Wiccan Vengeance

by Pars001

Copyright© 2015 by PARS001. All rights reserved.

Horror Story: This is a short story I wrote for a Halloween contest but not here, it shows it is never good to piss off a woman especially one with power.

Caution: This Horror Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Magic   Mind Control   Rape   Crime   Horror   Paranormal   Bestiality   Caution   Halloween   Nudism   Violent   .

I reached out to grasp my love's hand, the only connection I had to him now was here, in this enchanted lake. They would all pay for our separation, after I was finished no one would ever stand between us again. Laughing I delighted in the dark power as I felt it flow through me. Ummm it felt so deliciously wicked! To think that I had denied the darkness all these years, now I embraced it as if a lover with love starved senses. Soon this world would feel the power of denying me my happiness, soon they all would know the sheer terror and pain of loss the same loss that I felt, that THEY had caused!

I thought back to only a few days ago, I was happy as was he, not a real care in the world just us as it should be. We were taking our annual trip to the enchanted lake to renew our power and our coven. It was the same every year the darkest night the renewal pyre. Ah, the sweet smell at midnight, that was always the best part, and the sex; damn her man could fuck! It never got old, neither did the pagan rituals, though they didn't use actual human sacrifices, they did still use real blood.

This year though almost as soon as they had arrived they had uninvited guests. Her man had held them off making them leave or so they thought they had. for the next few days they conducted their rituals, set up their camp, finished up with the coven business, then had bid the others good bye. That night they had settled into their last night of dancing and sex, always her favorite part. They had just finished for the night he laid down waiting for her, she had gone to use the bathroom in the trees.

She'd heard a shout, then what sounded like a gunshot, an almost inhuman scream, then a loud splash. Running back she found the camp empty, the blankets were thrown all over and then she found the blood. Following it she felt her heart start to pound, at the enchanted lake the trail stopped, that's when she found his body, but try as she might she couldn't get it to the shore, almost as if the lake refused to let him go.

A strange apparition appeared before her, "You know who did this, you know what has to be done; they have always looked down their noses at us, ridiculed, and persecuted us. It is finally time to pay them back for all the pain and suffering they have given us. Go my child and give them the pain they are so gladly embracing by doing this."

Numb almost in a trance I walked naked unafraid through the woods, not stopping, not resting I had walked miles when I finally heard them. Drunken bullies, little boys in full grown bodies, I heard them laughing and boosting about what they'd done, I felt the dark power start to build in me growing stronger with each passing moment. I'd just made the outskirts of their camp when I came across the first taking a piss in the trees, a smile crossed my features a smile of death, my cold friend. I stood there watching the man empty his bladder. Looking up at first he had shock then a lewd smile crossed his face.

"You like what you see baby? Wanna get you a little I see, come on over here and suck this monster off." He said as sexy as his drunken, killer mind would allow him.

Smiling back at him lewdly, I walked to him and dropped to my knees, taking his now swelling member in my hands I opened my mouth and started take it all in, drawing a large knife from behind me I then proceeded to slice it completely off with one downward chop. His eyes flew open, then he tried to scream but noticed that nothing would come out. He also noticed that he was ten feet in the air, completely naked, raising my hand a dark shadow crossed his feature then a shredding ripping sound started as his soul was ripped and shredded from his body.

I smiled only I could hear the screams of the killer, his begging for death, laughing I looked at him, "Enjoy," I said, "I know I will, you are condemned to suffer FOREVER! Every thirty minutes you will die painfully slowly. Then it will start again, and NO ONE can nor will ever save your condemned soul. Don't worry you'll have plenty of company soon." Laughing I walked away the man begging me to kill him as I heard his soul start to shred slowly.

The other 5 didn't even seem to notice the disappearance of their sixth member, again I smiled this would make things a lot easier. Walking to the edge of the camp I drew two more of the men away under a trance like spell I hadn't used in years, plus the fact they were following my bouncing ass thinking I was an easy lay, helped some also.

This time I took the biggest as he was dropping his pants in my ass, the other on top trying to enter my cunt. Silly BOYS! Raising my arms they both tried to scream as I ripped both their cocks off and shoved them up the others ass.

Pulling, I ripped both souls lose, opening a pit to hell I hung one above the flames his screams almost as satisfying as the first. The second I decided to let an agent of evil suck on from time to time in an unending torment of death.

Walking back I was trying to decide what to do with the last three. Five of them had held my love while the last had taken his life, HE I had something very special for. I Finally lured one of the last two away, the bastard thought I actually wanted his deer piss smelling ass! Hmm I thought that ought to be good. Pinning him to a tree I ripped his soul from his body putting it into the deer, he'd killed that day. Then I set him free, within minutes he was shooting his self; I could feel the man's soul scream as the body was skinned and gutted, the soul feeling EVERYTHING! Then right as the body was being consumed, the torture started again it was the least I could do for this killer, a never ending death over and over for him to enjoy at his favorite sport.

Cursing I could see the sun was coming up, damn! If they left it would take a lot longer to exterminate them, for the vermin always tended to scatter. Retreating I marked both of the men before walking all the way back to my camp. I'd just laid down when a sheriff's car came flying down the road, they'd just started asking questions about strange occurrences and deaths on the other side of the lake, when a young deputy found the body of my lover, strange though the lake had released the body. When I told them that we'd had trouble with six men the day before the sheriff just shook his head. He knew as well as I did that the men would never be brought to justice, at least not THEIR justice. After they left I walked to the lake, the apparition appeared again.

"You have done extremely well my child, we must finish the other two, then we can make this world pay for the humiliation they have heaped upon the pagans, we wiccans will make damn sure of it." Nodding I gathered up everything and started back to where the others had been camping.

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