Summer Wind

by Jake Rivers

Copyright© 2015 by Jake Rivers

Romantic Story: Jerry was dropped by his fiancée for a man with money. Fortunately his boss needs him to provide support for a computer installation at Pearl Harbor. He is lonely in paradise until he sees a bikini on Waikiki Beach. Actually it was a girl in a bikini, but there was a LOT more girl than there was bikini. And who is Angela. and where does she come from?

Tags: Ma/Fa   Romantic   Fiction  

This story is based on, "Summer Wind." This was written by Grethe Ingmann; lyrics by Hans Bradtke.

"All summer long we sang a song.
And then we strolled that golden sand,
Two sweethearts and the summer wind.
Then softer than a piper man; one day, it called to you.
I lost you; I lost you to the summer wind."

A note of interest: I mention the movie, "A Bell for Adano" in the story. John Hersey won the Pulitzer Prize for the novel it was based on.

Thanks to RoustWriter for his editing help.

Regards, Jake

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