me. Her warm, gentle hands on my body completely turned my attitude around.

“You still have active virus in your system Georgie. Oh, I decided Uncle George was too formal. Since I’m taking care of you while you are sick, you are my baby boy now, so I’m going to call you Georgie. Do you mind?” Jhasmine said.

“I once told my daughter, who is six years older than you by the way, that she was the only person ever to call me Georgie Porgie and live,” I said.

“Oh, I’m not making fun of you. Georgie just means I think you are handsome and cute like a little boy. I wouldn’t want to kiss Georgie Porgie, but I definitely want to kiss you, Georgie, and do lots of other fun things with you too,” Jhasmine said.

She bent down and kissed the back of my neck. I shivered from the feel of her soft lips on my skin.

“You still have a fever. I need to give you Paracetamol to help bring down your fever and help with the aches the virus gives you. That will help your muscles relax, so you can rest,” Jhasmine said.

She gave me the 500mg tablet to take with the last swallow of tea. The carbs in the toast were making me feel less wobbly. Jhasmine helped me walk to my recliner in the living room. I sat down and reclined the chair. Jhasmine put a small pillow behind my neck, and my head felt better supported, so my neck muscles were able to relax. She covered me with a blanket, then bent and kissed me on the lips. She certainly didn’t kiss like she was fourteen.

“I’d like to stay naked for you to keep your mind focused on how and where you want to touch me, but I’m getting goose bumps in places that are meant to only be hot and wet, so it’s quite uncomfortable. I’m going to put on some clothes so my pussy juice won’t freeze when it drips down my thigh,” Jhasmine said.

She gave me the sexiest, most wicked grin I’d ever seen. I was amazed that this fourteen-year-old girl’s mind worked like Mae West’s but she had the face of an angelic nine-year-old, and the body of a very petite, very sexy teenage girl.

I went to sleep in my chair. I slept for at least two hours. When I woke up, Jhasmine was sitting on the arm of my chair, cuddling up to me. There was a cheery fire burning in the fireplace, the living room was pleasantly warm, and Jhasmine was naked again. I didn’t know if she had put on clothes while I was asleep or not. I felt better, and I looked at her beautiful body more closely, fully appreciating the fantastic treasure she was sharing with me, for the first time.

“How are you feeling after your nap, baby boy?” Jhasmine asked.

“I think I’m better. I need to go to the CR (Comfort Room, the Filipino name for a rest room) and see. It does seem like the toast is going to stay down,” I said.

Jhasmine helped me up and she helped me to the CR. I only had to urinate, although I did that sitting down, just in case. Jhasmine took off my robe and took me into the shower with her. She washed me again, scrubbing the fever sweat smell off of me. She washed my cock and balls gentle, but thoroughly.

“I want to make sure we both taste nice and clean when you take me to bed a little later,” Jhasmine said.

We dried each other and Jhasmine had me put on clean sweats. She put my robe in the clothes hamper because it smelled of fever sweat.

We went down to the kitchen and Jhasmine made me a poached egg and another piece of toast. She watched the egg carefully and put it on the toast when the yolk was still liquid, but had jelled enough to be thick, not runny. She cut up the egg for me like I was her child, and the yolk started soaking into the toast. She cut the toast into bite size squares. She made me another cup of tea.

When she gave me the cup, Jhasmine grinned and said, “This jasmine tea tastes good, but I’m your Jhasmine, and I taste a whole lot better. I’m nice and hot too, and you’ll like eating and drinking me up a whole lot more!” She giggled and then began massaging my neck and shoulders while I ate.

We went back to the living room and cuddled up in my recliner again. Jhasmine got up and built up the fire to keep the room warm. The cable and internet were out, but the electricity was still on, so we watched a romantic movie on DVD. After the movie was over Jhasmine was feeling very horny, and I was feeling enough better to share her feelings.

