Best Time of the Year

by Logco

Copyright© 2015 by Logco

Erotic Sex Story: A mostly true story.

Caution: This Erotic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   True Story   Oral Sex   Squirting   .

I met Shae Summer in the spring of 2012. We met as pen pals online. We began talking through e-mail. It took a long time for her to give me access to her Facebook page and even longer for her home address. I eventually did get both and we began actually writing letters. From pretty much the get go, I was sending hand written letters while most of hers where typed.

I found out some things about her like her birthday was in early summer so I sent her a birthday card and holiday cards as well. I also convinced her after a long time to send me a picture of her. Of course I had to send mine first. When I saw her picture I was floored. She was gorgeous and truthfully I wanted to see more of her. I asked her via an e-mail if I could see more of her and she did send me a picture of herself in a very cute and a couple sizes too small bikini. She included with it that it was an older picture and she looked similar but had slightly longer hair.

A couple of months later she let it be known that she was a cam girl on an online website. We exchanged cell phone numbers and she called me every day telling me she was about to go on webcam and if I wanted to see even more than the bikini picture she might show some more skin online. I was more than a little intrigued so I signed on and accessed the site. Due to the fact that I was one of the first people viewing her she chose me as a moderator. Basically that meant I could kick people out of her show and even ban them if they didn't follow her rules or disrespected her. Most of her viewers were being polite and friendly people until a group of about five guys started saying some pretty disparaging things. I was reading what they were saying and she also pointed them out so I punted three of the five out. As for the fourth, I banned him for good. That guy was a real jerk. She thanked me with a private message. I told her I was happy to do it and then I thanked her as well for giving me the responsibilities of a moderator. She told me she was going to blow me a kiss on webcam so I watched the screen and it was so cute when she did it. Then just out of habit she licked her teeth and that was surprisingly sexy and then she did this cute and still very sexy growl thing. It turned me on and I let her know that. She asked me how turned on I was and I told without embarrassment that I had a major erection.

She called my cell phone and I answered it she suggested that we go to a cam to cam thing on Facebook. I was more than happy to do so we both left the cam sight. Within about 3 minutes we were both on FB chatting over the cameras. She asked me if I was still hard and I was but I wasn't as hard as I had been. She did the teeth licking thing and then the growl that almost got me there and she took off her top exposing the sexiest bra I had ever seen. I was fully hard now. She asked me if she could see it. I was willing but I informed her that "turnabout is fair play."

She asked what she had to show me.

I told her it was up to her but because of where my hard cock was and the placement of her pussy, which is my number one choice. She stood up and dropped her shorts. She was standing there in what appeared to be underoos for adults.

Truthfully I was even more turned on when I saw those and I think she saw the sparkle in my eyes. She remained standing and began to very sexually lower her pants until her very sexy fully bald pussy came into view.

She said, "Now it's your turn." I stood and dropped my pants and underwear all at once and she said she would have preferred it more sensually but said she liked what she saw immensely and then commented on how it was "huge!" It wasn't that big but I thanked her nonetheless. I think maybe unconsciously she began rubbing her clit and pussy lips while staring at my hard cock. She asked me if I would stroke it until I came.

I gladly took hold and began tugging and she commented on how even with my hand wrapped around it she could still see so much of it. I laughed to myself and continued to work my cock.

I informed her that if she wanted me to cum for her I wanted to see her cum as well. She began running her finger over her pussy lips and as soon as her thumb bumped against her clit she went off. She was cumming like crazy and she slumped out of her chair down to the floor, luckily, the camera fell down to the ground with her so I was able to watch her finish cumming. She regained her composure and sat back in her chair and asked me if she could keep going and I said "Sure!" I was far too happy to watch keep masturbating. She drove one finger quickly into her pussy and shortly thereafter she added a second and third finger and she sped up her thrusting. She came again quickly and that time she just shook and her eyes closed but she remained in her chair this time. She didn't even ask if she could keep going she just kept working her sweet, tight, young and naked pussy. I was really drooling over that masterpiece of anatomy. I was very close and she must have been able to see that because she leaned in really close to the screen and I started to spurt.The first was weak but then the second, third and fourth were much stronger and then the strength and the fifth was weaker and weaker until I was able to force out the last little dribble. She had eyes as wide as saucers. "That is the most cum I have ever seen she yelled ... at least from one person. How long before you can go again?"

I was off to the races already and she was shocked but she still watched intently. I informed her it may take a while before I cum again and she smiled still working her pussy and leaning back in her chair. I was slowly stroking to keep the pleasure going. She told me she was getting close but wasn't quite there yet so I picked up my tempo so maybe we could cum together. As she sped up so did I. And the her first little bit came out and then she began squirting and I began exploding too we were both cumming like crazy and she fell out of her chair and actually blacked out. She lay on the floor eyes closed and unmoving. I was a bit worried but as I saw her breast shaking and her chest raising and falling rather quickly I knew she wasn't dead.

