A Trip to Woodstock

by mysteria27

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Historical Sex Story: A few friends go to Woodstock.

Caution: This Historical Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Drunk/Drugged   Historical   Group Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Double Penetration   .

The year was 1969 and there was all this talk in the news about a music festival that was going to be happening on a dairy farm in Sullivan County. Max Yasgur was going to be opening up his quiet dairy farm for what many were already calling one of the greatest festivals to ever be thrown. Not only was this festival the most ambitious to date, this was a weekend that would change the state of music and define a generation. This would be known as "Woodstock." An Aquarian exposition of three days of peace, love and music.

The festival was scheduled for August 15th-August 17th. However, the party would not end and continued going until the 18th. The original estimates said that 400,000 people would be there. There would be Anti-War protesters, Black Militants, Anti-Gays, Drug Advocates, Vietnam Vets, Rednecks, Gays, Lesbians, bisexuals, anti-drug advocates, pro-government squares, hippies and their flower children.

They were all coming to listen to some major bands and artists. Major artists like Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix and The Grateful Dead were expected to play. Thirty-two bands in total were scheduled to play. The festival would be three days of non-stop musical bliss.

People were there to just celebrate life, love, and freedom. People were coming from all different parts of the country to a little town in Bethel, New York. This is the story about when a few of my friends and myself experienced "Woodstock."

"Chloe, you better be careful when you girls go to that music festival."

"Daddy, don't be so square."

"I don't want you getting knocked up. You're only eighteen years old. You better be careful when you're there."

"Relax, daddy! I won't be getting knocked up. We're just going to be listening to the bands."

"We're trusting you to be a good girl. I don't want to find out that you were a little whore at that festival."

"I'll be good, Daddy. You don't need to worry. Flower's brother is coming with us and he's twenty years old. There's no need to worry, Daddy."

I kissed my father and went into my room to prepare for the festival. I was so excited and Flower and her brother would be picking me up shortly. I packed a bag of some of the clothes I was going to be bringing. I made sure to bring my denim bell bottoms, denim shorts, gauzy tops, and my sandals. I was planning to go topless when we got there, but was not going to be sharing that information with my parents. I also brought a blanket and anything else I thought I would need when we were there. We would be camping out the entire time. I was so excited!

I walked downstairs to say goodbye to my parents as I heard Jay honking his horn in the driveway.

"Goodbye, see you guys in a few days!"

"Here's some money for you. Please take care of yourself. Don't do anything that would worry your father and me."

I kissed my mother and my father and ran out of the house. Jay was driving the car and there were a few of his friends and my friend Flower in the car. I ran to the car and threw my stuff in the back of his car.

"This is going to be such a gas!"

"We'll have a ball," Flower said.

"Chloe, this is Ethan, Fern, and you know my brother, Jay. This is Chloe everybody."

Jay was driving a station wagon and I sat in the back with Flower and the rest of the people. He had those cheesy dice that hung from the mirror. We lived in New York state, so we only had about an hour to travel to Sullivan County where the festival would be.

While we were driving, Ethan rolled some grass and we all toked on it a while. It was some decent shit and I was already feeling some good vibrations. All the girls took off their tops, while we got high.

We listened to some Led Zeppelin as we cruised down the road. We all sang and had a good time. Occasionally, the men would kiss us and feel on our breasts. I wasn't a virgin and decided that this weekend was going to be about free love. I was planning to have lots of sex over the course of the festival.

"I hope we get to meet some of the acts? Wouldn't it be groovy to touch Jimi Hendrix's hand? I would just about die! I wouldn't wash my hands for a month."

We all giggled imagining meeting some of the rock bands. We all shared a story on what we would do if we actually met any of these rock stars.

"It will be pretty hard to meet them, but you never know."

"I would just love to hang out with some of them."

"It will be groovy for sure. We'll all drop some acid and just have a far-out time."

We all giggled and toked on some more weed. I was pretty stoned and was feeling super chilled out. Flower had some munchies and we all stuffed our faces with the chips and pop. Before I knew it, we were in loads of traffic and I did wonder where Jay was going to park the car. There were thousands of people driving on the roads. Several times we were just in a dead stop. Everybody was on their way to Woodstock. There were lots of cars that were overheating and all sorts of other chaos on the highway.

People were getting out of their cars and dancing in the streets. Most women had their tops off and people were just drinking and getting stoned, while we all waited for the traffic to get better. We were stuck there for about three hours. Eventually, we were able to park and then walked several miles to the festival.

We were all laughing and totally stoned. The guys gave the girls piggy back rides and eventually we just sprawled out on a blanket. We were all feeling high and horny. We were telling each other stories, but then it turned to an all sex kind of a thing.

Jay and his girlfriend Fern were on the blanket and both got undressed and started to make-out. They were kissing deep and passionately. His hands were on her firm breasts, while he played in her bush. She had the most hair on her vagina. I swear you could probably braid her hair. Jay pushed his fingers up her snatch and finger fucked her.

He then slid his cock into her pussy and fucked her right on the blanket. She was moaning and groaning, while Jay pounded deep inside of her pussy. He was holding her breasts and kissing her, while he fucked her hard.

Flower and Ethan started kissing on another blanket and I went to join them. He kissed the both of us and we stood up and removed our pants. He played with both of our breasts and then Ethan was on his back. Flower squatted down over his face and he licked her pussy. Flower also had a major bush on her pussy. He licked her pussy like an ice cream cone. He tongue fucked her and she was moaning and groaning, while she rode his face.

I eased his cock into my pussy and rode his cock. I moved my hips up and down over his hard cock. His cock felt really good, while I rode him. I slapped my pussy up and down over his cock.

Jay and Fern were moaning and groaning, when Fern let out a scream and I guess Jay came in her pussy. They were kissing each other passionately, while they rolled on their blanket.

Flower got off of Ethan's face and we switched places. I squatted down over his face and he ate my pussy. Flower eased down on his cock and bounced up and down over his cock. She was playing with her firm breasts, while she fucked him hard. I was smothering my pussy all over his face and let out a scream and had an orgasm. Ethan drank my pussy juices down.

I then got off of him and Ethan sat up and played with Flower's breasts and started to buck up inside of her pussy. He screamed and came inside of her. She continued to fuck him and then got off of him.

There was a lake a little ways up and we walked over and took a swim. We cooled off and then got dressed and continued to walk to the destination. There were many hippies that were also walking to get to the festival. Everybody was acting wild and crazy on the way to "Woodstock."

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