Jhasmine took my hand and led me up the stairs to the bedroom. She took off my sweats and helped me into bed. We ended up on the bed, on our sides, holding each other close, and making out like we were kissing just before the giant asteroid was going to slam into the earth. I had never kissed, or been kissed with so much urgency and passion.

I’d always been a pretty cool customer and had never experienced the phenomenon where all the blood goes to my cock and my brain ceases to function. Jhasmine took me to that place, and it felt so good to have a hot, naked teenage girl, squirming in my arms, I didn’t care if my brain ever worked again. I completely surrendered to her passion, and my only thoughts were to fill her, love her, and satisfy her.

Still, after so many years of being a rational gentleman, I asked, “Are you sure you want to make love with me Jhasmine? Are you afraid it will hurt when you give me your virginity?”

“I want to make love with you more than I’ve ever wanted anything in my life, Georgie. I think I’m excited and hot enough for you that pain won’t be a problem, but if you know any tricks to get me even more worked up, it couldn’t hurt,” Jhasmine said.

I kissed her neck, starting just under her chin, and working down toward her chest. I kissed the upper slope of her breasts and that made her gasp with pleasure. I kissed all around both breasts, moving in concentric circles from the outer edge of her gently sloping mounds, toward the fat, swollen nipples that capped her delicious little hills.

When I kissed her nipples, Jhasmine moaned softly. When I sucked the first one into my mouth and nursed on it like a baby, she whimpered, and her hips squirmed on the bed. I took her other nipple in my mouth and sucked it while I swirled my tongue around it. I kept her nipple prisoner between my lips and pulled back gently, stretching her tiny breast above her chest to nearly full A Cup size before I released her nipple and her breast snapped back to its normal size.

Jhasmine gasped, “I knew you would know the right way to make love to me Georgie!”

I moved back to her other breast and repeated the sucking and pulling motions. Jhasmine moaned loudly. I slipped a finger inside her dripping wet slit and caressed her as I gently worked my finger tip into her tight hole. I kept sucking her nipples as I wormed my finger into her tunnel, seeking the rough little bump on the front wall of her vagina.

I found her G-Spot and began pressing and releasing the nerve bundle; slowly at first, and then faster and more firmly as her writhing hips showed me she liked what I was doing to her.

Jhasmine screamed when her G-Spot erupted in the most intense orgasm the petite teenager had ever experienced.

I kissed down her tummy and made her whimper when I teased her navel with the tip of my tongue. I slipped between her wide spread thighs and kissed her hairless mons. I spread her labia with my hands and traced her slit with the tip of my tongue. I dipped the tip into her hole and swirled my tongue around the rim of her honeypot. I nibbled on her labia, and then began giving her tiny clitoris a serious tongue lashing. Her clit was so hard, there was no missing it, even though it felt almost as small as a grain of rice when my tongue tip dragged over the tip of her button where it jutted out from under its hood. There was no mistaking Jhasmine’s reaction either, which confirmed my tongue’s identification of the little teen’s magic pearl.

When she came from my tongue licking her clit, Jhasmine crushed my head between her strong thighs. She groaned loudly, and her hands pressed against the back of my head, pushing my face deeper into her gaping snatch, increasing the pressure of my tongue on her clit.

I kept licking as hard and fast as I could until Jhasmine was cumming continuously, screaming her pleasure with each new and stronger orgasm and telegraphing the passion she felt with the way she pushed my face, hard against her spasming pussy. I started sucking on her pulsing button and it launched the little girl into lunar orbit. She screamed so loudly that it hurt my ears, even though my ears were tightly covered by her clenching thighs. Besides trying to shove my whole head up her tight little tunnel, she humped her hips to rub her clit against my tongue even harder.

Finally Jhasmine pushed my face away from her pulsing clit and whimpered, “Georgie, I’m as ready for you as I’ll ever be. Enter me, fill me, love me! Do it NOW, baby boy.”