Once she woke up she looked around and noticed she was on FB she saw me on the camera and asked what happened. I told her she squirted. She looked at me quizzically and then said, "I don't squirt I never have and I don't know anyone that has." I tried to convince her that she had squirted but she refused to believe me. I suggested maybe that I could visit her and she thought about it and said I could visit on one condition. I had to admit that she hadn't squirted. I decided I wanted to meet her in person so bad that I would do that.

I relented. We both signed off and I made arrangements to visit her in Florida. I was on a plane the next day and arrived there a couple of hours later. I was all set to call her and tell her I was there but I saw her waiting at the gate.

Needless to say I was surprised. I walked up to her and threw my arms around her. She embraced me as well. I took a step back to look at her and she looked better in person that than On Cam4 or FB. I hugged her again and this time kissed her as well. She returned the kiss and even slid her tongue into my mouth. Then I did the same thing and we stood there, tongue wrestling for a couple of minutes.

We broke the kiss and then she headed for the baggage claim but I stopped her and told her everything I needed was in the duffle bag I had carried. We walked out to the parking lot and she had her arm around my back with her hand in my back pocket and I wrapped my arm around her waist as well. She was wearing a crop top and a short skirt. I don't know if she knew but she didn't seem to care when I began lifting the skirt. By the time she responded her G-string was exposed.

She had a very tight ass and I just grabbed it. She seemed to enjoy that and I enjoyed even more. She did take my hand off her ass but didn't lower her skirt when she got in her car and opened her trunk. I tossed in my bag and climbed in the front seat next to her. As I looked down to see the front of her G-string in it shocked me to notice that she had taken it off. I didn't even need to be told that I should start eating her out although I was a bit worried about making her cum. After about five minutes we hit the expressway and she had me stop because she was close and she didn't want to crash. When I brought my head up there were some juices covering my face. I licked off what I could and then just savored the flavor. She reached behind me and gave me a towel for the rest of the liquid. Once I had removed that I sucked the divine nectar from the towel. She looked at me a bit cross and I smiled and told her it was too good to waste. That made her smile and blush. She nodded and said, "I agree!"

We got to her house and she grabbed my bag out of the back while I was checking out her car. I hadn't realized before that it was a 1975 Camaro --a classic car. She had my bag inside her house and in her room and partially unpacked before I even came in. The only reason I was able to find her in a sizable house is because she left a trail of discarded clothing ending with the G-sting that she had taken when I was putting my bag in the trunk.

She looked so good totally naked and putting my clothes in her drawers and I told her so. She turned just about when she finished and said, "Someone is overdressed."

I stood up and dropped my pants followed quickly by my boxers. Her eyes dropped instantly and stayed locked on my cock as I took off my t-shirt and sat down on the bed to remove my socks. She dropped her warm, soft, sexy lips around my cock and was deep throating me in about two minutes. I was getting close very quickly but I maneuvered myself s so that Shae and I were in the 69 position. I had learned a little trick with former girlfriends that would make her catch up on the train to orgasm-Ville. We came together and then she removed her lips from my still hard dick. She turned and pushed me on to my back and was riding me hard and deep for a couple of minutes before she got off me and got into the doggy style position. I got behind her and started drilling her wet, soft, tight, bald pussy with abandon. She moaned that she was close and that sort of broke my concentration but after about another minute I got my rhythm back and delete extra space she came and that pushed me over the edge comma filling her pussy with my baby batter.

We bot both fell to the bed a bit exhausted and out of breath. She seemed to recover faster than me and then she sat up and began getting dressed. I moaned and she said, "I have to go get my oil changed."

I shot up and wrapped my arms around her. I said, "Are you crazy? You have to go there and then wait and pay. Will you let me change your oil?"

"Do you really know how to do that? she asked

I responded, "Of course I do. It is a rather easy skill to learn." I popped her hood and opened up the windshield washer solvent tank. It was just about empty so I took one of the several bottles of windshield solvent she seemed to have stock piled. I poured that into the solvent tank so the remaining oil would have to go somewhere we would have somewhere to put the used oil. They typically put in 5 quarts of oil in a car but I knew some of it would have burned off. I was about to slide under the car when Shay stopped me. She said, "If you want to change my oil you can but there is one thing you must do. I want you to do in delete in naked." I didn't even hesitate semicolon I took off my shirt and dropped it on the ground and then off came my pants and I wasn't wearing underwear cause because delete extra space after Shay and I's our little bedroom party I hadn't out put it back out just delete extra space like Shay left off her bra and G-sting. I lay down and slid under the car. I opened the oil compartment and placed the empty bottle underneath it and let the oil began to drain it to their delete it to there. It didn't take all that long and after a couple of taps to get the last little bit out I replaced the cap and slid out from under the car. When I did that Shay said, "That was so fast comma" and she kissed me.

I told her, "That was just draining it. Now we have to put new oil in it."

"Oh, well in that case I'll give you a better thank you," she said as she pointed out the oil and she went inside the house. I wondered why I remained naked but I decided putting on clothes was pointless and was sort of glad when Shae came out of the house as naked as I was. About that the time she came out of the house I had just poured the last quart of oil in and she handed me the keys. I hadn't noticed but she had taken my clothes in to the house and thrown them along with her clothe, less the G-string, in the washing machine.

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