I kissed her breasts and sucked her nipples on my way up to kiss her lips. My kisses made her breathless. When she was completely carried away from feeling her fantasies becoming reality, I guided the head of my cock into the opening of her tiny hole. I knew Jhasmine was so worked up that she was not going to be rational and might think with her hormones, desiring more than her body could tolerate her first time. I wanted to make sure I controlled piercing her hymen so she didn’t do something rash and hurt herself. I eased my cockhead inside her opening and gently pressed it into her, making the muscles around the mouth of her vagina stretch. I kept firm pressure against her orifice until the muscles admitted defeat and let my knob slip slowly inside her. It felt incredible to have the head of my dick completely surrounded by the hot, wet, satin-smooth sheath of this hot fourteen-year-old virgin.

“Oh Georgie, you feel so good going into me. I’ve been needing this since the time I first saw you walking Jonnie across the stage at school. I knew right then that I needed to make you mine, so you could fill me up with your hard cock and calm the horrible itch I feel inside my pussy,” Jhasmine panted.

“Honey, this may hurt you; maybe even a lot. I’m going to go slow, and try to make it as painless as possible. The whole pain thing depends on how much of your hymen is still there, and how thick the tissue is,” I told her.

“Don’t worry baby boy, I want as much of you inside me as I can get. Fill me up with your cock, and love me forever,” Jhasmine said.

I kept a firm pressure on the opening to her tiny tunnel and slowly my dick slid deeper into her. I felt her maidenhead blocking my access to her depths, and I pressed the head of my battering ram firmly against her internal barrier, preparing to breach that barrier and storm her castle.

Jhasmine had been in charge of our coupling from the first, no matter what she’d made me think. Her hips snapped up, impaling her satin sheath on my steely dagger. I groaned with the incredible pleasure of feeling my cock plunge full depth into her. My pubic bone provided the backing firmness for me to grind against her clitoris and bring the little girl to her first shuddering orgasm with my cock buried all the way inside her.

The little teenager whimpered and squirmed under me, and cascaded into a myriad of whole body orgasms that made her quake beneath me.

Jhasmine’s hips arched up off the bed, and it was all I could do to stay in the saddle of her squirming body to ride her through her wild climaxes.

“That’s it Georgie. Love me hard. Love me deep. You are giving me exactly what I need baby boy. Keep loving me like this forever. Don’t stop until you make me pass out. When I do, shoot your hot cream into my helpless little body. Don’t stop pumping until every single drop of your cream and every single one of your sperm is as deep in me as you can shoot them,” Jhasmine begged.

I had no idea how long we had been loving each other, but Jhasmine kept getting wilder and wilder the longer we made love, until we were fucking like two mating animals.

I was beginning to realize there was a prophetic quality to some of the things Jhasmine said; because her eyes rolled back in her head, and it seemed like I’d fucked her senseless. Her body was totally relaxed, and she wasn’t trying to shove her cunt up against me to engulf my cock, the way she had been. I let my self-control go, and I spurted a huge load, two years-worth of cream and sperm, directly against her cervix.

I’d never cum so hard in my entire life. I was nearly unconscious from the intensity of my orgasm when my balls stopped clenching and my body stopped pumping every drop of cum it could muster, as deep in Jhasmine’s little body as it could.

After what seemed a long time, our eyes kind of fluttered open at the same instant.

“Do you believe me now?” The little beauty whispered.

Making love with Jhasmine had not been anything like seducing a nervous virgin. If anything, the teenager had seduced me.

“If you can inspire me to do this again tomorrow, I’ll admit you know things I don’t, and I’ll embrace your plan for us completely,” I said.

“That’s good, because you are almost certainly going to be a daddy in nine months, and it will be so much more convenient for you to play with your baby if you are living with your baby’s mommy,” Jhasmine said.

About that time the electricity went out as the leading edge of the typhoon reached Baguio and sent trees and power poles crashing down.

My house has seven giant long needle pine trees around it. The smallest tree is four feet in diameter and one-hundred-fifty feet tall. Big limbs started crashing down on the steel roof of my house as the wind speed exceeded one-hundred miles per hour.

Jhasmine didn’t seem bothered by the howling winds. She took down her hair, and brushed the soft, silky strands over my chest as I lay panting, trying to recover from the most amazing sex of my entire life.

I stroked her head and ran my fingers through her thick, silky hair. My brain was still feeling fireworks exploding, ten-thousand feet above the earth, with crashes so loud, they shook me to my core. I smiled up at Jhasmine when I saw her looking at me with the glowing eyes of a woman in love. I knew penetrative sex had created an emotional bond in her, even stronger than the feelings of love for me she had brought with her. I was pretty confident my old body would start acting up and leave me limp as a wet noodle, so that the poor girl would have her fantasies destroyed, and she’d have to face reality and go look for a younger man who was able keep her satisfied.

Imagine my surprise when an hour later the sexy little teen started kissing and licking my cock.

“I need you again!” Jhasmine whispered.

She took my limp dick in her mouth and started sucking and licking it. I got hard. Not any of that half-hard bullshit I’d been dealing with for years; but throbbing, high-carbon steel hardness. I could feel stuff boiling inside my balls, and my whole being ached to empty every drop of spunk my body had distilled since my last ejaculation, deep inside her magically tight little pussy.

“See, I wasn’t making things up. I need you again, and you are ready to give me everything I need. Pretty neat, isn’t it, Georgie?” Jhasmine said.

This time the tiny teen pushed me on my back and straddled me. She took my dick in one hand and held the shaft steady as she lifted her body with her legs and then impaled herself on my rigid dick.

“Oh baby boy, this feels so good! You are even deeper in me like this. If you didn’t blast enough sperm into my womb to knock me up the first time we made love, you definitely will have impregnated me by the time my cunt is too sore to fuck you again, no matter how badly I want you. I’m betting I can get you up for me at least four times every day. You are going to be a very busy boy,” Jhasmine said. With Jhasmine riding me, I could see and play with her yummy little tits and I could watch my shaft disappearing into her tiny hole as she stroked up and down on me. I loved her hairless labia because nothing was blocking my view of her pretty pussy. The sight of my fat prick stretching her little pussy to its limit got me really hot.

Jhasmine rode me for a long time. She kept fucking me hard and fast until she had worn herself out. She began milking my cock with the muscles of her pelvic floor, squeezing my dick so tightly, I barely moved in and out of her as she pumped her body up and down with her strong thighs.

Jhasmine started talking dirty to me, saying things like, “I’m an old man’s wet dream come true for you. You never felt a pussy so hot or wet or tight as mine in your whole life, and you never had a girl fuck you as good as I do. I know you want to give me everything I need. You want to squirt me full of every single drop of your cum so all your sperm can swim up my womb, into my tubes, find my nice, ripe egg, and knock me up. You know you want to make pretty babies in my pretty young body,”

“Yes honey, I want to love you forever and give you all the babies you want,” I gasped.

“OH! I just realized, you didn’t just dream of a teenage lover. Your fantasy is for your own daughter to love you, need you, fuck you, and bear your babies. I can do that for you Georgie. I’ll be your little girl, and you will be my loving daddy from now on.

“Love me daddy. Shove your big daddy cock deep in your little girl’s horny cunt. Shoot me full of baby making daddy sperm!

“Oh daddy, I’m cumming so hard. Please daddy shoot off in my pussy and fill me up with your baby batter!”

That did it to me. I spewed more semen into her than I’d shot off at one time, in decades. Jhasmine rolled under me so that my cum wouldn’t run out of her. The teenager’s tight cunt was convulsing and squeezing my dick so every single drop was milked out of me as she came. When my arms got too tired to hold my weight above her skinny body, I rolled beside her and wrapped my arms around her, holding her tightly to me. She stayed on her back and lifted her knees up to her chest so none of my sperm could escape her body. Her position helped her cervix dip into the pool of semen at the back of her cunt and move my seed filled liquid into her uterus.

Finally the little girl got tired and let her legs down. She rolled into my arms, and we slept, clinging to each other.

We were both startled awake by the sharp crack of a splintering tree trunk. One of the big trees fell across the front of the house, blocking the front door. It would be impossible to get out of the house that way, with the front door wedged shut by several tons of pine tree.

While the storm raged, we had no reason to leave the house anyway. The roof didn’t leak and the windows were keeping the rain out. We had a soft, dry bed and a thick quilt to keep us warm. We had incredible sex to keep our endorphin levels high so we didn’t have any worries. Making love with each other seemed like the only thing worth doing for the foreseeable future.

Since we were awake, holding each other, and naked, my cock sprang to life for the third time since Jhasmine arrived, and we made love again. This time took even longer. Jhasmine seemed to have worked off some of her frantic sexual need, and this time we made love slowly and gently. I’m guessing we had been making love for over two hours when both of us kind of went wild and started fucking each other’s brains out. We found ourselves semi-conscious in each other’s arms again. “See, you are stronger than you thought. No heart attack, and all the erections we need to keep both of us happy, just like I promised! I can tell you feel better, and like a real man again, because you can fuck a horny little teenager senseless. It’s not arrogance when you get the job done, baby boy!” Jhasmine said as we both regained consciousness. She gave me a big grin, then giggled like the fourteen-year-old girl she is.

It was definitely an unusual experience. I had to examine my own motivation and actions. It turned out I was feeling resentful toward Marie, and that was why I gave in to Jhasmine so quickly. The teenager was totally right, I wasn’t ready to give up sex yet, and subconsciously I was blaming Marie for my erectile dysfunction.

Even more interesting was that while Jhasmine was young, she was very intelligent, and was as fun to talk to as any “adult,” even my brainy wife, Marie. Jhasmine has a softer, more caring attitude, and while she definitely has things she wants me to give her, they were all things I want to give her, like my time, affection, love making, and babies. At the same time, Jhasmine wants to give me everything I want from a woman as her way of proving to me to she will always take care of me emotionally, sexually, and physically. My firm belief and trust in Jhasmine guarantees I will always be able to give her everything she needs as a woman.

The times in between love making were warm, affectionate cuddling, or fun verbal bantering and playful, good-natured teasing.

The eye of the typhoon passed overhead, but there was no way for us to get out of the house. We cuddled each other in the eerie silence. As the trailing eye wall was overhead, we went down to the kitchen and made soup on the gas stove. We ate soup and crackers together by the light of a battery lantern.

We were both crusty and smelled like sex and sweat. Cold water didn’t clean the sticky mess of Jhasmine’s vaginal secretions mixed with my sperm filled semen from our genitals. It definitely didn’t cleanse the sweat from our wild love making off of our skin. Jhasmine suggested that we catch some rain water, heat it on the stove, and use the warm water to bathe each other before we put on pajamas and went to sleep. I was able to stick a pan out the door to the balcony and collected a gallon of water in no time.

Jhasmine gave me a sponge bath, and I felt much fresher. I caught and heated more rain water and then bathed Jhasmine.

“Be thorough washing my pussy so I don’t smell fishy or taste bad. If you wake up hungry for me in the night, I want to taste delicious to you,” Jhasmine told me.

I gently, but thoroughly bathed her tiny teen body. Her small size let me wash every bit of her as effectively as if we had unlimited hot water in the shower.

After we were clean, we both put on clean sweats and cuddled on the couch by the light of an emergency candle.

“Do you understand things better now Georgie?” Jhasmine asked.

“Yes, I had time to think each time we were recovering from our love making. Everything you said was true,” I admitted.

“So are you over being put out with me for surprising you and dropping in on you?” Jhasmine asked.

“Well, you’ve made my life a lot more difficult because talking to Marie isn’t going to be fun,” I said.

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